Category 5 robots Mianyang “contest”

Category 5 robots Mianyang “contest”
2012-08-10 Mianyang Teachers College announced that the robot activities of the contractor by the school the Jiuzhou Cup third teenagers, cum trials of the 2012 Asian robot Championship, scheduled for August 15, 2012 to August 18, held at Jiuzhou Stadium in Mianyang City.

During the contest, there will be 300 teams, nearly 800 large, primary and secondary school students participating.
Contest: VEX robot, BDS robot, humanoid robots, maze robots and simulated robots, five models of the robot competition.

Luo Kexi The robot simulation production, the skin close to the real skin, there are five different character.

“True companion” robot, there are dozens of hairstyles to choose from.

The perfect robot love child is very diligent and hard working. “Female consciousness” is also very strong fan of “harassment” slap in the face.

The first of the robot, giving a feeling, is the industrial application, think of what can probably think of home robots doing housework, as well as battlefield robots.
However, love is the eternal theme of humanity, and the robot as close to progress in this industry in a rapidly changing land. Appearance posture realistic eyebrows from people beautiful robot, robot partner to exchange generally, to now, the U.S. launch of the sex robot, and the people “unlimited class” the privacy of dialogue, the robot element, is becoming more and more plump.
So far, the focus on the female robot, male robot is still the way to go ……

Luo Kexi: the world’s first sex robot

Any man could bear the thing is: you are dedicated to see a Manchester United game, but around his wife or girlfriend, but the chatter, you go with her shopping … you might regret for his choice
If you choose her: Luo Kexi (Roxxxy) – robot girlfriend, and that all problems will be solved, because she can accompany you to watch, and you talk to your favorite “Red Devils”. This is not a movie, but a fact.
Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas on January 9, headquartered in New Jersey “real partner” introduced the world’s first sex robot Luo Kexi.

Real people making beautiful, cite the case, bang, not nagging

The robot, with all the features of the inflatable doll, the host can send an e-mail, Internet access, upgrade procedures, automatically expand vocabulary, and other functions, will accompany someone to talk to.
Luo Kexi invention Hynes, AI engineer at Bell Labs;
The robot is completely life-size design prototype is a student of the Fine Arts Department, height 170 cm, weight 54 kg, C cup, like real skin, and artificial intelligence operating system …

Hynes said: “In addition to not clean the room and cooking, you can do for you anything, you understand what I mean, I thought: She is a very good partner, personality, and, the ability to carefully listen to you voice, and dialogue. she can feel your touch, to time, will go to sleep. we make every effort to characteristics of real copy in her body. If you are a fan, then, well, she can you explore the performance of Manchester United, instead of pestering you to do other things, as well as she can bear your dissatisfaction and discontent of the game, without any complaints. ”

Unfortunately, Luo Kexi flexible joints, but can not walk, can not separate sports limbs. In addition, Luo Kexi can not mouth to speak, her voice, speakers from the body, when talking to the vocabulary, are pre-recorded, but the built-in intelligent software can be required statement of free combination.

Priced at $ 7,000, the five personality for selection

Hynes revealed that own design inspiration, from 9.11, “I have a friend in the attack, was killed, I swear: to design a software store friend’s personality, which is the basis of the Luo Kexi.” After the study combination of the three countries, a total of 18 artists and engineers expertise at a cost of nearly one million U.S. dollars, spent two and a half to complete.

Luo Kexi is not the company launched a sex robot. The company’s website, said the study sex robot, has spent two or three decades. Previously, in 1993, Hynes has designed the sex robot Trudy However, even Hynes said Luo Kexi, Trudy sex robot, not user-friendly, traces of the stiff machine, it is clear.

Luo Kexi already accept reservations based on personal preferences, tailor-made, Customers can choose from five models: the barbaric type, cold type, innocent, mature and stimulus type. In addition, the customer to fill in their own interests and hobbies in order to have more topics. “She knows what you like, if you like Porsche, and that, she also likes to Porsche. If you like football, she will be able to talk football with you,” Hynes said.

Luo Kexi expensive, the average selling price of $ 7,000, expensive, about $ 9,000, at present, only available in Europe and the United States in the future, will be available worldwide. Hynes said the company is studying a robot boyfriend Rocky (Rocky), “he would have as good!”

Powerful of the Luo Kexi

Physically and mentally the whole communication

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Price: 7000 $ 9,000

The robot simulation production, the skin close to the real skin, and there are five different character.

In addition to the beauty Luo Kexi, the name of women under the banner of the robot, there are a few. When they were introduced, was hailed as the gospel of otaku, not a real person, is worth a real person.

“True companion” robot, there are dozens of hair, to choose from.

Longer manufactured by the Japanese, is working to create a new species – “Robot”. They can mimic a person’s appearance, voice, but also similar to human intelligence, and even emotional. Well-made robot, is a gradual shift from the factory, to the family, from the laboratory into everyday life, and served as the role of the tools, partners, and even lovers. In human life, they are not only mechanical arm in a busy assembly line, assembly of auto parts; not just bulletproof steel soldiers, in-depth the most dangerous front-line positions, they also do all kinds of housework, it will asked with a smile: “Today, happy?”

In March last year, Japanese scientists shows a mechanical black hair and beauty, she can speak, can walk, has a wealth of expression, on the stage catwalk. It is reported that, look sharp humanoid robot, named HRP-4C “, its body is equipped with 30 engines, to help it to walk and move your arms, face 8 engine, giving the expression of anger, surprise, etc.

During the demonstration of HRP-4C performers walk, blink and speak with women unique voice said, “Hello, everybody!” HRP-4C weight only 42 kg, with zero body “model, par. HRP-4C can become a qualified models, developers skeptical. Demonstration of HRP-4C, it seems, has been very surprised. Demonstrates asked it to smile, or anger, it only opened his mouth and eyes, and his face appeared surprised expression.

Developers said the robot development process, the great challenge is that the manufacture of small parts of the “feminine”. HRP-4C, about 1.57 meters high, in the design, very similar to ordinary Japanese women. Although it is clothed, but it looks like, much like the space suit. HRP-4C, has a clear safety standards, and human models, performing the catwalk.

Miss Kido
Age: 2008 came
Looks like a half-breed
Would be naughty to blink
“Cylinders” girl

Kido robot unveiled in Guangzhou, charming eyes, the most attractive.
Sexy Miss Kido
Eyes discharge, crisp down man

Robot Expo in Guangzhou City East Fangbao Tai Plaza, whether it is a beautiful robot, or machine gorillas, simulation modeling and action are amazing. The most attractive Miss Kido, is placed the middle of the stage, she was two years old this year, wearing a light colored dress, the pores of the face and hands clearly visible, the shape is very realistic. Audience, visit the scene to control the manipulation button, so that the robot (or robotic animals), and do all sorts of action. She comes from Japan, the name sounds, very pretty, a bit like a half-breed, big eyes, high nose, talk, saucy wink. Although she is not human, not as Luo Kexi “capable”, however, did not affect the love of her men to turn around her eyes light up.

Japanese robotics experts, these robots are not driven by electricity or oil, but with the “gas”! Each robot body, hidden in a “cylinder” from the “cylinder”, connecting a number of “gas line, each gas line to control a movement, for example, a finger, blink. Electric robot stiff, because the joint with a small rotating machine, but the action of the gas will make the robot, soft and a lot more realistic. ”

Perfect love of the Son

Hard working, very diligent

Age: 20 years old

Features: clean room and accounting; English and Japanese, do algebra and geometry problems. Female consciousness stronger, will play the satyr.

Beloved son of the virtuous

The hearts of men the perfect wife

She is the perfect wife of the hearts of men: slim, good financial management, doing housework, more importantly, never complaining. She called “love child” is a robot, is a masterpiece of Canadian inventor Li Zhong. 33-year-old Li Zhong, is a computer guru. Li Zhong, born in Vietnam, longer than the Japanese, 8 years old, produced a robot. In order to build their own dream goddess, he has spent two years at a cost of £ 14,000, used up their savings, sell the car. He said, do not have time to talk about his girlfriend, he took advantage of the latest science and technology, create a “perfect girl”. He said his relationship with Aiko has not yet developed to sharing a bed, but, as long as the design for her a little improvement, the beloved son can become a sexual partner. “Love child”, weighs approximately 32 kg, body made of silicone. Li Zhong, using only one and a half to complete the hardware part, with more than a year to write software.

Able a lot of housework

She is the standard “good wife”

Li Zhong said: “‘love child’ is a product of technology and beautiful encounter her, the annual party more than 20 years old, positive youth, young, slim, fond of appearance. She was always happy to clean the room, Li Zhong accounting, and know what he like to drink. Every morning, the “love child” Li Zhong newspaper and start a new day. She can use the gentle female voice told Li Zhong, the day’s weather conditions, such as: “The outside is minus 2 degrees Celsius.”

Night with the dinner table, but the “love child” loss of appetite, do not eat anything. They often driving out to the countryside, for a ride. Li Zhong accidentally lost his way, rely on “love child” pointing direction. In order to save money, the clothes of “love child”, Li-chung’s mother. He said that his mother is very like “love child”, every day for her hair, like to treat her daughter. Li Zhong is currently waiting for new parts, re-install the hands of the “love child” in order to teach her in the morning, tea and coffee.

Feminist consciousness is very strong.

Will fans of “harassment” slap in the face

“Love child” critical body parts, covered with sensors, a camera around his neck, so she has a tactile, visual and auditory. Li Zhong said: “The ‘love child’, there is no sense of smell, feeling, there is.”

Aiko tickle and touch, respond to, be able to recognize people, English and Japanese, say 13,000 words, but also to do algebra and geometry problems. Li Zhong “love child” read a printed paper large word, “love child” read smoothly, and only made a mistake. She nodded, the hand can move. Li Zhong with the “love child” with the park, causing many people watching. He said: “Ladies and generally scrambling to talk to her, men want to stepped forward to touch her, if they behave indecent ‘love child’ will fan their ears, but also angrily shouted,” Even if Li Zhong gently pat her head, she would say: “touch the girl’s head, touch your head.”

Slight improvement on the software

She becomes the sexual partner

At present, Li Zhong’s next goal is to “love child” more perfect, like humans, walk, and this requires large sums of money. But, Li Zhong has been unemployed for three months and could take no more money.

Currently looking for investors to become his top priority. Once you’re done, he wants to sell copies, writer, and with workers. Li Zhong said: “The ‘love child’ does not need holidays, without food, without rest, you can work 24 hours a day, a perfect girl.”

With the media attention and coverage, Li Zhong, therefore, known noise, the network of celebrity. But his interview, denied the “love child” is his girlfriend, not his wife. He stressed that the intention to develop intimate relationships with Aiko, but only slightly modified, can be used as a sexual partner. He said: “As long as the re-design software, so that she can climax, and touch on the bed thing, responsive, you can.”


No later than 2050 people every day with the robot the ML?

World-renowned British artificial intelligence expert Levi in ​​love with robots, the robots the ML book, boldly predicted that the latest in 2050, humans will robot, as lovers, sexual partners, even marriage spouse, will become social norm. “Fell in love with robots, and fell in love with other human beings, as normal sexual frequency and position, arbitrary, nothing will not robots, world, sex guide, it should not beat it.”

Reason to fall in love with robot

The book analysis: the human fall in love with others reason, including, mystery, looking forward to the unknown relationship, and feelings of sexual attraction. But, on the network, never met a stranger fall in love, we can see, love can not be independent, as long as there is close contact, regardless of life, no life, human beings will have love. People love pets as family members; someone, or even fall in love with teddy bears, computers, and electronic pet to prove – the object of human love, not a non-similar non. “All the factors that cause love are applicable to humans and robots, for example, fall in love with the lover, personalized congenial, the other knowledgeable, or like ourselves, can be written into the computer program.”

More thoughtful than the American men

Through artificial emotion, science and technology, the robot is more thoughtful than the typical American man. As long as the robot to understand human needs, it may become part of the family. Buy robot, you can choose a different personality, as in the network under a single, selected four percent funny, serious at other times; can also download the program at any time to change the personality, interests and knowledge. ”

A completely tailor-made robot, of course, to win the love of humanity pet, and even more lovely than human beings. Ever-changing sexual behavior, mankind has to rely on machines to address the physical needs, such as, realistic, full-featured inflatable doll. Enough advanced software, “there is no reason to believe that the more anthropomorphic robot – human will is not a sense of ‘sex’ interest”; more intimate relations between the two sides, to have sex, it is entirely possible. The future of robots, sex toys, and more will be treated as a soul mate, a love object.

“Romantic Barbie will be replaced by a woman

Barbie, in 2050, look like you?
Scientists at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands, announced at an international conference, 2050, the first generation is known as the romantic new robot will come out, this new robot will no longer be the simple mechanical robot products, they will have emotions, personality, consciousness. They can talk to you, they can make you laugh, they can say “I love you”, or even a female robot called “romantic Barbie” with sexual function. In this regard, the scientists said, the analog version of this new robot in five years to launch. Previously, the Dutch scientist robot electronic intercom system and temperature sensor to obtain a breakthrough in their research and development of these devices will allow the robot to become more realistic.

Sit on the sidelines

Then true is false

Good woman can not be replaced

Luo Kexi of Americans come up with this machine beauty, the most selling point is, she has to live like a delicate skin, and can do anything with you … she has dark hair and a warm and delicate body, wear a dark pajamas. When you put his hand on her palm, she would say “I love you hand in hand. However, this, bringing a problem, if you promote the open, the men would choose a real girlfriend, or to vote for the robot?

Luo Kexi after the advent of the reaction of the people, there are two, one, has a mixture of curiosity was excited as soon as possible to a girl version of you? The other opinion is cold water. Simply engineers to develop sex robot, known as extreme guy. Los Angeles, one user said, “Although, the robot can have various functions, but ultimately is nothing but a broken machine. Human society must be communication between people, each holding a machine , you call that thing? a real true female, will always be my last choice. ”

Analysts said the virtual the other end is not important, important is the personal experience of this side. This fixed process control, man-machine relationship, meet some people eager to communicate, but declined relative aspirations. Thus, the robot has replaced some of the important role in real life, thorough “people”. However, in spite of the robot can mimic human emotions, feedback, and human emotion, intelligence, but it is still a far cry from the What is the machine to be assimilated, or machine alienation? Machine obsession lead to the vicious circle, thought-provoking.