Australia became the first “eat crab” in Western countries, to give the registration of Chinese medicine, but also to the Chinese legislation.

Australia became the first “eat crab” in Western countries, to give the registration of Chinese medicine, but also to the Chinese legislation.
Chinese medicine in Australia, from 19th century gold rush era began, from the Victorian gold mining town in the preservation of heritage, is evident.
Sino Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zhang Yi: With the increasing migration, Australia has been slow in the pharmacy. Over the past decade, more and more people migrate to Australia, along with many professionals in medicine up Chinese medicine clinics have mushroomed all over the country. It is reported that live in the city of Po Chinese communities, Chinese medicine clinics, dozens; Sydney Chinatown figures, far more than Burwood City, the commercial value of Yuyi Australian dollars.
Many practitioners of the patients in Australia, for Westerners, the Chinese in half, opened in some neighborhood clinic Westerners, the Westerners see Chinese proportion of patients, more than 95%.
Australia has a large number of practitioners with outstanding performance, efficacy accepted by patients, but also the University has set up courses in Chinese medicine
Victoria is Australia’s only state registration of Chinese medicine practice, so far, has accumulated 10 years of experience.
Many Westerners of Chinese medicine in Australia already has some recognition;
Because, unlike Western medicine as a scientific analysis of the data as evidence that many Westerners are skeptical.
Australian National Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Sea off
Australian Government announced in September this year: Chinese legislation will
Australian Chinese medicine.
If the registration of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners involved in an estimated number of 3,000 to 4,000 people. The industry generally believes that registration of Chinese medicine, fundamentally, is certainly recognized by traditional Chinese medicine industry in Australia, the Australian practice qualification recognized by the government to exclude unqualified practitioners, allow the Chinese team is more pure, improved social status of Chinese medicine practitioners.
Registration of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will regulate the content, such as, what is the medicine? In Australia, Chinese medicine can be done? Can not do? Identified the scope of professional medicine.
Is a step forward for Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine in Australia, the inevitable result of the development to the present.
Requires registration of Chinese medicine, there are many problems. For example, the Australian government to list the criteria for registration of Chinese medicine practitioners, including professional education, criminal record, English proficiency, professional insurance, recent state practice, etc.;
Sydney, Chinese medicine, some well-known physician, a very good reputation, but no bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees.
Now, they asked diploma, English, for them, really unfair. If the old Chinese medicine, there is a good practice record, it should be recognized for their contributions, especially given the case registered.
Registration is not for a moment on the existing employees, to continue their studies in Australia should provide, the opportunity to meet registration requirements.
Registration of Chinese medicine, in accordance with the provisions of Chinese medicine practitioner must provide a detailed prescription to the patient, pay the medicine bag for each, must be accompanied by prescription, so that practitioners of the traditional remedy, remedies, should be open, which necessarily involves intellectual property, how protection of such intellectual property rights?

Foreign dignitaries attending the funeral of former Czech President Vaclav Havel, the time :2011 -12-23
December 23, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the former Polish President Lech Walesa, the British Prime Minister Cameron, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Croatian President Josipovic and his wife, former Irish President Mary to attend the former Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel of the funeral.
December 23, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, the late former Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel, in Shengweitesi church funeral, foreign dignitaries attended the funeral. Havel, died December 18, at the age of 75 years of age.
The late former Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel’s wife – Harvey Petrova

Recently, Japan’s finance minister said security to live soon, Japan will consider buying up to 800 billion yen of Chinese government bonds, Japanese government bonds in the realization of China, by the “one-way street”, the “two-way street” of change.
Noda, Japanese Prime Minister will visit China this month 25th.
China, India, China established 2015, bilateral trade volume of $ 100 billion target.

2010 ‘Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) Christmas reflections, do not forget the sacrifice of Australian soldiers in the country
Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Eileen Gillard) published Christmas reflections that people should bear in mind the Australian state of today’s lucky, do not forget the Australian soldiers and their families – they are prepared to make sacrifices.

Publicly declared that he is an atheist; Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard), said Christmas for her family, is a traditional, Christmas 2010, she as Prime Minister of Australia’s first Christmas, but her “task”, but will not be changed.

She said, “Everyone, things to do at Christmas, are similar and I always cut potatoes and carrots, eat festive foods, but also in previous years, my father always tell the same joke. ”

Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) expressed the hope that Australians with loved ones, sharing this special tradition. “Whether in church or with your family, whether it is to see cricket, or go to the beach, or helping others, I hope: this Christmas different.”

She said that Christmas, so people have time to reflect on each other to have, how lucky this country, how lucky. However, for some people, this is a sad moment, which would include that the 10 – to sacrifice soldiers in Afghanistan family. “This year, we lost many brave Australians, they are sacrificed for us, that we will not forget.”

Australian Prime Minister Julia Eileen Gillard woman wishes: Australia’s drought-affected farmers to usher in the Kam Yu, and also thanked the Christmas Day, is still serving the people of the emergency rescue workers, nurses, and Australian soldiers stationed overseas.

“In order to better the lives of others, many people have sacrificed their Christmas, it is no more generous than this Christmas gift.”

Australian opposition leader Albert (Tony Abbott) wishes to all Australians, to Christmas, and loved ones, closer, time to enjoy the family reunion. He also called: Australians do not forget that for national security, powerful, contribute to the prosperity of the people.

Australia 2010 to -12-24

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各国政要出席捷克前总统哈维尔葬礼, 时间:2011-12-23  


2010.’吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)圣诞感言,勿忘为国牺牲的澳洲士兵
总理吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)发表圣诞感言称,澳洲人民应当铭记国家今日的幸运,勿忘澳洲士兵及其家人-他们为此做出的牺牲。

公开宣称自己是无神论者;吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)表示,圣诞节对她的家庭而言,是个传统,2010年的圣诞节,是她作为澳洲总理的第一个圣诞节,但,她的“任务”,却不会有所改变。


吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)表示,希望澳洲人能够与所爱的人,共享这一特殊传统。“无论是在教堂,还是与家人在一起,无论是去看板球,还是去海滩,或是帮助他人,我都希望:这个圣诞节与众不同。”


澳洲女总理Julia Eileen Gillard祝愿:受旱灾影响的澳洲农民能够迎来甘雨,并同时感谢了在圣诞节当日,仍在为人民服务的紧急救援人员、护士,以及驻扎海外的澳洲士兵。


澳洲反对党领袖艾伯特(Tony Abbott)祝福所有澳洲人,能够在圣诞节,与所爱的人,更亲近,享受家庭团聚的时刻。他同时呼吁:澳洲人勿忘那些为国家安全、强大、繁荣做出贡献的人。


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