Florida Home Inspection Agreement

“The microfilm search was outside the scope of this inspection, the owner was responsible for proper documentation for additions, modifications and/or modifications and… This contract is a legally binding agreement between (customer) and On The Level Home Inspection of Florida (company) to perform an inspection of the home or building on the date recorded in the inspection report. The fee for this inspection is USD 0.00 and is due at the end of the inspection. No inspection report is signed and sealed without meeting the engineer`s requirements. 1) The customer understands that the inspection and the inspection report are carried out and prepared for the exclusive and confidential use of the customer. In the event that a person or company claims damages on the basis of confidence in the inspection report and claims damages from the company for this damage, the customer undertakes to exempt, defend and keep harmless the company, the inspector or its senior managers, representatives or employees from third-party claims resulting from the distribution of the inspection report by the customer. including, but not limited to, claims caused by alleged negligence, breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation or any other theory of corporate liability. The company has the right to distribute copies of the inspection report and discuss its results with real estate agents, lawyers and other parties involved in this transaction who are not expected to be beneficiaries of the inspection report. (8) All disputes arising out of this Agreement, the Inspection or the Report shall be awarded to the winning party all attorneys` fees, arbitrators` fees and other costs. The following systems and elements and areas do not fall within the scope of the inspection, unless they are included in the inspection report: customers, buyers, sellers, qualified contractors and interested parties must seek plans, authorisations, inspections, etc., and evaluate all questions in order to evaluate a final estimate taking into account the potential additional costs associated with latent defects, problems outside the scope of this inspection, or Property Change to be obtained after the date of this inspection. (On The Level Home Inspection Of Florida) may have a relationship with third parties (“TPSP”) to provide value-added services to its customers.

The company may also have these TPSPs send literature or contact the company`s customers after inspection. The first report is only valid for six (6) MONTHS from the date of the inspection. The new inspection fee in the first six (6) months, if necessary, is 30% of the original invoice amount or at least USD 150, higher. If problems have been resolved and authorization has not been obtained because, according to the owner or contractor, it was not necessary, because these repairs are not governed by the code, and in the opinion of the engineer who conducted the inspection, letterheads notarized by qualified contractors indicating that authorizations are not necessary may be required. It is understood and agreed by the parties that all provisions, restrictions, exceptions and exclusions of this Agreement apply to all optional services entered into by the parties. Payments are made as indicated in the invoice presented. Initial payment for initial inspections and/or inspections must be made in advance or at the time of the inspection. (10) Payment of the fee to INSPECTOR (less the above-mentioned acomphement) shall be due after the completion of the on-site inspection. The CLIENT undertakes to pay all legal and time costs incurred in the recovery of payments due, including any attorneys` fees. If the CLIENT is a company, LLC or similar company, the person signing this agreement on behalf of that legal entity personally guarantees the payment of the royalty by the legal person.

This inspection report is valid only at the time of the inspection. Low Price Guarantee: If you submit within three (3) months from another verifiable competitor a recent proposal for a lower price for the same type of inspection at the same address, under the same conditions, at the same expense, we equalize the price and offer a 5% discount on the price stated in this offer…