Australia tour – Melbourne

Australia tour – Melbourne
Friends to do the migration in Australia, two to three months, you have to take care of a bunch of things there.
Order on-line flight. Flight to Melbourne, set at 17:00.
Flights to Melbourne, the same day, flight to Melbourne, fly to Sydney, Melbourne, flying sub, flying in the air, turn on the ground, it took twenty hours before to Melbourne.
First arrived in Melbourne
To Melbourne in the morning more than seven. Melbourne Airport, there is no design at all the airports, the ceiling, kind of 60 × 60 with a small white box stitching, like toilets 1980s decorative plate. Stainless steel to do with security at the cut off, all the old, as into an old train station. Through security, airport immigration registration card food column, tick, were invited to the special access for inspection.
Australia is a special emphasis on their national food safety and environmental protection
Have friends to play golf in Australia, inner tube of the club along with luggage, at the security checkpoint, be required to open the luggage, shoes check out a check, in the sole, found a little dirt and a few grass, security personnel were immediately thrown into the the trash. At the exit 20 minutes, came out by the examiner.
Morning, the sky in Melbourne, has been appearing blue. Air, the taste of grass sandwiched, dry wind, blowing in his face, smell the breath of the wind. While, the sun’s light, like a waterfall, Zhixie down, wear sunglasses that Walker, at the roadside, waiting to pick the car.
A Japanese Toyota car parked in front of a car, set a good hotel.
Drove three thousand Australian dollars to buy, this car looks gently used Toyota used car. 40 minutes, was sent to the hotel. After the registration check, brushing card, look, two standard rooms, $ 900 / night. And was told: Now can not stay. The room rates are five-star service in China, you can send the driver to pick up the hotel.
Sitting day of the aircraft, are very tired. Cheer up, all like the sun just rising, start from scratch. Down a street, see a high arch, with cursive words: Melbourne’s Chinatown. Lanterns, paper cutting, hot pot, Beijing roast duck, southern dim sum, Sichuan Tianfu, from your eyes flashed, “Asian face”, like walking in the Hefang Street.
Art and flash – National Gallery of Victoria State. Museum no ticket, all of the hall, are open. Sixteenth-century European painting tradition, the German Bauhaus design finished, the Chinese Ming and Qing porcelain, Italian contemporary sculpture. Exhibition hall, 200-pound security guards stood, face serious, approachable, ready to take pictures when the camera out, security came to remind, do not use flash.
Museum of Art, the teacher took his students, teaching in the field, see – very orderly sitting in the exhibition hall, there are academic lectures, see too many parents, facing the babbling of children, for elementary education. Quietly in front of security, said: “I just saw you come up with camera, did not see how you take pictures, do not you like these works?” Blankly replied: “NO, I do not know how to turn off flash . ”
Out from the museum, a Chinese restaurant in Elizabeth Street, eat lunch;
Cantonese to open in a travel agency, will be a day trip the next day in Melbourne. Did not go to Penguin Island, or the Royal Botanic Gardens, Winery tour selected line. Good idea, do not excuse me – to find a friend with a car to play.
Banquet – evening, the dinner, along with the best hotel in Chinatown to eat lobster. Lobster, the temptation for students is the largest in Australia, Australian lobster sold for sixty / pound, the students usually, not so expensive to eat the food.
Overall appearance, the male and female students, are the sun health, graceful.
Forest in the morning tea in the morning, suddenly began to thin rain, in Melbourne, is so often yo-go weather. Very time, 8:00, bus travel to hotel entrance pick up. Bus, there are twenty bits of tourists from around the world come to Australia travel, visiting the vineyards of the selected line. Bus opened forty minutes, to a Youyuan the woods, morning tea in the woods. Staff on a wooden table, put two barrels of steaming tea, and some biscuits. Dozens of white, red parrot, flying, they are not afraid of human beings, very friendly flying came around, give it some cookies debris, it stopped at the shoulders or hands, began to peck bold . In a morning, moist air, towering trees, quiet reflection to print their own, flying parrot, and filled with tea, as well as laughter echoed in the forest.
After morning tea, take a Pafenbili steam train, which is Australia’s history, one of the oldest steam train. The initial Pafenbili railway, built in the 20th century, when, mainly for the development of transport in remote areas; in 1975, was officially changed to sightseeing trains.
Caravan into the estate – all travel, are curious, cognitive of the world. Happy as a bus caravan, car, there are several young American men and women, with hearty laughter, to interpret their freedom and happiness. The same car and the line – a Filipino-American girl.
The bus drove into a wine estate called ROSE. Endless vineyards, each area, hanging sign, an indication of the year the grapes planted, what brand of brewed into wine, in Australia, because of long duration, but also from time to time under a drizzle, this particular climate, the growth of grapes, red wine is so special about the Australian wine. Master air-conditioned hospitality to welcome into the open storage of the wine library, and were each issued a blanket, so we dressed, introduced the history of the estate, wine brewing process, one by one so that we taste each wine, did not let us liquor of any meaning; in the dissemination of their brand and culture.
Another, called CHANDON, is a wine museum, the wine, the vintage of the introduction, manufacturing tools, wine, to extend the product, really everything, as long as you have liquor, there is not the free wine you drink provided.
Trip to Australia – Melbourne story …
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