National immigration inventory of the New Deal: Australia will increase the threshold of .2012 years May 25

National immigration inventory of the New Deal: Australia will increase the threshold of .2012 years May 25

French immigration policy highlights the selective

The implementation of a selective immigration policy in France as a country of European immigrants, on the one hand, the French talent needed to open the door; the other hand, strict immigration entry system to crack down on illegal immigration.

According to the French Bureau of Statistics, as of 2008, the number of French immigrants 5.237 million, the total population of 8.4%. At that time, the French Ministry of the Interior has estimated that the illegal stay of foreigners in France, 200,000 to 400,000 a year, the influx of illegal immigrants, 80,000 to 100,000.

France to the principle of balance control immigration, to take strong restrictive measures on immigration of non-compliance with the laws of the Republic, at the same time, choose the legal means to enter the French immigrants to take a cautious welcome policy. France has always been a European immigrant paradise “. 2005, two immigrant juvenile, in order to avoid the police died of electric shock, triggering nationwide riots of France, France to strengthen immigration management system, the increasingly strict immigration access.

2005, the French implementation of the policy of “selective immigration”, ie, the need to select the workforce according to the French economy, and acceptance of the holders of investment, research, culture and humanities projects, “the foreigners. The new immigration regulations in July 2006: creation of a new residence permit, “the talents residence permit, encourage with professional and technical persons can play an active role in the French social prosperity to France to settle in the work.

Immigration authorities to increase the crack down on sham marriages at the same time, the abolition of undocumented immigrants lived in France for 10 years, you can automatically get the provisions of the legal status and refused to grant a residence permit with the deportation order of decision-making process together two a.

French Consulate issued visas containing biometric information. Tourist visa, illegal resident, even throw away the passport, the French authorities by their biological characteristics and visa records to ensure that the country of destination need to be repatriated. More stringent conditions of housing and income, by the name of family reunion immigration application, policy and regulations to be monitored. Crack down on illegal immigration, has entered France without legal status, to take the way of voluntary or forced repatriation.

In 2012, France announced that the new law requires: to apply for French nationality, French level B1 level, the applicant to prove that to understand French history, culture and society, the level equivalent to the level of sixth grade students.

Immigrants in Germany, to be cross three calendar threshold

As Europe’s economic locomotive, Germany, in the context of the current economic downturn, the destination of immigrants of many countries outside Europe, the expansion of domestic demand for labor, Germany, to a certain extent, overseas immigrants with open arms. However, Germany is not the immigrant’s paradise, skill requirements, the amount of money, as well as strict internal checks had to cross the threshold of the residence and work of foreigners in Germany.

In early April of this year, Germany “Le Monde” published a special “job wanted”, citing Fuchs, vice president of the German Alliance Party parliamentary group, saying that labor shortages in many areas in Germany, called on other European countries, young people, to Germany to work.

However, it seems your situation I would like to “waves of immigration does not mean that the German foreign personnel opened the door, living and working in Germany, also need to meet the qualifications, experience, financial and other conditions.

According to Germany in January 2005, the Residence Act, the non-EU citizens studying in Germany during the annual maximum of work for 90 days or 180 half-day; need to provide contract work in Germany, language proficiency, qualifications, work experience documents; set up a company in Germany will need to provide a business plan and meet the investment of € 250,000 or more, providing the conditions of at least five jobs.

German citizen married a naturalized German way, some foreigners came up with a way of sham marriages, trying to fish in troubled waters. However, the German Aliens department for suspected immigration on closer questioning, the separate questioning of foreigners and its own citizens, to determine whether the fake couple. In addition, the USCIS will surprise inspections, such as the door early in the morning, take a look at the “couple” clothes, toiletries together. If you revealed the secret, counterfeiters not only immigrants come to nothing, and will face heavy fines.

Germany set up in each state shelter, the shelter can not be immediately repatriated illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants within the shelter of the basic living can be met, but with limited mobility. Once the German government to determine the true identity and origin of the immigrants, it will repatriate them.

Germany is located in central Europe, many neighboring countries. In recent years, Germany has a lot of manpower, control of illegal immigrants to enter Germany. In Germany, airports, railway stations and other places, the police checking foreigners documents, to check whether illegal immigrants or illegal aliens. (Xinhua / Reporter Tang Zhiqiang)

Russia’s multi-pronged approach to migration management

With the acceleration of the globalization process in recent years, more and more overseas immigrants to enter the territory of Russia, including illegal immigrants accounted for a large proportion. A large number of illegal immigrants to Russia’s economic and social problems. In recent years, Russia has adopted various measures to manage migration, on the one hand, to guide the high professional skills of highly educated immigrants moved to Russia, on the other hand to increase efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

The United Nations World Day of Migrants, Russia, after the United States is the world’s second largest immigrant destination countries. According to the latest data of the Russian immigration, the existing total number of overseas migrants in the country more than 900 million people. Than before the financial crisis in 2008, this figure has decreased. 2005, Russia has more than 12 million overseas migration.

Overseas migrants in Russia, three-quarters of the CIS countries from the Caucasus and Central Asia. Immigrants mostly in commercial and construction to earn income, such as the thousands of open-air markets in Russia, more than 60% of the practitioners of immigrants.

Russian Federation Security Council Secretary Patrushev had previously said the country’s job market flooded with low-skilled immigrants, most of them no special professional and qualifications, mastery of Russian, to a large extent can not be adapted to the Russian society.

The influx of Russian immigrants, illegal immigrants accounted for a large proportion. According to Russian immigration estimates, the number of illegal immigrants in more than five million. The large number of illegal immigrants might pose a threat to social stability in Russia, mainly in the following areas:

Tax evasion to the state’s financial losses. Because the identity is not legal, illegal immigration is separated from the outside of formal employment and tax system, causing serious damage to the national economy. Russian Bureau of Immigration Constantine told the media that illegal immigrants every year only bring up to $ 8 billion in economic losses due to tax evasion, gave Russia.

Deterioration of internal security. Some of the illegal immigrants ignore the law, engage in criminal activities in Russia. More serious crimes, such as firearms, narcotics and psychotropic drugs, the sale of a considerable part of the implementation by illegal immigrants.

Squeeze labor jobs, pushing the local unemployment rate. To make a living, illegal immigration must not local people compete for low-end labor jobs, resulting in oversupply of cheap labor, lower wages and rising unemployment.

Illegal immigration caused by the nationalist sentiments of the Russian part of the population. In recent years, several major cities in Russia are extreme nationalist organization, of which the most notorious young people mainly of “skinheads”. These organizations use terror to attack foreigners and foreigner, extremist criminal cases on the rise.

The authority of the Russian pollsters Levada Centre had a survey results show that the Russian people believe that more than half of the foreign population should be limited to Russia “; 34% of people believe that” Russia’s poverty is in many ways by non- ethnic Russians “; only 20% of respondents to a positive evaluation of the” non-ethnic Russian workers from neighboring countries.

In recent years, Russia has promulgated and implemented a series of laws and regulations of the immigration policy, through institutional building and government guidance to ease the social problems brought about by a large number of immigrants. The implementation of the policy achieved some success, and reflected a decrease in the number of illegal immigrants seized.

Will attract the priority direction of the outside of the ethnic Russians, as immigrants. The Government has prepared a series of preferential measures to simplify the entry registration and nationality procedures, protection from the legal enjoyment of their rights, to provide employment support, eliminating the several years of business tax. In attracting immigrants, pay attention to guiding the relatively small number of its population to the Far East and Siberia Krai flow.

Standardize the management of migration. Since 2007, several new laws and regulations for the management of foreign immigrants came into effect, and the introduction of the concept of “labor quota”. Government in accordance with the actual needs of countries to foreign labor to determine the quantity of labor quota, and the priority assigned to the much-needed areas of expertise talent.

The new law also made it compulsory, requiring immigrants to immigration qualifications, professional and technical certificates and curriculum vitae, providing false materials, immigrants will be fined, possibly even a few years been prohibited from entering.

Add to the illegal immigrants and employers violating immigration laws need to assume responsibility. Foreigners who violate immigration regulations or the provisions of the stay in Russia, the need to pay a fine of thousands of rubles (a ruble is about 0.2 yuan); units or individuals of different types of venues for illegal immigrants will be fined tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of million rubles fine; the unit hire illegal immigrants will be punished by a fine of hundreds of thousands of rubles, and ordered to suspend business for a few months.

The establishment of the immigration management system, strengthen international cooperation. The future of Russia will be equipped with modern technology and equipment at border crossings and immigration inspection department, and building a unified foreign personnel information database. Cao Yan, (Xinhua News Agency / reporter, newscaster Vera)

Dynamics of Canadian immigration policy since 2012

For immigration to Canada is bound to be an extraordinary year in 2012, the new policy and new initiatives planned constantly introduced, with the summer heat in May, the Canadian immigration seems to have as the temperature rises and the “squandering For beautiful eyes, Asakusa can not horseshoe. ”

2012 not only Canada’s immigration policy changes constantly, national immigration policies have to adjust domestic applicants and immigration agency has always been plagued by a variety of immigration news, the magnitude of policy changes in Canada, a lot of experience in immigration companies are struggling to cope with At this point, Mai Silin Group immigration experts we sort out the trajectory of recent Canadian immigration policy changes can help applicants for emigration to stroke clear clue to further capitalize on Canada’s immigration policy toward.

February 17, 2012, the first meeting of the Canadian Immigration Consultant Regulatory Commission disclosed that the Federal Immigration Department is working to modify the 10 immigration policy, the fastest will be implemented in July this year. Ten policy reads as follows:

A young federal skilled worker applications a plus.

2 minus points for work experience in Africa and Canada native.

Requirements skilled migration applicants to submit an immigration application from a third party language achievement, but also need to meet the minimum standards required by the Immigration Department of the language.

Employers who hire overseas technology and better understanding of the immigration steps.

(5) to re-engineer the project of investment and entrepreneurial immigrants.

6 to simplify and speed up the application procedure and time of labor, the government also plans to re-engineer the entire application project.

. Speed ​​up the immigration applications, the government has identified about to use an office software called “Global Case Management System” software put into use can make the application more electronic, the shortcut of the system was planned in the next two to three years put into use.

Update the federal skilled worker occupation list.

Expanding the scope of application of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), while speeding up the processing time.

10 Provincial Nominee (PNP) immigrants are required to submit language accomplishments, planned to be introduced in July this year.

Most of the new policy began in the ten motion has been achieved.

March 7, 2012, the Federal Immigration Minister Connie: system of national immigration system will be the turning point of change, aimed at addressing the backlog of immigration applications, while improving the human lack of issues of national labor market. The backlog of immigration applicants will be encouraged to the dissolution of an existing application, submit an application and then re-passed the processing faster and provincial nominee immigration program.

March 15, 2012, the Federal Skilled Worker application scoring criteria changed. Work experience, original work for more than four years and score 21 points, 15 points changed now. Lose 6 points, 2 points added to the age, the age of 35 years of age out of 12 over-age points deduction. There are four points to be added to the language, first language from rose to 16 points and 20 points, which is the IELTS test four high, the original 16 points, 20 points now. Second language up to 8 unchanged.

March 19, 2012, in order to solve the federal skilled worker backlog, the federal government and eight provinces and regions, “the federal skilled worker backlog to reduce pilot scheme. There are five sectors of the old cases of the Federal Skilled Worker applicants have the opportunity to meet Ontario’s nomination plan to expedite the approval, including: computer analysts and consultants, software developers, interactive media programmers and developers, financial and investment analysis members as well as mathematicians. Eight provinces and territories to join the Scheme, including: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland province and Northwest Territories.

March 20, 2012, in order to further resolve the Quebec immigration immigration applications processing speed of the backlog of cases, the Quebec Immigration announced to follow federal immigration policy, from March 20, 2012 to March 31, 2013, the Quebec immigration The Board set the 2700 limits the application of the investment immigration program. Although this policy change Mai Silin immigrants as early as the first time after the federal implementation of the New Deal to accurately predict, but for the applicant in terms of domestic immigration to Canada or like a “bolt from the blue. 2700 places a few days on rapidly applicant grab Shen empty, April 12, to close down the Quebec Immigrant Investor. Federal Immigrant Investor a quota has yet to open, the policy change is unknown. Canadian Immigrant Investor seems to have “dead end”, the Mai Silin Group size up the situation, the first time introduced the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee project, lower investment conditions, the application process is fast, material documentation requirements and other advantages of immigration to Canada the last straw.

March 29, 2012, 300,000 skilled migration applications will be returned to the beginning of the “one size fits all” plan. The Canadian government plans to return of nearly 300,000 copies of immigration applications to address the serious immigration application backlog problem. After several years of waiting, hundreds of thousands of people around the world apply for a Canadian immigrant who finally emigrated to Canada but the United States Mengyi Chang. This has been set aside on the waiting list before February 27, 2008, the applicant, the application processing fee will be refunded, a move aimed at eliminating the backlog of applications for skilled migration problem of excessive weight.

April 11, 2012, the Canadian immigration minister Connie in Saskatchewan (hereinafter referred to Saskatchewan) recently announced that from July 1 this year, the vast majority of the Provincial Nominee (PNP) in the low-level applicants for skilled migration all need to take a language test, listening to, say, four areas of reading, writing, etc., must meet the language standards of Canada (CLB) Level 4 to ensure that the PNP immigrants in English and French level.

Mai Silin immigrants to uphold the integrity, professionalism, quality of service concept, has a good reputation both in the majority of applicants or the embassies, immigration, Mai Silin immigrants will continue through Canada, the United States, Australia, branch and national immigration Bureau of good relations and other exclusive information channels, pay close attention to the national immigration policy developments, the first time for the majority of domestic immigration applicants informed of the policy-relevant information and policies to deal with the best solution. The Mai Silin Group is committed to building the immigration industry, diamond brand, your reputation and trust will be our best advertising. (Xinhua)

Australian Department of Immigration Deal or increased migration threshold

Following the Canadian gradually adjust immigration policy had been “calm” the Australian immigration policy, or will be adjusted. It is said that from July 1 this year, Australia Immigration business immigration policy will be a substantial adjustment in business immigration class 163 visa will be canceled and replaced by a new visa category, while the threshold will be a substantial increase. Australia’s immigration go from here? Applicants for emigration to how should seize this last opportunity to grab it? Recently, this reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry.

The focus of one: the New Deal, such as adjustments, Australia’s immigration go from here?

Although the official introduction of the New Deal, but the intermediary in Nanjing have been learned from reliable sources, the New Deal, or will soon be implemented, and begin to step up preparations for the customer materials in time to pass before the New Deal.

It is understood that the New Deal, the threshold adjustment may continue to increase, the content is focused on three aspects: one is business immigration class 163 visa will be canceled, and replaced with a new visa category, which in many ways to increase requirements; Second, the State of Victoria (Melbourne City, where the state) will be May 28 to stop accepting applications for the state government guarantee. Third, the New Deal is likely to take the points system, announced a basic requirement, but in addition to the basic requirements, will be on the applicant based on certain factors to rate, such as age, English proficiency, business experience, the company net assets .

Focus: how to seize the final rush to do?

It is understood that the Australian investment immigration is broadly divided into 163,164,165 in three categories. Different categories corresponding to different business elite. In layman’s terms, 163 applicants for the company, with 30% of the shares of the Company, the annual turnover of more than 300,000 Australian dollars; 164 company executives, the company achieved turnover of 10 million Australian dollars; 165 huge asset securities, investment and other elite. For domestic applicants, the majority are both 163 ways to apply, which is why 163 may adjust the vanguard of the important reasons.

The Yingda related parties abroad for three days, they can after finishing statements audit for customers, investment plans and other procedures, materials handed the immigration quickly. Just in time before the New Deal handed the applicant’s materials are effective. The next time is relatively long. And the immigration people, as more and more domestic applicants to immigrate to Australia, making the processing cycle is greatly elongated. Example, an average of 12 months for a good 163, you need about one and a half years. 1 year later, the applicant approved, you can get a four-year temporary residence visa in Australia, free primary and secondary school children studying in Australia for two years in Australia, engaged in the business operation, if the good results of operations for the year, you can get the official green card. (Modern Express)

The advantages of U.S. immigration policy gradually lost, the impact of lingering

Built by immigrants, the United States not only has a long tradition of immigration, but also the world’s largest nation of immigrants.

However, the United States New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Forum in New York on May 22, U.S. immigration policy expressed concern affected by the adverse immigration policy, the United States is losing its global talent competitive advantage.

Bloomberg published a research report in the discussion of the theme of the competition for talent at the meeting. The results show that intensified global competition for talent, the United States immigration law did not meet the needs of economic development, man-made set of visa restrictions and bureaucratic system barriers will shut out many immigrants, resulting in a large number of brain drain and economic losses. According to the IRS statistics, in 2011 to give up U.S. citizenship and green card number to about 1,800 people, an increase of 9 times more than in 2007, more than the sum of three years from 2007 to 2009.

Bloomberg said, was originally a yearning for the world’s top talent, the first choice of the most industrious people realize their dreams, the quality of immigrant talent of the important reasons of the U.S. economy, the global leader in “But now, the our immigrants advantage is quickly lost.” He believes that the current immigration policy, the U.S. government to develop mainly because of electoral considerations, the result of compromise of partisan struggle, with no regard to its impact on economic development.

The report warns that if the U.S. does not timely reform of immigration laws, will soon face a shortage of creative talents, a shortage of young workers, entrepreneurs reduce the number of many other issues.

In fact, as Canada, Australia and other countries investment in immigrant settlement policy threshold have increased U.S. investment immigration advantages be highlighted. Affected due to the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the U.S. economy, the government relaxed investment immigration policy is expected to attract more foreign capital for economic development help, resulting in increasing the number of applications to immigrate to the United States.

The current EB-5 Immigrant Investor Act due to the end of September 2012, which means that the bill is facing a matter of extension. In this regard, before the industry is also all the theory have, for the final outcome is not yet known. But the view from within the recent immigration news release: The U.S. Senate or the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Act be extended for two years, the Senate is still discussing whether to extend for three years, further information will be announced in the near future. As for whether the EB-5 regional centers bill into a permanent bill, said, immigration is still questionable, and expected results in the next few weeks.

The United States is not yet out of the shadow of the financial crisis, the economic situation has not been a good government needs a variety of investment to solve the employment problems of the local, overseas Chinese and foreign experts, said: EB-5 investment since startup on local employment and even the economy have made a significant contribution to the U.S. government is very welcome and give support. The same time, the United States EB-5 Immigrant Investor is designed to attract investors around the world and entrepreneurs to help job creation projects, can be described as one of the fastest way to currently obtain a U.S. green card, by the international investors all ages. The bill after the expiration of 2 years is a reasonable extension results in such a win-win situation.

U.S. EB-5 Regional Center Project has been the application cycle is short, relatively loose eligibility criteria to obtain the favor. Especially in the past two years, frequent adjustment of Canadian investment immigration policy, and has shut down in 2011 and 2012 Canadian federal investment in immigration and in Quebec, Canada Immigrant Investor two traditional items, coupled with the Canadian Immigrant Investor continued price increases, the complexity of the material requirements careful, hearing a long time and the residence, forcing many people have turned to the requirements are relatively simple, fast, no emigration. EB-5 Immigrant Investor.

In addition, the issue of illegal immigration has always been a hot topic in American society. At present, there are more than 10 million illegal immigrants in the United States. According to statistics, in fiscal year 2011, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau of repatriated illegal immigrants more than 39.6 million people. All repatriated more than 216,000 people with criminal records.

Faced with the problem of illegal immigrants, the United States has been considerable controversy. Some people think that illegal immigrants already in the United States, should be given citizenship, but many illegal immigrants affect the state should crack down on illegal immigration. States can independently pass the bill, so the states to combat the problem of illegal immigrants to take advantage of the scale is different. For example, in 2010, Arizona passed the most severe crackdown on illegal immigration bill. The bill, illegal immigrants classified as criminal acts, and provides that if the police have doubts as long as a person’s immigration status, would be entitled to examine his identity card, or for further cross-examination. This bill by many human rights groups have accused the excessive expansion of government power and interfere with personal freedom. The U.S. to being immigration laws launched a new discussion.

Management and to prevent illegal immigration to penetrate American society, the U.S. government year by year to improve the immigration laws. For example, when traveling to produce legal identity documents to apply for a driver’s license and other documents must produce a legitimate identity documents. Since 9 • 11 “after the terrorist attacks, the issue of illegal immigration are often involved in the processing by the Department of Homeland Security, illegal residence of the nature of the problem becomes much more serious. (Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency Online)

British immigration policy continued to tighten

Following earlier this year to tighten the issuance of skilled workers and student visa, the British Government announced increases in the threshold of British citizens overseas relatives to the United Kingdom reunion May 10 to further control the number of immigrants.

British Prime Minister Cameron announced to apply the British reunited relatives to be able to speak English, and have enough cash to maintain daily life, rather than count on the dole, increasing the burden on taxpayers in the United Kingdom. British Government to consider a minimum income standard for people intending to relatives received the United Kingdom.

Last year, family immigrants accounted for one fifth of the British non-EU immigrants, the number of the Ministry of the Interior issued a total of about 50,000 visas to the relatives of a British citizen or permanent resident.

At the same time, the British Government will intensify its efforts to combat the wrongful act of the residence through bogus marriages. This practice is now quite common, many people to emigrate to Britain and the British get married, get permanent residency after a divorce, remarriage after applying for a British visa for the new spouse.

Turning to this case, Cameron said that the British Government can no longer sit by and watch the abuse of the immigration system is nothing. The Government is considering reform of the citizenship test, included in British history and culture. He also called on the British public to expose illegal immigrants to the Border Agency in a timely manner.

Control the number of immigrants since the British coalition government took office in May last year as one of the important objectives of the plan before the expiration of the current Parliament (2015), the net number of immigrants into the United Kingdom from more than 20 million reduced to tens of thousands. To this end, the British government decided to start from the control to the British non-EU member states of skilled workers, students, and British citizens overseas relatives.

Skilled workers to limit non-EU countries, the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2012 for visa issuance limit the number 21700. However, the annual salary above £ 150,000 (about 1.49 million yuan) are not restricted column, intra-corporate transferees, such as the annual salary of more than 40,000 pounds (about 400,000 yuan) will not be limited.

“New Deal” to focus on high salaries and the shortage of skilled workers, which means that low-wage industries such as catering and health care will be difficult to overseas employees. Present due to a shortage of chefs, some of the UK Chinese restaurant has been very difficult.

The British Government to take measures of restrictions on overseas students, including: against fraudulent student visas “fake students” and their accomplices “false School; stringent control over family members read with their parents to the United Kingdom; private further education colleges to recruit overseas students for more rigorous accreditation.

The British government restrictions on the practice of issuance of work visas and student visas challenged incurred by business and education sectors. British industrial and commercial enterprises to worry about the competitiveness due to immigration restrictions affected the education sector is worried about students battle lost to the United States, Australia and Canada and other competitors, loss of overseas students bring huge income