5 Daikin the main manipulation of the Republican primaries? Source: Washington Post

5 Daikin the main manipulation of the Republican primaries? Source: Washington Post

The United States, “Washington Post,” said the super political action committee in the Republican primaries, play an important role for this committee to donate money to the major gold main impact on the election. Reported that in the United States, a group of rich, is the Republican primaries of the “King”. They are often by their own financial resources, to decide – what a candidate can hold out in a money-losing campaign.

In January alone, the Republican five gold and the main contributions of up to $ 19 million, accounting for the January presidential election, all the money raised 1/4. Since the primaries started running, 23 millionaires to the amount of the super political action committee, has reached $ 54 million. The money, making the various states held primaries in the United States, filled with campaign ads.

A few people to sponsor a high election expenses, the campaign team liquidity
In terms of the candidates, resulting in considerable political risk. Seeking re-election, and Obama challenged his Republican opponent, will the tax system fair and disparities in wealth, tit for tat, these issues are related to the gold master of them behind.

These super political action committee, the American business elite.
Romney behind, some financiers, such as the leader of the hedge fund Paulson and Robertson.
Adelson, Gingrich behind Israel’s hawkish stance and firm support him.

Transaction payment platform, PayPal co-founder of Gentile supporters of the liberal Republican Party. From December to January, he has donated $ 2.6 million to behind Paul’s super political action committee.
Investment experts Fleiss has donated a great deal of money, to the current momentum of soaring Sang Tuomu. He jokingly said, “Do not tell my wife – in the end I donated how much money, otherwise, she will kill me!” He is one of the testimony to this long-term support of the Republican Party.

In testimony to the contributions of the Texas billionaire Simmons, the most exhaustive. He donated $ 12 million to specifically advertise attacked Obama’s “crossroads” organization, has donated $ 1 million to support Gingrich, $ 1,000,000 sponsorship Perry (exit primaries).

Simmons, on January 13 this year, donated $ 10,000 to Romney’s a super political action committee donated $ 5 million to Romney confidant of a super political action committee. 11 days later, Simmons donated $ 50,000 to the political action committee behind Gingrich’s super. At that time, Gingrich is just in the South Carolina primaries than Romney.

Whitby, the director of research of the Texas public justice “organizations, that Simmons’s attitude is -” No matter who is to run for all, that is, do not let the Obama re-election “. Whatever the final who qualify on behalf of the Republican Party, Simmons for his money and efforts.

10 President of the United States, the richest time :2012-02-23, Source: Washington Post, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to win the election, he will become presidents – the second wealthiest president. According to the assessment of Wall Street, the following as presidents, the most affluent 10-bit.

10, the Clinton
Net Assets: $ 38,000,000. Clinton most of the wealth from the speeches and writings of income after leaving.
9, Roosevelt
Net Assets: $ 60,000,000. Roosevelt much of the wealth from inheritance and marriage.
8, Hoover
Net Assets: $ 75 million, Hoover’s wealth, mainly from his executive career in the coal company as income.
7, Johnson
Net Assets: $ 98 million, Johnson’s assets, including television and radio stations, farms, private aircraft and large tracts of land.
6, Madison
Net Assets: $ 101 million, according to The Wall Street report, the fourth Johnson has over 5000 acres of land.
5, Jackson
Net Assets: $ 119 million, in addition to 1050 acres of land, Jackson wealthy wife, also brought him great wealth.
4, Roosevelt
Net Assets: $ 125 million, part of Roosevelt’s wealth comes from its family to give the Trust Fund, the old age of book income, with the objective of wealth.
3, Jefferson
Net Assets: $ 212 million, Jefferson, third president of the United States, inherited from his father in the hands of 3,000 acres of land, then he has amassed a lot of land, including the state of Virginia is known for his story Monticello House.
2, Washington
Net Assets: $ 525 million, America’s first president, Washington, than any other president to get a lot more. In 1789, his salary, took 2% of the budget In addition, he has 8,000 acres of land and a rich wife.
1, John F. Kennedy
Net Assets: $ 1 billion, President Kennedy’s father is very rich, if Kennedy had not died young, he from his father, who inherited more property. In addition, Kennedy’s wife Jacqueline, also comes from a wealthy family.

5大金主操控共和党初选?来源: 《 华盛顿邮报》

  美国《 华盛顿邮报》称,超级政治行动委员会在共和党初选中,扮演重要角色,为这个委员会捐钱的各大金主,影响着选情。报道称,在美国,有1群富翁,是共和党初选的“造王者”。他们经常会借着自己的财力,来决定-哪1位候选人是否可以在烧钱的选战中撑下去。








最富有的十位美国总统, 时间:2012-02-23,来源: 华盛顿邮报,美国共和党总统候选人罗姆尼如果赢得选举,他将成为历任总统中-第二富有的总统。根据华尔街的评估,以下为历任总统中,最富裕的十位。