Li Ka-shing, how to eat?

Li Ka-shing, how to eat?
If you go to eat and Li Ka-shing, the feelings must be very large.
Lee is the wealth of the Chinese world champion, is the idol of many people. We can imagine such a person, what would happen?
Generally great man, are such as come, sit, and then he will slowly come; then say a few words; If you want to eat, he must sit on the main table, a name sign, and then, the industry people, are relatively great, and sat him on the edge, the rest of the people, sitting in the other table, rice not yet finished, Uncle Lee should go. If so, would not blame him, because he is a great person.
However, it is very moving people into the elevator, the elevator door, Mr. Lee at the door waiting, and then give you business cards, which has beyond everybody’s expectations – that is: Lee’s net worth and status do not need a card! However, the small trading business cards to everyone. Finished his business card, a person pumping a sign, this sign is a number, photo camera, the position of each station is an arbitrary pumping. You think: Why is the camera is also drawing lots? Later, knowing that this is a well-intentioned, in order to everyone comfortable, otherwise, how stations? Pumping No. photography, but also drawn a number, say is the location of a meal, but also comfortable for everyone.
Finally, let Mr. Lee to say a few words, he said, nor what stresses, mainly to meet you, then let him speak, he said, I put some life experience to share with you. Then he looked at a few foreign dignitaries, speaking a few words in English, Cantonese speak a few words to the audience who are taking to. He is to establish a self-pursuit without me, is to make strong, to the establishment of self, the pursuit of I, into the life and society, not to pressure, so that we can not feel his presence to accept him and welcome him.
After we eat. Able to get signed, just next to him, every one, do you think we can be close to chat?
Eating for a while, Lee stood up and said, sorry, I have to go to that sat at the table for a while. Later, I found that their arrangements for Mr. Lee in a table to sit 15 minutes, a total of four tables, each table, 15 minutes, just a total of one hour. Before leaving, he said, must bid farewell to shake hands with everyone, each person must hold hand, including the edge of the service, and then he sent to the elevator until the elevator is shut the door, he walked away. This is his pursuit without me, in this process has been fully embodied.
A man of success, attitude toward life is very important.
For example, in life, we often see some people do something occasionally obtained, a little success …
His self-will make others uncomfortable; his presence, you feel the pressure; his behavior, so that you feel inferior; his remarks and make you feel small; his wealth, so that you feel nauseous; Finally, he the self, so that others can not hide.
Mr. Lee is not the same, he wants to pursue without me, the establishment of self, to pursue without me. This is a life attitude, views on money, life, the attitude of how to get along with the world around them.
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Jennifer participated in the children group jumping competition. The registration fee for each item in the game is $ 45 prize money ranging from 1500-2000 U.S. dollars.
Gates’ wife Melinda (the Melinda) and 13-year-old son, Roy (Roy) Jennifer refueling to help out.
The mansion is located in Wellington, Florida, an area of ​​7300 square feet with eight bedrooms, wine cellar, media room, and $ 600,000 worth of private horse riding facilities, including stables, riding stables, horse field. This mansion valued at $ 12.9 million.
Gates rented for four thoroughbred horses for the daughter of the training, each horse, from 50,000 to $ 75,000 range, and hire the best horse trainer teach the.
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  1. 卡梅伦,26日公开一份宾客名单,显示-地产大亨戴维·罗兰、阿巴斯诺特银行集团主席亨利·安吉斯特、风险基金投资人迈克尔·法默和毅联汇业公司首席执行官戴维·斯潘塞是卡梅伦私人公寓的座上宾。澳大利亚风险基金投资人迈克尔·欣茨、建筑装备制造商JCB公司主席安东尼·班福德等,曾前往唐宁街做客。







      英国《 星期日泰晤士报》,25日公开一段秘密录制的视频。英国保守党联合财务主管-克鲁达斯在视频中说,捐款数额不同,与英国首相接触的程度也不同。







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    Cameron, 26 public a list of guests, display – real estate big Hengdai Wei Loren, Arbuthnot Banking Group chairman Henry Angelina Manchester, Michael Farmer, venture fund investors, and ICAP industry chief executive David Spencer is a guest of the private apartments of Cameron. Australian venture fund investments, Michael Hinz, construction equipment manufacturer JCB Chairman Anthony Bamford, etc., had traveled to Downing Street guest.

    Downing Street buildings with the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, apartments, office and reception hall.

    Cameron total of five times, the Chequers Prime Minister villa in the outskirts of London dinner guests, including Roland, Spencer, Michael Ashcroft, the former Tory high-level, and the Cavendish Finance Company founder Howard Leigh, of which some of the Conservative Party donors.

    It is reported that since Cameron was elected British Prime Minister, only a list of 12 individuals, for the Conservative Party donor of £ 18 million. Contributions to the people, the number of financial professionals shot the most generous.

    Founder of the online financial transactions, institutional money management consulting firm. June 2011 as the Conservative Party, joint chief financial officer.

    British media on the 25th, open a video, recorded the Conservative Party, joint chief financial officer – Peter Cruddas accepting donations for others arrange to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

    Bargaining “dinner”

    British “Sunday Times” on the 25th, open a secretly recorded video. British Conservative Party Treasurer – Cruddas in the video, the amount of contributions, the degree of contact with British Prime Minister.

    £ 200,000 (about $ 317,000) to £ 250,000 (about $ 397,000) is the ‘Super League’. “Cruddas said,” When we talk about your donation, we most wanted to is to take you to Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s dinner. ”

    He said: “You will get a lot of information, when you see the Prime Minister (UK), you are seeing is David Cameron, instead of (United Kingdom) Prime Minister.”

    “However, in that room, all the things which are confidential, you can ask almost all the problems.” He said, “If you are unhappy for whatever reason we will listen (opinion), get (Downing Street) 10 number of policy meetings to discuss. ”

    Argued that “boast”

    Cruddas then issued a statement saying, in his video “boast”. “When I talk to talk big, improper impression left deeply regret.” The statement said, “is clear, no contributions can influence policy-making, or to obtain inappropriate contact with politicians (the opportunity).”

    “I absolutely can not afford – because of the contributions provide the opportunity to contact with the (British) Prime Minister.” He said, questioning to clarify that he was “with regret decided to resign with immediate effect”.

    The Sunday Times, on the 25th broke a period of secret filming of the video, the newspaper reporter posing as interested in the British Conservative Party donors, met with the party’s treasurer, Peter Cruddas. Cruddas said the donation of £ 250,000 or more, will be able to enjoy the Premiership treatment “, that is, you can get dinner opportunities with the (British) Prime Minister Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne and other senior party leader, and any claim to them, and some require, or even for the Prime Minister’s Policy Committee to consider.

    The report was released, swift caused uproar. Cruddas, 25 days after the reported disclosure to resign immediately, saying their own conversation in the video is “bragging”.

    Cameron said that the interests of the contributions is “totally unacceptable”, he promised: the Conservative Party within this conduct a full investigation.

    Blonde, Billionaires Empire Inc.Of U.S.
    QQ: 1,779,642,876
    (United States) Blonde, Billionaires Empire is Inc..
    QQ: 1,779,642,876

    The Blonde Billionaires Empire Inc.Of the United States of America
    QQ: 1,779,642,876
    (United States) Blonde, Billionaires Empire is Inc.
    QQ: 1,779,642,876