Fast Expert Referral Agreement

Consumers know more about the real estate market than ever before. But that did not compromise the need for an agent. In fact, trusted local experts are more important than ever, and buyers and sellers know that their future and financial health are marked by the agent they choose. Brokerage advice sites are a big trap for the unwary consumer. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it would be unwise to rely on the many online sites that claim to offer you a reliable and credible broker recommendation. I will tell you something that few consumers know, and the impact is enormous for you personally, not only financially, but also legally. There are many online real estate agent recommendation sites, such as,,,,,,,,,, and there are many more. In conclusion, don`t count on Realtor`s recommendation sites. Do your own research on online brokers.

There is a huge amout of online information today that you can easily access your own independent searches on brokers before hiring one. It`s not even hard to do, but it takes a bit of effort and time online. In the end, you will know that you have hired a qualified and honest broker, and perhaps avoid a lot of stress and frustration. You will find many articles on this site objectively share how you research and hire the best brokers in your market. You can use the menu above for “buyer,” then “Hiring an Agent,” or you can set an agent. FastExpert offers potential buyers and sellers the profiles of trusted local agents, as well as information that confirms their expert status: their total sales, years of experience, total transactions and average price. The results are almost instantaneous — making available to local real estate professionals without having to fill out long forms. Our agents are the best and most qualified producers in their region. Most of our agents are the best 5% producers in their brokerage. This means that our agents have confessions about your neighborhood and can help you close your transaction quickly with the best results! I appreciate your remark, but I think you`re out of your way. I was critical of reference sites, not agents like you.

My article was about the fact that the recommendation pages do not focus on filtering brokers so that consumers can only use the best professionals, the honest, who use integrity. Your answer has focused on how you get a lot of business by being part of several referral systems, but I see in your MLS that you`re just listing and you haven`t sold any homes this year.