奥巴马发表新年贺词称,将带给美国更多改变 (2012-01-01)

奥巴马发表新年贺词称,将带给美国更多改变 (2012-01-01)

Obama’s New Year message that will bring more change in the U.S. (2012-01-01)

2012 ‘Happy New Year! Universal brotherhood! Human freedom!
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U.S. President Barack Obama 31, last year weekly speech to the American people send New Year wishes, who has held high “change” banner in the White House the President, in the New Year message, still main “change” brand, he believes: the United States in 2012 will bring more “change.”

In this New Year’s speech, Obama had his first inventory of the year to honor the “change” promise, he recounts the changes made in 2011 and progress in the United States include: an end to a war (the war in Iraq ), is gradually end another war (Afghanistan war), a heavy blow to the “Al Qaeda” to support U.S. friends and allies – to respond to natural disasters or the revolution, the U.S. economy began to show signs of recovery, and so on.

For about to usher in 2012, Obama is full of hope, he believes: There is no doubt that 2012 will bring more positive change, including, the U.S. economic growth and create more job opportunities, and to the middle class even stronger.

Obama said that his reason for hope, because to see members of Congress in the last minute before Christmas this year, the Americans made the right choice, not only to prevent the 1.6 million Americans, an increase in payroll taxes, and extended unemployment benefits.

Obama did not forget this – thanks to the “power of the masses”, he said: The reason why Congress did the right thing, precisely because many Americans by e-mail, phone, push the Principal social networking, given to lawmakers his voice, only make things change.

Face of the upcoming 2012 U.S. presidential election, Barack Obama made a similar “election” language, he said the Americans, “you is to make me full of hope for 2012”, your choice will determine the future the direction of the country and the world.

“Because, we will face some difficult debates and difficult battle, as I said before, we are in a middle class in terms of – the key to success and failure in time.” Obama said: “We the next few months of operation, will determine what we want to be a country, and our children and grandchildren will live in what kind of world. ”

Obama promised that as president, he will do his best to make the United States as a hard work and diligence paid off places. He said that this is what we have known since the United States.









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Let’s make 2012 a great year for our Party, our nation and our people.

Happy New Year!


Julia Gillard
Prime Minister

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