Last chance to vote

Last chance to vote
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Dear sihong,

Just a quick reminder that there are only a few days left for you to vote in the ballot for National President of the Australian Labor Party(澳大利亚工党全国主席的投票表决).
If you haven’t already voted I encourage you to do so and to make sure you return your ballot papers by 5pm Friday 18th November.
Electing the National Presidents of the Party is an important opportunity for you to have your say in who the leaders of our Party will be.
If you are unsure who you would like to vote for, I encourage you to take a look at the LaborConnect interviews with each candidate.

Candidate Profiles & Interviews

George Wright
National Secretary

This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue(此电子邮件发送G.怀特,澳大利亚工党,5 / 9悉尼大街), Barton ACT to

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