End User License Agreement For Arm Software Development Tools

6.1 You acknowledge that arm tools, license keys, arm management tools and any other software, documentation or other information granted to you by Arm or provided to you during discussions on or in connection with the arm tools (including this license and information provided during the provision of arm support), contain business secrets and confidential arm information (“Confidential Information”). (c) you warrant that, on behalf of Bras, you make no warranties or warranties regarding arm tools or other software, reports or documentation that you have developed or generated in accordance with the licenses set forth in this license; “Additional Terms” means a software file or folder typically referred to as a “supplementary_terms”, which is located in an arm tool (or components thereof) and which describes (if any) specific extensions, limitations or other variations of the terms of this license. “Arm Software” means any software, firmware and data granted to you by Arm under this license. (ii) you may not distribute or sublicense any portions of the arm tools or (B) your software, hardware or reports developed under this license using the arm tools. The Arm Tools may only be used by you and your authorized users, and you may not allow other third parties to use the Arm Tools (unless authorized in writing by the Arm). “Licensed Uses” means all workstations of the arm tools (including, where applicable, updates), for the simultaneous execution and use of which you are licensed, in the types and quantities indicated in the order documentation provided by Arm, as well as any additional or replacement workstations of the arm tools that bras provides to you from time to time during the term of the license. 7.1 Subject to the restrictions of clause 2, arm warrants to you, for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of receipt of the arm tools from you, that (i) the media on which poor software is provided is free from hardware errors and processing under normal use; and (ii) the arm software operates substantially in accordance with the arm documentation provided (if any).