The world this week, memorabilia 1,2,3, …; the world active, important, celebrity list 1,2,3, …

The world this week, memorabilia 1,2,3, …; the world active, important, celebrity list 1,2,3, …
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Engelhard Colorado Roth Yamokeer (Angela Dorothea Merkel (help · info), July 17, 1954 -), pre-marital surname Casner (Kasner), the “Iron Lady,” said the German political home, in the November 22, 2005, becoming the first woman Federal German Chancellor, is the reunification of Germany, the first former East German region came from the federal prime minister. Since 2000, Angela Merkel is Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) chairman, while the German Bundestag members, including representatives of the North Western Pomerania (Nordvorpommern) and Rügen (Rügen) and other regions, and plum Karen Castle – the former city of Stralsund Baume Lani Asian voters.

Original: Angela Merkel; Simplified: Angela Merkel; Traditional: Lame Angela Merkel; Hong Kong: Angela Merkel; the actual title is: Angela Merkel; currently displayed as: Angela Merkel; Original: Merkel; Simplified: Merkel; Traditional: Merkel; Hong Kong: Angela Merkel; Merkel

Angela Roth Yamokeer Colorado
Angela Dorothea Merkel
34 Germany’s Chancellor
8 Federal Chancellor
Date of taking office
November 22, 2005
Predecessor Gerhard Schroeder
Born July 17, 1954 (1954-07-17) (57)
Hamburg, Germany
Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party
Spouse Ulrich Merkel (1977-1982)
Joachim Sauer (1998 – present)
Alma mater, the University of Leipzig, Department of Physics
Professional quantum chemistry
Lutheran Protestant Christianity
Merkel was born in Hamburg, 名叫安格拉多罗 特娅卡斯纳 (Angela Dorothea Kasner). Merkel is her first husband’s surname after the divorce, retained. Her father was a Lutheran pastor, after she was born, and soon, because his father received a new appointment from the church, the family moved to East Berlin, East Germany, 80 km north of Templin. Where she completed primary education, studying physics at Leipzig University (1973 -1978), the later, in the Central Institute of Physical Chemistry Academy of Sciences to work, study (1978 and 1990), and later received a doctorate, research, quantum chemistry.
In August 1990, she together with Lothar de Maizière;
Tear down the Berlin Wall in 1989, after her into the burgeoning democratic movement. The end of 1989, she joined the new party “democratic awakening.” Germany’s first democracy (and last) democratic election, she received a new government, deputy government spokesman’s office, in 洛塔德梅齐艾 (Lothar de Maizière) working under. In December 1990, after the reunification of Germany, she became the Kohl cabinet, women and youth minister. In 1994, the Minister for the Environment and Nuclear Safety. June 1993 to May 2000, he served as Mecklenburg – Baume Lani Asian German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Chairman. Angela Merkel’s political career, thanks to the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s promotion. Cole once called her das Mädchen (girl), so many media, but also to Angela Merkel called the “Kohl’s girl.”
The lives of former East German background, brought her a lot of benefits. Her as a pastor’s daughter, and in every room there may be police informers East German society, spent the first 36 years of life, to develop a good cover, or the ability to control emotions. In addition to German, the Merkel will speak Russian, and almost perfect English, when people comment – she as East Germans (Ossi) background, she said: “The people who really have to say, is even makeup (cover up) is not needed. ”

Former: Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Federal Republic of Germany
Since 2005 the current
Former: 费烈德里希 U.S. Shields Bundestag caucus chairman
Since 2002, the incumbent
Former: Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany Christian Democratic Union Chairman
Since 2005 the current

Merkel first cabinet
Merkel’s coalition cabinet, red and black – began November 22, 2005
Note: Photo Text – CDU: CDU, CSU: CSU, SPD: Social Democratic Party of Germany

Secretary of State Minister of party positions
Deputy Minister of parties that
Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merck (female)
(De: Angela Merkel) CDU Dr. Maria Böhmer
Hildegard Müller
Bernd Neumann CDU
Federal Deputy Prime Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier
(De: Frank-Walter Steinmeier)
Social Democratic Party and Foreign Minister – –
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Steinmeier
(De: Frank-Walter Steinmeier) SPD Gernot Erler
Günter Gloser SPD
Social Democratic Party
Ministry of the Interior Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble
(De: Wolfgang Schäuble) CDU Peter Altmaier
Dr. Christoph Bergner CDU
Department of Justice home Preece (female)
(De: Brigitte Zypries) Social Democratic Party SPD Alfred Hartenbach
Ministry of Finance Peer Steinbrück
(De: Peer Steinbrück) SPD Karl Diller
Dr. Barbara Hendricks SPD
Social Democratic Party
Economy and Technology Ministry Furuto Berg
(De: Karl-Theodor zu Gutenberg) CSU Peter Hintze
Hartmut Schauerte
Dagmar Wöhrl CDU
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Scholz
(De: Olaf Scholz) SPD Gerd Andres
Franz Thönnes SPD
Social Democratic Party
Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Aigner
(De: Ilse Aigner) CSU Dr. Gerd Müller
Dr. Peter Paziorek CSU
Department of Defense Franz Josef Dr. Jung
(De: Franz Josef Jung) CDU Dr. Friedbert Pflüger
CDU Christian Schmidt
Families, the elderly, women and youth Affairs Dr. Feng Laiya
(De: Ursula von der Leyen) CDU Dr. Hermann Kues CDU
Ministry of Health Siniora Schmidt
(De: Ulla Schmidt) SPD Marion Caspers-Merk
Rolf Schwanitz SPD
Social Democratic Party
Transport, Building and Urban Affairs Di Fense
(De: Wolfgang Tiefensee) SPD Achim Großmann
Ulrich Kasparick
Karin Roth SPD
Social Democratic Party
Social Democratic Party
Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Department Jiabolier
(De: Sigmar Gabriel) SPD
(De: Astrid Klug)
(De: Michael Müller (Politiker)) SPD
Social Democratic Party
Education and Research Dr. Xia Fan
(De: Annette Schavan) CDU
(De: Thomas Rachel)
(De: Andreas Storm) CDU
Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Victoria Chu Lick – Cao Seoul
(De: Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul) Social Democratic Party SPD Karin Kortmann
Ministry of Special Duties
And the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Demeiqiai
(De: Thomas de Maizière) CDU – –
Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
10557 Berlin

U.S. President Barack Obama will emphasize the role of the Pacific Rim

November 9, President Obama delivered a speech in Washington.

U.S. State Department Bureau of International Information “American Reference” Merle David Kellerhals Jr. From Washington, President Obama would host the reception came to Hawaii (Hawaii) APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meeting of the 21 series of annual leaders and other representatives of the members, its objectives, through the expansion of regional trade and investment, support small and medium enterprises and to promote innovation for the prosperity and employment opportunities.

White House senior adviser, said Obama in his native Hawaii, presided over the meeting, highlighting the United States as a Pacific nation status. APEC Leaders’ Meeting will be held November 12 to 13 held after nine days, President Obama will travel to Australia and Indonesia, held a series of meetings, attended a series of meetings and visits.

Assistant Vice President for National Security Affairs, the ∙ Rhodes (Ben Rhodes), 11 9, in the White House press conference that the United States that the Asia-Pacific region “will indeed shape the future of the 21st century.” To this end, President Obama attaches great importance to host this year’s APEC meeting, and subsequent trip to Australia and Indonesia. In Australia, a series of meetings will be held in Bali, Indonesia (Bali), will be attended 18 to 19 November at the ASEAN summit (Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit), and November 9 at the East Asia Summit (East Asia Summit).

Rhodes said that in economic terms, the Asia-Pacific region, is the world’s fastest growing economic region. From the security side, since World War II, the United States has been a pillar of regional security.

National Security Council (National Security Council) senior director for Asian affairs Daniel ∙ Russell (Daniel Russel), said at a White House news conference, President Obama’s trip, “related to the entire Asia-Pacific region, not just to some Asian distant corners of the United States is entirely a Asia-Pacific countries. ”

Rhodes said that since the Obama administration since he took office, the United States has been working to strengthen ties with Australia, South Korea, Japan and other East Asian alliance. Obama government, also worked with China, India and Indonesia and other emerging countries, contacts, and with APEC, ASEAN and East Asia Summit and other regional organizations, development of contacts.

Rhodes said that with the gradual reduction in the U.S. this year’s military operations in Iraq, and started before the end of 2014, the withdrawal of all U.S. forces in Afghanistan in batches process, U.S. foreign policy, has been the focus shifted to East Asia.

He said the president arrived in Honolulu (Honolulu), will be November 12, at the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” (Trans-Pacific Partnership) meeting the goal is to promote economic integration throughout the region, while, by strengthening export trade, to help the U.S. achieve a more balanced economy. Trans-Pacific Partnership to participate in nine countries, called for a trade agreement covering the entire region, setting high standards.

Rhodes said that President Obama will be one of the region’s business executives to attend the APEC CEO Summit (APEC CEO summit), APEC member economies to discuss the economic potential and status, and about the United States will use this potential efforts.

Senior advisers said that President Obama is expected to tour, will use part-time, met with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (yoshihiko noda), Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (Dmitry Medvedev), President of China, India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (Manmohan Singh), Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono), Thailand, the British Prime Minister Rasi that W (Yinglak Chinnawat), Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammad Najib bin Abdul Razak * (Mohamed Najib bin Abdul Razak), President of the Philippines 贝尼格诺阿 Aquino (Benigno Aquino), may meet with other leaders.

Rhodes said that the agenda of the United States, consists of three components: an increase in trade within APEC, and strengthen regional economic integration; support for environmentally friendly economic growth and employment; to promote trade and investment to facilitate the regulatory measures.

According to the White House said that APEC has become the Asia – Pacific region’s major economic forum. It was founded in 1989, including the United States by the 21 members of the Pacific Rim economies composition. Create the organization’s purpose is to strengthen the entire region through economic cooperation and expand trade and investment to promote economic growth and prosperity.

According to information provided by the White House, by measuring the total product and service standards of the most extensive total GDP, APEC economies, accounting for 54% of the world. Accounted for 44% of world trade; 61% of U.S. exports, exports to APEC economies.

After the APEC forum, President Obama, scheduled for November 13, in Honolulu, the North American leaders summit meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Stephen Harper), and Mexican President Felipe Calderon (Felipe Calderón) meeting. Rhodes said the summit will focus on mutual cooperation to enhance competitiveness and create employment opportunities and enhance trade. Part of the discussion focus for the next session in 2012 Summit of the Americas preparatory matters.

President Barack Obama, November 16, to Australia. Where he will meet with some leaders to discuss regional security and other issues, and to celebrate the United States – the 60th anniversary of Australia’s alliance relationship. Rhodes said that Australia supported the U.S. action in Afghanistan, sanctions against Iran, and nuclear safety issues in the efforts. President Obama will meet with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Julia Gillard), and a speech in the Australian Parliament.

On November 18, Bali (Bali), the ASEAN Summit held (ASEAN Summit) during President Obama will meet with leaders in the region, which includes India, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia leaders . Rhodes said, then President Obama will participate in the meeting the leaders of 10 ASEAN countries. Finally, President Obama, November 19, the East Asia Summit (East Asia Summit).

Rhodes said that APEC is to solve the economic problems of the region and economic integration of the channel; East Asia Summit, to deal with the region’s political and security challenges of the occasion.

Rhodes said that in addition to economic and security issues, President Obama will also address the overall maritime security, weapons proliferation and disaster relief. He pointed out that the region has experienced a devastating earthquake caused a tsunami in Indonesia, and Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.

Rhodes said: “strengthen our common efforts to respond to such natural disasters, not only is in line with the interests of the region, but, also in line with U.S. interests.”


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