Notes went to Latvia (Last Update: April 4, 2011)

Notes went to Latvia (Last Update: April 4, 2011)

Entry and residence
A Visa
December 21, 2007 Latvia became Schengen visa countries. Holders of visas issued in Latvia (there are no special instructions on the visa case) can travel freely within the Schengen area. Schengen area existing in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain , Sweden and Switzerland 25.

1, Latvia visa type
Airport transit visa (A class visa): holder can transfer during international flights transit through Latvia International Airport area. Support Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka as well as holders of passports issued by these countries are required to apply for travel permits airport transit visa. Holding passports of other countries (including China passport) who do not need a airport transit visa.
Transit Visa: You can pull no more than 3 days stay, foreign seafarers can stay up to 5 days. Applicants must hold a visa to the country or go to the country visa-free.
Short-term visa (C visa category): issued for the purpose of short-term visits of foreigners to stay in the pull. Period not exceeding one year from the date of entry, pulling within six months stay each time shall not exceed 90 days.
Long-term visa (D type visa): for a period not exceeding one year (except for diplomatic and official visas), issued within six months need to pull in more than 90 days stay of foreigners.
Local border visas: According to the simplification of visa procedures issued to the international treaty the border area residents. Period not exceeding one year from the date of entry, pulling within six months stay each time shall not exceed 90 days. Only immigrants who pull such a visa, a visa may travel to other Schengen countries.
Diplomatic and official visa: issued to enjoy diplomatic or consular privileges and immunities, for official purposes and those who stay in the pull.
According to pull the relevant provisions of the citizens need to pull Chinese Embassy visa. Not taking into account the opening of direct flights between China and Latin, visitors need to turn to a third country from the pull, pull requires visa applicants to provide the destination for the “Riga” (RIX) round-trip ticket, which the applicant prior to entry in other Schengen Latvia short-term non-Schengen countries in transit. China’s Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian citizens to apply for the Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai Latvia visa. Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai Address:
Shanghai Hai Tong Securities Building, 689 Canton Road, 28th Floor, # 2811,
Tel :0086 -021-63411003, 63411005,63411007
Fax :0086 -021-63410574
E-mail: mission.shg @

Entry, transit visa once, twice and many of the points.

2, the application needs to pull the Latvian Embassy visa filing:
Schengen Business Visa
• The applicant has signed visa application form (download the visa form);
• a white background photograph (35 mm X45 mm);
• Passport (valid at least more than pull a visa to stay in Japan to be more than three months), including originals and copies of all the personal information page and visa page in the past;
• The Latvian Office of Citizenship and Immigration Ministry of the Interior approved the invitation letter (valid for 6 months);
• Chinese companies and pull the original letter of introduction or English translation (note address, telephone / fax numbers, positions and salaries of visa applicants, the time in the company, went to pull business purposes), to be signed and stamped with company seal ;
• China’s business license and a copy of the original, translated into English or Latin language;
• valid travel health insurance (full insurance minimum sum insured is € 30,000, travel full force to bear to ensure that emergency medical treatment costs, as well as visitors to return for medical reasons, or place of permanent residence arising from the costs associated with death), original + 1 copies.
Download: Schengen Embassy recognized travel medical insurance can provide a list of companies
• Round trip air ticket bookings;
• the original account and copy;
• Original and photocopy of identity card;
• visa fee 650 yuan.
Schengen private business / visit visa
• The applicant has signed visa application form * (Download visa application form);
• a white background photograph (35 mm X45 mm);
• Passport (valid at least more than pull a visa to stay in Japan to be more than 3 months), including originals and copies of all the personal information page and visa page in the past;
• The Latvian Office of Citizenship and Immigration Ministry of the Interior approved the invitation letter (valid for 6 months);
• proof of financial income (last six months the list of banks or bank transfer the original document);
• proof of relationship or marriage certificate notarized documents (files to be translated into English, and to provide original and photocopy);
• Latin or English with a written letter from the employer, the applicant name, title, agreed to limit their travel and indicate their salary. Letter must be marked on the address, telephone, fax number, and affix the company or the school seal.
• Minors traveling: issued by both parents or English with a Latin letter written consent (each notary office to the embassy to submit written documents). If the parents divorce, a divorce certificate and custody are required to submit proof of the original, to be translated into Latin or English.
• valid travel health insurance (full insurance minimum sum insured is € 30,000, travel full force to bear to ensure that emergency medical treatment costs, as well as visitors to return for medical reasons or country of permanent residence arising upon the occurrence of death related expenses), the original + 1 copies.
Download: Schengen Embassy recognized travel medical insurance can provide a list of companies *
• Round trip air ticket reservation form;
• account of the (original and photocopy);
• ID card (original and photocopy);
• Visa fee – 650 yuan.
3, Special Note:
• the visa officer the right to require the applicant to provide additional information and documents;
• the visa process normally takes 14 – 21 working days;
• if they are refused, the visa application fee is not refundable;
• by e-mail embassy.china @ or call 64333863 for a visa appointment, must provide the number of invitations;
Latvia Embassy Information:
Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing No. 1, Jialin Jialin Jia Garden Villa 71, Postal Code 100 016;
Phone: 64333863;
Fax: 64333810;
E-mail: embassy.china @;
Embassy website:;
Consular office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30-11:30 am;
• Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website news release, according to “facilitate the decision of third-country transit Latvia”, since December 1, 2006 onwards, Schengen countries and other new EU countries into the visa and residence permit, or Liechtenstein and Switzerland The residence permit, without a visa for Latvia, transit and stay in the pull no more than 5 days.
• Since May 1, 2003 onwards, pull the EU ACQUIS COMMUNAUTAIRE standards of the “Immigration Law” and relevant laws and regulations to take effect. Republic of China passport holders to apply for pulling a visa to enter Latvia; hold Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region passport may enter Latvia visa, maximum stay of 90 days.
• “Immigration Law” also stipulates that foreigners holding valid visas to enter Latvia, within six months (January-June and July-December) a maximum stay of 90 days; holding long-term visa or residence permit for foreigners in six months stay within 90 days.

Second, customs quarantine
Since July 1, 2006, the pull side implementation of the new immigration reporting system to carry cash. Where more than 10,000 euros in cash to carry out the customs border by the European Union should be declared, here referred to cash, including bank notes, coins, checks, promissory notes and other financial instruments.
Latvian Customs prohibited the following items:
• a variety of military weapons and spare parts, ammunition, explosives and similar articles, special chemicals and the use of tools (except tear gas cylinder cans);
• powder guns, shotguns, gas pistols (revolvers) and ammunition. Latvia Ministry of the Interior National Police Administration approval to carry those who leave the exception, Tel :00371 -67,075,258;
• opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana and other addictive drugs, psychotropic substances, the State Department approved medical leave to carry those exceptions, Tel :00371 -67,507,252;
• a variety of pornography;
• alcohol.
Third, the residence for naturalization
More stringent immigration policy in Latvia, foreigners can invest, employment, learning and marriage, etc. to obtain a permanent residence permit or pull on a regular basis. See “Latvian immigration laws.”

1, nationality and immigration policies:
• Latin Latvian citizens do not recognize dual nationality. If under the relevant national law, citizens were also identified as pulling the country’s citizens, but is still recognized as legally pull pull citizens.
• both parents are Chinese citizens, even if born in the pull, I pull at birth and can not get citizenship, I need to apply for a Chinese embassy in La passport, residence permit and then pull the handle.
Everyone according to his will, through the naturalization of the procedures to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Latvia. Legally registered in the pull and meet the following conditions may apply Jiaru La nationality:
• Since May 4, 1990 to the date of submission of application for naturalization, to settle in the pull of not less than 5 years (after 1 July 1992 the applicant arrived in La settled, five-year period to obtain residence permits from the beginning from the date of calculation) persons;
• master the Latvian language;
• understand the “Constitution of the Republic of Latvia” and “natural and civil rights and obligations of the Basic Law”;
• Understand the Latvian national anthem and history;
• there is a legitimate source of income;
• swear allegiance to Latvia;
• who have renounced nationality and country of nationality in accordance with the law made before the return loss of nationality, citizenship certificate or proof of persons;
• not in the “Nationality Law” Article 11 limits the list of those.
Parent to pull citizens, other foreigners, I was born, meet the following conditions have pulled nationality:
• I was born in Latvia
Parents is a Latvian citizen, born in the pull may apply for and obtain Latvian citizenship;
Parent Latvia and Africa passport holders, their children born in Latin may apply for and obtain Latvia and Africa passport. However, the application should be submitted issued by the embassies of the children did not join the nationality certificate.
• I was born in a foreign country
Both of their parents or live with the party in settlement of its birth in Latvia.
Jia Rula nationality provisions to be adopted by the Latvian government level test. Achieve proficiency in Latvian standards:
• be able to fully understand the nature of social and official information;
• fluent talk, talk and answer questions daily life;
• read fluently and understand the daily life of any description, tips, and other social aspects of the text;
• a written reply to the Committee’s examination of daily life issues;
• access to educational institutions in Latvia in early, middle and high education are exempt pull language test.
See “Latvian nationality.”

2, foreign residence policy and related procedures:
Bid documents shall be required to pull a residence permit to the applicant personally pull the overseas diplomatic or consular representative bodies to submit. In the pull aliens residence permit extension of the bid documents should pull Nationality and Immigration Affairs Office of the submission.
How to apply for residence permit:
Residence permits of foreigners in the Republic of Latvia is authorized period of residence (temporary residence permit) or permanent residence (permanent residence) of the file. To work in Latin, students who must apply for a residence permit before arriving pull.
Before submitting the relevant documents, shall pull to the side invited Latvia Office of Citizenship and Immigration approval invitations, pulling track will approve immigration approval number issued to embassies, embassy residence visas issued pursuant to numbers.
Apply for a residence permit shall be transmitted to the Republic of Latvia basic documents:
• valid travel document;
• residence permit application form samples;
• two recent passport photos;
• X-ray fluorescence or proved;
• Civil affairs agencies or host country (for foreigners over 14 years old) issued no criminal record;
• a capacity to sustain livelihoods documents;
• place of residence in the Republic of Latvia to be supporting documents;
• have paid the state tax documents;
• service agreements or contracts or herbal companies;
Foreigners must apply for a residence permit required documents submitted by me to the Latvian embassies and consulates abroad. Foreigners have the right to Latvian, English, French, Russian and German residence permit application documents submitted. Documents issued abroad must be based on 5 October 1961 signed the “Hague Convention” oversight provisions are permitted by law or that, except as otherwise provided in international agreements. With the capacity to sustain livelihoods documents and proof of payment of state taxes from the date of issue within three months effective; in addition to the Registry files, court, files, records and proof of education beyond that, letters and other documents from the issuing of within 6 months from the date of effective.
Special Note: issued by domestic notary’s birth certificate, proof of no criminal certificate in English, should be sent to the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification, to the Latvian Embassy in certification before use in pull. Do not pull directly to the original certificate to use, I pulled in at the embassy can not be issued for domestic notary public certificate for authentication.
Reference website:
Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned the agency certified by:
* China Travel Service, Dongjiaominxiang 11, Tel :010 -65,593,748;
* Changhong Bridge Agency, Dongjiaominxiang 13, Tel: 010-65265278;
State taxes and visa fee must be paid before the submission of appropriate documentation;
Visa fee –30 LVL (480 RMB);
Invitation (invitation) related tax -10 lats (160 RMB);
Review of tax residence permit application documents:
– Citizenship and Immigration Office after receipt of the documents within 30 working days – 70 LVL (1120 RMB);
– Citizenship and Immigration Office after receipt of the documents within 10 working days – 120 LVL (1920 RMB);
– Citizenship and Immigration Office after receipt of the documents within 5 working days – 170 LVL (2720 RMB);
Be approved by the Office of Citizenship and Immigration, the foreigner shall be valid for 30 days to apply the long-term visa. Arrived in the Republic of Latvia, the alien shall be in person at the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs Foreigners Service Centre or regional offices to receive a residence permit.
Necessary, the responsible officials have the right to ask for additional information and documentation.
Related Sites
1, more information, see the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Home / en, and the Republic of Latvia Citizenship and Immigration Office Home / en
2, Latvia has a Service Center for Foreigners, receiving a residence permit and visa applications, inquiries and complaints.
Address: 1 J. Alunana Street, Riga
Tel :00371 -67,219,639
Information Tel :00371 -67612167 \ 67602136
3, LATVJAS INSTITUTS, the Latvian Institute is a non-profit organization whose mission is to disseminate information on Latvia’s overseas information. The Institute published in several languages ​​(including Chinese) publication, the content covers a variety of areas.
Address: Elizabetes iela, 57, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia;
Tel: (00371) 6750-3663;
Fax: (00371) 6750-3669;
The free copy of the information, distribution and references, only the data from the Latvian Institute, please specify. .
4, pull the Ministry of Interior National Police Administration of a 24-hour hotline, contact:
Viktors Klinge Major, phone 00371-29511718 (24-hour English hotline);
Andris Smocs commander, Tel :00371 -67219811, Mobile 00371-29544415 (Latin, Russian and basic English);
24 hours a day Tel :00371 -67,219,931 (Latin, Russian), Fax :00371 -67,519,903;
5, Latvia Tourism Bureau: / info.php;
6, the Latvian government:;
7, the Ministry of Welfare of Latvia Labor Supervision Bureau (State Labor Inspection):
Address: K. Valdemara street38, Riga, LV-1010,
Tel: 00371 –67,021,704, Fax :00371 -67,021,718,
Free Information Tel: 68008004,
8, La Hai Guan Department: Address: K. Valdemara 1a, Riga
Tel :00371 -67323858, Fax :00371 -6732244.
9, Riga International Airport: Tel :00371-1187 ,00371 -29,311,187,
10, translation and interpretation services: BALTIJA NS company, address RAINA 33-201, RIGA, phone 67210046; LINGVA SERVISS company, address GLEZNOTAJU 5, RIGA, telephone 67228993.
11, the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Immigration:
Address: Ciekurkalna 1, linija 1, K-3 Rīga LV-1026, Latvia,
Website: / en.

Fourth, customs and taboos
Latvia important festivals are:
New Year, January 1;
Easter, the end of March early April;
Lige Festival (Summer Solstice Festival), June 23 (LIGO) and Yani Si Festival, June 24 (JANIS);
Independence Day (National Day), November 18;
Christmas Day, December 25;
There are important anniversaries: the anniversary of the victims of World War II, May 8;
Anniversary of national hero and national defender, November 11.
Hockey is the national sport pull, pull in May 2006 Riga hosted the World Ice Hockey Championships.
Latvian introverted, reserved. Reticent man, women in social and family occupy an important position.

Latvian immigrants; Latvian legal description:
From July 1, 2010, the Latvian immigration laws, changes, through, as follows:
Buying property in Latvia, or deposits of foreigners, can immediately be valid for five years to the Schengen residence permit, the permit holder, spouse and not more than 18 years of age, free access to 25 to stay within the Schengen countries. Requirements:
In the capital Riga and other major cities, buying real estate, take the amount of not less than 10 million lats (about 140 million yuan)
Outside the major cities to buy real estate, take the amount of not less than 50 000 lats (about 70 million yuan).
5-year bank deposits and time deposits in Latvia, 30 million euros, or $ 400,000
Project advantages:
Background of the applicant property, does not require restrictions;
Approval of speed, only 1-3 months;
For the first time, will give five-year residence visa in Europe, five years later, you can sign or apply for permanent residence again postponed;
Latvian real estate market value is vast, and the applicant the possibility of loss of money is low;
Countries covered by more than a total of 25 Schengen countries, in all the Schengen countries and stay out of any.
TEXT: 0086-13901623260, ONLY

《Notes went to Latvia (Last Update: April 4, 2011)》有一个想法

  1. 安全与防范

    拉脱维亚银行网站 ,电话:67022300;
    CITAD ELE银行网站, 电话:67010000;
    NBRDEA 银行网站, 电话:67096096;

    地址:5 Skolas iela,Riga LV-1001
    儿童医院:电话: 67622997、67064499
         地址:45 Vienibas gatve,
         地址:NO.57, Elizabetes Str. 4floor, Riga, LV-1050
    Gailezers 医院:电话:00371-67042424
           地址:No.2, Hipokrata Str.Riga, LV-1038
    拉脱维亚-美国眼科中心(Latvian-American Eye Centre):
           地址:93 Tallinas iela   
    牙科门诊医院: 电话:67455586
    HTO 骨科医院: 电话:00371-67399300
            地址:22 Duntes street, Riga, LV-1005
              地址:Pilsonu 13, Riga, LV-1007
    特别提示:夏季进入拉脱维亚林区需预防蜱传性森林脑炎(forest encephalitis),该疾病是由森林脑炎病毒(RNA病毒)经硬蜱媒介所致自然疫源性急性中枢神经系统传染病。临床特征是突然高热、意识障碍,头痛、颈强、上肢与颈部及肩胛肌瘫痪,后遗症多见。森林脑炎病毒寄生于啮齿动物如松鼠、野鼠等血液中,通过吸血昆虫(蜱)媒介传播。进入有该病存在的森林地区时,被感染性蜱咬后,就可能受染,但大部分病人呈隐性感染或仅有轻微症状,只有一小部分出现明显症状。初次进入疫区的人应接种森林脑炎疫。在去森林之前15-20天,必须打第1针,之后过7-10天再打第2针,一共打2次。

    航运:拉脱维亚有里加、文茨皮尔斯、利耶帕亚3个国际机场,但大部分国际航班使用里加国际机场。波罗的海航空公司创建于1995年,是拉唯一的国际航空公司,国家占52.6%股份,拥有飞机34架,其中2架波音757-200,6架波音737-500飞机,8架波音737-300, 10架FOKKER 50飞机,2010年运送旅客300万人次,同比增长16%。2010年,里加国际机场乘客运输为466.3万人次,同比增长14.7%。运送货物12247吨,同比增长29.9%

    里加国际机场(Lidosta)位于里加市西南10公里,共有4个边防检查口。普通公交车22路行程30-35分钟,5:00-23:00期间每半小时一趟,票价0.7拉特/单程,直接向司机购票。若旅客携带标准行李箱上车,需为每个行李箱额外支付0.8拉特。旅客亦可在NARVESSON(7ELEVEN)便利店、街边报亭及公共汽车站售票厅购买电子票,面值分别为5、10、20拉特乘车卡,每次乘车只需0.5拉特。电子票还分5次、10次及20次, 分别为2.5、4.75及9拉特。乘出租车到市中心约需15-20分钟,车费约10拉特。

    里加中心火车站(Centrala Stacija)位于市中心,步行5-10分钟可达里加老城。内有餐厅、商店、外币兑换点和银行。4:00-1:00提供自助保存和行李托运服务。主厅内设有问询处。
    里加汽车站(Autoosta)与火车站相邻,乘7路有轨电车一站到达里加老城。5:00-24:00营运,5:30-23:00办理行李托运。问讯电话:90000009, 定票电话:90001111,汽车站网址。
    里加客运码头距市中心1.5公里,乘5、7、9路有轨电车两站到达市中心。可乘船到瑞典的斯德哥尔摩(Stockholm, )、德国的吕贝克(Lubeck, 00371-67349527, 67353523)和基尔(Kiel, 00371-67323730, 67323569)。
    Riga Taxi:00371-80001010;
    SMILE TAXI:00371-22577677。
    TEXT: 0086-13901623260, ONLY
    Safety and prevention
    First, law and order situation
    Latvian National Council, the overall stability, law and order in good condition, mostly non-violent crimes cases. Main forms of crime are pick-pocketing in public places, it is recommended passports, air tickets personal storage, and storage of important documents were copies. Computers, backpacks and other items not on the inside the car, should be placed in the car trunk. Chinese citizens have been attacked in the pull or stolen, it should be reported immediately to local police, and in a timely manner and I pull the Embassy for assistance.
    TEL :00371-02 local police,
    Chinese Embassy in Latvia Tel :00371 -26,189,539 leading security, 29,192,568.
    Second, natural disasters
    Snowy winter, travel delay, it is recommended to go to pull to avoid winter travel.
    Third, food hygiene
    Pull the implementation of EU food hygiene standards, supermarket food safety is guaranteed.
    Fourth, the emergency calls 11
    Fire: 01
    Police: 02
    Ambulance: 03
    Gas Service: 04
    Emergency call from mobile phone: 112
    Lost and Found to find and recruit leaders: 67,086,628
    Traffic accident: 67,377,000
    Drug Center: 67,042,473
    Information Desk: 1188, (pay phones, can access a variety of information)
    Directory assistance: 117, English, German, Russian and Latin language services,

    Prices and medical
    First, the property prices
    After Latvia regained independence in 1991, began at the Western model of economic reform, privatization and free market economy. Pull in 1999 was officially accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization. Pull the socio-economic development and stability, better living standards, mainly food products, fruits, etc. to import the main supply. In May 2004, after joining the EU pull a rapid increase in the price level.
    Local currency is the lats, more stable currency. 1 LVL ≈ 13 yuan.
    Major commodity reference price:
    1 liter of bottled mineral water, 0.5 LVL; 1 bottle 33cl of beer, 0.7 lats
    Non-alcoholic beverages meal LVL 5-10
    Latvia’s banks and currency exchange points rejected by the folds, worn, faded or pollution of dollars and other foreign currency, even if written with a very small writing will be rejected, or compromised converted into lats, and the only charge of $ 1990 issued .
    Payment: credit card and cash payment, the hotel does not accept visitors generally settled by bank transfer.
    Banking and financial services:
    Bank of Latvia website:, Tel: 67022300;
    CITAD ELE Bank website:, Tel: 67010000;
    NBRDEA Bank website:, Tel: 67096096;
    Airport and all cities, tourist attractions currency exchange points, can the euro, U.S. dollar to local currency. Tourist attractions in the general consumer can directly pay in euros and U.S. dollars.
    Second, insurance, medical
    Latvia in general no large-scale infectious disease, health condition is good. Information about infectious disease outbreaks see the WHO website
    There were 129 in 2010 pulled the country hospitals, 2007 clinics, doctors 7921, 1050 family doctors and hospital beds, 18 200. Dr. Wan Renyou 34 each, bed 78.1. Medical conditions were good, regular supply of medicines at reasonable prices. Strict regulation of drug sales, there must be a doctor prescription buy prescription drugs. Hospital’s medical separation, a doctor’s prescription, drugs be purchased at pharmacies.
    Latvia compulsory medical insurance, must stay in the drawing to purchase medical insurance. General health insurance premiums 20 months LVL, 40 LVL annual premium, the premium slightly more than 60 years of age difference. Insured 35.000 lats, including treatment costs 15,000 lats, affordable medical care and first aid expenses, repatriation costs serious illness and funeral expenses 5,000 15,000 lats LVL.

    Riga main hospital address and telephone number:
    Emergency visits Tel :00371 -67201003, 67201001,67201007
    ARS Clinic: Tel 00371-67201007
    Fax :00371 -67,288,767
    Address: 5 Skolas iela, Riga LV-1001
    Children’s Hospital: Tel: 67622997,67064499
    Address: 45 Vienibas gatve,
    Foreign Service medical center: Tel :00371 -67,229,942
    Fax :00371 -67,289,418
    Address: NO.57, Elizabetes Str. 4floor, Riga, LV-1050
    Gailezers Hospital: Tel :00371 -67,042,424
    Fax :00371 -67,536,466
    Address: No.2, Hipokrata Str.Riga, LV-1038
    Latvia – American Eye Center (Latvian-American Eye Centre):
    Phone: 67272257
    Address: 93 Tallinas iela
    Dental Clinic Hospital: Tel: 67455586
    HTO Orthopaedic Hospital: Tel :00371 -67,399,300
    Fax :00371 -67,392,348
    Address: 22 Duntes street, Riga, LV-1005
    What Stella Beijing University Hospital: Tel :00841 -67,611,412
    Address: Pilsonu 13, Riga, LV-1007
    Special Note: Summer into Latvia of forest need to prevent tick-borne encephalitis (forest encephalitis), the disease is a tick-borne encephalitis virus (RNA virus) vector caused by Ixodes natural foci of acute central nervous system diseases. Clinical characteristics of sudden high fever, disturbance of consciousness, headache, neck strength, neck and shoulder muscles with upper limb paralysis, sequelae common. Tick-borne encephalitis virus parasitic on rodents such as squirrels, voles and other blood, by blood-sucking insects (ticks) media communication. Into the existing forest areas have the disease when bitten by infected ticks, you may be infected, but most of the patients showed latent infection or only mild symptoms, only a small part of the obvious symptoms. The initial entry of people infected tick-borne encephalitis vaccine should be vaccinated. 15-20 days prior to the go to the forest, you must play the first needle, over 7-10 days after beating No. 2-pin, played a total of 2 times.

    Traffic and travel
    Shipping: Latvia, Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja three international airports, but most international flights Riga International Airport. Baltic Sea Airways was founded in 1995, is the only international airlines pull, the state accounted for 52.6% of the shares, with 34 aircraft, including two Boeing 737-500 Boeing 757-200,6 aircraft, eight Boeing 737-300 , 10 FOKKER 50 aircraft in 2010, transporting 23 million passengers, an increase of 16%. In 2010, Riga International Airport passenger transport for the 4.663 million passengers, up 14.7%. Delivery of goods 12,247 tons, an increase of 29.9%
    Riga International Airport is now settled in the 19 airlines, flights to 82 countries and regions. There are direct flights to Moscow, London, Manchester, Stuttgart, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Prague, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kiev, Odessa , Minsk, Tashkent, Istanbul and other places of international flights. Finnair flights from Riga by transfer from Helsinki up to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, by Aeroflot flight from Moscow to transfer up to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, the other is also available from Frankfurt, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen and other places transit .

    Riga International Airport (Lidosta) is located 10 km southwest of Riga, a total of four border inspection ports. Ordinary buses 22 road trip 30-35 minutes ,5:00-23: 00 every half hour during the trip, the fare 0.7 LVL / one-way, direct ticket to the driver. If the standard luggage carried by passengers on the train, must pay an additional 0.8 for each suitcase LVL. Visitors can also NARVESSON (7ELEVEN) convenience stores, street kiosks and bus station ticket hall to buy e-tickets in denominations of 10, 20 LVL travel cards, only 0.5 lats per ride. E-tickets also five times, 10 times and 20 times, respectively, 2.5,4.75 and 9 lats. Taxi to the city center takes about 15-20 minutes, fare about 10 lats.
    Riga Airport Information :00371 -29,311,187
    Riga airport website:
    Baltic airlines:
    Rui Naier airlines

    Rail: In 2009, total length of 2206.3 km rail pull, in which 257 km electrified railway in 2009, 53.7 million tons cargo, an increase of 4.2%. The amount of 21,555,000 passenger trips, down 19%. Up by international train from Riga and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia, Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa, and by Lithuania and Poland to Berlin, Germany and other places. Domestic routes connecting major cities. Domestic and international routes are running on time, reasonable price, safe condition. No border and customs station, the train to the border immigration and customs checks. Book tickets phone :00371 -67,231,181 International, schedule inquiries:
    Riga Central Station (Centrala Stacija) located in the center, 5-10 minutes walk from Old Town dariga. There are restaurants, shops, currency exchange points and banks. 4:00-1:00 self-preservation and to provide baggage service. Main hall with information desk.
    Highways: total length of 20,227 km national highway. As of January 2011, 113,100 vehicles were registered, 742,400 cars, 10,600 passenger cars, motorcycles 25100. 2005, road freight 51,500,000 tons, 214 million passenger trips.
    Riga Bus Station (Autoosta) and adjacent to the railway station, take tram stop 7 to dariga Old Town. 5:00-24:00 operating ,5:30-23: 00 for baggage. Information Tel: 90000009, will be tickets Tel: 90001111, bus station site:
    By international bus can go to Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Tallinn, Vilnius, Paris, London and other places. International bus good condition, mostly for two drivers in shifts, the overall security operation, but poor road conditions in winter snow, accident-prone. Time lines and transportation companies website details:
    Tel :00371 -67,214,080;
    Fax :00371 -67,503,134.
    Tel :00371 -67,274,444;
    Fax :00371 -67,844,222.
    Water: River route length of 350 km. Main harbor there Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja. 2005 port throughput of 60.04 million tons, an increase of 4.4%, the Chinese port throughput of 29.86 million tons Ventspils, Riga port throughput of 24.43 million tons, Liepaja port throughput of 4.51 million tons, and the remaining 124 port throughput million tons.
    Riga Passenger Terminal downtown 1.5 km tram two stops by 5,7,9 city center. By boat to Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm,, Germany’s Luebeck (Lubeck, 00371-67349527, 67353523) and Kiel (Kiel, 00371-67323730, 67323569).
    City traffic
    Latvia is Europe’s per capita accident rate and one of the highest traffic accident death rates, so pull the Government to take stringent measures to punish drunk driving, a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment. Day and night, driving lights must be open.
    Riga city public transport system includes buses, trams and trolley buses. Daily 5:30-00:30 operation, part of the line 22:30 outage. On the train tickets, fares 0.7 lats. Each station has run schedules, run-time off-peak hours.
    Taxi empty green light, starting from LVL 1.5, 0.5 LVL / km. 24-hour free car phone set:
    Riga Taxi :00371-80001010;
    TAXI.LV :00371-80009922;
    SMILE TAXI :00371-22577677.

    Drošība un profilakse
    Pirmkārt, likumības un kārtības stāvokļa
    Latviešu Nacionālā Padome, vispārējo stabilitāti, likuma varu un kārtību labā stāvoklī, pārsvarā ne-vardarbīgiem noziegumiem gadījumos. Galvenais noziedzības formas tiek pick-Kabatas sabiedriskās vietās, ir ieteicams, pases, aviobiļetes personas glabāšanai un svarīgu dokumentu uzglabāšanu kopijas. Datori, mugursomas un citi nevis salonā, jāievieto bagāžniekā. Ķīnas iedzīvotāji ir uzbruka pull vai nozagta, par to jāziņo nekavējoties vietējo policiju, un savlaicīgi, un es pull vēstniecībā pēc palīdzības.
    TEL :00371-02 vietējo policiju,
    Ķīnas vēstniecības Latvija Tel: 00.371 -26.189.539 vadošo drošības, 29.192.568.
    Otrkārt, dabas katastrofas
    Sniegotā ziema, ceļojumu aizkavēšanos, ir ieteicams doties, lai vilktu, lai izvairītos no ziemas ceļa.
    Treškārt, pārtikas higiēnu
    Pull īstenojot ES pārtikas higiēnas standarti, lielveikalu pārtikas drošumu.
    Ceturtkārt, zvani neatliekamās palīdzības dienestiem 11
    Fire: 01
    Policija: 02
    Ātrā palīdzība: 03
    Gāzes dienests: 04
    Ārkārtas zvanu no mobilā tālruņa: 112
    Lost and Found atrast un pieņemt darbā vadītājus: 67.086.628
    Satiksmes negadījums: 67.377.000
    Drug centrs: 67.042.473
    Informācija Desk: 1188, (maksas tālruņiem, var piekļūt dažādiem informācijas)
    Direktorija palīdzība: 117, angļu, vācu, krievu un latīņu valodu pakalpojumus,

    Cenas un medicīnas
    Pirmkārt, nekustamā īpašuma cenas
    Pēc tam, kad Latvija atguva neatkarību 1991.gadā, sākās Rietumu modelis ekonomikas reformu, privatizācijas un brīvā tirgus ekonomiku. Pull 1999.gadā tika oficiāli apstiprināts par Pasaules Tirdzniecības organizācijā. Pull sociāli ekonomisko attīstību un stabilitāti, dzīves līmeņa, galvenokārt pārtikas produkti, augļi, utt, lai importētu pievadā. 2004.gada maijā, pēc iestāšanās ES pull strauju cenu līmeņa.
    Vietējā valūta ir lati, stabilāku valūtu. 1 LVL ≈ 13 juaņa.
    Galvenās preču salīdzināmā cena:
    1 litru pudelēs minerālūdeni, 0,5 LVL; 1 pudele 33cl alus, 0,7 lati
    Bezalkoholiskie dzērieni, maltītes LVL 50-10
    Latvija bankas un valūtas maiņas punktos noraidījusi krokām, nodilušas izbalējis vai dolāru, un citi ārvalstu valūtas piesārņojums, pat ja raksta ar ļoti mazu rakstīšanas tiks noraidīti, vai pavājinātas pārrēķinātu latos, un tikai maksas par 1990 $ izdots .
    Apmaksa: kredītkartes un maksājumu skaidrā naudā, viesnīca nepieņem apmeklētājus parasti norēķinās ar bankas pārskaitījumu.
    Banku un finanšu pakalpojumiem:
    Bankas Latvija mājas lapā:, Tel: 67022300;
    CITAD ELE Bankas mājas lapā:, Tel: 67010000;
    NBRDEA Bankas mājas lapā:, Tel: 67096096;
    Lidostu un visās pilsētās, tūrisma objektiem valūtas maiņas punkti, var eiro, ASV dolāru, lai vietējā valūtā. Tūrisma objektus, vispārējā patērētāju var tieši maksāt eiro un ASV dolāros.
    Otrkārt, apdrošināšanas, medicīnas
    Latvija kopumā nav liela mēroga infekcijas slimības, veselības stāvoklis ir labs. Informācija par infekcijas slimību uzliesmojumiem skatīt PVO tīmekļa vietni
    Tur bija 129 2010 velk valsts slimnīcas, 2007 klīnikas, ārsti 7921, 1050 ģimenes ārstiem un slimnīcu gultām, ir 18 200. Dr Wan Renyou 34 katra, gultas 78.1. Medical apstākļi bija labi, regulāru piegādi zāles par pieņemamām cenām. Stingrs regulējums narkotiku pārdošanu, ir jābūt ārsta recepti iegādāties recepšu medikamentus. Slimnīcas medicīniskā nodalīšanu, ārsta receptes, zāles var iegādāties aptiekās.
    Latvija obligātā medicīniskā apdrošināšana, ir jāatrodas zīmējuma iegādāties medicīniskās apdrošināšanas polise. Vispārējā veselības apdrošināšanas prēmijas 20 mēnešu LVL, 40 LVL gada piemaksu, prēmiju nedaudz vairāk kā 60 gadu vecuma starpība. Apdrošinātā 35,000 latu, tai skaitā ārstēšanas izmaksas 15.000 latu apmērā, pieejamu veselības aprūpi un pirmās palīdzības izdevumus, repatriācijas izmaksām nopietnas slimības un bēru izdevumus 5000 15.000 latu LVL.

    Rīgas galvenās slimnīcas adrese un tālruņa numurs:
    Neatliekamas vizītes Tel: 00371 -67201003, 67201001,67201007
    ARS klīnika: Tel 00371-67201007
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.288.767
    Adrese: 5 Skolas iela, Rīga, LV-1001
    Bērnu slimnīca: Telefons: 67622997,67064499
    Adrese: 45 Vienības gatve,
    Ārlietu dienests medicīnas centrs: Tel: 00.371 -67.229.942
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.289.418
    Adrese: NO.57, Elizabetes iela 4floor, Rīga, LV-1050.
    Gaiļezera slimnīca: Tel: 00.371 -67.042.424
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.536.466
    Adrese: No.2, Hipokrāta Str.Riga, LV-1038
    Latvija – Amerikas Acu centrs (Latvijas-Amerikas acu centrs):
    Tālrunis: 67272257
    Adrese: 93 Tallinas iela
    Zobārstniecības klīnika slimnīca: Tel: 67455586
    HTO ortopēdijas slimnīca: Tel: 00.371 -67.399.300
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.392.348
    Adrese: 22 Duntes iela, Rīga, LV-1005
    Kas Stella Pekinas universitātes slimnīca: Tel: 00.841 -67.611.412
    Adrese: Pilsoņu 13, Rīga, LV-1007
    Īpaša piezīme: Vasaras stājas Latvija mežu nepieciešamību novērst ērču encefalītu (meža encefalīts), slimība ir ērču encefalīta vīruss (RNS vīruss) vektors, ko izraisa Ixodes dabas perēkļu akūtas centrālās nervu sistēmas slimības. Klīniskais raksturojums pēkšņa augsta temperatūra, apziņas, galvassāpes, kakla spēku, kakla un plecu muskuļus ar augšējo ekstremitāšu paralīzi, komplikācijas bieži traucējumi. Ērču encefalīta vīruss parazitāras grauzējiem, piemēram, vāveres, Grauzēji un citām ar asinīm, asins nepieredzējis kukaiņi (ērces) mediju komunikāciju. Into esošās meža platības ir slimība, kad iekoda inficēto ērču, jums var būt inficēts, bet lielākā daļa pacientu bija latenta saslimšana vai tikai vieglus simptomus, tikai neliela daļa no pamanāmas. Sākt par cilvēku ir inficēti ar ērču encefalītu vakcīna jāvakcinē. 15-20 dienas pirms doties uz mežu, jums ir spēlēt pirmās adatas, pa 7-10 dienas pēc pukstēšana Nr.2-pin, spēlēja kopā 2 reizes.

    Satiksmes un ceļa
    Piegāde: Latvija, Rīgas, Ventspils, Liepāja trīs starptautiskās lidostas, bet lielākā daļa starptautisko lidojumu starptautiskajā lidostā Rīga. Baltijas jūra Airways tika dibināta 1995.gadā, ir vienīgais starptautisko aviosabiedrību pull, valsts veidoja 52,6% akciju, ar 34 gaisa kuģi, ieskaitot 737-500 divas Boeing Boeing 757-200,6 lidmašīnu, 737-300, astoņas Boeing , 50 10 Fokker Aircraft in 2010, transportēšanu 23.000.000 pasažieru, pieaugums par 16%. In 2010, Rīgas lidostā pasažieru pārvadāšanas 4.663.000 pasažieru, kas ir 14,7%. Preču piegāde 12.247 tonnas, kas ir par 29,9%
    Starptautiskā lidosta Rīga ir iedzīvojies 19 aviokompānijas, lidojumi uz 82 valstīm un reģioniem. Ir tiešie lidojumi uz Maskavu, Londonu, Mančestru, Štutgarte, Vīne, Parīze, Roma, Milāna, Frankfurte, Dublina, Minhene, Brisele, Stokholmas, Helsinku, Kopenhāgenas, Varšavā, Telavivā, Prāgā, Tallinā, Viļņā, Kijevā, Odesā , Minska, Taškentu, Stambulu un citām vietām ar starptautiskajiem lidojumiem. Finnair lidojumu no Rīgas ar pārskaitījumu no Helsinkiem līdz Pekinas, Šanhajas, Guandžou, Honkonga, ko no Maskavas Aeroflot lidojumu uz nodošanas līdz Pekinā, Šanhajā un Honkongā, kas ir pieejama arī no Frankfurtes, Vīnes, Stokholmas, Kopenhāgenas un citām vietām tranzīta .

    Rīgas starptautiskā lidosta (Lidosta) atrodas 10 km uz dienvidrietumiem no Rīgas, kopā četras robežkontroles ostās. Parastā autobusi 22 izbraucienā 30-35 minūtes ,5:00-23: 00 katru pusstundu, ceļojuma laikā, maksa 0,7 LVL / vienā virzienā, tieši biļete uz vadītāja. Ja standarta bagāžas pārvadā pasažieri vilcienā, ir jāmaksā papildu 0,8 par katru čemodānu LVL. Apmeklētāji var arī NARVESSON (7ELEVEN) kioskiem, ielu kioskus un autoostas biļešu zāle iegādāties e-biļetes ar nominālvērtību 10, 20 LVL ceļojumu kartes, tikai 0,5 lati par ride. E-biļetes arī piecas reizes, 10 reizes un 20 reizes lielāka par 2.5,4.75 un 9 latus. Taxi līdz pilsētas centram ir apmēram 15-20 minūtes, maksa apmēram 10 latu.
    Rīgas lidosta Informācija: 00.371 -29.311.187
    Rīgas lidosta mājas lapā:
    Baltic aviokompānijas:
    Rui Naier aviosabiedrībām

    Rail: In 2009, kopējais garums ir 2206,3 km dzelzceļa pull, kurā 257 km elektrificēti dzelzceļa, kravu 53.700.000 tonnu 2009, pieaugums par 4,2%. Summa 21.555.000 pasažieru braucieniem, kas ir 19%. To starptautisko vilcienu no Rīgas un Sanktpēterburgā, Maskavā, Krievijā, Ukrainā, Kijevā un Odesā, kā arī Lietuvu un Poliju uz Berlīni, Vācijā un citās vietās. Iekšzemes maršrutiem, kas savieno lielākās pilsētas. Iekšzemes un starptautiskajos maršrutos darbojas uz laiku, pieņemamu cenu, drošu stāvokli. Nav robežu un muitas stacijā, vilciens uz robežas imigrācijas un muitas pārbaudēm. Rezervēt biļetes tālrunis: 00.371 -67.231.181 International, grafika uzziņām:
    Rīgas Centrālajā stacijā (Centrala Stacija), kas atrodas centrā, 5-10 minūšu gājiena attālumā no Vecpilsētas dariga. Ir restorāni, veikali, valūtas maiņas punkti un bankas. 4:00-01:00 pašsaglabāšanās un sniegt bagāžas pakalpojumu. Galvenā zāle ar informācijas centrs.
    Automaģistrālēm: kopējais garums 20.227 km valsts autoceļu. Sākot ar 2011, 113.100 transportlīdzekļi tiktu reģistrēti, 742.400 automobiļu, 10.600 vieglajiem automobiļiem, motocikliem 25.100. 2005, kravas autotransporta 51.500.000 tonnas, 214 miljonus pasažieru braucieniem.
    Rīgas autoostas (autoosta), un blakus dzelzceļa stacijai, ņem tramvaja pietura 7 līdz dariga Old Town. 5:00-24:00 darbojas ,5:30-23: 00 par bagāžu. Informācija Tel: 90000009, būs biļetes Tel: 90001111, autoostas site:
    Ar starptautiskās satiksmes autobusiem var doties uz Maskavu, Kijevu, Minsku, Tallinu, Viļņu, Parīzē, Londonā un citās vietās. Starpvalstu autobusi labā stāvoklī, pārsvarā uz diviem vadītājiem maiņās, kopējās drošības naudas, bet slikti ceļa apstākļi ziemā sniega, neuzmanīgums. Laika līnijas un transporta uzņēmumiem mājas lapas informāciju:
    Tel: 00371 -67.214.080;
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.503.134.
    Tel: 00371 -67.274.444;
    Fakss: 00.371 -67.844.222.
    Ūdens: River maršruta garumu 350 km. Galvenā osta ir Ventspils, Rīgas un Liepājas. Ostas apgrozījuma 2005.gadā kā 60.040.000 tonnu, kas ir par 4,4%, Ķīnas ostas caurlaides 29.860.000 tonnu Ventspils, Rīgas ostas caurlaides 24.430.000 tonnu, Liepājas ostas caurlaides 4.510.000 tonnu, un atlikušie 124 ostas apgrozījuma miljoni tonnu.
    Rīgas Pasažieru termināls centra 1,5 km tramvaja divas pieturas ar 5,7,9 pilsētas centrā. Ar laivu, Stokholma, Zviedrija (Stokholma,, Vācijas Lībeka (Lubeck, 00.371-67.349.527, 67.353.523) un Kiel (Ķīles, 00.371-67.323.730, 67.323.569).
    Pilsētas satiksmē
    Latvija ir Eiropas vienu iedzīvotāju nelaimes gadījumu skaits un augstākais satiksmes negadījuma nāves likmēm, lai pull valdību veikt stingrākus pasākumus, lai sodītu transportlīdzekļa vadīšanu dzērumā, maksimālais sods par sešiem mēnešiem ieslodzījumā. Dienu un nakti, braukšanas gaismas ir jābūt atvērtai.
    Rīgas pilsētas sabiedriskā transporta sistēma ietver autobusu, tramvaju un trolejbusu. Daily 5:30-0:30 darbību, daļu no līnijas 22:30 nobirums. Par vilciena biļetes, maksu 0,7 lati. Katra stacija ir darbojies grafikus, izpildes laika off-pīķa stundās.
    Taxi tukšs zaļā gaisma, sākot no 1,5 Ls, 0,5 Ls / km. 24 stundu bezmaksas auto tālrunis set:
    Rīga Taxi :00371-80.001.010;
    TAXI.LV :00371-80.009.922;
    SMILE TAXI :00371-22.577.677.
    TEKSTS: 0086-13901623260, TIKAI
    TEXT: 0086-13901623260, ONLY