Sichuan 36 National wealthy marriage, the request can not hate playing mahjong. Time :2012-06

Sichuan 36 National wealthy marriage, the request can not hate playing mahjong. Time :2012-06
Shu richest woman Wanted man of the house
36 wealth of millions of Sichuan richest woman for the National Marriage
Wang wife phase, Chengdu settlers, do not hate playing mahjong “special conditions”
Still held desire to love
Requirements very strange
1 have, “Wang wife phase”
(2) can not hate playing mahjong
To “white, rich, beautiful”
Net worth: assets are tens of millions, many people have more than one hundred million yuan
Age: 28 years old, 49-year-old
Status: 80% divorced, his own business; 20% of the rich second
The general requirements
Over the age of 30, height 1.68 m above the bachelor degree or above, Chengdu to settle in, do not hate playing mahjong
Choose “husband” process
First hurdle
Screening, mainly to see the image, temperament
The second hurdle
Temperament, conversation, and cultural qualities, and can
And third,
Psychological testing, and character analysis
Fourth off
Marital status, love, and family background checks
Fifth off
Face analysis
Sixth off
Intimate dinner, to see each other, the brain coming to power? There are no eye margin?
Sichuan richest woman, marriage with a thick Sichuan: education, temperament, style of conversation is not the most important, the first condition is: you come to settle in Chengdu, can not hate playing mahjong!
Shu richest woman Wanted man of the house activities started in Chengdu, 36 wealth of millions of Sichuan richest woman, nationwide marriage. Wang wife phase, to settle in Chengdu, do not hate playing mahjong “special conditions”, attractive eye.
Registration the first day
Led to university teachers and civil servants
The activities start the first day of the activity site is located in Jinjiang Hotel, to see three women marriage rich.
It is understood that the rich girls to participate in marriage, are Sichuanese, at present, most of them settled in Chengdu, Wen River, Pi County, Huayang surrounding areas. They are all dating sites VIP members each year, at least to pay dues for more than 20,000 yuan, of them, there are real estate tycoons, financial giant, brand clothing CEOs. Membership, they must provide identification, account of this, academic certificates, unmarried certificate, or divorce certificate, and proof of assets. “The organizers said, come to the candidates of men, a constant stream, the activity has not been officially launched. have enrollment of more than 300 men, which, combining the strengths of the merchants no shortage of university teachers, civil servants, and a desire to have Chinese-American. ”
Wealthy prospective son-in-law needs to break through the six “outposts”
Although many fighters left in the rich, the rich girls spouse is not sloppy. “First of all, the place of residence, it must in Chengdu. Secondly, the degree, at least Bachelor degree or above, good character, sense of humor, understand life, and good taste.” The organizers of the staff revealed that, in addition, do not hate to play the necessary conditions of the mahjong is also rich mate. They work, the pressure Grand, inevitably in his spare time, playing mahjong, relax and hope that their other half, can be understood. ”
The event, the deadline for registration applicants men, the organizers will have information on the preliminary screening for early August. Primary qualifier, the organizers, will be held August 10 – August 20, to Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and other cities, conducting interviews, you need to break through the six barriers “.
Interview content, the study focused on the candidate’s temperament, conversation, the interview with the specialized aspects of the fortune teller, “They are businessmen, if the other party hinder the development of its wealth, it is definitely impossible.” Organizers. In the end, make sure the men selected will enter the August 23, valentine’s blind date dinner, activities, and will be end of the day.
Mall richest woman, is really difficult to marry “leftover fighter”
Shu richest woman Wanted man of the house activities organized by the Amoy male network of dating websites, the Sichuan local Fengqiu headhunting matchmaking designed for Sichuan, a group of single women rich selection appropriate the other half. Matchmaking company, the staff currently participate in this event. Richest woman, 36, of which the youngest 28 years old, 49 years old. Their assets are more than 10 million most of their own business, a small number of people inherited the family wealth. ”
The marriage of the rich girls, most of them have had a failed marriage, love is still held eager attitude. “Long-term contact with them, I found that they are truly the most difficult to find the other half of the ‘surplus women’ groups.” Matchmaking Chiang Lin said, this is their first initiation of the original intention of offering such activities.
Jiang Lin analysis, the richest woman on the other half of the economic conditions are not demanding, but, but then the other half they demanding, “I hope the other party is not only thoughtful, considerate, to be able to in their careers, helping women The rich have to share, but with the ability of men, most of them do not want to find an economic condition is too strong woman, when his wife. ”
Protagonist of the story
Dialogue marriage richest woman, why “the rest”?
Protagonist -1
Retail chain executives (more than 30 years old, divorced)
Is already a mother of two, Lin said, in the 1990s, she and her ex-husband to resign, do wireless Internet retail business. The business grew and grew, the two conflicts, but more and more, three years ago, they divorced, the children brought up by the man. Values, and that much difference. ”
Leisure, like jogging, playing badminton, drinking tea, reading Ms. Lin said she hoped that their other half is “superior”, sense of responsibility, “joined forces” is the best combination. “China’s most popular combat management training experts Yu Shiwei, I appreciate the type.” Lin said.
Protagonist -2
The Guanghan rubber factory bosses daughter (28 years)
28-year-old Chen looks very handsome, much like the actress “Jin Qiaoqiao. Her father, in Guanghan operating a rubber factory, Chen graduated from high school, went to study in Singapore, to study business administration, I’d ask, later to take over the family business.
This girl, to attend the marriage, so many people feel incredible. “I’m so home side, only two or three very good female friend.” Chen said, the family and friends, gave her introduce several objects, there is no feeling, they begin to not. “Sense of responsibility, integrity, kindness.” Chen stated her request, “the most important is tolerance.
Protagonist -3
Financial and trade in Germany (28 years old, Sichuan graduation)
Ms. Lee, 28 years old, Xi’an, Sichuan after graduation in 2003, then to Germany to do finance and trade. “In Chengdu, a college student, it is like Chengdu, man.” Lee said, because the gentle, Chengdu men, are “fire bar ears”, and is especially good, Sichuan, Chengdu man she was looking for, but also must be able to do Sichuan.
“Now, people around, almost 80 percent, are foreigners, so this specifically back to Chengdu, hoping to find their ideal other half.” Lee said.
The marriage of the rich: the pride and doubt coexist
This time, the rich topic of marriage seems to be the focus of public attention. Marriage from the national tour of “billionaire” sea election to the local richest woman put down to modesty, open marriage, the rich, especially the “second generation” of marriage, all of a sudden become the hot topic of the streets.
Unmarried proportion, nearly forty percent to the family business.
Guoneishoubu rich second survival status of the “rich second investigation report of Tao Tao disclosed, China” rich “, the unmarried proportion is quite high as 37.5%.
Due to the “rich” is the only child, directly determine the inheritance mechanism of the enterprise, single children of “rich second marriage, to a large extent, to inherit the family business as the focus. The parents of the children of marriage and operational risks tied up between successors and between professional managers, “his assistant, who choose for their children. “Rich second investigation report disclosed that in developed private enterprise in Hangzhou area, the bosses daughter by selection of young people to ensure that the family business get passed down. The report said the wealthy who, of course, was to act as a vase, but also, eventually becoming the corporate helm.
Marriage psychological conflicts, pride, and doubt co-exist
Marital problems of the “rich”, Sichuan Wedding Industry Association executive vice president Wang Yiping, said many of the “rich second generation” the other half of the requirements will be relatively high. The same time, a lot of “rich” are highly educated, even the study background, therefore, will ask to match with their background. “On the one hand, the superior conditions in Love, would be more proud of, but on the other hand, many ‘rich second generation’ in Love, will suspicious and cautious, afraid of each other is directed at the money of your own home come, therefore, have a more ambivalent. “Wang Yiping said.

四川36名女富商全國征婚, 要求不能討厭打麻將.時間:2012-06
據了解,參加徵婚活動的女富豪們,均為四川人,目前,大多定居在溫江、郫縣、華陽等成都周邊地區。她們都是婚戀網站的VIP會員,每年,至少要繳納2萬元以上的會費,她們中,有地產大亨、金融巨頭、品牌服裝老總等。 “入會的時候,她們都要提供身份證、戶口本、學歷證、未婚證,或離異證,以及資產證明。”主辦方透露,前來應徵的男士,絡繹不絕,活動還未正式啟動,就已經有300餘名男士報名,“其中,不乏大學教師、公務員,以及渴望強強聯手的商人,有美籍華人。”
雖然,多是富豪中的“剩鬥士”,女富豪們的擇偶要求,一點也不馬虎。 “首先,是居住地,肯定要在成都。其次,是學歷,至少本科以上,人品端正,有幽默感,懂生活,有品位。”主辦方工作人員透露,除此之外,不討厭打麻將,也是富豪們擇偶的必要條件。 “她們工作中,壓力山大,免不了在工作之餘,打打麻將,放鬆放鬆,希望她們的另一半,可以理解。”
“蜀地女富豪誠徵男主人”活動,由婚戀交友網站淘男網,聯合四川本地鳳求凰獵頭婚介舉辦,旨在為四川的一批單身女富豪,甄選合適的另一半。婚介公司工作人員介紹,目前,參與本次活動的四川女富豪,共有36位,其中,年齡最小的28歲,最大的49歲。 “她們的資產,都在千萬以上,多數是自己創業,一小部分人是繼承了家族財富。”
徵婚的女富豪們,大多有過一次失敗的婚姻,對愛情仍持渴望態度。 “長期和她們接觸,我發現,她們才是真正最難尋找到另一半的’剩女’群體。”婚介負責人蔣林表示,這也是他們最早萌生開辦此類活動的初衷。
對話徵婚女富豪, 為何被“剩下”?
已經是兩個孩子的母親,林女士說,上世紀90年代,她和前夫辭職,做“無線互聯網”方面的零售生意。生意越做越大,兩人的矛盾,卻越來越多了,3年前,兩人離異,孩子由男方撫養。 “價值觀,相差太大。”
閒時,喜歡跑步、打羽毛球、喝茶、看書的林女士表示,她希望自己的另一半,是“高高在上”的,有責任感,“強強聯手”是最好的結合。 “中國最受歡迎的實戰型管理培訓專家餘世維,就是我所欣賞的類型。”林女士說。
這樣的女孩,來參加徵婚,讓很多人感到不可思議。 “我太宅了,身邊,只有兩,三個很好的女性朋友。”小陳說,家人和朋友,都給她介紹過幾個對象,實在沒有感覺,就開始不了。 “責任心、正直、善良。”小陳說出了她的要求,“最重要的是寬容”。
李女士,28歲、西安人,2003年從川大畢業後,便到德國,做金融貿易。 “在成都,讀大學的時候,就很喜歡成都男人。”李女士說,因為,成都男人溫文爾雅,都是“火巴耳朵”,而且,川菜特別好吃,她找的這位成都男人,還必須會做川菜。
國內首部關於富二代生存現狀的《 中國富二代調查報告》作者陶濤披露,當前,中國“富二代”中,未婚比例相當高,為37.5%。
由於“富二代”是否為獨生子女,直接決定著企業的傳承機制,所以,獨身子女“富二代”的婚姻,在很大程度上,以繼承家業為重心。父輩會將子女婚姻與經營風險捆綁起來,為子女選擇介於接班人與職業經理人之間的“輔佐者”。 《中國富二代調查報告》披露,在民營企業發達的杭州地區,老闆們通過為女兒挑選青年才俊,以確保家業得到傳承。報告稱,進入豪門者,固然有人充當花瓶,但也有人,最終成為企業掌舵人。
對“富二代”的婚姻問題,四川省婚慶行業協會常務副會長王亦平表示,不少“富二代”對自己另一半的要求,都會比較高。同時,不少“富二代”都是高學歷,甚至,有留學背景,因而,也會要求對方在知識背景上與自己匹配。 “一方面,是他們由於條件比較優越,在婚戀中,會比較驕傲,但另一方面,不少’富二代’在婚戀中,又會比較懷疑謹慎,害怕對方是衝著自己家裡的錢來的。因此,會有一個比較矛盾的心理。”王亦平說。