Shanghai, China state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation after the introduction of implementation details, the first collection of projects will start (January 29, 2012)
Will seek to change the old cast a vote on the agreement, long-lived in the United States Laoxue traveled back to Shanghai. As China’s “Shanghai state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation implementation details” after the introduction of the first collection of projects in Shanghai, Hong Lu Road, Huangpu District, no change (Collection) block, has recently completed the first round will consult, 98 % of residents in the “agree” column, playing the hook, which means – the conversion of the land will be officially launched.

“I was 18 years old, married here, and now 84 years old, and finally to transform the old building!” Hear the Notary Office staff reported 98% of this figure, Fu elderly mixed feelings. Her old house, lived for nearly 70 years, twice each day, “Red Lantern.” “This is the people who carry the toilet for another name.” Yuyuan Garden side street cadres added, change for the Lu Xiang Road land, there are only 4,000 more than the toilet, where the housing Fangling long, poor facilities, high population density , “looked at the surrounding high-rise residents to build up a seat, but to say they live in ‘the shadow of the sun’, hopes to improve the living conditions of the voice of special urgency.”

Change for Hong Lu Road, Huangpu District, practical livelihood projects this year, a top priority, related to the Yuyuan neighborhood street 4: longevity, Lu Hong, Fu Chun and Terry (part), a total of 4138 residents (warrants) . Party Secretary Xu Yibo said the renovation is the largest urban livelihood. Because it is what the people, the hope, but also to be fair, open, fair and transparent, so that the entire collection process, are carried out in the sun. Mayor Zhou requirements: each step must be according to the law, to fully consider the interests of the masses, proceeding from the will of the masses, do our best to help residents improve their living conditions as soon as possible.

“This old land reform, 54% of the residents, who belong to separate families, to contact the work more difficult.” Yuyuan Street Renwang Pu Wen told reporters that the main office, in order to do clear base, the number of households that street with the various departments work together in a “carpet” thorough investigation, to secure 100%, informing the home, “this is the right of residents, but also their family affairs, we must allow them full participation.” Fu for the elderly is not only the first ” voted, “also took the initiative to start a volunteer, call at the residence in his old neighbors, informing them quickly to vote.

Residents as a volunteer and public confidence in the king who will participate in the first round of consultation with the whole process, “each to one resident, good choice, I have to stamp registration, see the registration form, covered with a chapter, also means – We are getting closer to change from the old, really very happy! “he told reporters, residents of each submission, all stamped on the wall,” Whose consent, someone does not agree, someone abstention, at a glance . ”

It is reported that Lu Hong Road will change for the first round of land sought, will seek to issue a total of 4,133 submissions, of which, willing to 4,056 households. According to “Shanghai state-owned land on the housing levy and Compensation Regulations” provides that the residents of households willing to reconstruction, more than 90% of the total number of plots over, start the old city reconstruction. In early February, will start the second round of the old compensation plan change sought work.

中国上海市国有土地上房屋征收与补偿实施细则出台后,首个征收项目将启动( 2012年1月29日 )  
为了在旧改意愿征询中投上同意一票,长期侨居美国的老薛不远万里赶回了上海。作为中国《 上海市国有土地上房屋征收与补偿实施细则》出台后,上海市的首个征收项目,黄浦区露香园路旧改(征收)地块,日前已完成第一轮意愿征询,98%的居民,在“同意”一栏,打了钩,这意味着-该地块的改建将正式启动。
  据悉,露香园路旧改地块第一轮意愿征询,共发出意愿征询意见书4,133份,其中,愿意的4,056户。根据《 上海市国有土地上房屋征收与补偿实施细则》规定,愿意改建的居民户数,超过地块总户数的90%以上,启动旧城区改建。2月初,将启动第二轮旧改补偿方案征询工作。

中國上海市國有土地上房屋徵收與補償實施細則出台後,首個徵收項目將啟動( 2012年1月29日)  
為了在舊改意願徵詢中投上同意一票,長期僑居美國的老薛不遠萬里趕回了上海。作為中國《 上海市國有土地上房屋徵收與補償實施細則》出台後,上海市的首個徵收項目,黃浦區露香園路舊改(徵收)地塊,日前已完成第一輪意願徵詢,98 %的居民,在“同意”一欄,打了鉤,這意味著-該地塊的改建將正式啟動。

“我從18歲,嫁到這裡,現在84歲,終於舊房要改造了!”聽到公證處的工作人員報出98%這個數字,傅老人百感交集。她在老房子裡,生活了近70年,每天固定兩次“紅燈記”。 “這是居民們對拎馬桶的別稱。”一旁的豫園街道幹部補充道,整個露香園路舊改地塊,有4,000多只馬桶,這裡的房屋房齡長,配套設施差,人口密度高,“居民們看著周邊的高樓一座座地建起來,無奈地稱,自己生活在’太陽的陰影下’,期盼改善居住條件的呼聲特別急切。”

露香園路舊改,是黃浦區今年民生實事項目的頭等大事,涉及到豫園街道的4個居委會:長生、露香、阜春和泰瑞(部分​​),共有居民4138戶(權證) 。區委書記徐逸波表示,舊區改造是最大的民生。正因為是民心所向、所盼,更要做到公平、公開、公正、透明,讓整個徵收過程,都在陽光下進行。區長周偉要求:每一個步驟,都要依法依規,充分考慮群眾利益,從群眾意願出發,盡最大努力,幫助居民早日改善居住條件。



據悉,露香園路舊改地塊第一輪意願徵詢,共發出意願徵詢意見書4,133份,其中,願意的4,056戶。根據《 上海市國有土地上房屋徵收與補償實施細則》規定,願意改建的居民戶數,超過地塊總戶數的90%以上,啟動舊城區改建。 2月初,將啟動第二輪舊改補償方案徵詢工作。