德国民众“举鞋”示威要求总统辞职, 时间:2012-01-07

德国民众“举鞋”示威要求总统辞职, 时间:2012-01-07
Deutsch Leute “geben shoes” Demonstration verlangt der Präsident zum Rücktritt, Zeit: 2012 -01-07
7. Januar 2012, statt Berlin, Deutschland, Demonstranten einer Demonstration vor dem Präsidentenpalast in Deutschland, Veranstaltungen, Demonstrationen winken Schuhe aus Protest.
7. Januar 2012, statt Berlin, Deutschland, Demonstranten einer Demonstration vor dem Präsidentenpalast in Deutschland, Veranstaltungen, Schuhe und Demonstranten hielten Transparente forderten die Präsidenten zurücktreten Wulff. Etwa 150 Demonstranten vor dem Präsidentenpalast winken Schuhe, ist dieses Verhalten unhöflich arabischen Kultur als Demonstranten protestieren gegen Präsident Woolf Deutschland verbergen Kredite für den Wohnungsbau. Woolfs Kritik der öffentlichen Meinung, wurde geht für einige Wochen, weil er als Gouverneur von Niedersachsen diente, zu einem reichen Freund der Frau zu verbergen gab ihm ein Wohnungsbaudarlehen.

German people “give shoes” demonstration requires the President to resign, time :2012 -01-07
January 7, 2012, Berlin, Germany, protesters held a demonstration outside the presidential palace in Germany, events, demonstrators waving shoes in protest.
January 7, 2012, Berlin, Germany, protesters held a demonstration outside the presidential palace in Germany, events, shoes and demonstrators holding banners demanding the president resign Wulff. About 150 demonstrators outside the presidential palace waving shoes, this behavior is rude Arab culture as demonstrators protest against President Woolf Germany concealing housing loans. Woolf’s criticism of public opinion, has been going on for several weeks, because he served as governor of Lower Saxony, to conceal a rich friend’s wife gave him a housing loan.


这个新金山,在开埠前的1835年,由一位在悉尼长大,懂土著语言的英国青年John Batman向土著购得,一共65万英亩土地。先付的10万英亩定金的代价是:4件绒衣,4套衣服,10副望远镜,12件红衬衣,12把剪刀,12把战斧,20条毛毯,30把刀,50张手帕,50磅面粉。那65万英亩土地的代价,应是上述物资的6.5倍。

Melbourne’s Chinatown archway, yin yang ,2012 change -1-7

United States has a San Francisco, Australia has a new Gold, New Gold Mountain is known as the Melbourne city.
Melbourne, in 1837 the early years, when, with 67 residents. To 1851, a large gold mine near Bendigo, Balarat little gold was found, a large influx of Chinese gold rush, here are calling for: Jinshan. Later, the Qing official visit, made the concept of the new Gold Mountain, U.S. Gold, into San Francisco.
The new Gold Mountain, in the early years before 1835, grew up in Sydney by a, well versed in indigenous languages ​​indigenous to the British Youth John Batman purchased a total of 650,000 acres of land. Paying the deposit of 100,000 acres at a cost: 4 sweaters, 4 sets of clothes, 10 binoculars, 12 red shirts, 12 scissors, 12 Tomahawk, 20 blankets, 30 knives, 50 handkerchiefs, 50 pounds of flour. That 650,000 acres of land cost, the material should be 6.5 times.
To 1854, Melbourne Chinatown location, four Yap Hall and Gangzhou Hall; 1857, along the South Fan Club; 1882, there Ningyang Hall; 1897, a freemason by the people’s Party (Zhi Gong Dang). It can be said, Chinatown and Melbourne has grown.
In 1983, the Chinese Government and representatives of Melbourne, to form a Chinatown Historic District Planning Commission will be connected to the size of the side streets of Chinatown, all classified as Chinatown, an area of ​​700 meters long, 200 meters wide. And in Chinatown before and after, the construction of a four archway, and lantern lights.
The strange thing is, those lanterns are not red, but white. Cantonese the most taboo white lanterns and white couplets, but to predominantly Cantonese Chinatown, no objection is raised.
Years ago, it was suggested that the lion on the arch unlucky, specifically consult with local feng shui master in Taiwan. Master said: the lion is a Buddhist law enforcement, should be good.
Last year, are invited Beijing’s architecture professor, looked at, to understand: “This arch, the arch is the imitation of Beijing Ming Tombs, the general mansion arch (have a roof eaves) with poles, cylindrical; Amityville Horror arch with stone pillars, with square columns. stigma, not called lions, called howl. is specifically calling for the soul of the dead come back. ”
To win the lion cost is $ 300,000, no one can out of this money. Finally, female professors staged a thing, the parties covering the stigma and the lion. Thing, on a round bottom, a little round place means; but more like a penis, and then no one would say that there is a chi. Worthy of a professor! She did not say, for everyone to see. Finally, leaving a pair of lions (yin and yang balance), so that we then, to Melbourne to watch.

NBC said the United States Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in the upcoming New Hampshire primary before the momentum continue to rise. According to a poll recently released his new state, to support 42%, significantly ahead of other contenders.
NBC, with Murray Manchester Institute released the latest public opinion poll, Romney with 42%, significantly ahead of Congressman Paul’s 22%; former Senator Sang Tuomu to 13%, ranking No. 3 6 Republican candidates, recently held in Manchester, New Hampshire 14 debates, then, will jointly attend the NBC television program “Meet the Press.”

The provisions of the U.S. state of Washington posing as wealthy as the offense, time :2012 -01-08, you want to travel to the United States? Listen to the writer Annie Tucker Morgan’s proposal. Morgan said the 50 states, each with “Ray” and regulations, if you do not accidentally violated, the consequences could be serious.
About life – Morgan from each state, the selection of one she thought most strange and regulations, to share with readers. These regulations, involving all aspects, most of our daily life.
For example, Alabama provides that, in the church wearing a false beard, triggering laughter around them, it is an offense; Georgia provides that, in shop windows, the plastic model facelift, you must first pull down the curtain blocked; Chicago, Illinois City regulations, and not to enter the theater with a Poodle.
Michigan provides women with no husband permission haircut; Montana regulations, the wife opened her husband’s mail without permission, is a felony; Nevada beards of men, not women kissing; New Mexico women not shaving body hair, not out public places.
Some of the left feet of the requirements, including: Vermont Women in wearing dentures, her husband’s written permission must be obtained; in Washington, pretending to “second generation”, is illegal.
Much Ado About Nothing – Some rules seem more “ridiculous.” For example, the provisions of Oklahoma, and not to bite others, Hamburg; cut cactus in Arizona, could face up to 25 years in prison; in Arkansas, if it dared to pronounce the state name wrong, may be punished.
Residents of Denver, Colorado, not to lend a neighbor a vacuum cleaner; Florida residents who have been tied to the elephant on the table in the parking meters, and parking must be paid the same “stop as the fee”; Idaho men, if to sweetheart send boxed candy, to be generous, candy weight, not less than 23 kg.
Some regulations purely “vexatious”, for example, the provisions of Indiana, π value is 4, not recognized 3.14; Maine regulations, after January 14, the family is still not put away Christmas decorations, will be subject to fines; North Carolina regulations, singing out of tune illegal.
Easy to face – the British “Daily Mail” quoted Morgan as saying: “I never said that their knowledge of U.S. legislation, it can be said, I talked to most people are law-abiding citizens.” United States, each state are There are strange rules, if these regulations, in the same state, “that the prison would be thronged.” She said most people are strange laws, just laugh.
For example, the California regulations, and not to oranges in the bathtub, “(southern California) Los Angeles police have more important things to do, of course, does not grasp that eating oranges while bathing people.” Pennsylvania regulations, outdoor freezers, and sleep illegal, but “most see me take a nap in the freezer on the people who do not call the police came for me.”
Still, Morgan said: “You never know when it will encounter a picky dogmatists, so prior knowledge of these regulations, better time to say ‘sorry’.”

U.S. “Time” magazine (TIME) Asia Editor – Tan Chonghan (Zoher Abdoolcarim)

美国国家广播公司,与马瑞斯特舆论研究所公布的最新民调显示,罗姆尼以42%,大幅超前联邦众议员保罗的22%;前参议员桑托姆以13%,居第3。6位共和党参选人,近日在新州曼彻斯特举行第14场辩论,随后,将共同出席国家广播公司的电视节目《 会晤新闻界》。

美国华盛顿州规定冒充富二代为违法, 时间:2012-01-08 ,想要去美国旅行?听听作家安妮·塔克·摩根的建议。摩根说,美国50个州,各有“雷人”法规,如果不小心违反,后果,可能很严重。
轻松面对-英国《 每日邮报》引述摩根的话报道:“我从来没有说过自己通晓美国立法,却可以说,我和接触过的大多数人是守法公民。”美国每个州,都有奇怪的法规,如果这些法规,出现在同一个州,“那监狱会挤爆”。她说,人们对大部分奇怪法规,只是一笑了之。

美国《 时代》杂志(TIME)亚洲版总编辑-谭崇翰(Zoher Abdoolcarim)