UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon began his second term, need a good way to learn French President Nicolas Sarkozy said … governance of the world; is the time!

South Pacific island of Fiji Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama
United Nations Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Amos
UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, head of Cobb Lyle (Martin Kobler)
Round of UN Security Council presidency, Permanent Representative of South Africa Sang Song (Baso Sangqu)
柯珮玲 Bank Asia-Pacific region as new Vice President, January 4, 2012
From the United States 柯珮玲 (Pamela Cox) has recently been appointed as World Bank President Robert Zoellick for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Vice President, responsible for leading the Bank’s East Asia policy advice and lending business and middle-income countries, the World Bank and strategic cooperation.
UN Secretary-General Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer (Alexander Downer)
Greek Cypriot leader Demetris Christofias (Dimitris Christofias)
Turkish leaders of the Herault Kangaroo (Dervis Eroglu)
Lisa • United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Southern Sudan Grande (Lise Grande)
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon began his second term, need a good way to learn French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the world’s treatment of the …
Ban Ki-moon congratulated WFP Executive Director Sheeran will serve as Vice Chairman World Economic Forum, January 3, 2012, the World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Sheeran (Josette Sheeran)

Hong Kong’s Sing Tao Daily reported that, German President Wulff was exposed last month, had personally threatened Germany’s largest newspaper called “pictorial diagram” of the editor, claiming that, if he has low interest loans to buy property the exposure will be cut off and newspaper publishers, all transactions and to take legal action, criminal prosecution.
“Illustrated map” proved it was true. Wulff (Christian Wulff) had a private friend to borrow money to buy property concerned, has already lead to public criticism, once again become a “flak.”
German media reports, Wulff on  “Figure Illustrated” editor in chief of the phone voice mail message that if they dared to make this the newspapers, will cut off all contact with newspaper publishers, and will take legal action.
Message dated December 12, the “map Illustrated” exposed Wulff borrowed 50 million Euros (more than HK $ 5 million) to buy a house the day before.

Committee appointed by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a report published book, first proposed increase in state salary performance bonus, salaries of the political leaders of Singapore and the living standards of low-income citizens in the link.
After seven months of discussion, political office salary review committee recommended: the abolition of the pension caused much controversy, and the premier annual salary by 36%, to $ 2.2 million annual salary of the President by 51% to $ 15.4 million, junior minister salary standard, compared with 2010 was reduced by 37% to 110 million.
The committee appointed by the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the published report, first proposed salary increase national performance bonuses, salaries and the political leaders of the living standards of low-income citizens in the link.
If you do not include the pension factor, junior minister’s salary was cut 31% salary cut 28% of the Prime Minister.
Salary Review Committee recommended to political office: Singapore President’s salary from more than 300 million in 2010, by 51% to 154 million.

Currency exchange
1 yuan = .2042 Yuan Singapore Dollar
1 Singapore dollar = 4.8970 yuan per

U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Newland (Victoria Nuland) on January 3, the news reporter said the Syrian government is far from fulfilling its League of Arab States (Arab League) commitments, including, termination of the violent attacks on peaceful demonstrators and the release of political prisoners.

Newland (Victoria Nuland) said that the League of Arab States, from about 300 monitors, is now in Syria, this is after months of political demonstrations, at least 5,000 civilians were killed after Syria, 巴沙尔阿萨Germany (Bashar al-Assad) regime reached an agreement with the League of Arab States an element.

Newland (Victoria Nuland) pointed out that, although since December, supervisors had been in Syria, but “much violence did not stop.” She said: “According to independent observers we get from the report, since December 31 have been about 49 deaths,” most of which died of the Syrian security forces, snipers and other Assad regime loyalist hands. Newland (Victoria Nuland) said that in some places, “uniformed military person, to cover up their acts.”

Newland (Victoria Nuland) pointed out that the Syrian government promised to release all political prisoners, “including the release of political prisoners, the highest level,” but, so far, only releasing a limited number of people, and not allowed the supervisor to enter the League of Arab States Some prisons and other parts of Syria.

Newland (Victoria Nuland) said: “The Assad regime is much less than it agreed to comply with the standards of violence continue to occur, and … most of the violence created by the regime.”

According to press reports, the Arab League foreign ministers will be held on January 7 meeting in Cairo to discuss a preliminary report of the Monitoring Group will decide whether to continue the surveillance actions. Newland (Victoria Nuland) said that the Obama administration sent for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey (Jeffrey Feltman) before the meeting at the League of Arab States and Arab countries, diplomatic officials. She said: “If we continue to advance this initiative, we support them to ensure their credibility and effectiveness of the effort. And … we are with them in close contact.”

Newland (Victoria Nuland) that can take advantage of some Syrians in the Syrian Arab League supervisor provided during the relative safety of the situation, took to the streets to express their views and to the Assad regime that “they want change.”

However, Newland (Victoria Nuland) also expressed serious concern in some cases, because Assad “regime issued a fraudulent report that supervisor came, demonstrators took to the streets, and then they shot them.”
联合国秘书长伊拉克事务特别代表、联合国驻伊拉克援助团负责人科布莱尔(Martin Kobler)
联合国安理会轮职主席、南非常驻联合国代表桑曲(Baso Sangqu)
来自美国的柯珮玲(Pamela Cox)日前被世界银行行长佐利克任命为负责东亚与太平洋地区事务的副行长,负责领导世行在东亚地区的政策咨询和贷款业务以及世行与中等收入国家的战略合作。
UN秘书长塞浦路斯问题特别顾问唐纳(Alexander Downer)
塞浦路斯希腊族领导人赫里斯托菲亚斯(Dimitris Christofias)
土耳其族领导人埃罗格卢(Dervis Eroglu)
联合国南苏丹人道主义协调员莉莎•格兰德(Lise Grande)
潘基文祝贺粮食署执行主任希兰即将担任世界经济论坛副主席,  2012年1月3日,世界粮食计划署执行主任希兰(Josette Sheeran)

香港星岛日报报道,德国总统武尔夫被揭上月曾亲自打电话威吓德国最大报《 图画报》的总编辑,声称,倘若他以超低利率贷款买楼的事件曝光,将会断绝与报社出版商所有往来,以及采取法律行动,追究刑事责任。
《 图画报》已证实真有其事。武尔夫(Christian Wulff)曾私下向友人借钱买楼一事,早已招致舆论批评,再度成为“箭靶”。
德国传媒报道,武尔夫对《 图画报》总编辑手机的语音信箱留言说,要是他们胆敢让此事见报,就会切断与报社出版商所有往来,并会采取法律行动。
留言日期为12月12日,即《 图画报》踢爆武尔夫借了50万欧罗(逾五百万港元)买房的前一天。



美国国务院发言人维多利亚·纽兰(Victoria Nuland )于1月3日对新闻记者说,叙利亚政府远未履行其对阿拉伯国家联盟(Arab League)的承诺,包括,终止对和平示威者的暴力攻击和释放政治犯。

纽兰(Victoria Nuland )说,来自阿拉伯国家联盟的约300名监督员,现已在叙利亚,这是在经过数月的政治示威,至少5,000名叙利亚平民被杀害之后,巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权与阿拉伯国家联盟达成协议的一项内容。

纽兰(Victoria Nuland )指出,尽管自12月以来,监督员就已经在叙利亚,但是“暴力远远没有停止”。她说:“根据我们从独立观察员那里得到的报告,自12月31日以来又有大约49人死亡,”其中大部分死于叙利亚安全部队、阻击手和其他阿萨德政权效忠者之手。纽兰(Victoria Nuland )说,在有些地方,“军人身穿警服,目的是掩盖他们的勾当。”

纽兰(Victoria Nuland )指出,叙利亚政府答应全部释放政治犯,“包括释放最高层的政治犯”,但是,迄今,它只释放了为数有限的人,并且,不准阿拉伯国家联盟的监督员进入某些监狱和叙利亚其他地区。

纽兰(Victoria Nuland )说:“阿萨德政权远远未达到它所同意遵守的标准。暴力在继续发生,并且……大部分暴力行径是该政权所制造的。”

据新闻报道,阿拉伯国家联盟外交部长将于1月7日在开罗举行会议,讨论监督小组的一份初步报告,并将决定是否继续这项监督行动。纽兰(Victoria Nuland )说,欧巴马政府派遣主管近东事务的助理国务卿杰弗里・费尔特曼(Jeffrey Feltman)在阿拉伯国家联盟会议前与阿拉伯国家的外交官员会晤。她说:“如果继续推进这项行动,我们支持他们为确保其可信性和有效性付出的努力。并且……我们与他们保持着密切的联系。”

纽兰(Victoria Nuland )说,有些叙利亚人能够利用阿拉伯联盟监督员在叙利亚期间提供的相对安全的局势,走上街头表达他们的观点和向阿萨德政权表明“他们希望变革”。

但是,纽兰(Victoria Nuland )也对某些情形表示严重关注,因为阿萨德“政权发出欺骗性报告说,监督员来了,示威者走上街头,然后他们向他们开枪”。