Stories of hope Gary Edson 于 2012年01月13日 06:10 (星期五) 发给 George Chen。完整信息

Stories of hope Gary Edson 于 2012年01月13日 06:10 (星期五) 发给 George Chen。完整信息
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Hello George Chen,

In the two years since Haiti’s devastating earthquake, we’ve introduced you to many inspirational stories of hope and recovery.

There’s Jerry Joseph, who is using his IT training from Inveneo, one of our grantees, to provide technical support in his town. There is Almiracle Saint-Fort, entrepreneur and co-founder of Global Home and Office Smart, who kept his business alive after the earthquake by temporarily operating the store out of containers until a new improved facility could be built and stocked using our funds . And there’s Onel Bazelais, an artisan supported by HAND/EYE, who proudly exclaimed, “I have only just begun my work for my country.”

These individuals are the embodiment of progress and strength. We must work together to help Haiti rebuild its own country.

Today, on the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti, donate to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to help Haitians rebuild their own country.

I know you’ve read about the work our programs are doing: the transition from providing disaster relief to creating the building blocks for sustained recovery; the $36 million committed that leverages an additional $110 million for Haiti; and the thousands of jobs created in 2011.

Your support means so much more than just dollars and cents. It means Jerry can use his salary to send his son to school, so he too can build a future for himself. It gives Onel the chance to channel his creativity into goods the world will see. It helps enable Almiracle to open an even better office and home supply store which in turn helps Haiti’s other small businesses work more effectively.

We work for stories like these, George Chen. Stories that seemed impossible only two years ago.

Make a contribution to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund today, and stay tuned for information on the lives you are changing in 2012.

Espwa fe viv — hope brings life.

Warm regards,

Gary Edson
Chief Executive Officer
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund


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