China’s top ten beauty returnees rich, time :2012-03-20 Source: Guangming Wang

China’s top ten beauty returnees rich, time :2012-03-20 Source: Guangming Wang

Report female rich list released last year, Yang Lan capacity as the Chairman of Sun Media Investment ranked 20th in the media that she was mainly involved in the investment industry is unique in the list. PAX championship last year, listed only 250 Wu Yang Lan and his wife, quickly jump up this year rose to 149, the assets soared from $ 40 billion in 2009 to 75 percent, reaching 70 billion yuan.

Yang Lan
Date of birth: March 1968

Position: Sun Media Investment Holdings Limited Chairman

School: Beijing Foreign Studies University; Columbia University

Study countries: United States


In February 1990, the CCTV Zhengda Arts “program in the nationwide recruitment moderator. Yang Lan in its natural, fresh style, calm and generous typhoons and superior talent gradually come to the fore. However, because she was not too pretty, sixth audition when just out of range to be considered “. Yang Lan know, ask the director: “Why do we have to find a hostess, is not an appearance to do a foil to the male host? In fact, women can also be very mind, so if we can have this opportunity, I hope do a smart host. “I am not very pretty, but I have great temperament.” because these words of Yang Lan, thoroughly impressed with the director. After graduation, Yang Lan officially became “honest variety show host. Until now, Yang Lan has always insisted that the host does not necessarily have to be beautiful, a woman’s mind is more important.

Graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1990, Yang entered the CCTV, as “honest variety show host, when the business was flourishing, select traveled to the United States Columbia University study. After returning home, to join Phoenix TV host celebrity interview program, “Yang Lan Studio”.

2000, the establishment of Sun Television Co., Ltd. and served as the President, the company is a listed company in Hong Kong, Yang Lan, the total assets of up to 850 million. Yang Lan is not only the cause of success is also enthusiastic about public welfare, October 2005, Yang said, with her husband, Wu owned by Sun Media Investment interest 51% donated to the community. The success of Yang Lan a happy family, with one child, a woman, she was considered to be the most perfect woman.

The list of last year’s Report richest woman, Yang Lan capacity as the Chairman of Sun Media Investment ranked 20th in the media that she was mainly involved in the investment industry is unique in the list. PAX championship last year, listed only 250 Wu Yang Lan and his wife, quickly jump up this year rose to 149, the assets soared from $ 40 billion in 2009 to 75 percent, reaching 70 billion yuan. The assets doubled within a year, which is not unrelated to the investment in a proper way with Yang Lan. Faced with the news of assets soared, Yang told reporters: “These so-called rich list valuations, just give us a reference, do not mind too much.” Asked whether reports that seven billion yuan, Yang Lan willing to confirm. She said: “I can be so called – hard too comfortable day.”

Dong Siyang

Date of birth: 1985

Title: Shakey chain restaurants Limited Chief Executive Officer

School: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Study countries: Singapore


Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce in July 2005 as the Asia-Pacific the most potential of women entrepreneurs.

November 2006 China the “Haiwaichizi Miscellaneous owned as the youngest women entrepreneurs in China.

January 23, 2007 in the Great Hall of the People by the Chinese Commercial Times named the most outstanding potential for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Become an international favorite disciples determined to succeed guru Aimo, Chen, Hei You Long, Weixian, Xu Bokai, Liang Kaien, swimming Franciscus.

The most prestigious master Aimo reputation as a teenage entrepreneur.

Born in 1985, the age of seven scholars in Taiwan, 13-year-old study in Singapore, 17 years old, she came into contact with successful learning, and gradually become the favorite disciples of Chen Weixian, Aimo, Hei You Long, Xu Bokai, Liang Kaien, swimming economy, etc.. She was the most prestigious master Aimo reputation as a teenage entrepreneur.

Still an undergraduate in college her assets already billions of dollars, the 21-year-old to become an across Southeast Asia, chairman of the International Group, previously she opened a trading company, also worked in real estate, hotels, property.

Dong Siyang entrepreneurial experience the legendary and mysterious, fame seems to be too early to the attention of her, like magic, as she said she was very diligent, but also very motivated to grow up in a good educational environment studies, and never willing to take the others to repeat the road, but so unconventional leap forward is still very surprising. You know, the majority of this age of Chinese girls like her are still in the ivory tower, bathing, or her parents to a baby.

The Dongsi Yang life change comes from the disciples to get to know the internationally renowned success guru Chen, nurtured by the success of the environment, he deeply fans read on a successful course, and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of investment and the business elite banquet. Her pot of gold is derived from a trade investment to get to know a garden supplier in Malaysia. Singaporeans have faith in feng shui, their New Year’s time to buy the orange tree placed in the home, looking forward to auspicious. However, Singapore is located near the equator belong to countries with tropical rain forest climate, the orange tree is also very less. Every New Year many orange trees dealers imported from surrounding countries a large number of orange trees in order to meet the needs of the local market. The Dongsi Yang first reaction is to think this is a very rare opportunity, through the exchange of business and who garden, she soon reached the garden of the agreement: Two days into the first orange trees every 50. Later, she installed in the orange tree Christmas tree ornaments for sale online. Because of the creativity of the products and convenient delivery service, the amount of her business busy enjoying themselves.

Heaven pays off, when New Year comes, she got a 200,000 yuan, the red envelope. This is the Dongsi Yang pot of gold. She began with people and opened a trading company to do computer PC trade a few years later, the company to evolve into today’s Phoenix stroke International Group.

Ma Dongmin

Date of birth: 1968

Title: Baidu one of the founders of

School: University of New Jersey, USA

Study countries: United States


Ma Dongmin Baidu founder Robin Li’s wife, Hefei, Anhui University of Science and Technology of China, the brilliant student of the junior class, and Li studying in the U.S. understanding of the biology Kebo Shi.

It can be said that no Ma Dongmin, there would be no today, Baidu. The Baidu creation and development has been to promote and support her in the behind the scenes. Li filed her smiles and happiness, she inspired the ambitions of Li.

Home business, Li when the engineers in Silicon Valley, soon to become a distinguished expert in the field of information search, with Wall Street the Dow Jones subsidiary more than 70 million options in Silicon Valley, with luxury villas and luxury cars. Li for their achievements complacent and think all kinds of flowers are also very happy, Ma Dongmin husband has a “higher requirements”. She thinks: Robin Li, the leading experts in the field of IT, it should be an independent business. Wife’s words, inspired Robin Li, the entrepreneurial passion of the heart, therefore, he chose to return home and, therefore, Baidu appear. Li said: “My wife has great influence to me she is impatient to make a decision immediately action, and I belong to the chronic, considerate, before we do our personalities are complementary. Before I return home and, when in Silicon Valley engineers think that all these plants, but also very happy, but my wife encouraged me to join the company. time, I would like to do more by themselves to control the direction, therefore, to return home is the most appropriate choice, but this , is a challenge for her girls generally go abroad, more like a foreign environment, but for my career, she decided to return home to support me, this is not easy. ”

2004, Li has decided to let market, is the wife took him to visit the Wall Street experts to get the detailed analysis and appraisal, to the foot of the courage of his sprint. August 5, 2005, Baidu NASDAQ, born 9 of 30 of the billionaires, millionaires and 400 millionaires. In November 2007, Report IT list published Li 18 billion worth, ranking first. Held in Manhattan market success of large-scale celebration, when a myriad of flashlights and microphone, pointing wealth hero Robin Li, Li warmth of his wife, Ma Dongmin embrace to the front, he raised his glass, Shen said with deep feeling: “Baidu spiritual power courage, and my wife, Dr. Ma Dongmin, it is a source of courage. she always at a crucial moment and calm the most courageous proposal. Facts have proved that her proposal is full of oriental wisdom, will lead me on the right the road. ”

Chen Lu Yu

Date of birth: 1970

Title: Phoenix TV host, energy, film and television company boss

School: Beijing Broadcasting Institute

Study countries: United States


The auspices of the “Realm of the landscape during the school CCTV. 95 years, went to America to study after returning home in 1996, joined Phoenix Satellite Television, has presided over the “MORNING”, and create an era of the news. 2005, presided over Luyu: tell your story, “the program as a file of talk radio, in addition to broadcast in Phoenix, all local television broadcast, the program was well received. Chen Lu Yu also served as Hunan Satellite TV Happy Mind – tell your story “show host. Chen Lu Yu’s goal is to become China’s “Oprah”.

Chen Lu Yu “news” instead of “read news” hosting style, the first Chinese news broadcast of the first of its kind. Addition to the diligent, pragmatic, she has a unique advantage is the ability to speak fluent English. As she puts it: “The English I have witnessed the world situation.”

Get rid of the rumors, Luyu laugh worth 500 million!

2004 degrees, the best TV presenter worth row seat, Luyu nearly more than 400 million worth, ranked third, if coupled with millions of new booked, almost equal to 5 billion worth. In this regard, Lu Yu smiled and told reporters: “It seems that I belong to a potential stock!

“Dig”, “quit”, the emotional twists and turns rupture news media rumors of long ago, Lu Yu asked with a smile: “If these are true, you want I will laugh so much fun?”

Xi Hui Lin

Date of birth: 1970

Position: Campus Online Education Group CEO

School: Northwestern University

Study countries: United States


Prodigy. University on the 14-year-old, 19-year-old to become a university teacher, 21-year-old armed with Wall Street, and to make their capital quickly grew to $ 10 million, 27-year-old founder of the first large-scale network educational institutions – Campus Online Education Group, 30-year-old control of the $ 60 million in corporate assets.

“Opportunity is always in a timely manner to the favor of those moments well prepared.” Xi Hui Lin’s dedication, she became the era of the lucky ones. In the United States in New York and Chicago, she set up a joint company with First Chicago Banks, of First Option, providing asset management services for a number of private and state-owned company in China. Abundance, in the United States every day came and went in enterprises, small companies, though humble, Xi Hui Lin is indeed taken the life of the most important step is a new starting point , she began the first excited insomnia.

Since then, the young woman to move closer to the pace of capital gradually accelerated. Asian business hub ─ ─ ─ Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, California-based founder and to operated Gardism investment company, responsible for the management of Chinese companies listed on the HKEx and its domestic investment business. He wants the company within two years, the smooth realization of the market, Xi Hui Lin, also like many of his contemporaries winners in the stock market, to dig into her pot of gold is used to stir the sea.

In 1997, the 27-year-old Xi Hui Lin, the accumulation of millions of dollars. She began to consider a new starting point. She chose to return home. 1998, in the World Network of thermal spread to China when she chose a network of multi-media education, the establishment of the Campus Online Education Group. Which she inadvertently became a Chinese online education.

QQ: 1,779,642,876


Date of birth: 60 years

Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors of South Beauty Group

School: School of Business

Study countries: Canada


Came from a scholarly family, the early years, studying in Canada, in 1991, after returning from Canada into the restaurant industry, accumulated after three years of catering experience and capital, in 2000, created the Beijing South Beauty Food, Sichuan-based, but generally middle and low Sichuan restaurant, South Beauty launched high-end business crowd, fine workmanship, material stress Sichuan.

South Beauty’s continues to develop the domestic market, occupies nearly 5,000 square meters in Beijing, the Beijing Chang’an Street, LG Building, South Beauty, and hired Mr. Philip Nasdaq, the world’s top designers, to design a world-class senior clubs “Lan Club “, the move shocked the world. At present, the Orchid Society, celebrity frequented places.

Shi Xiaoyan

Date of birth: 1962

Title: Illinois Investment Co., Ltd.

School: Beijing Union Medical College nursing schools; Wellington College

Study countries: United States


Shi Xiaoyan founded Beijing Illinois Investment Co., Ltd., as a high-end furniture and household goods store in Beijing, Shanghai has established a production base of 50,000 square meters, with a first-class design center, tens of thousands of square meters Iraq force Noida home building, 5000 square meters of bright fashion shops and Beijing, Shanghai and other places of 11 operated stores and across the country over 30 stores and annual sales of more than 100 million yuan. Shi Xiaoyan early years, graduated from Beijing Union Medical College nursing schools, from a nurse, to the female boss of a billionaire, with a 20-year period.

Li Ying

Date of birth: 1969

Position: chairman of Beijing Yingzhibao Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Graduated: Peking University

Study countries: Germany

1992, graduated from Peking University Oriental Languages ​​Japanese Literature. Out of school, that is their own business. In 1995, the German Goethe Institute studying for one year. 2003, was elected as a member of the Beijing Youth Federation, the same end of the year, has become a member of the All China Youth Federation.

In 2004, Germany’s BMW and BMW sales agents in Beijing, China; and plans to build the business area of ​​15,000 square meters of Wangjing showroom in 2005, making the BMW in the Asian region, the largest 4S franchised service shop one.

Understanding of Li Ying’s people have lamented that the God of her attention, a woman want to have, Li Ying, almost all have: She was a famous talented woman “in Peking University school beauty; she was 23 years old, started doing automotive trade, three years earned 10 million yuan; she was awarded “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”, “China Economic female outstanding contribution to people”, had been some media as “Asia’s most fashionable charm of a woman”.

Back in college, she set up a trading agent, began his entrepreneurial journey. By virtue of the unique Sino-German trade environment in 1993, Li Ying Yangtze refrigerator plant to introduce the production technology of the Siemens refrigerator and $ 200,000,000 foreign, to set up a the Yang BSH joint venture company, make an inventory of 1 billion yuan of state-owned assets. Help Hongta Group introduction of Germany advanced production technology of cigarette paper, after a few years, establish a joint venture of a cigarette paper. The success of these projects, Li Ying’s business breakthrough was made.

Subsequently, Li Ying, a keen eye and found that the import of used cars buying and selling opportunities. At that time, state regulations before April 1994, the import of used luxury cars tax-free and profitable. Thus, Li Ying from Germany imported second-hand Mercedes-Benz and BMW, this business, it is booming because people do not realize, competitors, and often the car is not to the port, they sold out. Smart Li Ying, realized from the business, if you want to do the automotive industry in the country, long-term, you have to have their own brand. After some effort, she applied to the agent of Audi and Porsche. Brand in the market competition is gradually emerging strengths and the power of brand cars, favored by the customers, strong sales, business is booming.

Leaps and bounds, Li Ying, business areas, and soon involved in the medical equipment, cigarettes, wine, car trade industry, by virtue of their wisdom and action in a short period of three years, she has accumulated millions of wealth far beyond the initially set goals, and created a wealth of myths.

Competing BMW successfully win

In the second half of 2003, BMW has decided to expand the service network in the Chinese market, the selection of agents. Li Ying has made a bold decision: to compete. In the ordinary view, it seems difficult to understand, because this requires risk and sacrifice. The company’s business scope, covering the information industry, the automotive industry, commerce, real estate investment management and investment consulting, annual earnings of thousands of yuan. Li Ying is executive director and legal representative of the company. In order to win the BMW power of attorney, Li Ying to give up the original company, sold it to the family and others to operate. Monthly rent, car showroom, 4000 square meters up to several hundred thousand dollars has been vacant for six months, to designate the review and reply.

At that time, more than 2,000 dealers to participate in the competition. Do not have enough reserve funds and bank certificates of deposit, lots a good enough level of the hall, not a deep understanding of the BMW brand and one-upmanship marketing strategy is difficult to win in the competition. With their wisdom, Li Ying’s efforts to get recognition of the BMW. In subsequent visits, the shop of a strong financial strength and the high cost of land, each other’s appreciation. This makes six dealers finally got his wish, Li Ying “Yingzhibao, come to the fore, the first authorized, and opened in Beijing on April 17, 2004.

Yu Yu
Date of birth: 1965

Title: Dangdang co-president

School: Beijing Foreign Studies University; New York University

Study countries: United States


Ms. Yu, 86, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, in foreign companies as general manager and translator and secretary, and a year later, to the United States to study, in 1992, and achieved MBA from the University of New York. 1996, home business, co-founder with her husband Li Guoqing Dangdang online bookstore, and served as co-president.

Today, “Dangdang” Order received, both from domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as in remote underdeveloped areas of the orders, and orders from the United States, Brazil, Hungary and other overseas Chinese, the site at home and abroad, have had a broader impact. Ms. Yu says her biggest wish is that in the future should Dangdang “doing bigger, better, to provide the most satisfactory service to publishers and readers.

In 2006, Hu launched the female rich list, Ms. Yu to 800 million assets, ranking 29. At that time, the reporter called Ms. Yu, she said, is not clear on this matter in the Report list. What the list, for me, no, I did not have time to care about this. “Yu Yu words fast evaluation of the Report list.

In addition to Regal list, Ms. Yu has been the Wall Street Journal named – Asia’s most influential women, the list at the same time, as well as Zhang Ziyi.

Zhang Xin

Date of birth: 1965

Position: CEO of SOHO China Ltd.

Graduated: Cambridge University

Study countries: United Kingdom

CEO of SOHO China Ltd, co-founder, was born in Beijing in 1965, aged 14, moved to Hong Kong, she was studying English, a student at Sussex University in economics and a master’s degree in development economics from the University of Cambridge . Since then, joining Wall Street, has worked at Goldman Sachs and Travelers Group in 1995, returned to China, and Pan Shiyi, to create a SOHO China. 2002, by virtue of the “Great Wall”, by the global architectural art to promote the awards. 2008, is expected to complete a pre-sale revenue of over 7.6 billion yuan gone against the tide, with sales growth of 190%.

Listed, some people worry that my hair will be the responsibility increases, fewer and fewer “SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi said playfully. However, he and his wife Zhang Xin wealth, but because market, while more and more. Held two shares of market capitalization of $ 1.6 billion, which one of the China Rich List top 10.

12 years, the achievements of 30 billion wealth of myths

Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, a couple, the actual control of SOHO China, two held (in the name of Zhang Xin) held indirectly through Capevale (Cayman) 3,324,100,000 shares of SOHO China, accounting for 66.48% of the total share capital. This huge accumulation of wealth, only after 12 years. In 1995, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, co-founded SOHO China Limited (formerly Redstone Industry Co., Ltd.), the company has become the largest real estate developers in Beijing CBD. And Country Garden mainly in residential real estate development, SOHO China was positioned to become the industry’s leading commercial property developers, major property developers Swire Pacific (0019.HK) is somewhat similar. Pan said the past three years, the government centralized regulation affect the livelihood of residential property, not for commercial properties, the company is therefore not affected by the impact of the austerity policy, it is expected the next 2-3 years there will not be too much for the regulation of commercial real estate . SOHO China in the Beijing CBD core area of ​​a total development area of ​​more than 155 million square meters of the project has been completed and under construction projects, including: SOHO New Town “,” Jian Wai SOHO, SOHO Shangdu “,” Chaowai SOHO “and” Guanghua Road SOHO “; at the same time, SOHO China Great Wall in Beijing and Boao, Hainan, development and construction of a world-renowned avant-garde architectural project” Great Wall “and” Boao Kempinski “. Sanlitun SOHO is being developed among the center of Beijing’s famous Sanlitun Bar Street, south side of the building area of ​​470,000 square meters, so far, to develop the largest amount of project.