Zhabei District opened the housing levy off the Soviet Union six southeast Bend neighborhood urban transformation through the first round of consultation ,2012 -01-24

Zhabei District opened the housing levy off the Soviet Union six southeast Bend neighborhood urban transformation through the first round of consultation ,2012 -01-24
Chinese New Year, the Year, live in China on the core area of ​​southeast Bend Super 6 neighborhood residents of old good fun. Before long, there will be implementation of urban transformation.
Establishment of diplomatic relations Zhabei District Committee introduced the core area of ​​southeast Bend 6-Soviet urban transformation will consult residents before the Spring Festival has completed the tally, agree that the proportion of residents of the housing levy, up 94.21 percent, passed the current round of consultation. This, Zhabei District opened the state-owned land on the housing levy and compensation to work off.
Su bend 6 neighborhood – east of Shanxi North Road, south Tiantong Road, Fujian Road west, north seven Pu Road;
The old one is formed by history, dilapidated housing, population density, lack of supporting infrastructure and public service facilities less, the environment is dirty, chaotic, poor, residents demand the implementation of reform, very strong desire to move to live in peace.
Su is located in the southeastern bend of its core area, whether the early demolition of old buildings and building their new relationship to the Soviet Union could soon change in the core area of ​​Bend urban landscape, improving the living conditions and improve municipal public infrastructure. Therefore, the Zhabei district in the housing levy the New Deal, the first to start a collection of 6 residents of the house pre-work program.

Shanghai district played a young fashion brand – more than one district in Shanghai, commercial furnishings and consumer customers, as here, has been put on “red dress.”
Many department stores in terms of businesses, consumers quarter turn of the year the Spring Festival is the last round of carnival. In fact, there are already many businesses carefully in advance for the Festival began to prepare the traditional commercial off-season, played the young fashion brand.
Brilliance before the holiday has just opened a new road Xuhui commercial square up to the original department store’s facade replaced with a yellow metallic gray-blue style, the main push the 20-36 year-old “young” brand and take the flagship store, boutiques line mode.
International gold prices in 2011 out of the “roller coaster” market, with the recent gold price down, and the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Shanghai physical gold sales hot.
Temple in Shanghai, together with a number of old gold shop, during the Spring Festival, here, ushered in the sales peak. Many of the dragon-themed jewelry, unique style, very popular with our customers. Miss Gu Keliang said: “Today to buy dragon pendant to the grandson, a wife who wanted a flat year.”
In addition to jewelry, Lunar New Year gold bars, due to the relatively high value of investments during the Spring Festival, have been selling. A gold selling company’s staff told reporters that they launched the first Lunar New Year of the Dragon gold bars have been sold out.

Beijing: Golden Week fetched 1.92 billion yuan key business three days – three days before the Spring Festival Golden Week, Beijing 120 key business services companies accounted for 1.92 billion yuan, of which New Year’s Eve, especially in hot sales, many businesses have to Close, extended to 2 pm the next day.
“This year the Spring Festival early, busy surprise, almost out of race against time to buy gifts for their families.” A lot of spare time to prepare in advance of the public, in the New Year’s Eve night, in the mall to buy the festival.
From Beijing Commercial Information Consulting Center, 22 New Year’s Eve, many commercial enterprises operating delay, and promote consumption.
Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, the three New World shopping center business district, New Year’s Eve day, extended hours of operation, to the next day 2.
Poor quality, MerryMart, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarket chains, the Close, or adjusted to midnight 23 o’clock the next day 2, some companies started this morning’s opening hours will advance to the 7.
22 New Year’s Eve, Beijing 120 key business, selling nearly 10 billion yuan, up 15.3%. Chinese New Year Golden Week, the second, three days in Beijing, people go out to dinner and visiting friends and relatives the main shopping corresponding reduction; business sales over last year, increased.
Beijing Commercial Information Consulting Center to monitor, 120 key business services companies, 23 sales of 540 million yuan, up 15.2%; 24, achieved sales of 390 million yuan, up 18.4% .

The evening of January 25, 0700, inter-ministerial coordination meeting of National Holiday Tourism Office released a No. 4 of 2012 Spring Festival holiday communications.

    Safeguards in place around, booming tourism section. Today is the fourth day of Chinese New Year holiday, holiday travel market continues to heat up. Holiday tourism coordination at all levels of member institutions to further implement the tourism safety and security, information release, convenience measures for the work, to better meet the needs of holiday visitors.

    Today, 11:17, National Holiday Office received an accident report: January 24, at 9 am, Shanghai China International Travel Service office for a personal visit to Taiwan tourists died in a car accident in Taiwan, Taiwan police are cause of the accident investigation. It is understood that China International Travel Service Shanghai branch has been for the dead take out personal travel accident insurance.

    At 4:00 p.m. on January 24 to 25, 16, the National Holiday Office received a total of seven complaints, which involve a travel agency, accounting for 14.3% of the total number of complaints; scenic spots 4, accounting for 57.1% of the total number of complaints; air-traffic one, Total number of complaints accounted for 14.3%; Port Passenger 1, accounting for 14.3% of the total number of complaints. These complaints were handled properly.

    January 25, Huogongdian Spring Festival temple fair in Changsha, the audience and the opera “jump the God of Wealth,” the actor interaction. Early in the day was three, Changsha, fine weather, the city’s major parks, attractions, commercial district usher in Chinese New Year holiday passenger peak. Xinhua News Agency reporters Long Hong and Tao She

    First, the major cities and scenic spots of

    Shanxi Province: focus on monitoring three days before the 37 scenic spots received 304,600 passengers, an increase of 33.42%.

    Liaoning Province: four days before the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 5,348,000 tourists trips, an increase of 10.58%, a record high.

    Anhui Province: Three days before four key area over 200,000 tourists, an increase of 43.3%.

    Shandong Province: four days before the Spring Festival holiday, into the Statistics forecast a total area of ​​25 monitoring visits 1.42 million tourists, an increase of 17%.

    Hainan: four days before the Spring Festival holiday, into the Statistics of the 10 days before a total area 28.35 million tourists, an increase of 55.27%.

    Guizhou Province: A total of four days before the Spring Festival tourists 1,648,800 passengers, an increase of 25.57%.

    Jilin: city bus company put 100 new car, a comprehensive investigation and vehicle safety risks, clean vehicle inside and outside the health service and training for all drivers to ensure smooth bus operations, meet the travel needs. City Consumers Association issued a snow tourism consumption, reminding the general public and tourists choose safe for snow sports snow sports premises and points to note.

    Harbin: four days before the Spring Festival holidays, Ice and Snow World Scenic Area total 14,500 tourists visits; Sun Island Scenic Area tourists 13,000 people; Erlongshan 4100 tourists scenic trips.

    Wuxi: City Holiday Office and the Tourism Bureau executive Spring Festival travel “Ten minutes disposal” working mechanism, receiving complaints from tourists and timely advice. Sunan International Airport at the same time, Wuxi Railway Station and Temple, and Nanzenji scenic Sung set up Tourist Information Center, ready to provide advisory services to foreign tourists.

    Guangzhou: four days before the Spring Festival holiday, the Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou Zoo, Evergreen Resort, Lotus Mountain tourist area and Guangzhou tower five key scenic spots received a total of 211,000 tourist trips, day tour of Guangzhou received 37,400 visitors.

    Shenzhen: four days before the Spring Festival holiday, the city’s key attractions monitored 25 923 000 passengers were tourists. Shenzhen-Hong Kong residents to reduce the waiting time of inspection, the immigration department has opened a “tour special channel.” Shenzhen Metro and bus together to “work overtime”, January 24 to February 9, the Shenzhen Railway Station and Shenzhen West Railway Station have four bus lines serving the community 24 hours a day; in rail transport, the city’s five tracks line in January 23 (the first), 27 (fifth day), 28 (sixth) day operating hours will be extended to 24 hours.

    Kunming: City Holiday Tourist Complaint Center (Tourism surveillance detachment) arrangement Field Inspection Unit Kunming South Railway Station, Kunming Wujiaba airport travel market order to monitor the inspection, the three-star hotels, two shopping areas and a travel agencies and other tourism enterprises in the security check and arrange group of complaints on duty on duty complaint cases were examined. Today, the city’s 478,900 people were tourists, an increase of 17.88%.

    Sanya: Municipal Tourism Commission from January 21 to 31 text messages via mobile phone to the tourists and the public in issuing a warm, reminding tourists and the choice of a regular travel agent travel orders and signed contracts tourism projects, promote the safety of tourists travel, civilized travel, love environment, protection of the ocean.

    January 25, Hulunbeir Honghuaerji Forest map Forest of Pakistan Day festival people wear costumes twisting Yangko, to celebrate the New Year. Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Yong and Ji She

    Second, the tourist traffic

    Civil aviation, January 24, civil aviation throughout the day for Flight 5505 classes, passenger transport 73.4494 million.

    Railways, January 24, sent the national railway passenger 3.697 million passengers, a total of 159 additional bus passenger, all-road transport order normal. Today, the Internet and telephone booking tickets pre-sale and before February 5, tickets, plan additional bus 315. From 27 (fifth day of lunar month), the railway passenger flow will enter the first peak after the holiday.

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  1. 2012.’01.24.
    1月24日, 欧巴马总统发表国情咨文指出, 随着美国走出经济衰退,它需要“长治久安的经济”,支持所有希望得到工作的人、愿冒风险的创业者和企业家,他们将在初创企业和小企业中,创造新的就业机会。
    亿万富翁投资人沃伦·巴菲特(Warrant Buffett)等人发表声明,强调美国富人和自己同胞之间收入的差别。
    美国总统对利比亚的穆阿迈尔•卡扎菲(Muammar al Qadhafi)垮台表示欢迎。他强调:叙利亚的巴沙尔•阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)领导的政权“很快将会发现,变革的力量无法逆转,人类尊严也不容抹杀。”
    乌萨马•本∙拉丹(Osama bin Laden)在2011年5月被击毙,不再对美国和世界其他国家构成威协。
    欧巴马总统发表国情咨文。后为副总统拜登(Biden)和众议院议长博纳(John Boehner)。
    手機短信接收號碼: 0086-13901623260;
    1779642876@qq.com ;

    手機短信接收號碼: 0086-13901623260;
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    2012. ’01 .24.
    President Obama released the 2012 State of the Union to explain his vision for the future of the United States.

    January 24, President Obama State of the Union pointed out that with the United States out of recession, it needs to “long-term stability of the economy”, support for all who want to work, willing to risk-taking entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, they will start-ups and small businesses, creating new employment opportunities.

    He said: “Now, it should be from top to bottom, the implementation of the same rule: no longer allowed sparse hardship, charity, and to evade responsibility for the U.S. long-term stability requires that each individual take responsibility.”

    President speech a few months ago, “occupation” campaign began in several cities throughout the United States protested.
    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett (Warrant Buffett), who issued a statement that the United States between the rich and their compatriots income differences.

    President Obama warned the United States banks and financial institutions, investment in high-risk due to economic recession, the new law now requires them to explain – how it will repay the bad investments, “because the rest of us who do not wish to sparse hardship for you . ”

    President Obama said, “In this country, we do not envy the success financially and we admire success.” But the richest Americans, need to tax, to pay a fair share, rather than increasing the U.S. financial deficit, or to force those who have limited income people – to make up the difference.

    He said that Americans “know that this generation’s success was possible because of past generations, for others and the country’s future, sense of responsibility, they know that to maintain our way of life for long-term, we must have the same sense of shared responsibility. ”

    The United States supports universal rights and dignity of

    On the U.S. foreign policy president, said the Arabs against the authoritarian government movement, the formation of a “wave of change in trend” sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. Although the United States to change the outcome, still not sure, however, with the final result at stake.

    Obama said: “The fate of the people of the region, ultimately by their own decision, but we will advocate for those who make benefit of our own national values ​​and we will oppose the violence and intimidation, we will defend the rights and dignity of all mankind – male and female; Christians, Muslims and Jews, we can build to support strong and stable democracy, and open market policies, because freedom will triumph over tyranny. ”

    United States President of Libya Muammar Gaddafi • (Muammar al Qadhafi) welcomed the fall. He stressed: • Bashar Assad of Syria (Bashar al-Assad) led regime “will soon find that the forces of change can not be reversed, human dignity can not be denied.”

    He said that since 2003, and now, for the first time, did not fight the Americans in Iraq.
    • The ∙ Osama bin Laden (Osama bin Laden) in May 2011 was killed, not the United States and other countries constitute co-wai.

    In Afghanistan, the United States has begun to end the war, and the maintenance of security responsibility to Afghan authorities. President Obama said the United States is working with “the establishment of lasting partnerships in Afghanistan, it can never again become a cradle of attacks on the United States.”

    President warned Iran, the world is united against Iran’s nuclear activities to respond. “As long as they still evade their responsibilities, such pressure will not relax.”

    President Obama State of the Union. After Vice President Joe Biden (Biden) and House Speaker John Boehner (John Boehner).

    YI-ZHAN International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen
    SMS receive number: 0086-13901623260;

    YI-ZHAN International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen
    SMS receive number: 0086-13901623260;