Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Sec

Companies should not disclose to the media (newspaper, radio, television, etc.) statements about the personal lives and personal opinions of celebrities without the prior written consent of the celebrity. This clause describes the duration of the contract, i.e. the duration agreed by both parties in this contract. The duration is usually the indicated number of months or a year. It may be possible that the agreement may be renewed by one or more mechanisms mutually agreed by either party, etc. In the event of an extension, the extended period is considered to be the duration of the contract. It is the duty of the celebrity to accept not to take or to do acts or behaviors on the territory that would lose their character, reputation and work culture. The celebrity should confirm that the product and services are original and must not infringe the intellectual property of third parties. The celebrity must agree not to participate in other activities during the term of the contract and 12 months after the termination date, which would damage the goodwill and reputation of the company. It is the celebrity`s duty to accept that the company is allowed to be used.

They should also allow the company to use its name, biography, photo, etc., for advertising or advertising the product during the term of the contract. The next item is the support of celebrities. One of the successful ways to promote goods and services is to support celebrities, as companies choose a celebrity who has a massive fan or fan club, etc. This clause must indicate the payment methods and the schedule of payments (e.g. :.