Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) of annual salary, will be more than President Obama

Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) of annual salary, will be more than President Obama

2011-12-15 Australian woman Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) on Thursday received an early “Christmas gift”: the country’s independent pay cut trial court (Remuneration Tribunal) proposed the same day: for the majority of politicians and civil servants pay. Girard (Julia Gillard) of annual salary, is expected to rise 31 percent to 481,000 Australian dollars ($ 476,000), more than U.S. President Barack Obama’s annual salary (> $ 390,000).

Australian cabinet minister’s salary will be 224,300 Australian dollars, up to 319,125 Australian dollars; Federal Parliament’s basic salary will be 140,000 Australian dollars, jumped to 185,000 Australian dollars.

In exchange, the politicians will lose some benefits, for example, to study abroad the right to travel first class.
Australia’s “Gold Pass Plan” (Gold Pass scheme) will be canceled, the program had allowed Members – ride for free flights.

The pay raise plan, before the commencement of the formal, to be approved by the Australian Parliament.

Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) will receive higher wages, salaries cut an independent person in charge of the trial court Kant (John Conde), said: “In our view, the current Prime Minister of Australia, wages, and unreasonable, regardless of the position , who play. “he said, Congress with the higher salaries to attract talent, is very important.

White House sources, President Obama’s annual salary, up to 395,188 dollars.

Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) the current annual salary, to $ 367,000. This figure, the average annual salary than the Australians (less than A $ 55,000) is much higher, with the pay of corporate executives, is a far cry.

BHP Billiton CEO – Kloppers (Marius Kloppers) of annual salary, more than 11 million Australian dollars;
Westpac CEO – Gail – Kelly (Gail Kelly) of annual salary, more than 800 million.

Girard (Julia Gillard) harvest Christmas gift, salary, or up 30%, ultra Obama ,2011 -12-15

Singapore, “Straits Times” reported on 15 December, Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) on the local 15, early harvest “Christmas gift”, her salary rose 31% expected, 48.1 million Australian dollars ( about 3.03 million yuan), salary level, will be more than U.S. President Barack Obama.

In a recent poll, Girard (Julia Gillard) support dropped to the bottom;
Girard harvested by an independent Remuneration Tribunal (Remuneration Tribunal) sent a “Christmas gift”, which is recommended for most politicians and civil servants salary increase.

The salary adjustment plan, the Australian cabinet minister’s salary, from the current 224,300 Australian dollars (about 1.41 million yuan), rose to 319,100 Australian dollars (about 2 million yuan); federal lawmakers will get a pay rise, even if is the most junior members, based on salary, will be from $ 140,000 (about 880,000 yuan), adjusted to 18.5 million (about 1.16 million yuan). Large-scale salary increase plan, need to be approved by the Australian Parliament.

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澳大利亚女总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的年薪,将超过奥巴马总统

2011-12-15,澳大利亚女总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)周四提前收到了一份“圣诞大礼”:该国的独立薪酬裁审庭(Remuneration Tribunal)当日建议:对大多数政治家和公务员加薪。吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的年薪,有望上涨31%,达到48.1万澳元(合47.6万美元),超过美国总统奥巴马的年薪( > 39万美元)。


澳大利亚的“黄金通票计划”(Gold Pass scheme)将被取消,该计划,原本允许议员-免费搭乘班机。


澳洲总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)将获得更高薪酬,独立薪酬裁审庭负责人康德(John Conde)表示:“在我们看来,澳大利亚总理目前的工资,并不合理,无论这一职位,由谁担当。”他称,国会用较高的薪酬,吸引人才,很重要。


澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)目前的年薪,为36.7万美元。这一数字,比澳大利亚人的平均年薪(不到5.5万澳元)高出许多,与该国企业高管的薪酬,是相去甚远。

必和必拓首席执行官-高瑞思(Marius Kloppers)的年薪,超过1100万澳元;
西太平洋银行首席执行官-盖尔-凯利(Gail Kelly)的年薪,超过800万澳元。

吉拉德(Julia Gillard)收获圣诞大礼,薪资或涨3成,将超奥巴马,2011-12-15

新加坡《 海峡时报》12月15日报道,澳大利亚总理吉拉德 (Julia Gillard)于当地时间15日,提前收获“圣诞大礼”,她的薪水,有望大涨31%,达到48.1万澳元(约合303万人民币),薪资水平,将超过美国总统奥巴马。

在最近的民意调查中,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的支持率跌至谷底;
吉拉德收获了由独立薪酬审裁处( Remuneration Tribunal)送出的一份“圣诞大礼”,其中,建议为大多数政治家和公务员涨薪。


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