Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
44th President of the United States
Lawyer, Senator
Date of taking office
January 20, 2009
Vice President Joe Biden
Former George W. Bush
Illinois Senator
Term of office
January 3, 2005 – November 16, 2008
Peter Fitzgerald, former
Successor, Roland Burris Edward Wallace
Born August 4, 1961 (1961-08-04) (age 50)
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Nationality American (mulatto)
Democratic political parties
Spouse Michelle Obama
Alabama children Maria Anao
Natasha Obama
Alma mater, Harvard Law School
Columbia University
Occidental College
Professional lawyers, Senator
Faith Protestant (United Church of Christ)
The White House website
Organizing for America

President of the Road 2004 keynote speech, Senator Obama during the campaign as he was held in Boston’s 2004 Democratic National Convention, delivered a keynote speech (in English: 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address) – – “The Audacity of Hope” (The Audacity of Hope). Speaking of his grandfather in World War II, as veterans, and, in the Roosevelt New Deal and the Federal Housing Administration, “Veterans Act” beneficiaries, he said: People do not expect government to solve all their problems However, they can deeply feel, as long as a little change of government policy priority, the United States each child, it will have the opportunity, get a good life, and so the opportunity to open to everyone. He pointed out that people know government can do better, I hope that choice.

On the George Bush administration viewed the issue of the war in Iraq, Obama referred to a candidate from Illinois Navy 谢默斯埃亨 corporal when asked “When Seamus time for us we serve him? “he explained, when the government sent young people to the battlefield, there is an absolute obligation, not fabricated numbers, do not hide the fact that they cause on the battlefield, they want to leave, care their families when they return to their pride, and, never – there is not enough to make the conditions for the army to victory when, on the road in panic, to defend the peace, the United States to win the respect of the world.

Finally, referring to the issue of national unity, Obama said: political commentators like cutting apart the country into “red states and blue states,” red state representatives to support Republicans, blue states representatives supported the Democrats; However, he revered the great master blue states; do not like the red states, and federal agents hanging in the library; he said: his team is in the blue states guide the minor leagues of the training, but, in the red states, there are some gay friends. He analyzed: a Patriot against the Iraq war, there are patriots support the war in Iraq; his team are one, all swear allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, all in defense of the United States. This speech, so many American politicians and civil society have taken note of his celebrity, and to give him “instant celebrity” in the title.

A prelude to U.S. presidential election
In August 2007, Obama’s South Carolina speech, Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, so that people expected: he will eventually participate in the U.S. presidential election. This speculation, in 2004, he won the Senate elections, more precise, prompted him to clarify to reporters: “I can say with certainty that I will not stand for election in four years.” In October 2006, the television talk show “meet the press”, he said: he may be involved in the 2008 presidential election. Subsequently, the representative body, his name will be added to the Democratic candidate’s public opinion survey, the first poll, he won the support of Democrats, 17%, second only to gain 28% support of the New York State Senator Sheila in Clinton. Rasmussen reported: two in the Democratic Party’s support base voters, “in fact flat.” End of December 2006 issue of “Newsweek” cover story to “race start” in the title, the columnist Qiaonasena Stewart proposed a “United States Hillary or Obama ready yet?” Cover the problem. Democratic Senator Richard Durbin, and Illinois State Comptroller Daniel Hain, for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign’s early proponents. Well-known TV host Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney are position: Support Barack Obama presidential campaign. Commentator has pointed out: in 2008 he won the opportunity will be greater than in 2012 and beyond. October 2006, the publication of the “Chicago Tribune” in the 2008 Newton Mainuo his presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy in 1960 compared to the victory. Conservative columnist George Will are listed in detail, he said: he should stand for election at this time four reasons.

In September 2006, Obama became Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa’s main speaker at the picnic, the annual political event, traditionally, by the party caucus in Iowa, presidential hopeful candidates to participate. In December 2006, he delivered a speech in New Hampshire to celebrate the Democratic mid-term elections in the country’s first victory (New Hampshire primaries), attracts 1,500 people.

2008 Presidential Election: Barack Obama, U.S. presidential election campaign in 2008, and 2008 U.S. presidential election
Evening of 4 November 2008, Barack Obama Grant Park in Chicago, published election victory speech, January 14, 2007 “Chicago Tribune” reported that Obama campaign has begun to build their own team to rally headquarters, located in Chicago. February 10, 2007, in Iraq Marino, the state capital Springfield, officially declared his candidacy. To increase the election expenses, the financial strength, beat competitors, Barack Obama, a month in 2008, it raised $ 32 million campaign funds, fund-raising was the most presidential candidate; followed by a second months, his fund-raising amazing efficiency, raised $ 55 million contribution, to break Senator John Kerry, in 2004, maintained in a single month fundraising record, more than party rival Hillary Clinton’s fundraising numbers the same month, 20 million more.

January 4, 2008 the Iowa General Assembly on the Democratic primaries, get 38% of the vote, leading high visibility of the John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, a Democratic candidate in the leader. January 26, Obama’s South Carolina primaries, won with 55 percent of the vote, far ahead of rival Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, have analyzed the article that: he was South Carolina, with absolute winner , thanks to voters across the state population accounted for half of the blacks, who, 80% of people support him. May 10, he was super-party ticket for the first time beyond Hillary Clinton, along with a few months ahead of the general party ticket, so he entered the White House of the road, the momentum surge. June 3, the final two primaries in South Kota and Montana State held, Hillary Clinton immediately identified – the party votes on backward, he initially became the Democratic presidential nominee, is the history of the United States , for the first time the major political parties nomination in the presidential election of black half-breed.

“Women can not be sound in that era, in that women want to be deprived of the times, she stood up and looked at them, shouting out their own ideas, cast their votes. Yes, we can! In This year, in this election, her fingers touch the screen, she was cast out of their vote, because, in the United States has experienced 106 years of change, has experienced the best and the worst of times, the her understanding of how changes in the U.S. Yes, we can! ”
– Obama speech word excerpt (November 4, 2008)
August 23, 2008 Democratic National Convention, Obama was officially nominated, and, Senator Joe Biden selected as vice presidential candidate. November 4 presidential election is held, the result, he defeated Republican candidate John McCain, has been elected the 44th president of the United States, but also the history of the United States, the first African-American president; night, he was elected in Chicago speech, and to support his one hundred voters, for example, the number of “Yes, we can” (yes, we can do), to explain the extraordinary creativity of the American people, American society continues to progress, and strong American power, such as the invention of cars and airplanes, moon, and so contributed to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The speech, very shocking, and full of intense emotion, and some blacks can not help but shed tears listening to, “Yes, we can (or: we can do)”, became his famous words.

U.S. presidency
Obama on Capitol Hill in Washington, was sworn in as 44th U.S. President (January 20, 2009)
President Obama is to sign documents. Obama left-handed (in January 2009, the White House Office of the President).
Barack Obama and Vice President Biden (January 2009)
In January 2009, Obama train, traveling along the railway line then Lincoln, launched his inaugural trip to Philadelphia train station on departure, speech, pointed out: the American people to create a new “Declaration of Independence,” in consciousness patterns, with a spirit of solidarity, noting that: countries are also facing the unprecedented challenges. January 20, he was in the U.S. Congress, Washington, DC Piedmont, was sworn in as 44th U.S. president, but because the course of the day in the oath, Chief Justice John Roberts did not pledge the “faithfully (faithfully)” the word , according to the order of the Constitution to say, so he next day (January 21) in the White House Map Room, have been re-oath, which he took charge of the White House cleared the legitimacy questioned. Under the Constitution, whether or not he swear, oath is correct, he had on January 20 at noon, as the U.S. president. Oaths, he’s looking forward to millions of viewers in his inaugural speech, he described the system of political, economic, diplomatic and other political positions.

Cabinet – became president, Obama nominated Hispanic-American female judge 索尼娅索托 Mayor, as the U.S. Supreme Court Justice David Souter to retire to be replaced, August 6, 2009, Senate by 68 votes in favor and 31 votes against, by the appointment; the same year on December 1, the nomination race with his presidency, Clinton, as secretary of state post.

Post Name term
President Barack Obama 2009 –
Vice President Joe Biden 2009 –
White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel 2009 –
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 2009 –
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
莱昂帕内塔 2009-2011.6.30
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner F · 2009 –
Attorney General Eric Holder 2009 –
Minister of the Interior Ken Sala Charles 2009 –
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack 2009 –
Commerce Secretary Gary Locke
Dassault Leith Hill, Minister of Labour 2009 –
Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle 2009 –
Minister of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan 2009 –
Transport Minister Leila Hood 2009 –
Energy Secretary Steven Chu, 2009 –
Minister of Education Arne Duncan 2009 –
Veterans Minister Eric Shinseki 2009 –
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano 2009 –

Family and family
Obama’s father and grandmother – and blood, the complexity of Obama’s life experience, is well known, but his blood origins can be traced back several former U.S. president. There are American scholars of his family tree, made a detailed study of multiple marriage from his parents confirmed out, he and three former U.S. president, has the same context of kinship, they are the first 33 President Harry S Truman, 41 President George Herbert Walker Bush, and President George W. Bush 43. Other scholars believe that he and former President of the blood, not a surprising event, because the ancestors of many Americans, came from England, to find a common ancestor, is common. Chinese media has written that: he and U.S. super-rich, securities investor Warren Edward Buffett (Warren Edward Buffett), there is blood relationship that, from a 17th century French immigrants Mali Endurance Val, Yinaobama Tim’s mother, Stanley An Dengna, and Buffett’s father, Howard Buffett, are descendants of Marion Duval.

Obama family (September 2009, the White House residence)
Obama’s parents, the University of Hawaii in the fire 奴鲁鲁玛诺亚 met, then married, in 1961, gave birth to Obama. His father, Barack Obama, born in Kenya Luou black family, an economist in Kenya. He died young black fathers for their own information, mostly from family stories and photos, he said: his father and the people around them is completely different, the skin as black as pitch; his mother, Stanley An Dengna Tim is a Wichita, Kansas, white teachers, “my father’s dream of” one, he describes – his mother’s white middle-class American family experiences growing up and description of the mother and father, and in the skin on of ethnic differences. He was 2 years old, parents are separated, then divorced. Divorced, his father to Harvard University, Ph.D., and ultimately, return to Kenya; his mother married an Indonesian student 卢路索特洛 membership in 1970, the Health and a daughter, Maya Soetoro, 1980 年the couple divorced. In 1982, Obama’s father, in Kenya, died in a car accident, his mother died in 1995. His grandfather, for the period of British colonial rule in Kenya’s civil service.

The summer of 1989, Obama Sidley Austin law firm, as the time students during the summer, then met Michelle Robinson is a lawyer. Two, married in 1992, the existing two daughters – the eldest daughter, Maria, was born in 1999; daughter, Sasha, was born in 2001. Obama family, is the United Church of Christ in Chicago thirty-one members, however, as the church pastor 耶利米赖特’s remarks, caused widespread controversy. After this incident, he was on April 30, made a more perfect Union, entitled the speech, as a response, which expressed the feelings of Rev. Wright, however, in the May 31, 2008, announced out of the church. In 2008, he was taken into account presidential election, and their own health, as well as for his wife, Michelle Obama put on his own campaign, in this year, up to two years to kick the smoking habit.

In January 2009, 47-year-old Obama and his family from Philadelphia by train, then along the railway line passing through Lincoln, travel to Washington to assume the presidency, his family moved into the White House, Michelle Robinson, the United States First Lady.

Obama in Indiana Eckhart, for his book “The Audacity of Hope” signed (February 2009)
Before entering politics in the Obama published his youth and early career memoir, “My father’s dream: Obama’s memoirs.” The book was published in 1995, and reprinted in 2004, the new version, adding a preface and his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech on. The audio book version, won the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Album reading. This autobiographical memoir, popular with American readers, there are seven kinds of English, was translated into many languages ​​published in “Times” to evaluate the best look at the history of American politics, the most popular memoirs. In December 2008, he signed the book’s Chinese version of the copyright, hopes Chinese readers through the book, to understand his American dream.

In December 2004, Obama has three books and publishers signed contracts worth $ 1.9 million. First book “The Audacity of Hope: Reaffirming the American Dream,” published in October 2006 (Taiwan version by Shangzhouchuban), mainly discusses his political philosophy, since the publication in the New York Times book list, has been among the best the book’s audio version, so that in 2008 he defeated former President Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and other competitors for that year’s Grammy Award for Best Album reading, this is his second time winning this award ; second book, Obama and his wife, two daughters, co-author of children’s books, publishing contract has not been announced, he said, the book’s profits will be donated to charity; the third book’s contents, are not yet the public.

Obama’s new book, “We believe the change – 贝拉克欧巴 horse reshape America’s future road of hope” in the September 8, 2008, the introduction of audio and electronic versions, on September 9, officially listed. This book, a preface by himself, to introduce their policy positions, and the significance of this presidential election. His campaign team members, this book has written several chapters about his medical insurance, energy and national security point of view on important issues. The book covers the period of his campaign speech text published seven times, including his presidential campaign announcement speech and visit to Germany.

At present, China has been the introduction of Obama’s “my father’s dream: Obama memoir,” “The Audacity of Hope: Reaffirming the American Dream” and “We believe that change – Barack Obama reshape America’s future of hope Road “, the simplified version of the book.

Important speech time and place title and summary of the background
July 27, 2004 Boston, The Audacity of Hope
“The Audacity of Hope” 2004 年 Democratic National Convention keynote address;
January 3, 2008 Iowa 德斯莫内斯 Thank you, Iowa
“Thank You, Iowa” in the Democratic primary, he defeated five other strong forces within the party candidate to become the first state primary winner, this is after the victory speech
March 18, 2008 National Constitution Center in Philadelphia a more perfect Union
“A More Perfect Union”
June 30, 2008 Independence, Missouri United States we love
“The America We Love”
November 4 2008 Grant Park Chicago, United States, changes time has come
“Change Has Come to America” ​​speech after winning the presidential election
January 18, 2009 the National Mall in Washington, DC, we unite as one
“We Are One” celebration of music at his own election speech
January 20, 2009 Washington, DC Capitol new birth of freedom
“A New Birth of Freedom” inaugural speech
July 4th 2009 Independence Day speech the White House
“Fourth of July Message” Independence Day speech; he called on the American people inherit our ancestors indomitable spirit of courage, rebuild confidence, optimism, embrace the challenge of the times, writing a new glory.
January 27, 2010 U.S. House of Representatives 2010 State of the Union
“2010 State of the Union Address”
January 25, 2011 United States House of Representatives State of the Union 2011
“2011 State of the Union Address”
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Barack Obama
副总统 乔·拜登
前任 乔治·沃克·布什
2005年1月3日 – 2008年11月16日
前任 彼得·菲茨杰拉德
继任 罗兰德·华莱士·伯里斯
出生 1961年8月4日 (1961-08-04)(50岁)
国籍  美国(黑白混血)
政党 民主党
配偶 米歇尔·奥巴马
子女 玛丽亚·安·奥巴马
母校 哈佛大学法学院
职业 律师、参议员
信仰 基督新教(联合基督教会)
网站 The White House
Organizing for America

总统之路-2004年的主题演讲,在奥巴马为联邦参议员竞选过程中,他在波士顿举行的2004年民主党全国代表大会上,发表了主题演讲(英语:2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address)——“无畏的希望”(The Audacity of Hope) 。在谈到自己的外祖父,在第二次世界大战,作为老兵,并且,是罗斯福新政中联邦房屋管理和《 退伍军人法》的受益人时,他认为:人民并不指望政府解决他们所有的问题,但,他们能够深切感受到,只要政府稍微改变一下政策优先权,美国每一个孩子,就都能有机会,获得良好的生活,而且,使这个机会,能向每个人敞开。他指出,人民知道政府能做得更好,也希望这样的选择。



2007年8月,奥巴马在南卡罗来纳州的一次演讲,2004年奥巴马在民主党全国代表大会上的演讲,使人们预料到:他最终将参与美国总统的竞选。这种推测,在2004年,他赢得联邦参议员选举之后,更加确切,促使他向记者澄清:“我可以肯定地说,我不会在4年后参加竞选”。在2006年10月的电视访谈节目《 会面新闻界》时,他曾表示:自己可能参与2008年的总统大选。随后,民意机构将他的名字,加入到民主党候选人的民意调查表中,首次的民意调查显示,他获得17%民主党人的支持,仅次于获得28%支持度的纽约州参议员希拉里·克林顿。拉斯穆森报告指出:两人在民主党基本选民中的支持度“事实上持平”。2006年12月底出版的《 新闻周刊》封面故事,以“竞赛开始”为题,其专栏作家乔纳森·阿尔特提出了“美国为希拉里或奥巴马做好准备了吗?”的封面问题。民主党参议员理查·杜宾,和伊利诺伊州审计长丹尼尔·海恩,为2008年奥巴马总统竞选的早期倡议者。著名电视主持人奥普拉·温弗里和影星乔治·克鲁尼都表态:支持奥巴马竞选总统。评论员曾指出:他在2008年获胜的机会,将大于在2012年及之后。2006年10月,在出版的《 芝加哥论坛报》中,牛顿·迈诺将2008年他的总统竞选,与1960年约翰·肯尼迪的胜选相提并论。保守派专栏作家乔治·威尔详列出,他认为:他应该在此时参选的四个理由。


2008年11月4日晚,奥巴马在芝加哥格兰特公园,发表当选获胜演说,2007年1月14日的《 芝加哥论坛报》报道,奥巴马已经开始建立自己的竞选团队,将其竞选总部,设于芝加哥。2007年2月10日,在伊力诺州首府斯普林菲尔德,正式宣布参选。为增加竞选经费,在资金实力上,击败竞争对手,奥巴马,在2008年的一个月,就筹到竞选经费3,200万美元,是当时筹款最多的总统候选人;紧接着的第二个月,他的筹款效率惊人,募得5,500万美元的捐款,打破参议员翰·克里,于2004年保持的单月筹款纪录,比同党对手希拉里·克林顿的同月筹款数,多出2,000万。


2008年8月23日的民主党全国大会上,奥巴马被正式提名,并且,选择了参议员乔·拜登为副总统候选人。11月4日,总统大选正式举行,结果,他击败共和党候选人麦凯恩,成功当选为美国第44任总统,更成为美国有史以来,第一位非洲裔总统;当晚,他在芝加哥发表当选演说,并以支持他的一位百岁选民为例,以数个“Yes, we can”(是的,我们可以做到),来阐述美国人民非凡的创造力、美国社会的不断进步,以及美国实力的强大,如汽车和飞机的发明、登上月球、促成柏林墙倒塌等。这次演说,非常有震撼力,并富有强烈的感情色彩,有些黑人不禁倾听着流下了眼泪,“是的,我们可以(或:我们能够做到)”,成了他的名言。



职位 姓名 任期
总统 贝拉克·奥巴马 2009—
副总统 乔·拜登 2009—
白宫幕僚长 拉姆·伊曼纽尔 2009—
国务卿 希拉里·克林顿 2009—
国防部长 罗伯特·盖茨
莱昂·帕内塔 2009—2011.6.30
财政部长 蒂莫西·F·盖特纳 2009—
司法部长 埃里克·霍尔德 2009—
内政部长 肯·萨拉查 2009—
农业部长 汤姆·维尔萨克 2009—
商务部长 骆家辉
劳工部长 希尔达·索利斯 2009—
卫生和公共服务部长 汤姆·达施勒 2009—
住房及城市发展部长 肖恩·多诺万 2009—
运输部长 雷·拉胡德 2009—
能源部长 朱棣文 2009—
教育部长 阿恩·邓肯 2009—
退伍军人部长 艾力·新关 2009—
国土安全部长 珍妮特·纳波利塔诺 2009—

奥巴马的父亲与祖母-血缘,奥巴马复杂的身世,为大家所熟知,但,他的血脉渊源,可追溯到美国的几位前任总统。有美国学者对他的家谱,作了细致研究,从他父母的多次婚姻印证出,他与美国的三位前总统,都有同一脉络的血缘关系,他们是第33任总统哈利·S·杜鲁门、第41任总统乔治·赫伯特·沃克·布什,和第43任总统乔治·沃克·布什。另有学者认为,他与前任总统有血缘关系,并非稀奇事件,因为,许多美国人的祖先,都来自英格兰,找到同一祖先,是常有的事。有中国媒体撰文指出:他与美国超级富翁、证券投资家沃伦·爱德华·巴菲特(Warren Edward Buffett),存在血缘关系,这种关系,源自一位17世纪的法国移民马里恩·杜瓦尔,因奥巴马的母亲斯坦利·安·邓娜姆,与巴菲特的父亲霍华德·巴菲特,都是马里恩·杜瓦尔的后代。

奥巴马的父母,在火奴鲁鲁玛诺亚之夏威夷大学相识,随后,结婚,1961年,生下奥巴马。他的父亲老贝拉克·奥巴马,是生于肯尼亚的卢欧族黑人,肯尼亚经济学家。他对于自己早逝的黑人父亲的信息,大多来自于家庭故事和照片,他认为:他的父亲与自己身边的人完全不同,皮肤黑得像沥青;他的母亲斯坦利·安·邓娜姆,是堪萨斯州威奇托的白人教师,在《 我父亲的梦想》一中,他描述了-自己在母亲的白种美国中产家庭成长的经历,并描述了母亲与父亲,表现在肤色上的种族差异。他2岁时,父母分居,随后,离婚。离异后,他的父亲前往哈佛大学,攻读博士学位,最终,返回肯尼亚;他的母亲嫁给了一位印度尼西亚籍的学生卢路·索特洛,1970年,生一位女儿Maya Soetoro,1980年,两人离婚。1982年,奥巴马的父亲,在肯尼亚,因车祸去世,他的母亲,于1995年身故。他的祖父,为英国殖民统治肯尼亚时期之公务员。



奥巴马在印第安纳州埃克哈特,为自己的著作《 无畏的希望》签名(2009年2月)
在踏入政坛之前,奥巴马出版了其青年及早期事业的回忆录《 我父亲的梦想:奥巴马回忆录》。该书于1995年出版,并于2004年重印,新版本,加入了前言和他在2004年民主党全国代表大会上的演讲稿。该书的音频版本,获得了2006年格莱美奖的最佳诵读专辑。这本自传体的回忆录,很受美国读者欢迎,英文版就有7种,被译成多国文字出版,《 时代周刊》将其评价为美国政坛史上最好看、最受欢迎的回忆录。2008年12月,他签署该书的中文版版权,希望中国读者通过本书,为理解他的美国梦。

2004年12月,奥巴马有三本书与出版商签约,合约价值190万美元。第一本书《 无畏的希望:重申美国梦》,于2006年10月出版(台湾版由商周出版),主要论述他的政治理念,自出版后,在纽约时报图书排行榜,一直名列前茅,该书的音频版本,令他在2008年击败前总统比尔·克林顿和吉米·卡特等竞争对手,获得当年的格莱美奖最佳诵读专辑奖,这是他第二度夺得此奖项;第二本,是奥巴马和妻子、两个女儿合著的儿童书,出版合约仍未公布,他表示,会将该书的利润赠予慈善机构;第三本书的内容,现在尚未公开。

奥巴马的新书《 我们相信变革——贝拉克·欧巴马重塑美国未来希望之路》,在2008年9月8日,推出音频和电子版本,于9月9日正式上市。这本书,由他亲自作序,介绍自己的政策立场,和这次总统选举的重要意义。他的竞选团队成员,为此书撰写了一些章节,介绍他在医疗保险、能源和国防安全等重要问题上的观点。该书囊括了他在竞选期间发表的7次演讲原文,包括,他在宣布竞选总统和出访德国时的演讲。

目前,中国大陆已经引进欧巴马的《 我父亲的梦想:欧巴马回忆录》、《 无畏的希望:重申美国梦》和《 我们相信变革——贝拉克·奥巴马重塑美国未来希望之路》,为该著作之简体字版本。

重要演讲时间 地点 标题 背景与概要
2004年7月27日 波士顿 无畏的希望
“The Audacity of Hope” 2004年民主党全国代表大会的主题演说;
2008年1月3日 艾奥瓦州德斯莫内斯 谢谢你,艾奥瓦
“Thank You,Iowa” 在民主党初选中,他击败等其他五位势力雄厚的党内候选人,成为初选第一州的胜利者,此为胜利后的演说
2008年3月18日 费城国家宪法中心 更加完善的联邦
“A More Perfect Union” 
2008年6月30日 密苏里州独立城 我们所热爱的美国
“The America We Love” 
2008年11月4日 芝加哥格兰特公园 美国的变革时代已经到来
“Change Has Come to America” 竞选总统获胜后的演说
2009年1月18日 华盛顿特区国家广场 我们团结一心
“We Are One” 庆祝他当选总统的音乐会上的演说
2009年1月20日 华盛顿特区国会大厦前 自由的新生
“A New Birth of Freedom” 就职演说
2009年7月4日 白宫 独立日演讲
“Fourth of July Message” 独立纪念日演讲;他号召美国民众继承先辈们不屈不挠、勇往直前的精神,重树信心,乐观进取,积极迎接时代的挑战,书写新的辉煌。
2010年1月27日 美国众议院 2010国情咨文
“2010 State of the Union Address” 
2011年1月25日 美国众议院 2011国情咨文
“2011 State of the Union Address”
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