澳洲女总理Julia Eileen Gillard年终“发力”改组内阁,全力巩固执政地位,2011年12月31日

澳洲女总理Julia Eileen Gillard年终“发力”改组内阁,全力巩固执政地位,2011年12月31日
最近,澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)对其内阁进行了改组和扩编。这是其少数派政府,在即将走完“决策年”之际,采取的一大举动,引起舆论的广泛关注。
Australian Prime Minister Julia Eileen Gillard female end of the year “force” reshuffled his cabinet, fully consolidating the ruling position, December 31, 2011
Recently, the Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Eileen Gillard) the Cabinet was reorganized and its expansion. This is the minority government, in the about to finish the “decision year” on the occasion, take a big move, causing widespread public concern.

December 12, Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Eileen Gillard) announced that: the original 20 members of his cabinet expanded to 22 people in Australia – Industry Minister Karl to the original non-cabinet departments; Attorney McClelland, labor minister in Iraq Vance and Education Minister Garrett, ultimately, the “honor” to be left in the cabinet, its terms of reference have been reduced; worked in the Battle of Kevin Rudd down – right-wing leaders of the Labour Party to support Girard Shotton and Ebi Bu, etc. , have been promoted into the Cabinet, subject to reuse.
The cabinet reshuffle, showing Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) “have their own power and ability to make decisions”, to further consolidate its ruling position.

In the 2010 election, Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Eileen Gillard) joint Australian Green Party, succeeded in establishing the Labour Party minority government. This year is Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) the ruling government of the first full year of its publicly announced the “decision-making years.” After a year of efforts, Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) government finally in Parliament, through the carbon “price”, a series of energy tax policy, subject to the Green Party support for its legislation and policy, many accused of “partial Green. ” Amendment election promise to restart “carbon pricing” policy, Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) on Australia’s history as the first female Prime Minister’s personal poll ratings and the basis for the ruling Labor Party votes to support the rate.

Reshuffled his cabinet should be to strengthen the government; in fact, the Labour Party and Government – Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Eileen Gillard), said her working relationship with Kevin Rudd is very good.
In early December, the Labor Party National Convention was held, Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) in his speech, mentioned the names of former Prime Minister of Labor of all, not to mention “Kevin Rudd.”

Labour’s election in 2010, a “report”, Anpi Kevin Rudd and his supporters to make trouble and stymied almost to Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) victory may come to naught.
Every Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) force, “there is another party shares against destructive forces of disharmony.”
In the campaign’s first week, Kevin Rudd, “dominated the news,” “Labor’s voice, almost no one heard.”
Rudd from time to time to make some “reverie” act. In a return visits, he mistakenly call themselves as Prime Minister; in his speech at the Labour Party National Convention, over the foreign minister status, risks and the second on the Australian economy warned the global financial crisis;
In Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard), after the Cabinet reshuffle, stand up for injustice, said he was a good minister, who in the global financial crisis, “single-handedly saved the local automotive industry.”

After bidding farewell to “unusual” in 2011, Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) government ushered in 2012, “is a gateway.”
“The Sydney Morning Herald ‘website, December 18 of an analysis that, in Girard (Julia Eileen Gillard) 2011 years to support a low rate of” ending “in the context of” anything can happen. ” .

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12月12日,澳大利亚首相吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)宣布:将其原有20名成员的澳大利亚内阁扩大到22人-原工业部长卡尔到非内阁部门;司法部长麦克莱兰、劳资部长伊万斯和教育部长加勒特,最终,“有幸”继续被留在内阁,其职权范围被削减;曾在倒陆克文之战中-支持吉拉德的工党右派领导人肖顿和阿比布等,都被擢升进内阁,受到重用。
这次内阁改组,显示了吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)“拥有自己做决定的权力和能力”,执政地位进一步巩固。

在2010年的大选后,澳洲总理吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)联合澳大利亚绿党,成功地组建了工党的少数派政府。今年,是吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)政府第一个完整的执政年度,是其公开宣布的“决策年”。经过一年的努力,吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)政府最终在议会,通过了碳排放“定价”、能源税等一系列政策,因受制于绿党支持,其政策立法,多被指“偏绿”。修正大选承诺,重启“碳排放定价”政策,吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)作为澳洲历史上首位女总理的个人的民意支持率和执政工党的基础选票支持率。

改组内阁应在于强化政府;实际上,工党和政府-澳洲首相吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)称,她与陆克文的工作关系非常好。
在12月初召开的工党全国大会上,吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)在讲话中,提到了工党所有前总理的名字,未提“陆克文”。

工党在2010年大选后的一份“报告”中,暗批陆克文及其支持者兴风作浪,从中作梗,几乎使吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)胜选的可能化为泡影。
每一次吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)发力,“党内就有另一股破坏性的不和谐力量在作对”。
在吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)改组内阁后,站出来,为其抱不平,称,他是一位很好的部长,曾在全球金融危机期间,“一手挽救了本地汽车制造业”。

在告别“非同寻常”的2011年之后,吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard)政府迎来的2012年,将“又是一道关口”。
《 悉尼先驱晨报》网站,12月18日的一篇分析认为,在吉拉德(Julia Eileen Gillard) 2011年,以一个低支持率“收官”的背景下,“任何事都可能发生”。

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