German Energy Revolution, a robot to install solar panels

German Energy Revolution, a robot to install solar panels
August 9, 2012; Source: technology start-ups; author: rank

With the solar panel prices plummeted, the world’s solar generating capacity, and now, is up soar. Nevertheless, solar energy still accounts for less than 2% of the total power generation capacity in the world. This is not surprising. Per square meter of solar panels to generate electricity, which is about 145 watts, only light two or three light bulbs.

This means that, to get the benefits of solar power, and comparable to the peak capacity of a large fossil fuel power plants, we will build the solar panels, covering an area equivalent to 5 to 6 such as Washington, DC National Mall so great places. More importantly, so many panels, each one is manually installed.

Sustainable robots: Leipzig, Germany, near the robot, is a large photovoltaic panels installed on the shelf. Here is to build a solar power station. Photovoltaic panels account for about 6 square meters, and weighs 120 kg.

At present, some companies in Germany, for example, PV Kraftwerker Gehrlicher being developed can day and night in all weather conditions, automatically install the mobile robot of the ground assembly of solar panels. The robot the PV Kraftwerker designed, solar panels expected to be able to assemble the power plant level, the size of such panels is four times the size of the family roof panels.

R & D of this robot’s main purpose is to save labor costs, because As the price of solar panels is becoming less and less, the proportion of labor costs in the solar power increases. The solar park construction company PV Kraftwerker said 35 workers to complete the installation work, and now only three, time-consuming and only the original 1/8.

The company estimates that for a power generation level of 14 megawatts of solar power plants, manually install the solar panels cost about $ 2 million. If this work by the robot do the job, the cost can be reduced by nearly half. The company also said that this price of $ 900,000 robot, the continued use of less than a year, you can recover the cost.

Germany currently has ambitious plans to achieve 1/3 of the country’s electricity from renewable energy to 2050 increased 80% in eight years. Taking into account this point, the help of robots will be conducive to these goals to achieve (see “German Energy Experiment”). In 2011, the German solar energy installed capacity in a leading position in the world, was installed sufficient to produce about 7.5 gigawatts (GW) of electricity panels, covering nearly 50 square kilometers of ground and roof.

Robot the PV Kraftwerker build with off-the-shelf components from Japan. Its mechanical arm mounted on all-terrain car, one with a similar tank track. Sucker seize the glass surface of the panels, the mechanical arm, the scene of three-dimensional view of the guidance provided by the camera, battery plate placed into the correct position.

The limitations of the robot people to see, fully automated installation process is a very difficult task. Most of the German solar electricity from rooftop solar panel array, but because there are too many changes of the shape and direction of the roof, to the installation of the robot increases the difficulty. Moreover, The PV Kraftwerker director of marketing, said Markus Gattenlöhner even install a small solar farm using common-size panels, solar cells, human workers working speed faster than the robot, the cost is lower than the latter.

Scientific Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Sustainable Energy Systems Center (Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems) (Christian Hoepfner also believe that the role of robots will be very limited. “But for the large-scale installation works, erected on the ground, I can see to their advantage, “he said,” When you want to use the same panels to cover a large place, you will naturally think, ‘Why not let the robot to install these things?’ with the installation of the increasing size the use of robots is inevitable. ”

So far, the PV Kraftwerker research robot can only do one thing: on human panels installed on a metal rack. Two workers walk next to the robot, solar panels fixed with screws on the metal frame and connected on the circuit.

However, with the other components of the robot gradually becomes automated, the robot during the installation process may be becoming more common. Now, the PV Kraftwerker and other types of companies is also developing another robot, under the guidance of the Global Positioning System (GPS), carved on the ground hole, then the solar panels mounted on the inside, so as not to The need for human workers to install the metal frame. Some of the newer solar modules without the need of mankind with screws, can be “grasping” or stick to the position. A special plug or even allow the robot to make an electrical connection.

These robots can provide electricity in the harsh environment. The Japanese Government has commissioned the PV Kraftwerker develop a suitable machine installation of their own workers. They will be able to independent radiation in the Fukushima nuclear power plant near the site of a disaster area to install a solar power plant. Gattenlöhner said, the Japanese government would like to receive these robot within six months.

German energy big experiment
Rural roadside in North Rhine – Westphalia, western Germany, home to the farmer of a 名叫诺伯特 Rolle (Norbert Leurs). 36-year-old man kindly, his hands covered with calluses, have two young children. Until recently, he engaged in a plain line of business: potatoes and pig. But his business is that Europe’s largest economy, has made extraordinary changes in energy policy. In 2003, a small wind energy company erected a 70 meter high wind turbine in the Rolls of a potato field. Hundreds of wind farms dotted the countryside in Germany, about 22,000 fans. Rolls can be 6% of electricity sales revenue, about $ 9,500 a year. He is considering more increase in the 2-3 fan, each equivalent to 2 times the first fan.

Gains from these fans make solar panels, he also is not that much. In 2005, Rawls was informed that the Government is requiring local power sector buy expensive rooftop solar. So a loan, gradually in the next seven years for his pigsty, barn and house are covered with solar panels – no matter often cloudy, and a rooftop toward the not very satisfactory. From the final install good on the battery of 690 kilowatts per year can earn $ 280,000, and is expected to pay off the loan can get more than $ 2 million in revenue.

Germany clever (Görmin) wind turbines under construction in this fan in the country there are approximately over 22,000.

The proportion of Rolls such stories can help explain why, in 2011, Germany from renewable energy generating capacity to occupy the total generating capacity from 6% in 2010 rose to 20%. Germany to ensure the high price of wind, solar, biomass and hydropower, the cost transferred to the tariff. Used by energy companies such as Rolls-participants and to build his fan is off-the-shelf technology and ensure that income. For them, the green is fairly easy to achieve.

But then is not so easy, the German government announced in 2010 to be implemented known as Energiewende, plan, this is the transformation of primary energy policy, or an energy revolution. This time from fossil fuels to renewable energy conversion is a heavy industry state of the most ambitious attempt: their goal is to take greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 reduced by 40% in 1990 on the basis of this century The mid-cut 80%. This goal is quite challenging, but considering that 20% of electricity from almost entirely of nuclear energy does not produce greenhouse gases to Germany, to achieve easy. Last year, in response to public concerns about the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan after the tsunami, Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) ordered to immediately shut down Germany’s oldest eight nuclear power stations. A few months later, the Government has completed a program to close the remaining nine years ago in 2022. Now Energiewende also includes a turn from the German the most important low-carbon power sources.

Germany has placed a will rely heavily on the German economic power across Europe triggered a huge response ambitious energy test. Reduce energy consumption at the same time, this country must pay enormous and incalculable cost on an unprecedented scale development and application of renewable energy technologies. These should be in the industry does not damage the premise that industrial rely on affordable and reliable energy. “In a sense, Energiewende is a technology solution supports political views,” said the German company of General Electric Energy Group CEO Stephen • Lai Meite (Stephan Reimelt), “Germany is forced to innovate. This led to the emergence of an unprecedented scale giant industrial laboratories we have to try a variety of different techniques to achieve our goals. ”

German energy industry companies are using several strategies. In order to replace nuclear energy, they are competing in the North Sea off the coast of Germany to build a huge wind farm; and is planning to build power transmission to the new transmission facilities of the German industrial areas. At the same time, several of Germany’s largest electricity supplier Siemens, General Electric and RWE are looking for the plant to maintain the normal operation of the wind and solar interrupted. They are looking for inexpensive, large-scale energy storage form, and hope that the computer can be intelligent coordination may be as many as one million of the distributed power.

Rostock, Germany, North Sea near the port dock. Siemens is to build a huge platform for the management away from the shore wind farm power generation equipment will be placed on this platform.

Differences in cost estimate of this shift, how quickly depends in part on the adoption of new technologies, as well as how fast the decline in their price. Different economic think tank forecast in Germany around the next eight years spent on the expansion of infrastructure and government subsidies 1250-250000000000 U.S. dollars – the equivalent of 3.5% to 7% of German GDP in 2011.

Germany has to pay a significant cost extra monthly electricity bill 15% of the renewable energy surcharge (except for heavy industry, electricity). Wholesale electricity prices increased by about 10 percent since the eight nuclear power plants closed. German power grid unprecedented tension. And, ironically, The goal of Energiewende is to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the decision to close the nuclear power plant has enhanced reliance on coal-fired power plants.

To spend huge sums of money, but gain a great deal from their grand experiment in Germany. In the past few decades, Germany has not only developed wind and solar power, but also some less dramatic energy technology, such as management software and efficient industrial processes. According to the director of the Environmental Policy Research Center of the Free University of Berlin, Miranda • Xiluo Si, (Miranda Schreurs) together to consider these “green” technology has created a $ 12 billion worth of export industries, and has the potential for further growth. Government policies can provide further incentives for the development and application of new technologies. “This is a benefit from the know-how,” said Xi Luosi, “In the long run to competition in Germany is to become the most energy and conserving resources market, and expanding export markets in this process.”

If Germany can successfully achieve change, it will be a viable blueprint for other industrial countries, these countries are facing the pressure of the transformation of energy consumption. “People are keeping a close concern Energiwende, if it is in Germany, it is a model for other countries.” Said RWE chief economist Graham Weir (Graham Weale), the company is working to address how shut down nuclear power plants while maintaining the power supply. “If not, it will be the economy of Germany and throughout Europe caused very serious damage.”


Located in the city 20 kilometers north of Nuremberg, Erlangen, security tight industrial buildings, the energy giant, Siemens laboratories and factories located here. Siemens is the part the Energiwende one of the contractors. Building, such as literally as full of “energy” (30 megawatts of electricity) to hum. In a building which is made of steel and copper used on a large scale to convert alternating current to direct current giant machine. This machine scheduled to be installed in the offshore platforms, these platforms must withstand decades of strong North Sea storm.

Germany needs this technology, because it is seeking can find the most stable source of wind energy. Only away from the shore of the sea in order to find – too far away so that standard AC transmission lines can not do transmission work. So far, Germany has built only about 500 MW of total installed capacity of offshore wind power generation facilities, are within the range of 90 kilometers from the land, the water depth is 40 m. Energy companies are planning to build 10,000 megawatts of wind power facilities as far away as 160 kilometers to shore distance, water depth of 70 meters. The number of 10000-20000 tons offshore substation will gigawatt convert alternating current to direct current, direct current across such long-distance transmission of energy loss is small. Responsible for large-scale construction of some projects in the German North Sea Dutch grid company Tennet Lex • Hardman, Director, Corporate Development (Lex Hartman) said: “no place in the world done so – in such a way so that the scale of construction offshore grid and transmission lines. ”

Of course, this is just the transmission of electrical energy to the coast, the power also need to pass through Germany to reach the south of the country’s main industrial center. This requires about 3800 kilometers of new transmission lines, but because of the reluctance of land owners and local politicians to delay the progress and to create barriers have been built only about 200 km. The delay of the progress and the adoption of new technology makes the German offshore wind power project itself becomes a gamble. “No one really knows Energiwende in the end, how much,” Karen said Pieter (Karen Pittel), energy economist at the University of Munich, “especially those wind farms, they are generally some pilot projects.”

Uncertainty does not stop there, even now the wind power utilization levels, on a windy day, the grid managers must also shut down the wind, because no place to accommodate these electrical energy. In addition, a sunny day, when the clouds spread over southern Germany, the generating capacity of photovoltaic panels in these areas may drop a few megawatts. Its impact is equivalent to shut down a medium-sized coal-fired power plants, increase the risk of blackouts.
Cheap and reliable energy to support high-tech industries and transportation systems, the German economy, as well as the entire European economy will be in trouble. Have some German company began the construction of new production facilities elsewhere, such as last year, the chemical manufacturer Wacker Chemical Corporation decided to build a polysilicon plant in Tennessee, in part because the German energy costs are too high. Will said; “as long as the quality of energy supply drop that will have serious repercussions on the high-tech industry, even if there is no power outage, these industries are also increasingly nervous.”

In order to avoid the disaster, Germany must begin large-scale use of energy storage technology as well as load balancing strategy. Now, the whole country 31 Pumped Storage Power Station. This power station at night to pump water to a height, and then let the downward flow of water to promote the turbine power generation. Which together can store 38 trillion kilowatt hours, this sounds like a lot, but not to the German wind farm power output peak power within 90 minutes.

Battery perhaps I could help, but they are too costly, difficult to bear a great responsibility. Another building in Erlangen, Siemens is based on three different lithium-ion technology to manufacture of trailers the size of the battery. Each battery power for 40 German family day, but these batteries as a backup power is too expensive. Instead, the high-tech companies may use them safely when the unstable power supply, for example, for 15 minutes, 8 MW fluctuations, so if those devices do not need to experience time-consuming and lengthy restart process. The lithium-ion battery price at least need to fall by half in order to provide an economical storage method for the additional electrical energy output of the fan within a few hours.

Other storage technologies are in the development, but even if they can eventually be put into practical use, but also for many years. For example, Siemens is studying a new technology is the use of excessive energy decomposition of water to manufacture hydrogen. However, this is experimental technology, but at this stage the price is very expensive.

Inevitable, when under tremendous pressure to the power system in Europe dragged into the quagmire of the hottest weeks of July is coming, when the hot sun baked German help to the air conditioning, wind turbines but had to stop in there. Until before the large-scale, low-cost energy storage technology can be used to quickly and efficiently start natural gas power stations will be the most practical method is used to coordinate this situation. But it does not have sufficient motivation to build this power plant. Natural gas power plants to meet peak electricity demand can no longer each time you run a fixed number of hours. Changes in demand for electricity is no longer predictable, once the working day afternoon fixed decline in demand, and now with the changes in the sun and wind. Design of the electricity market will be fundamentally changed. Demand is floating, at the same time supply is floating, chief economist of the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact, said: the Ao Tema · 埃登霍费尔 (Ottmar Edenhofer) contact and interaction of these two dimensions has become a hot research topic will appear new and emerging in the market failure.

Virtual power

Duisburg is a tough town west of Essen in World War II, it was the major arms manufacturing center, the Allied bombing rubble. Now here, one of the four major power companies in Germany’s RWE Group in progress Another key technologies: virtual power station, cutting-edge research, technology, software, intelligent control vast amounts of small power (and eventually will include distributed energy storage stations) to coordinate their electrical output for sale in the energy market. The goal is to thousands of separate power supply when not reliable renewable energy, converted into a vast network of the electricity sector can be trusted. This is a dazzling idea, but is still in infancy.

RWE researchers in the laboratory of one located in front of the Nazi air-raid shelter, the shape of the spire sorcerer hat, is more than a dozen design for gas-fired cogeneration boiler and fuel cell test. In theory, collecting thousands of families, when necessary, power companies can use unit, as well as apartments and offices for large-scale unit to produce additional power to the grid. German electricity consumption of almost 5% can be obtained in this way, roughly equivalent to the power company is expected from the new offshore wind farms generating capacity.

Individual users and companies need to gradually replace the existing boiler, the infrastructure must be put in place to synchronize thousands of power, to achieve this step will take decades. However, one hour east of Duisburg, Dortmund side on a 1960s office building, as a starting point, engineers are testing a relatively modest network. An underground server room acts as the communications hub of the 120 small power plants, these plants rely on renewable energy (mainly wind, There are also solar and biomass) power generation, the total generating capacity of 160 MW. Software to the weather forecast into account, the collection of a large number from the wind and solar renewable power, turned on and off by switching the biomass power plants to balance electricity output fluctuations, thereby creating a stable power.

The early projects similar to this network is the stepping stone to the more complex systems, future systems will include demand management, power companies will be willing to offer discounts automatically cut electricity users in the electricity peak demand period. One day, the system can extract power from the electric vehicle docked, or energy stored in them to compensate for wind changes.

General Electric and other companies are pursuing this concept. “Today we know is that energy markets will be decentralized, will become a fragmented market,” GE, Lai Meite said, “In the past, we have four power companies, we now have 350 power generation companies. will increase to 1000, and if you each rooftop solar panels counted, this figure will increase to a million, so we see a trend: no longer needs to be emphasized power generation, but the power management.

Confusion of Bavaria

Through the Gond Remington root, Bavarian town mayor Wolfgang Meyer (Wolfgang Mayer), behind the desk, floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the town. 1 miles away, stands the the Gond Remington root nuclear power plants B and C two units of cooling towers. This power station is the largest nuclear power plant in Germany, right in the middle of the Stuart and Munich, two industrial centers, the power station’s installed capacity of 2.6 billion watts. Energiwende Meyer felt very confused, and this plan threatens hundreds of jobs in town, and will affect the tax. “They say that 2017 will turn off the unit B, C units closed in 2021,” he points to the nuclear power plant, said, “but they are to start in 1989! Normal people can not understand, what is the logic?”

Owners to install solar on the roof to benefit from the subsidy, the back of the house you can see the the Gond Remington root nuclear power plant cooling tower, this appliance stations have been scheduled to be closed.

Confused and more than Meyer, many disputed the current policy is illogical. At least in the short term, the decision to close the nuclear power plants means that Energiwende actually make power companies more dependent on coal. For example, last year, RWE start in the existing facility near the Belgian border, the two plan a long time the boiler, these boilers burning the dirtiest of all fossil fuels: lignite. Although these boilers is cleaner than the former alternative, but this coal-fired power plant of its kind in the world’s largest, and in order to meet electricity demand, these days, it has remained at full capacity.

“If you shut off the 8 nuclear power plant does not emit carbon, overnight, the carbon emissions will increase,” Will said, “Germany had than previously expected, more dependent on coal, such as countries want to quickly reduce carbon dioxide emissions is probably very difficult. “the decision of what kind of power plant will affect the next few decades, he said;” You can not suddenly from one exchange to another. ”

Another problem is that even if it comes to alternative energy sources, Germany, the reward is not carbon dioxide emissions. In contrast, the establishment of a well-defined government subsidies for specific technologies: 1 kWh solar subsidies than the same amount of electricity from offshore fan, and the latter than terrestrial fans. Even if the solar energy subsidies have declined far Birol investment but solar subsidy rate remains the highest. But if you are concerned about carbon emissions, more money should be invested to reduce energy consumption. Munich energy economist Pieter said: “If you choose the best means to focus on areas of the cheapest so you achieve your goals, then you will be more focus on energy efficiency in the use of renewable energy, rather than . ”

The current subsidy policy so that existing technology can be profitable, but the innovation did not gain the same degree of encouragement, for example, no access to what motivates the development of a revolutionary new photovoltaic technology, may ultimately only this type of technology to make without subsidies solar cheap enough to compete with fossil fuels.

In some German economists, the nation’s energy policy is completely wrong. University of Munich, the Ifo Institute of Economic Research President Hans – Werner Sinn (Hans-Werner Sinn) is particularly severe criticism, “Energiewende is changing toward the illusory, because green technology is not enough to replace traditional energy sources to meet the energy needs of modern society , “he said,” it is wrong to shut down nuclear power plants because it is a kind of cheap energy, wind and solar can never replace it. They are much more expensive, and energy output quality is also poor energy-intensive industries will be relocation, and the competitiveness of the German manufacturing sector will fall, or income will be reduced. ”

Of course, German politicians have to bet on the Sinn is wrong. And there are many encouraging signs that do not have to like him so pessimistic. The cost of solar panels is rapidly decreased, which means that solar energy will become increasingly competitive. The cost of the battery may also be the same decline. If the prices of fossil fuels continues to rise, renewable energy will look more attractive. 40 years is a very long period of time, people are constantly surprised by the development of excellent technical, such as the decline in the price of solar cells, “Will said,” In my opinion, I would like to stress Energiewende is what has challenging at the moment, to promote this project looks very difficult. but in the appropriate incentives, there is sufficient reason to believe that technology advances in speed will be faster than we expected. ”





































結果:費用対効果の高い、品質保証、欧州の基準に沿って、労働者は20 =人間が約億元、年間給与の支出には、この文書を保存することができますは、賃金の支出を保存することができます。労働者の管理より簡単に管理ロボット;
























Report on the feasibility of the air filter, stainless steel casing processing

Welding, the welding robot technology, processing completed using Japanese Panasonic

Laser cutting machine, 1. Cost (purchase price): about 360,000 yuan (360,000 yuan) each;

Eight hours a day, about 800 products can be processed;

Automatic welding robot (welding), 3.

Welding the three processes;

Argon arc welding;

Laser welding;

CNC machine tools, 2.

For in the joints;

4 workers (including sewing, etc.);

Head: 1.5 kg

Laser cutting (3 knives, 2 holes);

Polishing machine;

Costs include:
Materials (materials made ​​of 304 stainless steel);
And other auxiliary: argon fee, wire fee, polishing, assembly fee, welding fees, testing fees, management fees, import and export agency fees, freight, handling charges, financial insurance, plant depreciation expenses, office expenses, taxes, electricity, water, site fees;

The entire production line investment, estimated: 660,000 yuan (660,000 yuan);

Economic benefits: the use of Japanese technology, robotic welding, welding, use of artificial welding, welding
The result: a cost-effective; quality assurance, in line with European standards; workers can save 20 man-about = 100 million yuan annual salary expenditures this document can be saved wage expenditures; management robot, easier than the management of workers;

Equipment delivery time: orders after 20 days (including the training time of the manipulation of workers);

Annual production of up to: 200 000 (= 200,000) or more;

Sales price: per piece, more than 480 yuan;

Bericht über die Machbarkeit des Luftfilters, Edelstahlgehäuse Verarbeitung

Welding, der Schweißroboter-Technologie abgeschlossen Verarbeitung mit japanischen Panasonic

Laserschneidmaschine, 1. Kosten (Kaufpreis): ca. 360.000 Yuan (360.000 Yuan) je;

Acht Stunden am Tag, können etwa 800 Produkten verarbeitet werden;

Automatische Schweißroboter (Schweißen), 3.

Das Verschweißen der drei Prozesse;

Argon Lichtbogenschweißen;


CNC-Werkzeugmaschinen, 2.

Für in den Gelenken;

4 Arbeiter (einschließlich Nähen, etc.);

Head: 1,5 kg

Laserschneiden (3 Messer, 2 Löcher);


Die Kosten beinhalten:
(Materialien von Edelstahl 304);
Und andere Hilfsmittel: Argon-Gebühr, Gebühr Draht-, Polier-, Montage-Gebühr, Schweiß-Gebühren, Prüfungsgebühren, Verwaltungsgebühren, Import und Export Agentur Gebühren, Fracht-, Bereitstellungs-, Finanz-Versicherungs-, Anlagen-Abschreibungen, Bürokosten, Steuern, Strom, Wasser, Gebühren vor Ort;

Die gesamte Produktionslinie Investitionen, geschätzt: 660.000 Yuan (660.000 Yuan);

Wirtschaftliche Vorteile: Der Einsatz von japanischen Technologie-, Roboter-Schweißen, Schweißen, Verwendung von künstlichem Schweiß-, Schweiß-
Das Ergebnis: eine kostengünstige, Qualitätssicherung, in Einklang mit europäischen Standards; Arbeiter können sparen 20 Mann-über = 100 Millionen Yuan Jahresgehalt Ausgaben in diesem Dokument können Lohn-Ausgaben eingespart werden; Management-Roboter, einfacher als die Verwaltung von Arbeitnehmern;

Ausstattung Lieferzeit: Bestellungen nach 20 Tagen (einschließlich der Ausbildung Zeitpunkt der Manipulation der Arbeitnehmer);

Die jährliche Produktion von bis zu: 200 000 (= 200.000) oder mehr;

Verkaufspreis pro Stück, mehr als 480 Yuan;

Rapport sur la faisabilité du filtre à air, le traitement boîtier en acier inoxydable

Soudage, la technologie des robots de soudage, traitement terminé à l’aide japonaise Panasonic

Machine de découpe laser, 1. Coût (prix d’achat): environ 360 000 yuans (360.000 yuans) chacun;

Huit heures par jour, environ 800 produits peuvent être traitées;

Automatique robot de soudage (soudage), 3.

Soudage des trois processus;

argon arc de soudage;

La soudure au laser;

Machines-outils à commande numérique, 2.

Car, dans les articulations;

4 travailleurs (y compris la couture, etc);

Chef: 1,5 kg

La découpe laser (3 couteaux, 2 trous);

Machine à polir;

Les coûts comprennent:
Des matériaux (matières en acier inoxydable 304);
Et d’autres auxiliaires: frais de l’argon, les frais de fil, de polissage, les frais de montage, les frais de soudure, les frais de test, les frais de gestion, frais d’agence d’importation et d’exportation, fret, les frais de manutention, d’assurance financière, les charges d’amortissement de plantes, frais de bureau, taxes, électricité, eau, frais de chantier;

L’investissement de production en ligne, estimé: 660.000 yuans (660.000 yuans);

Les avantages économiques: l’utilisation de la technologie japonaise, soudage robotisé, soudure, l’utilisation de la soudure artificielle, le soudage
Le résultat: un rapport coût-efficacité, l’assurance de la qualité, en conformité avec les normes européennes, les travailleurs peuvent économiser jusqu’à 20 homme-sujet = les dépenses de 100 millions de yuans salariales annuelles de ce document peut être enregistré dépenses salariales; automate de gestion de plus simple que la gestion des travailleurs;

Délai de livraison Equipement: les commandes au bout de 20 jours (y compris le temps de formation de la manipulation des travailleurs);

La production annuelle d’un maximum de: 200 000 (= 200 000) ou plus;

Prix ​​de vente: l’unité, plus de 480 yuans;

Informe sobre la viabilidad del filtro de aire, el procesamiento caja de acero inoxidable

Soldadura, la tecnología de robot de soldadura, el tratamiento completado con el japonés Panasonic

Láser máquina de corte, 1. El costo (precio de compra): alrededor de 360.000 yuanes (360.000 yuanes), cada uno;

Ocho horas al día, alrededor de 800 productos pueden ser procesados​​;

Robot de soldadura automática (soldadura), 3.

Los tres procesos de soldadura;

argón arco de soldadura;

La soldadura por láser;

Máquinas-herramienta CNC, 2.

Porque en las articulaciones;

4 trabajadores (incluidos los de costura, etc);

Cabeza: 1,5 kg

Corte por láser (3 cuchillos, 2 hoyos);


Los costos incluyen:
Materiales (materiales hechos de acero inoxidable 304);
Y otra auxiliar: cuota de argón, honorario de transferencia, pulido, canon de montaje, los honorarios de soldadura, honorarios de la prueba, los gastos de gestión, derechos de importación y exportación de la agencia, el flete, los gastos de manipulación, financieros, de seguros, los gastos de amortización de la planta, gastos de oficina, impuestos, electricidad, agua, honorarios del sitio;

La inversión en la línea de producción, se estima: 660.000 yuanes (660.000 yuanes);

Beneficios económicos: el uso de la tecnología japonesa, soldadura robótica, soldadura, uso de la soldadura artificial, soldadura
El resultado: un análisis coste-efectiva, la garantía de calidad, en consonancia con las normas europeas, los trabajadores pueden ahorrar un 20 hombre de mundo = 100 millones de yuanes anuales los gastos salariales de este documento se pueden guardar los gastos salariales, robot de gestión, más fácil que la gestión de los trabajadores;

Tiempo del equipo de entrega: Los pedidos después de 20 días (incluyendo el tiempo de entrenamiento de la manipulación de los trabajadores);

La producción anual de hasta: 200 000 (= 200 000) o más;

Precio de venta: la unidad, más de 480 yuanes;

Relazione sulla fattibilità del filtro dell’aria, trattamento corpo in acciaio inox

Saldatura, la tecnologia robot di saldatura, lavorazione eseguiti con l’ausilio giapponese Panasonic

Macchina di taglio laser, 1. Costo (prezzo di acquisto): circa 360.000 yuan (360 mila yuan) ciascuno;

Otto ore al giorno, circa 800 i prodotti possono essere trattati;

Automatic saldatura robotizzata (saldatura), 3.

I tre processi di saldatura;

Argon saldatura ad arco;

Laser di saldatura;

Macchine utensili CNC, 2.

Per le articolazioni;

4 addetti (cucitura compresi, ecc);

Testa: 1,5 kg

Taglio laser (3 coltelli, 2 fori);


I costi includono:
I materiali (materiali sono costituiti da acciaio inox 304);
E altri ausiliari: tassa di argon, tassa filo, la lucidatura, la tassa di assemblaggio, saldatura tasse, spese di collaudo, le commissioni di gestione, commissioni di agenzia di importazione ed esportazione, trasporto, spese di manutenzione, assicurazioni finanziarie, le spese di ammortamento degli impianti, spese d’ufficio, tasse, elettricità, acqua, tasse sito;

L’intera linea di investimenti produttivi, stimato: 660.000 yuan (660 mila yuan);

Benefici economici: l’uso della tecnologia giapponese, saldatura robotizzata, saldatura, utilizzo della saldatura artificiale, saldatura
Il risultato: una soluzione economica, di garanzia della qualità, in linea con gli standard europei; i lavoratori possano risparmiare il 20 uomo di mondo = 100 milioni di spese annuali di stipendio yuan questo documento può essere salvato spese salariali; robot gestione più semplice rispetto alla gestione dei lavoratori;

Tempi di consegna Attrezzatura: gli ordini dopo 20 giorni (compreso il tempo di formazione della manipolazione dei lavoratori);

La produzione annuale di fino a: 200 000 (= 200.000) o più;

Prezzo di vendita: per pezzo, più di 480 yuan;

Relatório sobre a viabilidade do filtro de ar, caixa de aço inoxidável de processamento

Soldagem, a tecnologia robô de solda, tratamento completado usando Panasonic japonesa

Máquina de corte a laser, 1. Custo (preço de compra): cerca de 360.000 yuan (360 mil yuan) cada;

Oito horas por dia, cerca de 800 produtos podem ser processados​​;

Automático de soldagem robô (soldagem), 3.

Soldagem dos três processos;

Argon soldagem a arco;

Soldagem a laser;

Máquinas-ferramentas CNC, 2.

Para nas articulações;

4 trabalhadores (incluindo costura, etc);

Chefe: 1,5 kg

Laser de corte (3 facas, 2 furos);


Os custos incluem:
Materiais (materiais feitos de aço inoxidável 304);
E outro auxiliar: argônio taxa, taxa fio, polimento, montagem taxa, taxas de soldagem, as taxas de testes, taxas de administração, taxas de agência de importação e exportação, frete, despesas de manutenção, seguros financeiros, despesas de depreciação da planta, despesas de escritório, impostos, eletricidade, água, taxas de site;

O investimento linha inteira de produção, estimada: 660.000 yuan (660 mil yuan);

Benefícios económicos: a utilização de tecnologia japonesa, soldadura robótico, soldadura, da utilização de soldadura artificial, soldadura
O resultado: uma relação custo-benefício, garantia de qualidade, em consonância com as normas europeias, os trabalhadores podem economizar 20 homem sobre = 100 milhões de yuans gastos salariais anuais, este documento pode ser salvo despesas de salários, gestão de robô, mais fácil do que a gestão dos trabalhadores;

Tempo de entrega do equipamento: pedidos após 20 dias (incluindo o tempo de treinamento da manipulação dos trabalhadores);

A produção anual de até: 200 000 (= 200.000) ou mais;

Preço de venda: por peça, mais de 480 yuan;

공기 필터의 타당성 보고서, 스테인리스 케이싱 처리

용접기, 용접 로봇 기술, 가공 일본 파나소닉를 사용하여 완료

레이저 커팅 머신, 1. 비용 (구입 가격) : 360,000에 대한 위안 (360,000위안) 각;

하루에 8 시간씩, 약 800 제품은 처리될 수있다;

자동 용접 로봇 (용접), 3.

용접의 세 공정;

아르곤 아크 용접;

레이저 용접;

CNC (컴퓨터 수치 제어) 공작 기계, 2.

관절에 들어;

네 노동자 (재봉사 등);

헤드 : 1.5 kg

레이저 절단 (3 나이프, 2 홀);

기계를 연마;

비용은 다음과 같습니다 :
재료 (304 스테인레스 스틸로 만들어진 물질);
그리고 보조 기타 : 아르곤 수수료, 와이어 수수료, 연마, 조립 비용, 용접 수수료, 시험 수수료, 관리 수수료, 수입 및 수출 대행 수수료, 운송, 취급 수수료, 금융 보험, 공장 감가 상각 비용, 사무실 비용, 세금, 전기, 물, 사이트 수수료;

추정 전체 생산 라인 투자 : 660,000위안 (66만위안);

경제 혜택 : 일본 기술, 로봇 용접, 용접, 인공 용접의 사용, 용접의 사용
결과 : 비용 효율, 품질 보증은 유럽 기준에 맞춰, 노동자 저장은 20 인간에 대해 = 100,000,000위안 연봉 지출이 문서는 임금 지출을 저장할 수 있으며, 근로자의 관리를보다 쉽게 관리 로봇은;을

장비 배달 시간 : 20 일 (근로자의 조작의 훈련 시간 포함) 이후 주문;

최대 연간 생산 : 200 000 (= 200,000) 이상;

판매 가격 : 당 조각 이상 480위안;

تقرير عن الجدوى الاقتصادية للمرشح الهواء، وغير القابل للصدأ معالجة الصلب غلاف

أكملت تجهيز لحام، وتكنولوجيا الروبوت لحام، وذلك باستخدام باناسونيك اليابانية

الليزر قطع الآلة، 1. التكلفة (سعر الشراء): حوالي 360000 يوان (360000 يوان) لكل منهما؛

ثماني ساعات في اليوم، يمكن معالجة حوالي 800 المنتجات؛

التلقائي لحام الروبوت (لحام)، 3.

لحام العمليات الثلاث؛

الأرجون قوس اللحام؛

الليزر لحام؛

أدوات آلة التصنيع باستخدام الحاسب الآلي، 2.

لفي المفاصل؛

4 عمال (بما في ذلك الخياطة، الخ)؛

رئيس: 1.5 كجم

وقطع ليزر (3 سكاكين، 2 فتحات)؛

تلميع آلة؛

تكاليف ما يلي:
المواد (مواد مصنوعة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ 304)؛
وغيرها من المساعدة: الأرجون الرسم، رسم الأسلاك، وتلميع، ورسوم الجمعية، ورسوم لحام، ورسوم الاختبار، والرسوم الإدارية ورسوم وكالة الاستيراد والتصدير والشحن ورسوم المناولة، والتأمين المالي، ونفقات الاستهلاك النبات، ونفقات المكاتب، الضرائب، والكهرباء، والمياه، ورسوم الموقع؛

خط إنتاج كامل الاستثمار، ويقدر: 660000 يوان (660000 يوان)؛

الفوائد الاقتصادية: استخدام التكنولوجيا اليابانية، واللحام الآلي، واللحام، واستخدام لحام الاصطناعية، لحام
النتيجة: فعالة من حيث التكلفة، وضمان الجودة، بما يتماشى مع المعايير الأوروبية، ويمكن للعمال توفير 20 شاب حول = 100000000 يوان النفقات السنوية في الرواتب ويمكن حفظ هذه الوثيقة نفقات الأجور، وإدارة الروبوت، أسهل من إدارة العمال؛

معدات وقت التسليم: أوامر بعد 20 يوما (بما في ذلك الوقت تدريب من تلاعب العمال)؛

الإنتاج السنوي تصل الى: 200 000 (= 200،000) أو أكثر؛

سعر البيع: قطعة الواحدة، أكثر من 480 يوان؛





名称,项目,废塑料, 催化剂、人工、燃料、水电 其它(包括,设备维修等), 合计
吨成本(产生0.7-1.0吨), 1-1.5吨 X1200元=1200-1800元, 催化剂60元,水电费400元,人工费400元, 300元左右, 约2360-3000元
油销价, 每吨4000-4500元,按0.7-1吨,约3000-4500元
吨油利税, 1000-2500元
吨油利润, 500-1500元
年产300吨利税, 30-75万元
年产300吨利润, 15-45万元
投资回报率, 50-150%
投资回收期, 投资的设备,最快8个月回收,最长24个月,回收。



其它-名称,项目 日用水 (可循环用),用电量, 生产人员 ,生产车间

1- 日产1-1.5吨,年产300吨, 3吨, 25千瓦, 3-4人, 50平米
2- 日产3吨,年产600吨(2台设备,联合操作), 5吨, 50千瓦, 5人, 80平米


将回收,收集来的废塑料(食品袋,马夹袋,一次性饭盒,编织袋,可口可乐废旧回收的塑料瓶等),经过粉碎机打碎,成小型片状(不用清洗),然后,装入料斗,自动卸料,入机器口,至第一段加热室(280度),废塑料成为糊状,其中,CL离子分解后,由负压腔,进入鼓泡室,溶解于水中,此时的塑料糊状,进入二段加热室(350度),成为液体(水状),进入反应釜(480度,到520度),逐渐变为油气状,进入催化罐,此时,产生的混合油气,进入后续工序,由分离罐,将油及不凝气,分离后,不凝气,由压缩机装入液化汽罐(作为自用能源),多余的液化气,罐装出厂,作为成品销售。混合油,首先进入汽油精馏罐,分解出成品汽油,由过滤室过滤后,进入储油桶,剩下的混合油,再进入柴油精馏罐,分解出成品柴油,由过滤室过滤后,进入储油桶。少量重油,收集为燃料油 。

A Obamians believer of the World;A believer of the Obamians of the World






Intelligent robotics research by social circles, social circles of intelligent robot designer, the social circle of the intelligent robot production and processing by intelligent robots maker social circle, social circle of the intelligent robot shows communicators, intelligent robots wholesale sellers social circle; intelligent robots importers and exporterssocial circle;
Wuxi, China-built steel products Co., Ltd. – Shanghai Office

* Yangtze River Delta cooperation with robot on the establishment of the Company’s R & D, design, production, processing, manufacture, display, communication, sales of the cause of the decision of the Panel

Home service type based robot; mainly to serve the solitary robot into the home, into the community, serving the public;

Welcome to the Japanese robotics company, U.S. Robotics, the French robotics company with my office; to undertake the robots, and robot welding accessories, welding operations;

無錫、中国組み込み鋼製品有限公司 – 上海事務所









空气过滤器 * 不锈钢罩壳项目 承接电焊 焊接加工可行性报告

空氣過濾器* 不銹鋼罩殼項目承接電焊焊接加工可行性報告

Air filter * Stainless steel casing project to undertake welding welding process feasibility report
World-class advanced production program
By welding, welding robots, computers, all control, fully automated, laser cutting machine, automatic cutting, a production line, 8 hours Yield: 400; 16 hours per day: 800; quality; cost of production lines: one million yuan ;


Filtre à air * inoxydable projet boîtier en acier à entreprendre soudure faisabilité du procédé rapport
De classe mondialedu programme de production de pointe
En soudage, robots de soudure, des ordinateurs, à tout contrôle, entièrement automatisés, machines de découpe laser, découpe automatique, une ligne de production, 8 Rendement heures: 400; 16 heures par jour: 800; la qualité, le coût des lignes de production: un million de yuans ;
Luftfilter * Edelstahlgehäuse Projekt zum Schweißen Schweißverfahren Machbarkeit Bericht verpflichten
World-Class fortschrittlichen Produktions-Programm
Durch Schweißen,Schweißroboter, Computer, alle Kontrolle, vollautomatische Laserschneidanlage, automatischen Zuschnitt, eine Produktionslinie, 8 Stunden Ertrag: 400; 16 Stunden pro Tag: 800, Qualität, Kosten der Produktionslinien: eine Million Yuan ;
El filtro de aire* Caja de acero inoxidable del proyecto para llevar a cabo el proceso de soldadurade soldadura informe de viabilidad
De primera clasedel programa de producción avanzada
En soldadura, robots de soldadura, las computadoras, todos los de control, totalmente automatizado, máquina de corte por láser, corte automático de una línea de producción, 8 horas Rendimiento: 400, 16 horas al día: 800, calidad, costo de las líneas de producción: un millón de yuanes ;

용접 용접 공정 타당성 보고서를 수행하기 위해에어 필터 * 스테인레스 스틸 케이스 프로젝트
세계적 수준의 선진적인 생산 프로그램
용접으로용접 로봇, 완전 자동화된 컴퓨터, 모든 제어,레이저 커팅 머신, 자동 절삭, 생산 라인,8 시간 항복 : 400;하루 16시간 : 800,품질, 생산 라인의비용 : 백만위안 ;

Filtro aria * cassa in acciaio inox progetto di intraprendere la saldatura relazione processo di fattibilità
World-class programma di produzione avanzati
Mediante saldatura,robot di saldatura, computer,tutto il controllo, completamente automatizzato, macchina a taglio laser, taglio automatico, una linea di produzione, 8 ore Resa: 400; 16 ore al giorno: 800, qualità, costo delle linee di produzione: un milione di yuan ;
فلتر الهواء الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ * مشروع غلاف لإجراء عملية لحام جدوى تقرير لحام
ذات المستوى العالمي برنامج انتاج متقدمة
بواسطة لحام، والروبوتات لحام، وأجهزة الكمبيوتر، كل سيطرة،مؤتمتة بالكامل، الليزر قطع الآلة، وقطع التلقائي، خط إنتاج، 8 ساعات الانتاجية: 400؛ 16 ساعة في اليوم: 800؛الجودة؛ تكلفة خطوط الإنتاج: واحد مليون يوان ؛

无锡(中国) (Yi)一(Jian)建 钢品有限公司

Construction Steel Products Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, China (Yi) (Jian)
Undertake welding, welding processing business requirements:
1 – Please provide drawings (process drawings, production drawings, parts drawings), please include the size and other details;
2 – patent certificate;
3 – the real kind, and samples;
4 – Other (commission processing contract, etc.);
Construction Steel Products Co., Ltd in Wuxi, China (Yi) (Jian)
Verpflichten, Schweißen Verarbeitung Business-Anforderungen:
1 – Bitte geben Zeichnungen (Prozess-Zeichnungen, Fertigungs-Zeichnungen, Teile-Zeichnungen), fügen Sie bitte die Größe und andere Details;
2 – Patent-Zertifikat;
3 – die eigentliche Art, und Proben;
4 – Andere (Kommission Processing-Vertrag, etc.);

1 – 図(プロセス図面、製造図面、部品図面)を提供してください、サイズ、その他の詳細を記載してください。
2 – 特許証明書;
3 – 本当の種類、およびサンプル。
4 – その他(委託処理契約書等);
무석 (无锡), 중국 건설 철강 제품 유한 공사 (이순신) (지앤)
, 용접 처리 비즈니스 요구 사항 용접을 수행 :
1 – 도면 (공정 도면, 생산 도면, 부품 도면) 제공하십시오, 크기 및 기타 세부 사항을 포함시켜주십시오;
2 – 특허 증서;
3 – 진짜 친절하고 샘플;
4 – 기타 (위탁 가공 계약 등);

材质:国产 不锈钢,304;
材質:國產 不銹鋼,304;

中國無錫一(Yi)建(Jian)鋼品有限公司擁有數控機床5台,等離子切割機1台,氬焊機3台,鑽床2台,200 噸油壓機1台,銑管機1台,切管機1台,打磨機2台;
陳總經理,兼駐上海聯絡處 主任;
中国无锡 一(Yi)建(Jian)钢品有限公司 拥有数控机床 5台,等离子切割机 1台,氩焊机 3台,钻床 2台,200 吨油压机 1台,铣管机 1台,切管机 1台,打磨机 2台;
承接 空气过滤器 不锈钢罩壳 加工业务;
陈总经理,兼驻上海联络处 主任;

Wuxi, China (Yi) construction (Jian) ​​Steel Products Co., Ltd. has CNC machine tools, plasma cutting machine, argon welding machine 3 sets, drilling of 2 200 t hydraulic press, milling machine, pipe cutting machine, grinding machine;
Not yet available: polishing machinery and equipment;
Undertake air filter stainless steel casing processing operations;
Chen, general manager of the Liaison Office in Shanghai;
Wuxi, China (Yi) built (Jian) Steel Products Co., Ltd. have a CNC machine 5 sets, plasma cutting machine, argon welding machine 3 sets, 2bed, 1 200 t hydraulic press, milling machine, pipe cutting machine1, grinding machines;
Not yet available: polishing machinery and equipment;
Undertake air filter stainless steel casing processing operations;
Chen, general manager ofthe Liaison Office in Shanghai;

中國無錫一(Yi)建(Jian)鋼品有限公司擁有數控機床5台,等離子切割機1台,氬焊機3台,佔床2台,200 噸油壓機1台,銑管機1台,切管機1台,打磨機2台;
陳總經理,兼駐上海聯絡處 主任;

Wuxi, China (Yi) Bau (Jian) SteelProducts Co., Ltdverfügt über CNC-Werkzeugmaschinen-, Plasma-Schneidanlage, Argon Schweißgerät 3 Sätze, 2 Betten, 1 200 t Hydraulikpresse, Fräsmaschine, geschnitten Rohr-Maschine,Schleifmaschine 2;
Noch nicht verfügbar: Polieren Maschinen und Anlagen;
Verpflichten Luftfilter Edelstahlgehäuse Verarbeitung;
Chen,General Manager desLiaison Office in Shanghai;
Wuxi, en Chine (Yi) de la construction (Jian) Steel Products Co., Ltd a des machines-outils à commande numérique, machines de découpe au plasma d’argon, de machine à souder 3 sets, 2 chambres, 1 200 t presses hydrauliques, machines à fraiser, couper Machine tube, rectifieuse 2;
Pas encore disponible: machines de polissage et de l’équipement;
Entreprendre le filtre à air en acier inoxydable boîtier opérations de traitement;
Chen, directeur général du Bureau de liaison à Shanghai;
Wuxi, China (Yi) construcción (Jian) Productos de acero Co., Ltd. tiene herramientas CNC, máquina de corte por plasma de argón, la máquina de soldar 3 juegos, 2 dormitorios, 1 200 t de prensa hidráulica, máquinas de fresado, corte máquina tubo, máquina de trituración en 2;
Aún no está disponible: Máquinas de pulir y equipo;
Llevar a cabo el filtro de aire caja de acero inoxidable operaciones de perfeccionamiento;
Chen, gerente general de la Oficina de Enlace en Shanghai;
ووشى، والصين (يي) البناء (جيان) المنتجات الفولاذية المحدودة لديها أدوات آلة التصنيع باستخدام الحاسب الآلي، آلة قطع البلازما، آلة لحام الارجون 3 مجموعات، 2 سرير، اضغط على 1 ر 200 الهيدروليكية، وآلة طحن، قطع آلة أنبوب، آلة طحن (2)؛
لم تتوفر بعد: آلات تلميع والمعدات؛
تتعهد الهواء الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ مرشح غلاف عمليات التجهيز؛
تشن، المدير العام لمكتب الاتصال في شنغهاي؛

무석 (无锡), 중국 (이순신)이 (지앤) 스틸 제품 유한 회사는 CNC (컴퓨터 수치 제어) 공작 기계, 플라즈마 절단기, 아르곤 용접기 3 세트, ​​2 베드, 1 200t 유압 프레스, 밀링기계, 가지고 절단 공사 튜브 기계, 기계 2 연삭;
아직 가능 : 연마 기계 및 장비;
처리 작업을 케이싱 에어 필터 스테인리스를 수행;
첸, 상해의 연락 사무소의 제너럴 매니저;

(Buddhist community) Chen, vice president of China Shijiazhuang, Tzu Chi Hospital, Chief Investment Ministry of Minister to welcome domestic and overseas investors to join to create and hospitals to apply for!
(佛教界)中国石家庄慈济医院陈副院长,兼 招商引资部 陈部长 欢迎海内外投资商加盟创建分医院申请!
電子郵箱女性百萬富豪們社交圈) ; (億萬富豪們的慾望,夢想);億萬富豪們團隊;億萬富豪們團體)億萬富豪們社交圈); (直升飛機購買者圈;直升機購買者圈) ; (female millionaires in their social circle); (billionaires who desires, dreams); (billionaires team; the billionaires groups) (billionaires social circle); (helicopter purchase ring; helicopter buyers circle);女性百万富豪们社交圈) ; (亿万富豪们的欲望,梦想);亿万富豪们团队;亿万富豪们团体)亿万富豪们社交圈); (直升飞机购买者圈;直升机购买者圈) ;

(美國)Blonde Billionaires Empire Inc.
(美利堅合眾國)Blonde Billionaires Empire Inc.
Blonde Billionaires Empire Inc.(美利堅合眾國)
Blonde Billionaires Empire Inc.(美國)

中国无锡(太湖之畔)(Yi)一(Jian)建钢品有限公司,(CEO Mr.Geoorge S.CHEN) 陈 总经理承接 空气过滤器 以及 不锈钢罩壳加工,生产能力:5,000套、每批;欢迎来样品,图纸等,谢谢;
Procurement of hot rolled steel sheet, thickness: 8; 10; 12; 14; 16; 18; manganese steel; general steel plate, thickness: 25; 28; 30; 35; total: 1400 t -20 000 tons per month; yearsThe required number :30000-50 thousand tons; (Wuxi) of delivery;
Beschaffung von warmgewalzten Stahlblech, Stärke: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, Mangan-Stahl, allgemeine Stahlblech, Dicke: 25, 28, 30, 35, Gesamt: 1400 t -20 000 Tonnen pro Monat, Jahr Die erforderliche Anzahl :30000-50000 Tonnen; (Wuxi) der Lieferung;
열연 강판, 두께 조달 : 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 망간강, 일반 강판, 두께 : 25, 28, 30, 35, 총 : 매월 1천4백톤 -20 000t; 년필요한 번호 :30000-5만t, (무석) 인도

上海大學生,男孩(1991.’- )徵婚,生肖,屬羊,1.85 米(身高),中國國籍,英語系,愛好:籃球,游泳,電影評論,讀文藝書,家庭經濟良好;
尋覓:門當戶對,歐美,澳洲各國首都國籍(北京人除外),或者,大城市人,如,上海,紐約,華盛頓,悉尼,洛杉磯,倫敦,巴黎,柏林等地人,需要女孩家有二套以上房產,家庭好的女孩,外向型(性格),她必须没有结婚历史,她必须没有恋爱同居历史She must not love cohabitation history她必須沒有戀愛同居歷史。She must not marry history, she must not love history.無婚史,無戀愛史。。 。 。 ;


上海大学生,男孩(1991.’- )征婚,生肖,属羊,1.85 米(身高),中国国籍,英语系,爱好:篮球,游泳,电影评论,读文艺书,家庭经济良好;
寻觅:门当户对,欧美,澳洲各国首都国籍(北京人除外),或者,大城市人,如,上海,纽约,华盛顿,悉尼,洛杉矶,伦敦,巴黎,柏林等地人,需要女孩家有二套以上房产,家庭好的女孩,外向型(性格),她必须没有结婚历史,她必须没有恋爱同居历史She must not love cohabitation history她必須沒有戀愛同居歷史。She must not marry history, she must not love history.無婚史,無戀愛史。。。。;




Good match new solution (the boy asked the girl, and their families)
1 – economically, the perfect match (for example, the girl’s parents should have two sets of large and small urban house property);
2 – character, perfect match (character together, the most important);
3 – the temper, good match (within the Do Not Disturb; high moral character, good);
4 – the concept, the perfect match (minimum: no man and dog living together in a room status quo, habits);
5 – values, good match;
6 – love cohabitation history, the perfect match;
7 – the emotional history of good match;
8 – on the language habits, perfect match (courtesy, etc.);
– Family background, good match (preferably continuous learning family, respect for parents, elders, etc.);
10 – work location, the perfect match (near the well);
11 – image height, the perfect match (Girls must be more than 1 m 65);
12 – degree diploma, good match (undergraduate and above);
13 – loving, perfect match (watch American TV, basketball games, etc.);
14 – play in the entertainment, the perfect match (like swimming, etc.);
15 – eating habits, good match;
16 – on the place of origin, the perfect match;

In the end,
We remember,
Is not the enemy’s attack,
But the silence of our friends.

– Martin Luther King.




。 。 。 。 。 。 ;。 。 。 。 。 。




Waste plastics, processed into: gasoline, diesel fuel, burning oil equipment, technology, product vendors;

폐기물 플라스틱,로 처리 : 가솔린, 디젤 연료, 굽기 석유 장비, 기술, 제품 공급 업체;

Kunststoffabfälle, verarbeitet in: Benzin, Diesel, brennendes Öl-Ausrüstung, Technologie-, Produkt-Anbieter;

Déchets plastiques, transformés en: essence, carburant diesel, de l’équipement de chauffage au mazout, de la technologie, les fournisseurs de produits;

Los residuos plásticos, procesados ​​en: gasolina, combustible diesel, equipos de combustión de petróleo, la tecnología, proveedores de productos;

Waste plastics, processed into: gasoline, diesel, fuel oil equipment, technology, products and vendors;