Kim Jong Il is dead, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) urged all calm, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il is dead, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) urged all calm, December 19, 2011 Australia’s new fast network December 19 reported that the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il is dead, Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries caused great concern. Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) said that at present, it is difficult to understand what happens near North Korea, however, calls on all parties to remain calm. Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) said that at present, it is difficult to guess in these days after the sudden death of Kim Jong Il, what will happen, or the future of North Korea’s leadership, have any effect. Expected to be some uncertainty, however, the outside world should this be regarded as normal conditions. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) Foreign Minister called for all the world’s governments, including the North Korean government, including, whether it is practical action, or the diplomatic signals, at this time, should show the greatest degree of calm and restraint. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) said that Australia will this continue and including South Korea – friendly countries and allies within the region, in close contact. Korean Central News Agency, 19 reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, on at 8:30 on the 17th, due to fatigue, the train, suddenly died, aged 69 years. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd, 1957 年 9 21 -), the current Australian Foreign Minister, former Prime Minister of Australia 26th term, and the Australian Labor Party leader. In the November 24, 2007 parliamentary elections in Australia, led the Australian Labor Party, defeating the Liberal Party leader John Howard’s ruling coalition, in the same year on December 3, as Australian Prime Minister. Rudd on June 24, 2010, was dismissed within the Labour Party, was replaced Julia Gillard, in history, following the Whitlam, as a constitutional crisis in 1975, was sacked after the first one did not complete the term, Australian Prime Minister to step down. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) Kevin Michael Rudd 26 Australian Prime Minister Term of office December 3, 2007 – June 24, 2010 Former John Howard Successor Julia Gillard Born September 21, 1957 (1957-09-21) (54) Bo Nan, Queensland, Australia Political parties, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) Anglican faith Australian Prime Minister Barton Deakin → → → Fisher Reed Watson → → → Cook Bruce Hughes → → → Si Kalin Lyons → Page → Menzies Fadden → → → Waterford → Chifley Curtin Holt McEwen → → → → Gordon Whitlam McMahon → → → Fraser, Paul Keating, Bob Hawke → → → Howard Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) → Girard Early life – Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd), in 1957, was born in Bo Town, Nan Queensland (Nambour). He came from humble, is the home of four children, the youngest one, young, their parents grew up working on the farm milk. He was 11 years old, as the tenant’s father, Albert (Albert Rudd) or suffer a car accident, hospital treatment after sepsis, soon died. Soon after, the original family house rent accommodation, the landlord has also been recovered, Kevin Michael Rudd’s mother, Margaret (Margaret, née DeVere) frustration with four children, they go to relatives, the family was crowded into a saloon car , tough place to live. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) first-time Catholic school in Brisbane Grove Mary Ai poetry will (Ashgrove Marist) Brother male boarding school, after which the sub-Nan Bo public schools (Nambour High School). In 1974, his first full-year results, high school graduation. In high school, Kevin Rudd came into contact with politics, and to participate in the activities of the Australian Labor Party; 15 years of age, young people began to participate in the regional Labour Party conference. Meanwhile, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) is longing for Asian culture, especially interested in China. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) after graduating from high school, he scores, obtain Australian National University (ANU), who study Chinese history and Chinese literature at the same time, take the “Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd)” as his Chinese name; Subsequently, graduated with first class honors degree. Kevin Rudd in 1980, writing his doctoral thesis honors, the choice of theme is contemporary Chinese democracy movement, the object of study, is China in the 1970s, “very famous” democratic people Shiwei **, thesis adviser, is test Linjie Fu lookout, and the Belgian-born famous sinologist Pierre Rick Mons (Pierre Ryckmans). To complete the paper, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) was collected mainly from Hong Kong, he needs a lot of information, read a lot of Chinese materials. Jeff Cauter said, for Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) a strong motivation for learning, he “felt surprised.” Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) in this paper, the last won first prize. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) in 1980, in Taipei, Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center to learn Chinese. Political -1981 years, after graduating from the Australian National University, Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) services into the Australian Foreign Ministry, was first stationed in Stockholm, Sweden; 1984, the transfer station in Beijing, responsible for analysis of China’s political and economic situation; 1988, Lu Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) was promoted to assistant secretaries of Foreign Affairs of Australia. Soon, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) is the Queensland Parliament for the then opposition leader Wayne Goss (Wayne Goss) and to assist in his second year won the election. Goss became Queensland in the governor after the appointment of Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) as his chief of staff, and Cabinet Office director of state government. In 1995, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) left the Queensland Government, as KPMG (KPMG) CPA Chinese affairs consultant. In 1997, the University of Queensland, Australia as Deputy Director of Department of Asian Languages. In 1998, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) defeated the incumbent Liberal Party members, made Griffith constituencies (Division of Griffith) seats, into the House of Representatives; 2001, was promoted, for the shadow cabinet Minister of Foreign Affairs. [The general election on 4 December 2006, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) in the party leaders’ meeting, by 49 votes to 39 votes, defeated the incumbent leader Jinbizili, a new term federal Labor leader, and by the women members of Julia Gillard as deputy leader. The personnel changes, the opposition Australian Labor Party has 11 years, is about the future destiny of the moment. In the past 11 years, Labor has replaced the four-term leader. This time, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) the use of “new to the post,” the star effect and the “honeymoon period” went across the whole of Australia, launched “listening tour” and the election campaign; which makes him, in the polls reputation, gradually rising, even, than the then Prime Minister John Howard’s support. However, with the campaign in-depth, scandals exposed. In early 2007, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) because his wife 泰蕾丝瑞恩 (Therese Rein) set up a firm, a large number of contracts from the government of things, people have been criticized, and later, Ryan said publicly on television: the sale of the company, to quell the incident. November 24, 2007, he was defeated for re-election three times, known as “political tumbler,” the Prime Minister John Howard, on December 3, 2007, as Australian Prime Minister. Howard because of them in this election, lost his Beinei Lang constituencies (Division of Bennelong) seat, has been thrust out of the Congress, then, Australia announced it would permanently withdraw from the political arena. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) was elected five months after a “Time Magazine” in the “global one hundred most influential people” one. Chinese Complex – Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) is the first fluent in Chinese Western leaders; in his youth, that are interested in Chinese culture. Republic of China was to study in National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, but the identity of the diplomat, long-term presence in China and working with all walks of life in mainland China, the establishment of a wide range of personal connections. It is reported that Beijing authorities, SEPA deputy director Pan Yue, is Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) recognize old friends. In 2003, mainland leaders to visit Australia, and delivered a speech in Congress, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) has been using Chinese to talk with him, so he was surprised. In November 2006, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) led the Australian Labor Party delegation to visit Beijing, and with the Sixteenth CPC Central Committee Propaganda Department Liu Yunshan negotiate for an hour; is Yunshan called “China experts . ” Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) of Chinese culture has a more profound understanding of his in Copenhagen, the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, there was a face in front of the media, boasted openly said: “Those Chinese fuckers are trying to rat-fuck us! ” Family – Kevin Rudd’s wife, Lee Eun (Theresa Rein, transliterated as “泰蕾丝瑞恩”), his college sweetheart, psychology graduate. In 1989, Tai Leisi bought a failing small employment agencies. Through 17 years of effort, this had only two small companies, has become with 1,200 employees, 65 branch offices of large multinational human resource management services company, now known as “Ingalls group of companies.” Its business, has been extended to Britain, France and Germany. Even so, by their own-sponsored enterprises, before the election, as Bixian Yi, Tai Leisi had to sell their shares. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) his wife have three children: Eldest daughter Jessica (Jessica), 1984 was born, now, was a lawyer, in 2007, and a Brisbane banker Xieruo Gu (Albert Tse) married, Xie is from Chaozhou people in Hong Kong immigrants in Australia; Son, Nicholas (Nicholas, Chinese name: Lu Yude), born in 1986, studied law and Chinese, was in 2005, studying at Fudan University; Born in 1993, the youngest son in high school, Max (Marcus), has begun to study Chinese. Recent thing – 2007 November 24, Australia nationwide for congressional elections, the Labour Party made at least 85 parliamentary seats, is a landslide victory, the Australian media this described as ─ ─ “Luc artificial landslide” (Ruddslide). December 3, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) was sworn in as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia either. February 13, 2008, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) Prime Minister in Parliament on behalf of the government, the implementation of past policy, the damage caused to the Australian Aboriginal, especially on the “stolen generation” of damage, a formal apology . In August 2008, Kevin Rudd made the Australian 12-year development plan, plans covering all aspects of Australian society, from Australia, the Commonwealth position, to civic life, all-encompassing. In May 2010, the Rudd Government announced: from July 2012 onwards, the mining companies to pay 40% of the resource profits tax. Decision was mine strong opposition from business owners and workers in Australia and more, thousands of demonstrations broke out, marchers in Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) lecture held outside the venue, holding a microphone to express their dissatisfaction. Kevin Rudd, during the administration of tax resources to become the most important decision-making mistakes, resulting in Rudd’s support rate fell sharply, the Labor Party’s support in a number of constituencies, and even below 30%, behind the Alliance Party’s support. June 21, 2010, Chinese Vice President and Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) held talks in the Australian capital, Canberra, the two sides signed 10, worth more than $ 8.8 billion of commercial agreements, of which there are seven covering resources and energy the field. Some analysts believe that the move indicates China – Australia relations from Hu Rio Tinto espionage dispute bottomed out. In June 2010, including the Australian Workers’ Union, including many organizational, political power brokers and members of both houses of the Labor Party, said that when he was in favor of the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard Federal, forcing party leaders at the Labour Party the election. June 24, hold elections within the party, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) to renounce the vote, Girard directly elected new Labor Party leader and Prime Minister of Australia. Treasurer Wayne Swan served as deputy prime minister. September 2010, Australian Prime Minister announced that female cabinet, confirmed Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) as the new Foreign Minister. Environmental Policy – 2007 December 3, Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) to sign the Kyoto Protocol, he said, Australia’s official declaration today, will become a member of the Kyoto Protocol, in national efforts to combat climate change ahead of the rapid pace a big step, and join the international community. In October, the Prime Minister John Howard said Labor’s environment policy, with the Conservative Party’s policy is no particular difference in their policies, in 2020 15 percent reduction in emissions, however, the Labour Party was reduced by 20%. Foreign policy – as the shadow foreign minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd), his policies to the “three pillars” forming: combined with the United Nations, with the Asian combination with the American League. Although he did not agree with the war in Iraq, but he supported the continued deployment of troops in Iraq, but does not deploy combat troops. Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) in November 2003, when he wrote to Australian Prime Minister John Howard, to provide policy advice, after the fall of Baghdad. In his recommendations, to help train the new Iraqi army, with the EC in Australia, to help stage the elections. Labor to ensure that, in 2007, replacing the current 550 combat troops as training, border security and the role (perhaps in other countries stationed in the Middle East), continue in Iraq, more than a thousand troops stationed (2007, 1575 Australian troops still operating in Iraq), Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) while supporting Australian troops in Afghanistan. 金正日死了, 澳大利亚外长陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)呼吁各界冷静,2011年12月19日 澳大利亚新快网12月19日报道,朝鲜国防委员长金正日死了,引发美国韩国日本等国的高度关注。 澳大利亚外长陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)表示,目前,还很难了解朝鲜近期会发生些什么,但是,呼吁各方保持冷静。 澳大利亚外长陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)表示,目前,很难去猜测在金正日猝死后的这几天,会发生什么事情,或是对朝鲜未来的领导权,产生什么影响。预计会出现一些不确定性,但是,外界应该将此,视为正常状况。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)外交部长呼吁,世界所有的政府,包括朝鲜政府在内,不管是实际行动,还是外交信号方面,在这个时候,都应该表现出最大程度的冷静以及克制。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)表示,澳大利亚将就此事,继续和包括韩国在内的-区域内友国及盟国,保持密切联系。 朝鲜中央通讯社,19日报道称,朝鲜国防委员长金正日,于17日上午8时30分,因疲劳过度,在列车上,突然死了,年龄69岁。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd,1957年9月21日-),现任澳大利亚外交部长,曾任第26任澳大利亚总理,以及澳大利亚工党领袖。在2007年11月24日的澳洲国会大选中,带领澳洲工党,击败自由党领袖约翰·霍华德领导的执政联盟,于同年12月3日,出任澳洲总理。陆克文于2010年6月24日,被工党内部罢免,被朱莉娅·吉拉德接替,成为历史上,继惠特拉姆,因1975年宪政危机,被解职后,第一位没有完成任期,就下台的澳大利亚总理。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd) Kevin Michael Rudd 26澳大利亚总理 任期 2007年12月3日 – 2010年6月24日 前任 约翰·霍华德 继任 朱莉娅·吉拉德 出生 1957年9月21日 (1957-09-21)(54岁) 澳大利亚昆士兰州楠伯 政党 澳大利亚工党(ALP) 信仰 圣公宗 澳大利亚总理 巴顿 → 迪金 → 沃森 → 里德 → 费希尔 → 库克 → 休斯 → 布鲁斯 → 斯卡林 → 莱昂斯 → 佩奇 → 孟席斯 → 法登 → 柯廷 → 福德 → 奇夫利 → 霍尔特 → 麦克尤恩 → 戈顿 → 麦克马洪 → 惠特拉姆 → 弗雷泽 → 霍克 → 基廷 → 霍华德 → 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd) → 吉拉德 早年生活-陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd),于1957年,出生于昆士兰州楠伯镇(Nambour)。他出身寒微,是家中四个孩子中,最年幼的一个,幼年,在父母工作的牛奶农场上长大。他11岁那年,身为佃农的父亲阿尔伯特(Albert Rudd)横遭车祸,入院救治后,感染败血病,不久,去世。不久后,原来全家租宿的房子,也被地主收回,Kevin Michael Rudd的母亲玛格丽特(Margaret, née DeVere)无奈地带着四个孩子,投奔亲戚,全家曾挤在一辆房车里,克难安身。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)先入读天主教办学的布里斯班艾诗格罗夫玛丽会(Ashgrove Marist)修士寄宿制男校,之后,再转公立的楠伯中学(Nambour High School)。1974年,他以全年级第一名的成绩,高中毕业。在中学时代,陆克文就开始接触政治,并参与澳大利亚工党的活动;15岁时,即开始参加了地区的青年工党会议。同时,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)对亚洲文化很向往,特别是对中国感兴趣。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)高中毕业后,他以高分,考取澳大利亚国立大学(ANU),修读中国历史及中国文学,同时,取“陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)”作为他的中文姓名;其后,以一等荣誉学士毕业。陆克文1980年,在写他的优等生博士学位论文时,选择的主题,是当代的中国民主运动,研究对象,是中国1970年代“名噪一时”的民主人士魏**,论文导师,是考林·杰夫考特,和比利时出生的著名汉学家皮埃尔·瑞克蒙斯(Pierre Ryckmans)。为了完成论文,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)曾主要从香港收集了他需要的大量资料,阅读了很多中文材料。杰夫考特表示,对于陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)强大的学习动力,他“觉得吃惊”。陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)的这篇论文,最后获得第一名。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)曾于1980年,在台湾台北市的国立台湾师范大学国语教学中心学习中文。 从政-1981年,澳大利亚国立大学毕业后,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)进入澳大利亚外交部服务,先被派驻瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩;1984年,转派驻北京,专责分析中国政治及经济形势;1988年,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)升任为澳洲外交部助理次长。不久,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)为当时是昆士兰州议会反对党领袖的韦恩·戈斯(Wayne Goss)工作,并协助他在第二年的大选中获胜。在戈斯出任昆士兰州州长后,即任命陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)担任自己的幕僚长、兼州政府内阁办事处总监。1995年,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)离开昆士兰州政府,出任毕马威(KPMG)会计师事务所中国事务顾问。1997年,出任澳大利亚昆士兰大学亚洲语言系副主任。 1998年,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)击败自由党在位议员,取得格里菲斯选区(Division of Griffith)议席,进入国会众议院;2001年,获提升,为影子内阁外交部长。 [大选-2006年12月4日,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)在党内领袖会议上,以49票对39票,击败了在任领袖金·比兹利,成为新一任工党的联邦领袖,并由女议员茱莉雅·吉拉德出任副领袖。这次人事变动,对在野已11年的澳大利亚工党来说,是关乎未来前途命运的时刻。在过去的11年中,工党已经替换了四任领袖。这次,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)利用“新官上任”的明星效应和“蜜月期”,赴全澳洲各地,展开“倾听之旅”和竞选宣传攻势;这使得他,在民调中的声望,逐渐攀升,甚至,超过了当时的总理霍华德的支持率。 然而,随着竞选的深入,丑闻不断被揭露。2007年初,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)因其妻泰蕾丝·瑞恩(Therese Rein)开设公司,从政府获得大量合约之事,遭到国人评击,后来,瑞恩公开在电视上表示:将出售公司,把该事件平息。 2007年11月24日,他击败曾3次连任、号称“政治不倒翁”的总理约翰·霍华德,于2007年12月3日,成为澳大利亚总理。霍华德因为在本次竞选当中,丢失了自己的贝内朗选区(Division of Bennelong)席位,被撵出了国会,随即,宣布永远退出澳大利亚的政治舞台。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)当选五个月后,成为《 时代杂志》里“全球一百个最具影响力的人”之一。 中国情结-陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)是首位能说流利中文的西方国家领导人;在他年轻的时候,即对中国文化感到兴趣。曾到中华民国台北市的国立台湾师范大学留学,更以外交官的身份,长期派驻中国大陆工作,并与中国大陆各界,建立广泛的人脉关系。有报道称,北京当局国家环保总局副局长潘岳,就是陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)认识多年的老朋友。 2003年,大陆领导人访问澳大利亚,并在国会发表演讲,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)曾与他使用中文交谈,让他感到惊讶。2006年11月,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)率领澳大利亚工党代表团访问北京,并与第十六届中共中央政治局委员、中宣部部长刘云山洽谈了一个小时;被刘云山称为“中国问题专家”。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)对中国文化有着较深刻的理解,他在哥本哈根,参加2009年联合国气候变化大会时,就曾当着媒体面,公开放言道:”Those Chinese fuckers are trying to rat-fuck us!” 家庭-陆克文的妻子李恩(Theresa Rein,音译作“泰蕾丝·瑞恩”),是他大学时代的恋人,心理学专业毕业。1989年,泰蕾丝买下一家濒临倒闭的小型职业介绍公司。通过17年的努力,这家原来仅有两人的小公司,已经成为拥有1200名雇员、65家分公司的大型跨国人力资源管理服务公司,现名“英格斯公司集团”。其业务,已经拓展到了英国、法国和德国。即使是这样,由自己一手操办的企业,在大选之前,为避嫌疑,泰蕾丝也不得不出售自己的股份。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)夫妇育有3个孩子: 长女杰西卡(Jessica),1984年出生,目前,是位律师,2007年,和一位布里斯班的银行家谢若谷(Albert Tse)结婚,谢是自香港移民澳大利亚的潮州人; 儿子尼古拉斯(Nicholas,中文名:陆雨德),1986年出生,学习法律和中文,曾于2005年,在复旦大学学习; 1993年出生,在上高中的小儿子马克斯(Marcus),已经开始研习汉语。 近事-2007年11月24日,澳大利亚举国进行国会选举,工党取得至少85个议会席位,属压倒性的胜利,澳大利亚传媒将此形容为──“陆氏人造山崩”(Ruddslide)。12月3日,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)宣誓就任第26任澳大利亚总理。 2008年2月13日,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)总理在国会代表政府,对过去实行的政策,给澳大利亚土著带来的伤害,特别是对“被偷走的一代”的伤害,进行正式道歉。 2008年8月,陆克文提出澳大利亚12年发展计划,计划覆盖澳大利亚社会方方面面,从澳大利亚,在英联邦地位,到公民生活,无所不包。 2010年5月,陆克文政府宣布:将从2012年7月起,向矿业公司征收40%的资源盈利税。决定遭到矿企业主和工人的强烈反对,在澳大利亚多地,爆发数千人的示威游行,游行者在陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)举行演讲的场地外面,拿着扩音器表达不满。资源税成为陆克文执政期间的最主要决策失误,导致陆克文的支持率,大幅度下跌,工党在一些选区的支持率,甚至跌破30%,落后于联盟党的支持率。 2010年6月21日,中国国家副主席与陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)在澳大利亚首都堪培拉举行会谈,双方签署10项,总值逾88亿美元的商业协议,其中,有7项涵盖资源和能源领域。有分析家认为,此举表示中国-澳洲关系,已从胡士泰力拓间谍案的纠纷低谷中,走出。 2010年6月,包括,澳大利亚工人工会在内的不少组织、政治掮客和工党两院成员,表示,转而支持时任联邦副总理的茱莉雅·吉拉德,迫使工党举行党内领袖选举。6月24日,举行党内选举,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)宣布放弃票选,吉拉德直接当选新任工党领袖,和澳大利亚总理。国库部长韦恩·斯旺担任副总理。 2010年9月,澳大利亚女总理宣布内阁名单,确认陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)出任新政府外交部长。 环境政策-2007年12月3日,陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)签下京都议定书,他说,今天澳大利亚官方的宣示,将成为京都议定书的成员之一,在国家努力对抗气候的遽变向前一大步,并加入这个国际社会。 在10月份时,总理霍华德说,工党的环境政策,跟保守党的政策,是没有特别的差异,他们的政策,是在2020年减少15%的排放,然而,工党是减少20%。 外交政策-作为影子外交部长的陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd),他的政策,以“三个支柱”成型:跟联合国结合,跟亚洲结合,跟美国同盟。虽然,他不同意伊拉克战争,但他支持继续在伊拉克布署部队,但,不布署战斗部队。 陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)在2003年11月,写信给时任的澳大利亚总理约翰霍华德,提供政策性的意见,在巴格达垮台之后。在他的建议之中,帮忙训练新的伊拉克军队,使用澳大利亚的选委会,去帮助他们阶段性的选举。 工党保证,在2007年,替换550名目前的战斗部队,担任训练,及边界安全的角色(也许是驻守在中东的其他国家),继续在伊拉克,驻守超过一千名的部队(2007年,有1575名的澳大利亚部队,仍在伊拉克境内运作),陆克文(Kevin Michael Rudd)同时支持在阿富汗的澳大利亚军队。

《Kim Jong Il is dead, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Michael Rudd) urged all calm, December 19, 2011》有一个想法

  1. 朝鲜领导人金正日短命去世,各方反应谨慎并持续关注,2011年12月19日,韩国国家安全官员,在周一(12月19日)紧急会议后,称,总统李明博(Lee Myung-bak)呼吁:保持冷静,要求韩国居民继续日常生活。
    Short-lived North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s death, all of the reactions carefully and sustained attention, December 19, 2011, South Korean national security officials on Monday (December 19) after an emergency meeting, said President Lee Myung-bak (Lee Myung- bak) call: remain calm, asked Korean residents to continue their daily lives.

    Kim Jong Il’s death news came out on Monday, South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, immediately called crisis measures and operational departments of the group who met to discuss strengthening the alert posture program, then issued an urgent alert to take measures to strengthen.

    South Korean military said, in front of the region, increase the deployment of the RF-4 reconnaissance aircraft offer the DPRK to enhance surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, strengthened the trend toward offering surveillance. Jun Han and South Korea Combined Forces Command United States offer North Korea is closely watching the movements of troops.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has asked the U.S. military in South Korea, increase high-altitude U-2 reconnaissance aircraft and satellites of the KH-11 reconnaissance on the number of times towards the offer. South Korea is considering the United States: North Korea will offer information to monitor posture WatchCon3, raised from WachCon2, will be ready defense posture toward the offer (DEFCON), from the fourth level, up to third grade.

    South Korean Navy Operations Command and the Navy Second Fleet, through the tactical information system (KNTDS), increased monitoring of manpower, the United States Combined Forces Command Korea through the Korea theater command and notification system (GCCS-K), and U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii, maintains close intelligence sharing.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Zheng Chengzhao day break in front of visit, is an emergency return.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that at present, the front area and found no unusual military movements toward the offer, is closely watching the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and the Panmunjom Joint Security Area (JSA), the West Sea Northern Limit Line (NLL) and other regions.

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman Naixi Wilkie (Martin Nesirky), said on Monday, Ban Ki-moon has informed the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il of the death of Kim Jong Il’s death, expressed concern about the Korean situation, but, do not intend to comment. As UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon has been committed to promoting international parties in the negotiations on the North Korean nuclear issue. The United Nations food aid to the DPRK, the positive efforts.

    Local White House on Sunday (December 18) that President Obama has learned – North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s death, the U.S. government is concerned about the related reports, U.S. officials have been working with allies South Korea and Japan maintain close contact .

    White House press secretary Carney (Jay Carney), in a written statement, said the U.S. remains committed to maintaining stability on the Korean Peninsula, as well as allies to protect the freedom and security.

    Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Kevin Rudd), on Monday said that at present, it is difficult to guess in these days after Kim Jong-il Cushi, what will happen, or the future of North Korea’s leadership, have any effect. However, some uncertainty is expected to occur; However, this should be considered outside the normal situation.

    Kevin Rudd called for all governments, including the North Korean government, including, whether it is practical action, or the diplomatic signals, at this time, should show the greatest degree of calm and restraint.

    Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda said on Monday, agreed with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, on the issue of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s death, working closely.

    HSBC Greater China chief economist Qu Hongbin, through micro-Bo, Managing Director, said, “not only the risk of rising economic, geopolitical uncertainty, is also increasing, it seems, in 2012, will be the risk of the year! ”

    KCNA, 19, reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, 17, died.

    In view of this poor neighbor —

    Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda give up on the streets speech, 19, instructed the Japanese government departments, strengthen the information collection requirements, and the United States, South Korea, China closely to share information, well prepared, in case of emergency.

    1:00 pm onwards the Japanese government held a security meeting (Chairman: Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda). Chief Cabinet Fujimura repair, at a press conference after the meeting, the Kim Jong-il’s death, said, “I hope North Korea will not be stability and peace, have a negative impact.” Fujimura said, Noda end of this month, visit China, India, the two plans, “At this stage no change.”

    Noda said to the media at his official residence, “heard such reports. Has asked to confirm the facts.” Government Prime Minister’s official residence in the crisis management center, set up countermeasures room.

    Japanese government is concerned about Kim’s third son Kim Jong-un’s successor work, Foreign Ministry officials said “the future will be and the countries to start negotiations.”

    Japanese Defense Minister Yichuan husband has instructed the Ministry of Defense Paul and the SDF, full of information collection and monitoring to ensure foolproof guard. Ministry of Defense and the SDF now has an internal Korean Workers’ Party and the North Korean military movements, increased vigilance.

    Affairs of the Japanese Foreign Ministry official Kenichiro Sasae, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been in office, and Sugiyama Jin Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau and other related departments and auxiliary officials to discuss response. An official said: “As the successor to Kim Jong-un, earlier than expected in 2012, the instability of the Korean peninsula, will further exacerbate There is a need to start protecting the Japanese in Korea and other emergency response work.”

    Japanese government sources said: “I hope North Korea’s handover, can not affect the stability of East Asia’s case, the smooth.”







    联合国秘书长潘基文的发言人奈西尔基(Martin Nesirky),周一表示,潘基文已经获悉了朝鲜最高领导人金正日逝世的消息,对金正日逝世后,朝鲜局势表示关注,但,暂时不打算发表评论。作为联合国秘书长,潘基文一直致力于促进国际各方,在朝鲜核问题上的谈判。联合国在对朝鲜提供粮食援助方面,积极努力。


    白宫新闻秘书卡尼(Jay Carney),在书面声明中,表示,美国仍然致力于维护朝鲜半岛稳定,以及保护盟友的自由和安全。

    澳大利亚外长陆克文(Kevin Rudd),周一表示,目前,很难去猜测在金正日猝逝后的这几天,会发生什么事情,或是对朝鲜未来的领导权,产生什么影响。但是,预计会出现一些不确定性;但是,外界应该将此视为正常状况。















    韓国軍は、地域の目の前に、監視および偵察装備を強化す​​るために北朝鮮を提供するRF – 4偵察機の配備を増やし、述べて監視を提供する傾向を強化。 Junハンと韓国連合司令米国提供北朝鮮は密接に軍の動きを注視している。

    スタッフの韓国の合同参謀本部は、韓国で米軍を要請して、提供に向けて回数のKH – 11偵察の高高度U – 2偵察機や人工衛星を増加させる。韓国は米国を検討している北朝鮮は、最大三年生まで、レベル4から、提案に向けて準備ができて防衛態勢(デフコン)となる、WachCon2から調達姿勢WatchCon3を、監視する情報を提供します。

    韓国海軍の作戦司令と海軍第2艦隊は、戦術情報システム(KNTDS)を通じて、人的資源のモニタリングを増加、米国の連合軍、韓国の演劇のコマンドと通知システムを介してコマンド韓国(GCCの- K)、およびハワイの米太平洋軍司令部、近い情報共有を維持します。




    オバマ大統領が学習した日曜日に地元のホワイトハウス(12月18日) – 北朝鮮の金正日(キムジョンイル)総書記の死は、米国政府が関連レポートを懸念され、米国の当局者は、緊密な連絡を維持する同盟国、韓国と日本で活動している。





    HSBCグレーターマイクロボーを通じて、中国チーフエコノミスト屈原Hongbinは、、マネージングディレクター、言った、”新興経済、地政学的な不確実性のない唯一のリスクは、また年間のリスクとなる、2012年に、それはそう、増加している! ”






    日本政府が金の三男である金正日 – 国連の後継の仕事が心配され、外務官僚は、”未来はなると国が交渉を開始する”と述べた。


    応答を議論する賢一郎佐々江、外務省が事務所にされている日本の外務省の公式の業務、および杉山晋アジア大洋州局と他の関連部門と補助職員。関係者は言った:”金正日 – 国連、以前の2012年に予想より、朝鮮半島の不安定性は、さらに悪化させるの後継として、韓国における日本人及び他の緊急対応作業の保護を開始する必要がある。”


    짧은 – 살았 북한 한국어 김정일 국방 위원장의 죽음은, 신중하고 지속적인 관심을 반응, 긴급 회의 후 월요일 (12 월 19 일)에 2011년 12월 19일, 한국 국가 보안 관계자의 말했다 대통령 이명박 (이명박은 – 박)가 통화 : 침착, 그들의 일상 생활을 계속 한국 주민 물었다.

    김정일의 사망 소식이 강화하는 조치를 취할 수있는 긴급 경고를 발행한 후, 바로 위기 조치 및 경고 자세 프로그램을 강화 논의하기 위해 만났다 그룹의 운영 부서라고, 월요일, 직원의 한국 합동 참모 본부에 나왔어.

    한국 군사는 지역의 앞에, 감시 및 정찰 장비를 향상시키기 위해 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국을 제공하는 RF – 4 정찰 항공기의 배포를 증가했다 감시를 제공하는 추세를 강화. Jun 한과 한국 연합군 사령부 미국 제안 북한은 밀접하게 군대의 움직임을 지켜보고있다.

    직원의 한국의 합동 참모 본부는 한국에서 미군을 요청했다, 제공 향해 횟수에 KH – 11 정찰의 높은 고도 U – 2 정찰 항공기 및 위성을 향상시킬 수 있습니다. 한국은 미국을 고려하고 있습니다 : 북한은 최대 세번째 학년, 네 번째 레벨에서 제공하는 방향으로 준비 방위 태세 (방위 태세)가 될것이다, WachCon2에서 제기 자세 WatchCon3를 모니터링 정보를 제공합니다.

    한국 해군 작전 사령부와 해군 두 번째 함대가 전술 정보 시스템 (KNTDS)를 통해, 인력의 모니터링 증가, 미국 연합군 한국 극장 명령 및 통지 시스템을 통해 명령 한국 (GCCS – K), 그리고 하와이에있는 미 태평양 사령부, 가까운 정보 공유를 유지합니다.

    방문 앞에 지팡이 회장 청 Chengzhao 데이 브레이크의 한국의 합동 참모 본부는 비상 반환합니다.

    직원의 한국의 합동 참모 본부는 현재, 전면 면적 말했다 밀접하게 비무장 지대 (DMZ)와 판문점 공동 경비 구역 (JSA), 서해 북부 한계선 (NLL) 및 기타 지역을보고있다, 제공하는 방향으로 비정상적인 군사 움직임을 찾을 수 없습니다.

    유엔 사무 총장 반기문의 대변인 Naixi Wilkie (마틴 Nesirky)은, 월요일에, 반기문은 김정일 령도자의 죽음의 죽음 북한 한국어 김정일 국방 위원장에게 제출했다고 밝혔다 한국의 상황에 대해 우려를 표명했지만, 코멘트를하지 않을 것입니다. 유엔 사무 총장, 반기문은 한국 북한 핵 문제에 대한 협상에서 국제 파티를 홍보하기 위해 최선을 다하고있다 마찬가지로. 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국에 대한 유엔 식량 원조, 긍정적인 노력.

    오바마 대통령이 배운 것을 일요일에 지역 백악관 (12 월 18) – 북한 한국어 지도자 김정일의 죽음은 미국 정부가 관련 리포트에 대한 우려, 미국 관리들은 가까운 접촉을 유지 동맹국 한국과 일본과 함께 일하고있다 .

    백악관 언론 비서 Carney (제이 Carney)는 성명에서 미국이 한국의 한반도의 안정을 유지뿐만 아니라 자유와 안전을 보호하기 위해 동맹 위해 최선을 다하고 남아있다.

    월요일에 호주 외무 장관은 케빈 Rudd (케빈 Rudd)는, 현재, 그것이, 김정일 Cushi, 어떻게 될지, 아니면 북한의 리더십의 미래 후 요즘 추측 어떤 영향을 미칠하기 어려운 것이라고 말했다. 그러나, 일부 불확실성이있을 것으로 기대하고 있지만, 바깥 세상이 정상 상태가 나타납니다.

    케빈 Rudd는, 실질적인 행동, 또는 외교 신호는이 시간에, 조용하고 규제의 가장 정도를 표시할지 여부를 포함하여, 한국 정부는 북한을 포함한 모든 정부에 대한했다.

    일본 Yoshihiko 노다의 총리 월요일에 긴밀히 협력, 북한 한국어 지도자 김정일의 죽음의 문제에, 한국의 대통령 이명박에 동의했다.

    마이크로 보를 통해 HSBC 겸 중국 수석 이코노미 숨어 Hongbin, 상무 이사는 “상승, 경제, 지정 학적 불확실성의 위험뿐만 아니라 말씀도 증가하고있다, 그것 보인다, 2012 년, 올해의 위험이 될 것입니다! ”

    조선 중앙 통신, 19, 북한 한국어 김정일 국방 위원장, 17, 죽었다고 보도했다.

    이 불쌍한 이웃의 관점에서 —

    일본 Yoshihiko 노다의 총리주고 최대 거리 연설, 19 일, 일본 정부 부서를 지시, 정보 수집 요건을 강화하고, 미국, 한국, 중국은 밀접하게 긴급의 경우, 잘 준비 정보를 공유할 수 있습니다.

    오후 1시는 일본 정부가 보안 회의 (총리 Yoshihiko 노다 위원장) 개최 이후. 최고 내각 후지 무라 수리는 회의 후 기자 회견에서, 김정일의 죽음은, 말했다, “나는 부정적인 영향을 가지고 북한이 안정과 평화되지 않습니다 바랍니다.”후지 무라 말했다, 이번 달 노다 종료일 방문 중국, 인도, 두 계획 “이 단계에서는 변경하지.”

    노다 그의 관저에서 언론에 말했다, “와 같은 보고서를 들었어요. 사실을 확인하도록 요청했습니다.”위기 관리 센터에서 정부의 총리 관저가 대책 공간을 설정합니다.

    일본 정부가 김정일의 셋째 아들 김정일 유엔의 후속 작업에 대한 우려, 외교부 관계자는 “미래가되고 나라가 협상을 시작합니다”라고 말했다.

    일본어 국방 장관 Yichuan 남편은 절대 안전한 경호를 위해 정보 수집 및 모니터링의 전체 국방 바울과 SDF의 교육부 훈령. 국방과 SDF의 사역은 이제 내부 한국어 노동자 파티와 한국의 북한 군사 움직임을 증가 경계를 강화하고 있습니다.

    일본의 외국인 외무성이 사무실에 왔습니다 교육부 공식 Kenichiro Sasae, 그리고 스기야마 진 아시아와 대양주 무국 및 기타 관련 부서 및 보조 공무원의 업무는 응답을 논의합니다. 관리는 말했다 : “김정일 – UN, 이전 2012 년 예상보다, 한국 반도의 불안정은 더 더욱 심하게하다됩니다 후속으로 한국에서 일본어 및 기타 비상 대응 작업을 보호 시작할 필요가있다.”

    일본 정부 소식통은 말했다 : “나는, 북한이 핸드오버의 희망 동아시아의 경우, 원활한의 안정성에 영향을 미칠 수 없습니다.”