Latvia prices and health care

Latvia prices and health care
First, the property prices
After Latvia regained independence in 1991, began at the Western model of economic reform, privatization and free market economy. Latvia in 1999 was officially accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization. Latvia, socio-economic development and stability, better living standards, mainly food products, fruits, etc. to import the main supply. In May 2004, after joining the EU pull a rapid increase in the price level.
Local currency is the lats, more stable currency. 1 LVL ≈ 13 yuan.
Major commodity reference price:
1 liter of bottled mineral water, 0.5 LVL; 1 bottle 33cl of beer, 0.7 lats
Non-alcoholic beverages meal LVL 5-10
Latvia’s banks and currency exchange points rejected by the folds, worn, faded or pollution of dollars and other foreign currency, even if written with a very small writing, will be rejected, or compromised, converted into lats, only charges issued after 1990 U.S. dollars.
Payment: credit card and cash payment, the hotel does not accept visitors generally settled by bank transfer.
Banking and financial services:
Bank of Latvia website:, Tel: 67022300;
CITAD ELE Bank website:, Tel: 67010000;
NBRDEA Bank website:, Tel: 67096096;
Airport and all cities, tourist attractions currency exchange points, can the euro, U.S. dollar to local currency. Tourist attractions in the general consumer can directly pay in euros and U.S. dollars.
Second, insurance, medical
Latvia in general no large-scale infectious disease, health condition is good. Information about infectious disease outbreaks, consult the WHO website
In 2010, Latvia there were 129 hospitals, 2007 clinics, doctors 7921, 1050 family doctors and hospital beds, 18 200. Per million people, 34 doctors and hospital beds, 78.1. Medical conditions were good, regular supply of medicines at reasonable prices. Strict regulation of drug sales, there must be a doctor’s prescription, buy prescription drugs only. Hospital’s medical separation, a doctor’s prescription, drugs be purchased at pharmacies.
Latvia compulsory medical insurance, residence in Latvia must purchase health insurance. General health insurance, six premium 20 LVL 40 LVL a year premium, 60 years of age, the premium is slightly different. Insured 35.000 lats, including treatment costs 15,000 lats, affordable medical care and first aid expenses, repatriation costs 15,000 lats illness, and funeral expenses 5,000 lats.

Riga main hospital address and telephone number:
Emergency visits Tel :00371 -67201003, 67201001,67201007
ARS Clinic: Tel 00371-67201007
Fax :00371 -67,288,767
Address: 5 Skolas iela, Riga LV-1001
Children’s Hospital: Tel: 67622997,67064499
Address: 45 Vienibas gatve,
Foreign Service medical center: Tel :00371 -67,229,942
Fax :00371 -67,289,418
Address: NO.57, Elizabetes Str. 4floor, Riga, LV-1050
Gailezers Hospital: Tel :00371 -67,042,424
Fax :00371 -67,536,466
Address: No.2, Hipokrata Str.Riga, LV-1038
Latvia – American Eye Center (Latvian-American Eye Centre):
Phone: 67272257
Address: 93 Tallinas iela
Dental Clinic Hospital: Tel: 67455586
HTO Orthopaedic Hospital: Tel :00371 -67,399,300
Fax :00371 -67,392,348
Address: 22 Duntes street, Riga, LV-1005
What Stella Beijing University Hospital: Tel :00841 -67,611,412
Address: Pilsonu 13, Riga, LV-1007
Special Note: enter the Latvian summer forest, forests need to prevent tick-borne encephalitis (forest encephalitis), the disease is a tick-borne encephalitis virus (RNA virus), caused by Ixodes media natural foci of acute central nervous system infection disease. Clinical features, is a sudden high fever, disturbance of consciousness, headache, neck strength, neck and shoulder muscles with upper limb paralysis, sequelae common. Tick-borne encephalitis virus, parasitic on rodents such as squirrels, voles and other blood, by blood-sucking insects (ticks) media communication. Into the existing forest areas have the disease when bitten by infected ticks, you may be infected, but most of the patients showed latent infection or only mild symptoms, and only a small part of significant symptoms. The initial entry of people infected tick-borne encephalitis vaccine should be vaccinated. 15-20 days prior to the go to the forest, you must play the first needle, then, over 7-10 days, beating No. 2-pin, played a total of 2 times.

Traffic and travel
Shipping: Latvia, Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja three international airports, most international flights Riga International Airport. Baltic Sea Airways, founded in 1995, is the only international airlines pull, the state accounted for 52.6% of the shares, with 34 aircraft, of which two Boeing 737-500 Boeing 757-200,6 aircraft, eight Boeing 737 -300, 10 FOKKER 50 aircraft in 2010, transporting 23 million passengers, an increase of 16%. In 2010, Riga International Airport passenger transport, for the 4.663 million passengers, up 14.7%. Delivery of goods 12,247 tons, an increase of 29.9%
Riga International Airport, now settled in the 19 airlines, flights to 82 countries and regions. There are direct flights to Moscow, London, Manchester, Stuttgart, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Prague, Tallinn, Vilnius, Kiev, Odessa , Minsk, Tashkent, Istanbul and other places of international flights. Finnair flights from Riga by, from Helsinki transit, up to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, by Aeroflot flight from Moscow to transfer up to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, the other, from Frankfurt, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen and other places transit.

Riga International Airport (Lidosta) is located 10 km southwest of Riga, a total of four border inspection ports. Ordinary bus road trip ,30-22 35 minutes ,5:00-23: 00 during each half-hour trip, fare 0.7 LVL / one-way, direct ticket to the driver. If the standard luggage carried by passengers on the train, take for each suitcase, to pay an additional 0.8 lats. Visitors can also NARVESSON (7ELEVEN) convenience stores, street kiosks and bus station ticket hall, buy e-tickets in denominations of 10, 20 LVL travel cards, each ride, just 0.5 lats. E-tickets also five times, 10 times and 20 times, respectively, 2.5,4.75 and 9 lats. Taxi to the city center takes about 15-20 minutes, fare about 10 lats.
Riga Airport Information :00371 -29,311,187
Riga airport website:
Baltic airlines:
Rui Naier airlines

Rail: In 2009, total length of 2206.3 km rail pull, in which 257 km electrified railway, cargo 53.7 million tons in 2009, an increase of 4.2%. The amount of 21,555,000 passenger trips, down 19%. Up by international train from Riga and St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia, Ukraine, Kiev and Odessa, and by Lithuania and Poland to Berlin, Germany and other places. Domestic routes connecting major cities. Domestic and international routes, are running on time, reasonable price, safe condition. No border and customs station, the train immigration, border and customs checks carried out. Book tickets phone :00371 -67,231,181 International, schedule inquiries:
Riga Central Station (Centrala Stacija) located in the center, 5-10 minutes walk from Old Town dariga. There are restaurants, shops, currency exchange points and banks. 4:00-1:00 self-preservation and to provide baggage service. Main hall with information desk.
Highways: total length of 20,227 km national highway. As of January 2011, 113,100 vehicles were registered, 742,400 cars, 10,600 passenger cars, motorcycles 25100. 2005, road freight 51,500,000 tons, 214 million passenger trips.
Riga Bus Station (Autoosta) and adjacent to the railway station, take tram stop 7 to dariga Old Town. 5:00-24:00 operating ,5:30-23: 00 for baggage. Information Tel: 90000009, will be tickets Tel: 90001111, bus station site:
By international bus can go to Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Tallinn, Vilnius, Paris, London and other places. International bus good condition, mostly for two drivers in shifts, the overall security operation, but poor road conditions in winter snow, accident-prone. Time lines and transportation companies website details:
Tel :00371 -67,214,080;
Fax :00371 -67,503,134.
Tel :00371 -67,274,444;
Fax :00371 -67,844,222.
Water: River route length of 350 km. Main harbor there Ventspils, Riga and Liepaja. Port throughput in 2005 as 60.04 million tons, an increase of 4.4%, the Chinese port throughput of 29.86 million tons Ventspils, Riga port throughput of 24.43 million tons, Liepaja port throughput of 4.51 million tons, and the remaining 124 port throughput million tons.
Riga Passenger Terminal downtown 1.5 km tram two stops by 5,7,9 city center. By boat to Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm,, Germany’s Luebeck (Lubeck, 00371-67349527, 67353523) and Kiel (Kiel, 00371-67323730, 67323569).
City traffic
Latvia is Europe’s per capita accident rate and one of the highest traffic accident death rates, the Latvian government to take stringent measures to punish drunk driving, a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment. Day and night, driving lights must be open.
Riga city public transport system, including buses, trams and trolley buses. Daily 5:30-00:30 operation, part of the line 22:30 outage. On the train tickets, fares 0.7 lats. Each station has run schedules, off-peak hours, run on time.
Taxi empty green light, starting from LVL 1.5, 0.5 LVL / km. 24-hour free car phone set:
Riga Taxi :00371-80001010;
TAXI.LV :00371-80009922;
SMILE TAXI :00371-22577677.

Travel and communication
First, the major cities and sites of
Riga (RIGA), the capital of Latvia, Latvia’s largest city. An area of ​​307.17 square kilometers, population 74.72 million, accounting for the country’s population of 1 / 3, population density 2,434 people / per square kilometer. Divided into six administrative regions. January average temperature of -2.7 ℃, 7 monthly average temperature of 17.4 ℃, annual average temperature is 7.2 ℃, average relative humidity of 78%. Suzhou is China’s friendship with the city.
Daugava Pierce (DAUGAVPILS), 229 km from Riga, pull the second largest city, near the Belarus border, mainly Russian-speaking. And Harbin are sister cities.
Liepaja (LIEPAJA), 223 km from Riga, the port, pull the third largest city.
Ventspils (VENTSPILS), 202 km from Riga, the Baltic’s largest ice-free.
Jurmala (JURMALA), 25 km from Riga, the famous health resort, Sochi par with Russia, 33 km of high-quality sand, and treatment of cardiovascular, nervous system diseases black mud.
Second, the main attractions
2008 La 3.77 million inbound tourists trips, spending $ 336 million in Latvia, mainly from Lithuania (30%), Estonia (28%), Russia (7%), Germany (7% spending $ 33.27 million in Latin), Poland (6%) and Finland (5%) and other countries. 2.45 million outbound trips in Latvia, mainly destined for Lithuania (35%), Estonia (24%), Russia (14%), Belarus (6%) and EU countries (48%).
Latvia winter long, snowy, for the low season, June to September as the summer tourist season. Total of 130 tourism companies, are: Latvia Travel Company (Latvia Tours), Riga Travel (Riga Travel Agency), the Tasman travel company (Tas Travel Agency), college students Youth Travel Service (Student and Youth Travel), Baltic Travel Company ( Baltic Travel Group) and so on.
Riga Old Town was founded in the early 13th century, an area of ​​50 hectares, a large concentration of Gothic and Baroque architecture, distinct characteristics, the main attractions:
Riga Castle was built in 1203, was the residence of kings and Livonia. The 18th century, the rulers of the Russian Empire for large-scale renovation of the castle, when the basic appearance and internal structure has been preserved. Half of the castle now the Presidential Palace, there are carved and sculpture with top styles of Whitehall, Blue Room, Hall and other envoys, the other half is pulling Museum and foreign art museums.
Thom is the Old Town Square, the heart of Chomsky because Chomsky church on the square of the Thom (“Thom” is Latin for “temple” means) named. In 1998, UNESCO (UNESCO) inscribed on the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Place the side of the Riga Stock Exchange building in 1856, on the other side is the 1211 church built Thom Sharansky, has Europe’s largest, the world’s fourth largest organ. The plane has 124 organ sound area, 26 bellows, 6718 tube, up to 10 meters, the shortest only 13 mm, can still be playing, beautiful sound.
St. Peter’s Church was built in 1209, who has the largest wooden church in Europe is one. Troubled the church, several were destroyed. 1721, the church fire, Peter the Great had personally directed the fire. The church was destroyed during World War II, after be repaired, and replaced the metal structure, restored church 123.5 meters high, the top their remaining cast-iron rooster weather vane (rooster is considered auspicious sign, to exorcism and evil. A chicken three times , dawn, when the devil you have to return to hell). The church bell tower 57 meters and 71 meters with viewing platform, overlooking the panoramic view of Riga.
City Hall Plaza, built in the 13th century, craftsmen who are trading, held important meetings and city events. Center of the square “Roland” statue on behalf of the Middle Ages the judiciary, freedom and independence of the city, are considered as commercial protection of God. Palace Square, the south is black, because black fraternity named. Black Brotherhood is a single medieval Baltic merchants guild, members, including Germany and the Dutch merchants and sailors, their respect for the protection of God, St. Mauritius (marked by the head of African Moor). Black Temple was built in 1334, 1713, will all go black brothers, destroyed during World War II, rebuilt in 1999.
Freedom Monument was built in 1931-1935, is the spirit of the people of Latvia, the ideal symbol of strength and freedom, is located in Riga city, Riga is a landmark. 42 m high monument, monument inscribed with “Homeland and Freedom,” the words. Top of the monument is a symbol of freedom for women, she pulled the hands of three Venus represents the history and culture of the three areas: Wade Zemu, Late Jia columns and Kool Zemu.
Travel Special Note:
Latvia Time is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +2 hours, winter time is GMT (GMT) +3 hours. Each year the last Sunday of October, when the introduction of winter, the last Sunday in March daylight saving time was introduced. Daylight Saving Time is GMT -5 hours, -6 hours GMT when winter.
Latvia Tourist Information Centre :00371-67224664,
Latvia specialty: amber jewelry, natural and organic soaps, dolls dressed in national costumes, linen fabric, black wine Riga (Riga Black Balsam), smoked fish, handmade wool scarves, hats, socks, leather notepad, leather purses, Paper boxes and so on.
Simple and practical pull language: greeting – Sveiki, hello – Labdien, is – Ja, no – Nee, goodbye – Uzredzesanos, please – Ludzu, thank you – Paldies, the price is how much? – Cik tas maksa? Sorry-Atvainojiet, hotels – Viesnica, milk – Piens, bread – Maize, water – Udens, meat – Gala, fruit – Augli, vegetables – Darzeni.

Third, the hotels and restaurants
Address: 24 Kugu iela,
Tel :00371 -67,061,111,
Fax :00371 -67,061,100,
Price: Standard Room € 160, € 190 between the official, Suite 340-1170 euros.
Address: 55 ELIZABETES, LV-1010
Tel :00371 -67,772,222
Fax :00371-00371-67772221
Price: Standard room € 99, ​​between 119-169 euros official, suites € 368.
Address: 28 Kalku iela
Tel :00371 -67,087,600
Fax :00371 -67,087,606
Price: Standard Room € 150, € 160 between the public, suite 200 euros.
Address: 1 Reimersa iela
Tel :00371 -67,772,345
Fax :00371 -67,772,332
Price: Standard Room € 130.
5, Elizabete Hotel (Elizabeth Hotel)
Address: No.2, Dzirnavu St. Riga, LV-1010
Tel :00371 -67,821,909
Fax :00371 -67,821,908
Price :40-100 euros

Latvia mainly in restaurants:
Old Shanghai
Address: 123 K. VALDEMARA IELA
Tel :00371 -29,416,570
Hong Kong Hotel
Address: 61 K. Valdemara iela
Tel :00371 -67,812,292
China Great Wall Sheraton Hotel
Address: 21 K. Valdemara iela
Tel :00371 -27,897,188
SOHO Hotel
Address: 6 Elizabetes iela
Tel :00371 -29,175,354
Jia Jia Chinese Restaurant
Address: A. CAKA IELA 110 LV-1011
Tel :00371 -27293696 / 29182288
Shangri-La Hotel
Address: BRIVIBAS GATVE 326/328
Tel :00371 -67554547, 26080915

Fourth, the supply voltage
Latvia voltage of 220V, 50HZ, with two round DIN plug.
Five, communication networks
Pull developed communication, telephone call convenient. From the domestic call to pull in pull mode for the 00371 plus landline number or mobile number. Pull the four mobile phone operators, visitors arrived at the airport after pulling and urban convenience stores, shops and mobile phone outlets to purchase network number (usually 2-3 lats), buy phone card. Landline phone about 0.07 LVL / min, mobile phone about 0.10 lats / min. Companies have introduced packages, prices vary because of the situation. Pull high-speed mode for broadband Internet at reasonable rates. Are general hotel offers free internet access.

Bilateral consular
First, the Consular Relations
Second, the Consular Treaty, agreements

Institutions abroad
Chinese Embassy in Latvia
Office Location: 5th Street, Riga Gan 尼布丹比斯
(5 Ganibu Dambis Str. Riga)
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00
Consular office hours: Monday and Friday 10:00 to 12:00; Wednesday 14:30 to 16:30
Embassy (including the Consular Section) in China’s foreign office to stop a public holiday (see holiday notice).
Embassy Tel :00371 -67357023 / 24,
Tel: 67509104,67509125,29192568,26189539
Fax :00371 -67357025, 67323263
Transportation: Take a Road, 19 Road trolley bus; 5 Road, 9 tram, bus and 24 2-way road into the city direction PETERSALAS IELA Station, out of town direction GANIBU DAMBIS IELA Station, along the street Walk to the northeast of the 200 meters and 100 meters.
Embassy E-mail:
Embassy Commercial Office E-mail:
Embassy website:

General information
First, to work in Latvia
Fewer people in Latvia, China, about 40 people, mainly in the restaurant industry, most of the restaurant owner and chef is Chinese. Employment needs of the Chinese people in Latvia have a valid residence permit and work permit, and the timely and full payment of the local medical insurance, pension funds and income tax. Bid for work and residence permits will take longer.
Hire foreigners to work permit to work in Latvia, the Latvian side by the employer in the pull handle. There are vacancies, the employer must publish recruitment notices in the local newspaper, a month does not find local candidates may apply for the right to employ foreigners. Application, the employer must provide the alien with proof of qualifications in the job.
I am working citizens in Latvia, such as changes in work or duties, it is timely to pull labor and immigration departments for registration. Is found with the current job or work unit apply for a residence permit does not match the contents of furnished, will be providing false information processing, revoke a residence permit, the deadline to leave. Employees change the workplace, the employer should obtain the consent of the incumbent, only for new work and residence permit.
Second, to pull students
Currently very few Chinese students in Latvia. Latvia and more colleges and universities study to explore the Chinese market, to attract Chinese students. Latvia University, whether public, private, most management practices, higher levels of education, school fees and the relatively low compared to other EU countries. Primary language instruction using the pull, but most colleges and universities offer English courses to serve students. In Latvia, students need to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of learning. In addition to government projects, drawing college students rarely offer scholarships to foreign students, mostly at their own expense.
As of the end of 2005, there were 49 institutions of higher learning in Latvia, 12.76 million students in school, teachers, 3636, an average of every 550 people in college.
Major institutions of higher learning are:
University of Latvia (University of Latvia), located in Riga, the capital city. The school’s history dates back to the establishment of the Riga Polytechnic Institute in 1862. In September 1919, the Riga Institute of Technology was established on the basis of the Latvian Institute, 1923, renamed the “University of Latvia.” Widening is the first Latin school, the largest university has 13 faculties, more than 10 Research Institute, involving many different areas and disciplines. 2008 school year, 23,801 students, including 900 doctoral students, teaching and research staff of more than 1400 people.
Riga Institute of Technology (Riga Technical University), located in Riga city, built in 1862, the main disciplines in engineering, technology, social sciences and business. Existing eight lines and five research institutes, there are currently more than 18,000 students, including 5,600 undergraduates, 7,500 college students, 3,600 graduate students, 400 doctoral students, 1,000 faculty and staff, including professors and Associate Professor 400. The school as well as from China, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Europe, Asia, Latin America, nearly 1,000 students. For the spring semester in February, for the fall semester in September.
Agricultural University of Latvia (Latvia University of Agriculture): located in Jelgava city, built in 1939. Main disciplines of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, engineering, technology, social sciences and business.
More institutions information, please visit website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia:, and pull the Higher Education Commission website: