U.S. the Donahoe Ambassador human rights on the protection of Internet speech

U.S. the Donahoe Ambassador human rights on the protection of Internet speech

U.S. Permanent Mission in Geneva

Office of Public Affairs

Eileen Donahoe Ambassador (Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe)

Meeting with the speech when the news reporter

July 5, 2012

United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) unanimously adopted the first L13 No. “promotion, protection and exercise of Internet Human Rights Resolution

(Summary of the speech and the Ambassador of Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Tunisia and Nigeria met with news reporters)

Resolution original

I just want to say how pleased. Such an important issue, with colleagues from around the world – Turkey, Tunisia, Brazil, Nigeria and Sweden as a friend to play a leadership role and proud of it.

This result is extremely important to the Human Rights Council. This is the first resolution, adopted by the United Nations on issues related to the same degree and the same steadfast protection and promotion of human rights must confirm the digital domain with the physical world of human rights.

Therefore, in this sense, human rights in the online world and offline world, human rights have the same practical importance.

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton (Clinton) attaches great importance to the combination of Internet freedom and human rights. The international community is gradually recognized, freedom and human rights and Internet freedom relative offline and online human rights must be the same protection. This resolution for the international community to play the role of the foundation.

I must also emphasize that some numbers. 85 sponsors of consistent signing to support the text of the resolution, in which 30 countries are members of the Human Rights Council.

This is indeed an impressive achievement. We must also be pointed out that the countries concerned to play a prominent leadership role, especially in Sweden. So careful consideration, the same respect to all delegations, but the results should be unambiguous, and finally completed the job. We are indeed very grateful.

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