Shanghai Metro has 11 routes, currently, there are 200,000 settlement detection monitoring point.

Shanghai Metro has 11 routes, currently, there are 200,000 settlement detection monitoring point.

Shanghai Yangtze River sediment geology are mainly made ​​of the impact of soft soil structure, since its inception, long-term over-extraction of groundwater, land subsidence was the main reason for the ongoing control measures, the situation remission
The process of modernization, more and more competing overstating skyscrapers, subways, tunnels and other underground excavation

《Shanghai Metro has 11 routes, currently, there are 200,000 settlement detection monitoring point.》有一个想法

  1. 澳洲女总理Julia Gillard加薪9.2万美元
    澳大利亚女总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的年薪,将获得9万澳元(约合9.2万美元)的增加,她的收入将超过美国总统奥巴马。
    吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的基本薪资将增至47.3万澳元。此前,澳大利亚政府刚刚宣布将削减公共开支,以将政府预算转为盈余状态。加薪后,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)的收入,将超过奥巴马和英国首相卡梅伦。
    1月26日,是澳大利亚国庆日。澳洲总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)和反对党领袖托尼・阿博特,当天在首都堪培拉参加一个国庆颁奖典礼时,遭到约200名土著居民围困,两人,最终,在安保人员的保护下,安全脱身,但是,场面相当狼狈,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)当时,紧搂她的一名贴身保镖,在慌乱中,跑丢一只鞋。
      英国《 每日邮报》网站报道,26日下午2点半左右,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)在议会大厦附近的一座饭店内,颁发国家救灾奖时,一些土著抗议者,聚集于此处,敲击饭店的窗户玻璃,并大喊“耻辱”和“种族主义者”的口号。
      在围困持续20分钟后,警方见情况紧急,遂叫来数十名防暴队员,他们强行从抗议者中,打开一条通道,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)当时,紧搂她的一名贴身保镖,后者几乎拖着她,踉踉跄跄离开现场,然后,把她塞进等候在附近的汽车里。慌乱中,她右脚的鞋子,也不知去向。
      冲突事件过后,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)说,自己没事,换了一套装束,在其官邸,参加了另一场国庆日活动。“帐篷使馆”支持者、现年75岁的帕特・伊托克,在现场,捡到了吉拉德丢失的鞋,并计划在购物网站ebay上拍卖,所得收入,将用于支持“帐篷使馆”的支出。一个土著居民支持团体表示,将把鞋还给吉拉德(Julia Gillard),以表达他们友善和合作的姿态。
    澳大利亚执政党,总理朱莉亚 吉拉德(Julia Gillard)
    联邦议员,名叫克雷格 汤姆森(Craig Thomson),2005年,曾担任健康服务联盟(Health Services Union)秘书长。

    Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard women pay $ 92,000

    December 1, 2011, revenue will be more than Obama

    Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) annual salary, will receive 90,000 Australian dollars ($ 92,000) increase in her income will exceed U.S. President Barack Obama.

    Girard (Julia Gillard) of basic salary will increase to 473,000 Australian dollars. Earlier, the Australian Government has just announced that it will cut public spending to the government budget into surplus. Pay later, Girard (Julia Gillard) income, will be more than Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron.

    The pay, the same including the Australian Federal Members. It is reported that even the lowest level of members, the basic wage, from 14 million Australian dollars, rose to 180,000 Australian dollars. Pay at the same time, Australian officials will lose some of the privileges enjoyed, for example, can no longer leave the country visits, enjoy first class treatment.

    January 26 is Australia Day. Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) and opposition leader 托尼阿博特 day in the capital Canberra to attend a National Day awards ceremony, was about 200 indigenous siege, the two eventually, under the protection of the security personnel, escaped unharmed, but the scene is quite awkward, Girard (Julia Gillard) At the time, Jinlou one of her bodyguards, in panic, get lost shoe.

    British “Daily Mail” website reported that at 14:30 on the 26th or so, Girard (Julia Gillard) in a hotel near the parliament building, the prize awarded national disaster, some indigenous protesters gathered in here hit the glass windows of the hotel and shouted “shame” and “racist” slogan.

    For 20 minutes after the siege, the police see the urgency of the situation, then called dozens of anti-riot team, they are forced from the protesters, open a channel, Girard (Julia Gillard) At the time, Jinlou one of her bodyguard, The latter is almost dragged her, staggering away from the scene, and then into her waiting in a nearby car. Panic in her right foot shoes, also disappeared.

    Abbot seems to be mainly directed at the protesters come. Earlier in the day, his speech, claiming that now is the removal of Aboriginal “tent embassy” of the time, thus, lead to strong dissatisfaction.

    After the conflict, Girard (Julia Gillard) said that his right, for a dress, in his residence, attended another National Day activities. “Tent Embassy” supporters, now 75-year-old 帕特伊托克 at the scene, picked up Girard lost shoes, and plans on shopping site ebay auction, the proceeds will be used to support the “tent embassy” of expenditure. An Aboriginal support groups, said Gilad will return shoes (Julia Gillard), to express their friendly and cooperative attitude.

    “Tent Embassy” dates back to 1972. That year, the Australian referendum, eventually the earliest inhabitants of this land to the indigenous people to legitimate civil rights.

    Australia’s ruling party, Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Julia Gillard)
    Federal Councillor, named Craig Thomson (Craig Thomson), 2005, the Alliance has served as Health Services (Health Services Union) Secretary-General.