2012 Spring Festival Golden Week travel market overview, January 29, 2012, Beijing, January 28 at 7 pm, inter-ministerial coordination meeting of National Holiday Tourism Office, issued a travel Year 7 communications, announced the successful conclusion of the 2012 Chinese New Year holiday . Overall, self-driving tour into the norm, leaving New Year ahead, into fashion, for the Spring Festival Golden Week 2012, an important feature of tourism.

2012 Spring Festival Golden Week travel market overview, January 29, 2012, Beijing, January 28 at 7 pm, inter-ministerial coordination meeting of National Holiday Tourism Office, issued a travel Year 7 communications, announced the successful conclusion of the 2012 Chinese New Year holiday . Overall, self-driving tour into the norm, leaving New Year ahead, into fashion, for the Spring Festival Golden Week 2012, an important feature of tourism. Tourism continues to grow, the western growth, come from behind According to the National Holiday Office statistics show, the Spring Festival Golden Week holiday tourism market continues to grow, the obvious effect of stimulating consumption, tourism, colorful folk festivals, outbound travel, driving, sustained hot Walks. According to incomplete statistics, the Spring Festival holiday seven days, Beijing tourists 8.27 million passengers, an increase of 2%; total tourism income of 3.4 billion yuan, up 9.3%. Tianjin 4,000,400 tourists trips, an increase of 5.31%; tourism revenues 3.297 billion yuan, an increase of 10.1%. Shanghai tourists 3.142 million passengers, up 3.2%; tourism revenues 2.964 billion yuan, up 10.4%. Guangdong tourists 26,630,000 passengers, an increase of 1%; tourism revenue 16.8 billion yuan, an increase of 5%. In contrast with this, seven days holiday, Chongqing tourists 21,753,800 passengers, an increase of 43.76%; tourism revenues 5.464 billion yuan, an increase of 45.33%. Hubei tourists 9,326,800 passengers, an increase of 39.12% or more; tourism revenues 3.187 billion yuan, an increase of 46.08%. Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces tourist reception and double-digit revenue growth over the strong. Folk tradition to shine, car travel into the normal The first day, the amount of tourists scenic spots in Shaanxi Famen 216,000 people; Zhejiang Lingyin scenic reception 58200 passengers, an increase of 38.9%; Hainan Nanshan scenic tourists 35,100 passengers, an increase of 15.45 %. Dig around the culture of traditional Chinese New Year, Spring Festival prayer activities, festivals, carnivals, cultural performances, community fire tour, folk festivals, winter jasmine exhibition, art fireworks contest and other activities to further the prosperity of the holiday tourism market. Statistics show that rural folk Spring Festival travel loved. 7 days, Beijing received 762,600 rural folk tourist trips, an increase of 10%; tourism revenue 75,320,000 yuan, an increase of 8%. Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Lantern Festival activities tourists more than 270 million passengers, an increase of 12%. Shandong “New Year’s blessing, festive dinner, happy New Year, Chinese New Year ceremony, New Year Tour” will be five major products such as Chinese New Year fire started in the province. Spring Festival travel, both about the reunion, more about personality. Visitors pay more attention to personal experience of travel and leisure-oriented self-help approach, leisure, travel by car to visit relatives and friends, family and FIT Tours tour buffet become the norm. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, the proportion of Tianjin Tours visitors grew 35%. Shanghai highway crossing Jinhu nine passenger cars grew 21.85%. Heilongjiang “hotel + Attractions” self-help tourists, tour groups over the number of tourists. Panzhihua, Sichuan, “Sunshine Tour” continued to hit, from Chengdu, Kunming and other places to “sun” of visitors by car. Substantial increase in the number of Yunnan travel by car, some local roads, accommodation, dining and scenic spots received increased pressure. Dali, Xishuangbanna, 24 vehicles were traveling by car up to 55 634 motorcycles and 5017 motorcycles. A celebration into a stylish exit, eye-catching cross-border shopping duty-free travel According to the National Holiday Office statistics, compared with previous years, 2012 Spring Festival selection significantly increased the number of outbound tourists to travel abroad were gradually the New Year, Spring Festival travel outbound tourism to become hot. Europe and America have to cater to Chinese Dragon at Chinese New Year festivals and rituals, such as Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle airport for Chinese tourists covered with red carpet, Disneyland, California United States prepared for the Chinese New Year dinner and tourists fireworks, etc. . According to the Korea Tourism Development Bureau, The New Year holiday period, about 4.5 million Chinese tourists, more than 30% higher than last year. During the Spring Festival, Shanghai Port to maintain peak operating outbound passengers, as of Tuesday morning, leaving more than 140 000, an increase of 20%. 25 to 28, 3128, Shanghai outbound team, leaving 64,334 passengers, an increase of 11.59%. Jiangsu Province during the Spring Festival travel abroad in Europe and America grew 20%, Suzhou city’s travel agencies and tourist groups a total of 6690 people, an increase of 36%. Changchun public enthusiasm over China outbound travel through a travel agent tour to Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries are popular tourist areas. Shopping tour in particular, tax-free shopping, cross-border shopping trip, as a major feature of the Spring Festival tourism consumption. Sanya, Haikou, the opening of duty-free shops, the seaside resort experience, music to enjoy duty-free shopping has become a tourist fashion. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival holiday, Sanya duty-free day visitors into the store over 1 million visitors during peak hours daily over 2 million people into the store. Shenzhen to Hong Kong cargo sweeping is hot on the heat wave, as some of the goods, “Shenzhen-Hong Kong price inversion”, Shenzhen residents to Hong Kong consumer habits change gradually to Hong Kong to purchase food commodities increased significantly. Domestic tourism market continues to heat up, folk and other short-term travel continued hot Beijing January 24, Great Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Golden Week on the third day, the domestic tourism market in the festive atmosphere heats up, family-oriented folk Walks, culture, cuisine, hot springs and other short-term travel continued hot. At 19:00 on January 24, from the inter-ministerial coordination meeting of National Holiday Tourism Office was informed that the third day of Chinese New Year holiday, travel joyous whole family around the country, the country was higher than the number of tourists in major scenic spots, and who started New Year’s Eve. Family group travel, driving, self-help travel on the rise. Folk, culture, food tourism and skiing, hot springs and other cities around the short-term travel hot. Beijing Spring Festival Golden Week, tourism income of 3.4 billion, “arrive popularity ‘most popular Beijing, January 28, Lunar New Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Golden Week, Beijing tourism market ushered in the economic and social benefits bumper. Golden Week 7 days, Beijing’s major attractions, the park received 8.27 million foreign tourists trips, total tourism income of 3.4 billion, both record highs. Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee Holiday Office, 28 released data from January 22 to January 28 New Year’s Eve New Year six major scenic spots in Beijing, parks, festivals and ski tourism received the total number of 8.27 million passengers, compared with last year. growth of 2% over the same period, total tourism income of 3.4 billion yuan, up 9.3%. Beijing Spring Festival Golden Week tourism income of 3.4 billion “to reach popular ‘most popular During week Chinese New Year Golden passenger road transport 342 million passengers, no retention phenomenon Beijing: Chinese New Year “Golden Week” the first four days, a total of 37.11 million passengers travel Four days before Golden Week, Shanghai received 2.05 million tourists, up by 5.67% 2012 Spring Festival, Chinese holiday markets are well supplied, species richness, colorful promotional activities, highlights outstanding, the market runs smoothly, and prosperity. Chinese Ministry of Commerce, 28 release monitoring shows that New Year’s Eve to the sixth month, the national focus on retail sales of catering enterprises and 470 billion yuan, more than during the Spring Festival in 2011, an increase of 16.2%. Colorful promotional activities Year of the Dragon during the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year around the strong sales of trade enterprises to seize the opportunity to dragon New Year theme, carry out a variety, rich in flavor promotional activities. Hebei to carry out “stocking into the communities”, the traditional New Year to the residents of the home. Tianjin held with national characteristics of 1200 a number of activities. Beijing, Jilin, Qingdao, Dalian to host a variety of stocking a large set, sales were up 15.5%, 17.9%, 18.1% and 14.2%, Guangxi, Hebei, Shaanxi, sales up increased by 24.6%, 24% and 22.3%, Liaoning, Gansu, Xinjiang is also increased by more than two. Highlights outstanding commodity markets Consumer goods market, the brand New Year presents, fashion, personal characteristics, winter clothing, festivals, food, gold and silver jewelry, fashion and home appliances such as digital full hot commodity. Monitoring by Ministry of Commerce data show retail, apparel, jewelry, food sales were up 18.7%, 16.4% and 16.2%. Lunar New Year gold bars, gold ingots, ornaments, “Dragon element” touted by consumers such as jewelry, Beijing cuisine hundred gold and silver jewelry sales during the holiday season rose 57.6%. Tianjin gold ingot commercial, Shanghai and Shenyang Tempo Dragon House Commercial City Bank increased 66.7%, 61.8% and 58.1%. Winter clothing for a variety of promotional activities launched by the consumers, Shandong Silver Plaza clothing and footwear category sales were up 27.4% and 22.4%, Jiangsu Central Asia department store apparel sales of new, up 42 .8%. Fashion digital, home appliance sales good, 3D TV, the new SLR camera and the listing of an upgraded version of Apple’s fourth-generation mobile phone (iphone4s) and other smart phones by consumers. Hongtusanbao communications equipment, sales rose 70.5%, Hunan and Hubei in backgammon 100 electrical appliance sales up, were up 46.6% and 45.4%. Had become the mainstream entertainment and cultural consumption Visiting the temple, folklore show, reading, cinema and other cultural consumption, become a popular choice for people in the New Year. Beijing Grand View Garden Red Temple, 10 million tourists, passenger flow of Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, more than 1.2 million. Heilongjiang Museum “was vulgar – Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Exhibition”, Nanjing Confucius Temple “day light blessing” to show tradition in popular culture, public goods full in flavor. Shanghai library more than 2,000 seats, packed, Qingdao, bookstores, the customer is an endless stream. Beijing nearly 80 theaters, the introduction of two yuan ticket, so that ordinary people greater than the eye addiction, Ningbo Cinema, more than 4,000 people daily, fun movie to enjoy the Spring Festival dinner. Skiing, hot springs by the residents favor. Hunan gray soup hot, Liaoning palace spa room occupancy rate remained at 96% or more, Chongqing Fairy Hill, the Golden Buddha mountain ski area, more than 40,000 tourists. Food and beverage consumption, is booming “New Year” as the Spring Festival’s main food market, drama, and promote the business, have been offering a variety of features catering services. Beijing Quanjude, Hongbin Lou and other long-established business, offering different grades and different specifications of the flavor and dinner packages, and supplemented by gifts, performances and other activities, so that the consumer’s appetite and the spirit of “double harvest.” Qingdao, Linyi major hotels, has launched the Year of the Dragon cultural meaning “dragon off Banquet”, “Dragon Nafo feast,” etc. New Year, are very popular. Chongqing, Changchun, some of the hotel, upon demand launch of the “green”, “healthy” dinner, meet the people’s pursuit of nutrition and the pursuit of health needs. “Family, friendship, love,” as Hebei, Tianjin, Chongqing, Qinghai, Xinjiang and other places outside catering business to attract customers in the New Year new signs, dinner, family and friends feast, marriage birthday, so that people Gongchoujiaocuo, deep feel sweetly. Active in the rural market boom Preferential agricultural policy and farmers’ income levels, the Dragon Chinese New Year, the rural market booming lively. Beijing Yanqing County to carry out “celebrate the Year of the Dragon, shopping Huimin action” theme promotions, Mentougou held “dragon send blessings, stocking Households’ activities, farmers and friends at home, repairing to the species can be varied, high quality cheap colored stocking. Qingdao, more than 3,000 farm households consumer goods stores, in rural areas of the “Ten Thousand Villages was set to catch” activities, so that farmers feel the consumer the convenience of shopping close. In Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, car stopping, online shopping, credit card spending and other new consumer activities, so that farmers are New Year’s charm, trendy and stylish. Necessities of the market running smoothly During the Spring Festival, 36 major cities an adequate supply of daily necessities market, species richness, the overall smooth running. Department of Commerce to monitor, compared with the week before, the wholesale price of vegetables rose 3.7%. Lamb, pork, beef, wholesale prices rose 0.6%, 0.5% and 0.4%. Retail prices rose 0.2% soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil retail prices rose 0.1%. Fresh whole chicken, eggs, retail prices were down 0.1%. Small packing flour retail prices fell 0.2%, small package of rice, sugar retail prices were flat. During the Spring Festival, the consumer market around the country, “booming Gouxiaoliangwang” Beijing, January 25, the feast of the Chinese consumer market, how a “fire” Zile, commercial “fire”, tourism “fire”, hotel “Fire,” but also in rural supermarkets, “fire” again. During the holiday season around the country, witnessed the booming consumer market, the Spring Festival scene. Chengdu: hot season commercial tour Chengdu during the Spring Festival, many people will go shopping as one of their festivals. Today is New Year 3, the reporter visited several stores found in Chengdu, the counter full of people, the cashier of the team but not a long tail, and even parking spaces are also hard to find. Department of Commerce: an adequate supply of holiday consumer spending strong, stable prices edged up January 24, learned from the Ministry of Commerce, from New Year’s Eve, Tai Year, the national holiday market, strong consumer goods supply. During the Spring Festival, Beijing Wu Mart, Jingkelong, Carrefour and other large supermarket sales grew steadily, including snack foods, candy, beverages, seafood, cooked food, liquor and other goods there selling. According to the monitoring of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce show that New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, two days, Beijing’s commercial enterprises fetched 1.53 billion yuan, an increase of 15.2%. Shanghai Spring Festival Golden Week tourism revenues 2.964 billion yuan, up by 10.4%, January 29, 2012, 2012 Chinese New Year Golden Week, Shanghai is filled with a thick atmosphere of the festival, is a hot tourism market. Holiday Office from the city’s latest statistics show that Chinese New Year Golden Week, seven days in Shanghai passengers were tourists 3.142 million, an increase of 3.2%; tourism revenue 2.964 billion yuan, up 10.4%. During the Spring Festival, Shanghai districts and counties of the main attractions, culture and around the Chinese New Year Year of the Dragon theme, tap traditional folk, launched more than one hundred rich, full flavor of the festival was well received by citizens tourists. Oriental Pearl TV Tower held “Chinese New Year Year of the Dragon Square every day speech” activities, a total of 127,000 tourists trips, an increase of 9%. Shanghai Xintiandi launched “Dragon Happy New Year, love heaven and earth” theme and the “Lion Dance Parade performing” tourists more than 30 million. Shanghai Happy Valley’s “Happy Chinese New Year Festival 2012” to attract tourists 45 200 people. The Yuyuan Tourist Mart’s 2012 Chinese New Year Lantern Festival activities, folk art, a total of more than 270 million people of tourists, an increase of 12%. Festival seven days, the main city park tourists 2,897,400 total times. At the same time, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai Art Theatre and other venues in the Chinese New Year Golden Week launched more than cheap tickets New Year Year of the Dragon performance, so that the general public visitors to enjoy during the holiday gluttonous feast of culture . “Cosmic Voyage” in the encore every day during the holiday season, 110,000 tourists, an increase of 10%. By scooters, high-speed rail, high speed and other convenient transportation network, “tourism city” significantly speed, sustained growth in other towns visitors to Shanghai. According to statistics, the Chinese New Year, seven days a highway crossing Jinhu nine city bus 474,200 times, an increase of 21.85%. 619 100 air passengers arriving passengers, an increase of 3%. Land-based long-distance passenger arriving passengers 415,100 passengers, an increase of 6%. Chinese New Year holiday period, the wealth of tourism products, the market for the holiday gathering a lot of popularity, stimulating consumption, tourism has steadily emerged, tourism revenue growth, significantly greater than the growth rate, accounting for half the proportion of shopping. According to City Holiday Office sample survey, tourists coming to Shanghai in Shanghai, the per capita consumption of $ 943, up 7%, of which 44% of shopping. Shanghai Spring Festival Golden Week public enthusiasm for travel, continues to climb, to hot outbound and domestic tourism show “North-South two hot” trend. From all the major travel agencies in Shanghai sales, the domestic tourist destination, South Yunnan, Hainan, Xiamen and other places, much favored by tourists, north of Harbin, Jilin, Changchun, ice and snow tourism products, loved by the public. January 15 to 28, through Shanghai (border) tour group travel organizations (border) group number and group number of batches were 64,334 people, 3128 batch, respectively, an increase of 11.59%, 0.58%. Shanghai: Chinese New Year Golden Week tourism revenue over 2.9 billion yuan YI-ZHAN International Travel, Chen, mobile phone number: +0086-13901623260; 1779642876@qzone.qq.com; 1779642876@qq.com