Bpi Mu Agreement

3. Copies of concluded session agreements should be sent to session.agreements@theMU.org BPI-Top-Hund Geoff Taylor: “The working partnership between musicians and record companies is at the heart of the music store. The new agreement provides for higher payments to British musicians in exchange for more flexible rights for BRITISH labels, which will facilitate the marketing of recordings in the digital environment. This will help make the British music industry more competitive and prosperous, and ensure our musicians work more in the UK. The model agreement signed by all approved contractors states that they must ensure that the consents of performers required by the CDP Act are given in the form approved by the Union. The new contracts, one for studio recordings and the other for live recordings, consolidate three old contracts, and it is hoped that the carefree will make things easier for the labels that hire MU musicians. The contract provides for a basic fee and additional fees and gives the labels a broader set of musicians` agreement in advance. Session musicians, drummers, guitarists and other recording artists are either directly hired by a production company or a label, or more often hired by a fixed company (also known as a contractor) who has signed a contract with the musicians` union. Mu has collective agreements with the BBC, ITV, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and independent film and television producers, which form the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (PACT). We have also reached an agreement with the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) on behalf of the record companies. The EC orders members not to accept registration and broadcasting mandates, with the exception of companies and organisations with which MU has collective agreements, unless they have been referred to our contract advisory service. This is in your own interest and should avoid breaching your obligations under the Xl.3 rule.

If the contracts are not concluded directly with these companies, they should only be accepted by licensed contractors, i.e. contractors/fixers who have an agreement with MU. MU General Secretary John Smith confirmed an agreement and told the Capital Markets Union: “We recognize the difficulties faced by the record industry in recent years. This agreement is a new way of operating, and we hope that it will create more jobs in this valuable sector and help to present British musicians as one of the best in the world. The BPI record label trade association and the Musicians` Association have agreed on new simplified contracts for session musicians that, according to both professional associations, offer higher remuneration to musicians and seal the necessary flexibility in the ever-changing recording industry.