China, Shanghai, GOOD

China, Shanghai, GOOD

Greek President Karolos Papoulias, the evening of 19 guest residence of Chinese ambassador to Greece, and wrote the message, the Chinese people extend to the New Year’s blessing. Papoulias said that the Greek people and the Chinese people’s friendship has a solid foundation, the two governments and the efforts of the people, the hope is constantly moving forward in the relationship.

Croatian President Josipovic said: “I want to take this opportunity to live in Croatia’s Chinese friends, and people living in other countries, Chinese, New Year, believe – Dragon of China, will be the success of the year, Croatian Chinese bilateral relations, the year will be successful. ”

Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, has around the world to the Chinese people and Chinese New Year congratulations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu via video, to the Chinese people Zhuhe Long Chinese New Year. He Chinese “Happy New Year” opening, wish Israel and China friendship in the Year of the Dragon reached new heights.

Hongkou change for up to five thousand military order to pay this year to sell at least ten blocks (January 21, 2012) and it took 8 years of Rainbow Town, Street 166 block relocation, New Year’s Eve finally completed. With the last one resident removal demolition, cleared the land in this region for this year’s urban transformation Hongkou first tone sounded Chong Fenghao.

As a key area of ​​the city’s urban transformation, Hongkou New Year set a “military order”: this change for 5000 to ensure completion, and strive to do more; also proposed “pay for the king,” to achieve at least the year more than 10 to sell land to pay. Among them, the city’s largest base of urban transformation Rainbow Town Street, to be completed this year, 3, 9, 10, cleared the land in plots, and start the 1, 7, and other land acquisition compensation.

“Eleventh Five-Year” period has achieved nearly 20,000 residents in the relocation of Hongkou, the old pace of change is still at full speed. “Urban transformation if solved, will be the greatest constraint on the development of Hongkou; solved, it will become the largest emerging Hongkou support.” At the recently held “urban transformation Pledging Conference,” Party Secretary Sun Jianping said, “change is the old people’s livelihood, is to develop, is the environment.”

Currently, there are still 6.2 million households Hongkou urban residents look forward to improving the living, “especially when some people hesitate to use the law to build on their own to improve their living conditions, the made us feel guilty, urban transformation deeply felt imperative.” The city’s population density the highest average level of per capita land accounts for only one-tenth of the city’s Hongkou District, and further transformation of the space needed for development and the environment, also need to get through the old to change. “Large-scale housing crisis Jane shed gathering and transformation of Hongkou modern service-oriented development requirements and out of tune.” Sun Jianping said, “urban transformation carrying the expectations of the people, the basis for restructuring and development, optimize the investment environment, urban image remodeling. ”

Efforts to promote change for the old, established in Hongkou District secretary of the head of the Mayor appointed the first deputy head of the collection of urban transformation and the leading group housing, human, material and financial resources to mobilize co-ordinate the implementation of the region, no change has been Hongkou as a “battle of the whole region together.” Hongkou District leaders said, will inspire the region in all aspects of demolition work in joint cooperation, and the organization of outstanding cadres to help the old-line change.

Start for the new project, the relocation of the existing policy “twice sought, the number of bricks and dwelling insurance at the end, all open and transparent”, based on more detailed Hongkou will also explore ways of working people. “We must work to achieve mass hearts.” Mayor Wu Ching said he is looking through several pilot projects to explore new base change for the relocation of institutional mechanisms, “and strive to seek two can be recognized by the vast majority of the people.”

Focus on quality, bite the target, promises, do everything possible to promote Shanghai, “four in one” home security system. New construction and financing of affordable housing 17 million square meters, 26.7 million units (rooms), the supply 12.4 million square meters, 17.5 million units (rooms). Further relaxation of low-cost housing and shared housing property rights (affordable housing) access standards. New low-rent housing benefit 11 000 families, there are 86,000 total housing benefit needy families. Comprehensive open housing for a total supply of property rights protection, a total of 44,000 households receiving application. The first municipal co-ordination of public rental housing project started supply.

China’s housing problem is a major livelihood issues, to serve as a long-term, urgent and important task, continuing to push forward. Strengthening the Shanghai “Four in One” housing security system, more emphasis on open and transparent, equitable distribution, expedite the settlement of low-income families and young workers, the introduction of talent, Shanghai’s housing problems of employees. New construction and financing of affordable housing 11 million square meters, 17.08 million units (rooms), supply 7.7 million square meters, 11.4 million units (rooms). Ensure low-cost object as the cities, increase the proportion of low-rent housing Shiwupeizu. For the resident population, and actively promote the construction of public rental housing, low-cost housing and to accelerate the availability of public rental housing construction co-ordination and effective convergence. Focus on young workers, groups such as the introduction of talent, a substantial relaxation of total housing access standards to protect property rights, and further increase the application process and supply efforts. Vigorously promote urban transformation, to ensure that resettlement housing supply, as has been living in old urban areas in the hope to improve the living conditions of people, as far as possible to provide good housing. Accelerating the transformation of the suburban town house shanty simple, strengthen old housing and housing repair work safety inspection. Actively and steadily promote the rent-price sale of real estate and housing to protect the pilot. Start the second round of large-scale residential community construction of affordable housing, to further improve the planning and design standards, strengthening of municipal public buildings and ancillary construction.

Philadelphia police officer Shi Moer (Scott Small)

Greater Philadelphia Chinese Restaurant Association president Lin Ying Zhang, Feng Zhu Secretary-General

The evening of January 22, 0700, inter-ministerial coordination meeting of National Holiday Tourism Office issued a 2012 No. 1 New Year holiday communications.

    Folk tourism activities have appeared, rich and diverse tourism Huimin measures. Today is the first day of Chinese New Year Golden Week, but also the Lunar New Year’s Eve, the country held in major tourist cities and scenic spots rich, full flavor of folk culture in tourism activities, and introduced a variety of convenience Waste Management measures to create a festival of joy good luck start.

    At 16:00 on January 21 to at 16:00 on January 22, the National Holiday Office has received complaints from two. Involving a travel agency, accounting for 50% of the total number of complaints; scenic spots one, accounting for 50% of the total number of complaints.

    First, the major cities and scenic spots of

    Beijing: City Tourism Commission’s “eat the food in Beijing • 2012 Lunar New Year travel season” of the “tourist food bus line activities” was officially launched, designed to facilitate the tourists and the public in Beijing during the Spring Festival travel, gourmet products, gourmet feast to enjoy travel. The activities from the Beijing Evening News, the city network and boiling food alliances platform for readers and three friends collect participants, each 40 people, activities, divided into six days period, food lovers, foreign tourists and Beijing residents in Beijing have the opportunity to register to participate.

    Tianjin: New Year’s Eve, Tin Hau Temple will hold the “ring the bell Lunar New Year, also at home with a blessing,” folk activities, Ancient Culture Street will also hold a variety of Spring Festival series of events to highlight the unique culture of the city of Tianjin in taste. Tianjin, China Youth Travel in Taiwan TransAsia Airways and Taiwan combined to take community launched the “Imagine a New Year, tour Taiwan” convection charter, there are 180 people take the charter flights to Taiwan Tianjin Year ahead, while more than 100 Taiwan tourists will go to Tianjin tour.

    Jilin (city): by the State Sports Administrative Guidance Center, China Dragon Boat Association, Jilin Sports Bureau, Jilin Municipal Government sponsored the successful holding of the International Dragon Boat Races in winter, there were from Russia, Hong Kong, Macau, Dalian and other domestic and foreign 12 Dragon Boat competition.

    Harbin: Municipal Bureau of Tourism launched the Spring Festival Golden Week with “joy, health, happiness” as the theme of self-tourism products and lines, such as snow and ice watching tours, skiing tours fun, beautiful city European tour, the city’s historical and cultural tours, wetlands, winter Fun Gourmet tours and leisure travel, travel around in public in a pleasant New Year.

    Shanghai: the city’s major attractions orientation brilliant. Wild Animal Park every morning at 8:30, the park more than 20 200 long (only) of the animal shows stars around the “New Year, Happy New year” to welcome New Year show. Introduced Jinmao Tower and the first Chinese New Year series of theme activities held in Guan Gong culture featuring exhibitions. During the first day to the Lantern Festival, to Feng Jing Town, East Temple and porch of the ecological park and other attractions in the purchase of full price tickets Renyi Jing-point play, you can receive coupons, enjoy fun attractions tickets buy one get one other designated benefits and some of the hotels occupancy discount.

    Hangzhou: first incense burning in order to protect the traditional Chinese New Year customs activities carried out smoothly, Hangzhou Traffic Police Department in the New Year’s Eve on the Ling Yin line, Jingci, Katsumi Temple and other surrounding areas to take control measures. Hangzhou metropolitan area launched the “Spring Travel Offers Month” activities, Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing, four residents of the New Year occasion, to experience each other’s tourism products and folk culture, special monthly activities include four to 52 tourism festivals , attractions hotel discounts 4-7 fold range.

    Shenzhen: the major scenic spots ill-prepared to meet the New Year. New Year’s Eve, Huaxing Temple will host “New Year’s Prayer” and the Chinese folk festivals, Window of the World will show in Thailand, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries, New Year’s customs, the world’s Square, the Singapore Chinese New Year Chingay Grand Carnival Parade.

    Haikou: tour and scenic closely fun, healthy, harmonious theme, a series of distinctive features, gameplay fresh tourism products, major hotels in Haikou, dragon and lion dances are also ready, dance performances and a series of exciting activities . The city’s tourism and hotel average occupancy rate of 38.12%, Social hotel average occupancy rate of 40%, stable prices, accommodation is still a large reception room.

    Chengdu: Chinese New Year Luodai town launched a series of activities, there are Hakka performances, Hakka folk activities parade, lion and dragon great New Year, run four large open-air film festivals hearty meal. Chaoyang Lake 21,000 tourists trips, an increase of 854.55%; Pingle town tourists 28,000 passengers, up 460%; Wenjiang Gong Park 1 million tourists, up 53.58%; Laojunshan tourists 05800 passengers, an increase of 132%.

    Qufu three holes: well prepared, “colorful New Year’s blessing Six Classics” theme parks, “Jin Xiao Rui Chinese New Year celebration for the hometown of Confucius,” “Happy Garden Lantern Naochun sink”, hometown of Confucius and other topics this year’s festival activities. Launched the “New Year feast,” “New Year gift,” “New Year blessing” hometown of Confucius and other products and product pray trip to a strong festive atmosphere and a variety of folk activities, attract tourists to come. During the New Year, three-hole area will continue to inbound tourists, students and to implement over the age of 60 half-price concession ticket holders a free three-hole scenic tour Han inscriptions gallery, museum scholar, Yan Temple, Zhougongmiao other scenic spots.

    Second, the tourist traffic

    Civil aviation, January 21, 6316 class aviation flights a day to send, transport 89 million passengers.

    Railways, January 21, sent the national railway passenger 5.752 million passengers, additional bus 538, the national railway transport order normal. In most regions of the cold weather, fog, rain and snow to make passenger rail gathered in some areas, the railway passenger traffic increased considerably, according to passenger demand, today the national passenger rail plan additional 289.

Chen, text messaging number: +0086-13901623260;

Chinese New Year Golden Week visit to Shanghai will have 300 million visitors 64,000 people travel abroad (January 22, 2012) January 21 City Holiday Office learned from the 2012 Spring Festival Golden Week the city is expected to around 3 million tourists, and 2011 Chinese New Year holiday flat.

During the holiday season, passenger railway in Shanghai is expected to reach 1.55 million passengers, up by 10.7%, sending passengers 1.136 million passengers, up by 9.9%; of civil aviation, is expected to Hongqiao and Pudong airports were taking off and landing aircraft, two 1.04 million vehicles, passenger throughput achieved amount of 1.34 million passengers, respectively, up by 9.35%, 16.31%. During the festival, the city received all kinds of tourist accommodation facilities are more abundant. Statistics show that 22 to 28 January, the city hotel occupancy rate of hotel rooms is expected to average about 25%, hotels, guest houses is expected to average room occupancy rate of 27%.

Chinese New Year holidays, outbound travel still booming, the city tour organized by the number of outbound tour 6.4 million passengers, an increase of 11.59%. From a tourist destination, the traditional travel routes in Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan and South Korea travel routes and travel routes, continue to be the public visitors of all ages, accounting for more than half of the total outbound travel, the number of trips were 1.91 million people, 1.25 million people, 0.71 million.

Shanghai tourism, the Spring Festival period, 168 new Spring line, the top five are: Mountain Giant Buddha tour, “Towards Chong Kai Bridge opened to traffic, product lushi seafood” day tour, day tour in Hangzhou, until Gu Town day tour, Jinxi tour.

Monomer Shanghai Yaohan department store retail sales in the first scheduled seating topped 4.5 billion yuan (January 21, 2012), Shanghai Commercial Information Center on January 20 issued a city department store retail sales of single seating situation , Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan, New World City, Sogo Department Store continues to dominate the Shanghai ranked the first three monomers. For more than 60 department store sales data monitoring also showed that the city’s main department store retail sales in 2011 reached 31.211 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%. One of the top 20 department store sales totaled 23.649 billion yuan, an increase of 8.0%.

According to statistics, Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan retail sales in 2011 reached 4.505 billion yuan, an increase of 14.9%. Shanghai New World City last year, retail sales of 3.236 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9%. The data also show an increase in sales last year, department store format in the top 5 all Brilliance’s department stores, of which the first four are the “East Building” brand department store chain, namely the East Fengxian shop, East Qingpu store, East and East Central Jiading shop shop.

Malaysian Prime Minister’s wife Luo Sima, in Sydney, Australia.
Malaysia News website Malaysiakini quoted “Sydney Morning Herald” (Sydney Morning Herald) article, said Luo Sima about two weeks before the holiday to Sydney, to the fashion designer Karl Kapp (Carl Kapp) shop , clothing.
Supplement published in the newspaper “Sydney Private” (Private Sydney) columnist – Andrew Honeywell (Andrew Horney)

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    虹口為五千戶舊改立軍令狀今年全年至少十個地塊交地出讓( 2012年1月21日)  前後歷時8年的虹鎮老街166號地塊動遷,新年前夕終於完成。隨著最後一戶居民搬遷拆房,這一區域清場交地,為今年虹口的舊區改造吹響了第一聲衝鋒號。


    “十一五”期間已實現近2萬戶居民動遷的虹口,舊改步伐依然快馬加鞭。 “舊區改造如果解決不好,將是虹口發展的最大製約;解決好了,就會成為虹口新崛起的最大支撐。”在不久前召開的“舊區改造誓師大會”上,區委書記孫建平說,“舊改就是民生,就是發展,就是環境。”

    目前,虹口仍有6.2萬餘戶舊區居民企盼改善居住,“尤其當一些群眾不惜用違法搭建自行改善居住狀況時,更讓我們深感內疚,深深感到舊區改造刻不容緩。”全市人口密度最高、人均土地僅佔全市平均水平十分之一的虹口區,進一步轉型發展所需的空間和環境,也需通過舊改獲得。 “大規模危棚簡屋集聚與虹口的轉型發展要求和現代​​服務業導向格格不入。”孫建平說,“舊區改造承載著人民群眾的期盼、轉型發展的基礎、投資環境的優化、城區形象的重塑。”


    針對新啟動項目,在現有動遷政策“兩次徵詢、數磚頭加套型保底、全公開透明”的基礎上,虹口還將探索更為細緻的群眾工作方式。 “要把工作做到群眾心坎上。”區長吳清說,他期待通過幾個基地試點探索新的舊改動遷體制機制,“力爭兩輪徵詢都能得到絕大多數群眾認可。”



    費城市警察局官員史摩爾(Scott Small)




    1月21日16時至1月22日16時,全國假日辦共接到投訴2件。其中涉及旅行社1件、佔投訴總數50%; 景區景點1件,佔投訴總數50%。

    一、 主要城市和景區情況













    鐵路方面,1月21日,全國鐵路發送旅客575.2萬人次,加開客車538 列,全國鐵路運輸秩序基本正常。全國大部分地區出現的雨雪霧凍天氣使客流向鐵路聚集,部分地區鐵路客流增幅較大,根據客流需求,今日全國鐵路計劃加開客車289列。


    春節黃金周將有300萬遊客訪滬6.4萬市民出境游( 2012年1月22日)  1月21日從市假日辦獲悉,2012年春節黃金周本市預計接待遊客300萬人次左右,與2011年春節假期基本持平。



    上海旅遊,春節期間,168條新春遊線,排名前五位的,分別是:靈山大佛一日遊、“迎崇啟大橋通車,品呂四海鮮”二日遊、杭州二日遊、 直古鎮一日遊、錦溪一日遊。

    上海單體百貨店零售額座次排定第一八佰伴45億元居首( 2012年1月21日)  上海市商業信息中心1月20日發布了本市單體百貨店零售額的座次情況,上海第一八佰伴、新世界城、久光百貨繼續穩居上海單體百貨排行前三。對60餘家百貨店的銷售數據監測還顯示,本市主要百貨店2011年的零售額達到312.11億元,同比增長7.5%。其中排名前20位的百貨店銷售總額共計236.49億元,同比增長8.0%。


    馬來西亞新聞網站當今大馬引述《悉尼先驅晨報》(Sydney Morning Herald)的文章說,羅斯瑪約在兩個星期之前,到悉尼度假時,到時裝設計師卡爾卡普(Carl Kapp)的店裡,服飾。
    該報刊登的副刊“悉尼私密”(Private Sydney)專欄作者-安德魯霍尼(Andrew Horney)