Arkansas Lease Agreement Laws

“That`s why it`s very, very important to read your lease, because at the end of the day, if it`s not in it, that`s all you`re guaranteed and it`s not much,” she said. “Verbal leases and verbal agreements are binding in the state of Arkansas, but we`re still committed to having a written lease and having everything your landlord promises to you in writing because it can turn into a case,” she said, “and it usually doesn`t end well.” If it`s not written in the rental agreement, don`t expect it to happen. Signing a lease is a big decision, and before you do, it`s a good idea to understand your legal rights and obligations as a tenant. If you are considering becoming a tenant in Arkansas or are in conflict with your landlord, keep reading to learn more about your legal rights. “Their leases are generally pretty good,” Higgins said. “Most of them say we`re going to fix everything except replace the light bulbs. I mean, you`re sending a maintenance request for something, and you`re going to fix it. Arkansas law does not specify how many notification homeowners must give before entering a property. As a general rule, they are allowed to enter at any time and for what reasons, unless they violate the pre-agreed terms of the lease. Owners generally have the right to defend emergencies without notice. A landlord is supposed to guarantee a tenant a quiet enjoyment of the property, but this may depend on other occupants of the building or complex, Higgins said. But if the neighbors have parties and an owner does nothing to stop it, that could be a reason to break a lease. “There are about three of them in the core,” Samantha Higgins, assistant director of off-campus student services, said at a recent presentation.

“Right to exclusive ownership of the property. This means that if you sign a rental agreement, the owner says yes, I own it, but you will occupy it. The second is the silent enjoyment of property and then not be blocked by methods of self-help. So if you`re evicted — you go back to rent — the day after the rent, the landlord can`t change your locks, they can`t remove your door, they can`t do anything like that. You have to go through the legal eviction process, and that is your right as a tenant. Tenants can be evacuated because they rent, stay in the apartment after the lease or other rental violations. Arkansas has civil and criminal evictions. If you stay behind on the rent, a non-rescission may be served on you and you must leave the accommodation within 10 days or be accompanied by a criminal complaint. Other rights can be provided in the lease, and they usually are, Higgins said.

Arkansas state law does not require landlords to take appropriate steps to re-household their unit when a tenant breaks their lease. Like all other states, Arkansas has laws that govern the relationship between landlords and tenants. This includes provisions that limit the amount an owner can ask you for as a security deposit and the length of time your landlord must repay your deposit after departure. Arkansas law also requires your landlord to make a special notice before increasing your rent. Most homeowners collect a deposit to cover damage outside of normal wear and tear when you occupy the residence. If a landlord owns six or more properties, the deposit must not exceed the rent by two months. Tenants have the right to collect their deposit within 60 days of the expiry of the tenancy agreement, net of the amount possibly deducted for repairs. Tenants must be provided with a list of repairs and costs.