2008.’好莱坞十大外籍导演- 美剧盘点

2008.’好莱坞十大外籍导演- 美剧盘点 2008 ‘Hollywood Ten foreign directors – American TV inventory Hollywood Foreign Legion – Australian sportsman Mel – Gibson in “Braveheart” won the Oscar for Best Director; Italian Roberto smile playing Alto – Benigni, with “Beautiful Life”, the most touted to foreign-language film; Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” “Brokeback Mountain”, a series of conquering the box office and reputation; Mexican heroes, the major awards … … Global trends, Hollywood has entered a new realm. In 2008, the foreign directors, Hollywood city, those art films, the leading annual box office blockbusters, has half of the country, chosen by the foreign faces chef. Hollywood director. Roland – Emmerich (Germany): “Ten thousand years BC” This 11 years ago, aliens disaster film “Independence Day”, the German Hollywood director, George inherited his idol – Lucas, Spielberg and many other great sci-fi take the mantle, the Armageddon of the destructive, to the limit. In “Independence Day”, the blow up the White House; in the “Godzilla”, the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge; in the “day after tomorrow”, the overturned Statue of Liberty. Some say he’s thinking style popcorn, not than Michael – Tony much more sophisticated, the perseverance of the Germans, every time the adverse criticism of the situation, maddening at the box office, the lower part of the film’s huge investment deceive, indeed dominate the commercial film to make money master. This year has been the debut of the “ten thousand years BC,” did not hit the top of saliva, the Rijindoujin the box office, file the spring of 2008 a major highlight. In late March, the film, visit the mainland film market, no one would go to contests, he copied “300”, and “enlightenment”, and his philosophy is: large enough, like, the man knocked unconscious, is king . Gilmore – Germany – Toro (Mexico): “Hell Boy 2” Looks a lot like Peter Jackson – Mexico fat, the time involved in Hollywood, just five years, has become, following Alfonso – Caron, Alejandro – Gonzalez – Inarritu, the third in the arts and business between Mexico geek walk easily. Toro, blood, lifted the 2002 film “Blade 2”, into the Hollywood mainstream depends on good vision, after a bizarre shoot “Hell Boy.” Critics have thought, this Mexican, Causing loss only; one to give unlimited memorable “Pan’s Labyrinth,” from the fall of 2006, has been to the Oscar red. This imaginative film bursting with magic, fantasy and reality in the unreal war, clever integration, won the amazing praise. This year, the “Hell Boy 2”, will have a grand debut, with Part One difference is that today’s Germany – Toro, with its reputation has been sufficient to challenge the big companies, an additional 50 million dollars of special charges, change everything. James Wong (Chinese): “Dragon Ball” James Wong, the horror film “Final Destination.” It enables you to life, now refuse to cross the road, not near the microwave oven, can not fly, can not boil water … So, just to prove that Chinese youth surnamed Huang, has a really extraordinary imagination. “Final Destination” series, is James Wong at the Hollywood masterpiece, is the carry the tripod, 2006, shooting of “Final Destination 3”, has been showing signs of running out of tricks, flying roller coaster track, still people of this supernatural romances evoke the infinite admiration. Currently, among the areas of well-known commercial film director, the ranks of James Wong, 2008, introduced by the Chinese actor Chow Yun Fat starred in the “Pearl”, this costly film, White Hollywood is James Wong, the first time with fellow co-operation, rather let people expect. Andrew – Andrew Adamson (New Zealand): “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” Have a visual effects supervisor as part of “Batman Forever,” “Kill,” “Batman and Robin” made Andrew – Adamson, Peter with fellow New Zealand – Jackson collaborated Vita’s business as ” supernatural ghost big “after being DreamWorks phase, shoot the one to change the fate of his life animated” Shrek. ” The film, almost burst at the box office, and an Oscar for best animated film award, so Adamson effortlessly, get on “The Chronicles of Narnia” director chair. Weta’s special effects have strong support, four children and the story of a lion, and earned a pours, making the “Nani Legends” series, another “Prince Caspian”, was quickly put on the shooting schedule. In 2008, the “Prince Caspian” fixing, in every corner of the earth after a half, Adamson said: “Prince Caspian” will add a glamorous type of guy, the audience does not want to see is immune. More obviously in that nasty witch, now, is the uncle of the people of the Oscar. David Yates (UK): “Harry – Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Circles in the United Kingdom television is quite prestigious David – Yates, in 2007, launched the “Harry – Potter and the Phoenix,” Warner Bros. still let him challenge the sixth “Harry – Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “, the producers of their unconditional trust. “Phoenix” has a hypnotic effect invincible, is long and boring due to the original novel, this is David – director Yates poor, provides some reason to justify. “Half-Blood Prince,” Harry Potter extremely looking forward to the world, but such expectations, the more law into a kind of inertia, and Yates himself, does not matter much. Dimo – Beikemanbei Rostov (Russia): “wanted” Once said that “keep the Japanese” and “night watchman” for the Russian cinema a chance to restore the Dimo ​​- Beikemanbei Akhmetov, called the Foreign Legion in 2008, the most fortunate one. First entered Hollywood, they get more than one hundred million dollars of investment, and control of a large group of first-line star. According to Mark Mira comic novel of the same name of “wanted”, the story of a little bad man, from the civilian population, to become the hero of the story of revenge. This film, the first card by the Hollywood actress Angelina – Jolie as the heroine, played a fox to get rid called Iron Lady; actor from England handsome little James – Mike Vojislav as this, in 2008, there “Atonement” and “Becoming Jane – Austin” films, the star with the mainland audience, in the film, the first showing off the extraordinary skill, he was Beikemanbei Rostov and forced to. “Wanted,” the release date from the spring file, deferred to the summer profile, the stunning trailer from the exposure point of view, this film could become in 2008 one of the most fierce of the box office bomb. 费尔南多梅里尔斯 (Brazil): “Human City” 53-year-old Brazilian director Fernando – Meri Wells, who in the 1980s, in Brazil native, to fame, until 2001. ‘In Hollywood, won wide reputation. Brazil Rio de Janeiro slum life changes reflect the “City of God” to cool the film techniques, Yan scared the whole Hollywood, in the year, four finalists of the Oscar awards, which include personal Meri Wells Award for Best Director. Four years later, another African Meri Wales Theme “The Constant Gardener,” once again become a hot focus of the moment, and help once the commercial film artistes Rachel – Wizz, won an Oscar for best supporting actress. This year’s “human city”, to a certain extent, dip the point of “City of God” reputation, the MV-style documentary style to express the director of the understanding of violence and cruelty of life, filled with a usual sad tone. Another “blindness”, a collection of Julianne – Moore and Gail – Garcia – Bonai Er, Mark – La Faluo. Tom Tykwer (Germany): “International organizations” German film of the new directors – Tom Tykwer, as early as ten years ago, to a mad rush more than the “Run Lola Run”, so the alternative movie fans around the world, mad pursuit. 2002, was identified as the Berlin International Film Festival, opening film of the “paradise”, failed to achieve the desired praise from his native Germany, began a new starting point towards the international film. In 2006, Tykwer directed by legendary film “perfume; a killer story,” caused controversy in the world, this set of mystery, murder, erotic art as one large, European-style costume dramas so many fans an eye-opener, to mention Parkway’s popularity, so to reach new heights. This year, the popular actor in Hollywood called Tykwer Clive – Owen and Naomi – Watts “international organization”, is the context of a modern thriller, the story of a bank was ordered to investigate a case of the international police organization behind the scenes , the story of the crisis. The film, visit the summer profile. Baz – Luhe Man (Australia): “Australia” 45-year-old Australian director Baz – Lu Heman, known for low production, high quality is known. In 1996, with Leonardo – DiCaprio cooperation “post-modern Romeo and Juliet passion chapter,” after only a tear of the musical “Moulin Rouge” come out. These pictures will be beautiful and sad song of love, the art of the perfect fusion of one large, high-end artistic quality, Bachman has always been able to make in Hollywood, a place. 2008, known as “Australia’s version of” Gone with the Wind, “” war romance “Australia”, Australia’s largest gift dedicated to Hollywood – Two movie star Hugh from Australia – Jackman and Nicole – Kidman starred in a cost amazing, the production cycle, for up to five years. In this regard, Lu Heman and disagree, and that this long-shot film of N, two big-name actors will, against the background of a more dazzling. Christopher – Nolan (UK): “Batman Begins 2” Yinxi Si – Ledger’s unexpected death, attracted more attention to the “Batman Begins 2” is the summer of 2008, the most tragic tale of a blockbuster. Trailer from the previously announced terms, Ledger plays the villain, “clown”, thunder over Batman actor Christian – Bell. This can clearly be seen, Chupin, the film’s publicity strategy, has made a major adjustment, will “Ledger posthumous” as the biggest selling point, on the front. British director Christopher – Nolan’s individual creativity, has been completely do not need to wonder – do not say regardless of their early works, 2005’s “Batman Begins”, can a podium has been to Golden Raspberry The dead end series of films, to reverse the reputation at the box office win-win situation, really is not easy; the previous year’s “The Prestige”, the story of the mature, degree, into the very blood boiling point, which the human nature and science closely integrated entertainment movie , is a rare masterpiece for many years. <> no lack of excitement, in addition to Ledger endorsement – Jack Nicholson played the clown early years, the super-pull friction of the wind field with the type of horse and four IMAX footage directly to digital cameras, will the audience, into a new realm of visual impact. 好莱坞外籍军团-澳洲型男梅尔-吉布森以《勇敢的心》获奥斯卡最佳导演奖; 意大利笑弹罗贝尔托-贝尼尼,凭《美丽人生》,力捧最到外语片; 李安的《卧虎藏龙》,《断背山》,接连征服票房与口碑; 墨西哥三杰,各大奖项…… 全球趋势,让好莱坞进入了新境界。 2008年,外籍导演,好莱坞城池,那些艺术片,主导全年票房的大片中,有半壁江山,皆由外国面孔掌勺。好莱坞导演。 罗兰德-艾默里奇(德国):《公元前一万年》   这个11年前,以外星人灾难片《独立日》,好莱坞的德国导演,继承了其偶像乔治-卢卡斯、斯皮尔伯格等众多科幻大拿的衣钵,将毁天灭地的破坏力,发挥到极致。在《独立日》中,炸毁白宫;在《哥斯拉》中,摧毁金门大桥;在《后天》中,掀翻自由女神像。 有人说他爆米花式的思维,并不比迈克尔-贝高明多少,这个坚忍不拔的德国人,每次都能在恶评如潮的情势下,狂揽票房,骗得下部片子的巨额投资,实为主宰商业片赚钱之道的高手。今年,业已登场的《公元前一万年》,遭遇没顶口水,其日进斗金的票房,2008年春季档一大亮点。三月下旬,此片,登陆内地影市,没人会去较真,他是否拷贝《300勇士》,和《启示》,他的理念是:大片足够大,就好,把人砸晕,就是王道。 吉尔莫-德-托罗(墨西哥):《地狱男孩2》   长相颇似彼德-杰克逊的墨西哥胖子,涉足好莱坞的时间,仅仅五年,成了继阿方索-卡隆、阿加多-冈萨雷斯-伊纳里多之后,第三个在艺术和商业之间,轻松游走的墨西哥怪杰。德托罗,以2002年的血型狂砍片《刀锋战士2》,进好赖坞主流视野,之后,拍出一部光怪陆离的《地狱男孩》。评论界都以为,这个墨西哥人,只会打打杀杀;一部给人以无限回味的《潘神的迷宫》,从2006年秋天,一直红到奥斯卡。这部想象力爆棚的魔幻片,将虚幻神怪与现实中的战争,巧妙融合,赢得了惊人好评。今年,《地狱男孩2》,将隆重登场,与上集不同的是,如今的德-托罗,凭借其声望,已足以向大公司叫板,追加的5000万美圆特技费,改变一切。 黄毅瑜(华裔):《龙珠》 黄毅瑜,恐怖片《死神来了》。它能让你在生活中,从此不敢过马路,不敢靠近微波炉、不敢坐飞机、不敢烧开水……那么,恰恰证明这个姓黄的华裔青年,确实有着过人的想象力。《死神来了》系列,是黄毅瑜在好莱坞的代表作,是其扛鼎之作,2006年,拍摄的《死神来了3》,已显现出黔驴技穷的迹象,飞出轨道的过山车,仍能让人勾起对这个灵异青春片的无限景仰。目前,已跻身商业片领域知名导演行列的黄毅瑜,2008年,推出由周润发等华人演员出演的《龙珠》,这部耗资巨大的电影,是黄毅瑜入主好莱坞后,首次与老乡合作,颇让人期待。 安德鲁-亚当森(新西兰):《纳尼亚传奇:凯斯宾王子》   曾经以视觉特效总监身份,参与《永远的蝙蝠侠》、《杀戮时刻》、《蝙蝠侠与罗宾》制作的安德鲁-亚当森,在与新西兰老乡彼得-杰克逊合作了维塔公司的创业作《神通鬼大》后,被梦工厂相中,去拍了一部,改变他一生命运的动画片《怪物史莱克》。此片,近乎决堤的票房,和一尊奥斯卡最佳动画片奖,令亚当森不费吹灰之力,坐上《纳尼亚传奇》的导演椅。有维塔公司强力的特效支撑,四个小孩和一头狮子的故事,赚了个盆满钵满,使得《纳尼传奇》系列的另一部《凯斯宾王子》,很快被提上了拍摄日程。2008年,《凯斯宾王子》杀青,在跑遍了大半个地球之后,亚当森表示:《凯斯宾王子》将增加一个万人迷式的帅哥,观众想不看都难。更为妙绝的是,讨厌的女巫,如今,是奥斯卡大爷的子民了。 大卫·叶茨(英国):《哈利-波特与混血王子》   曾在英国电视圈颇有名望的大卫-叶茨,在2007年,推出了《哈利-波特与凤凰社》,华纳兄弟依然让他挑战第六部《哈利-波特与混血王子》,制片方对其无条件信任。《凤凰社》具有无敌的催眠功效,是缘于冗长而无趣的原著小说,这为大卫-叶茨的导演不力,提供了一些开脱理由。《混血王子》,让全球哈迷万分期待,只是这种期待,愈法变成一种惯性,与叶茨本人,关系并不大。 蒂摩-贝克曼贝托夫(俄罗斯):《通缉令》   曾以《守日人》和《守夜人》为俄罗斯影坛恢复一线生机的蒂摩-贝克曼贝托夫,堪称2008年外籍军团中最幸运的一个。首次入主好莱坞,便拿到超过一亿美圆的投资,并掌控着一大群一线巨星。根据马克·米拉的同名漫画小说改编的《通缉令》,讲述了一个小衰男,从平民,变成复仇英雄的故事。此片,由好莱坞头牌女星安吉丽娜-朱莉出任女主角,扮演一个名叫狐狸的的双抢铁娘子;男主角,由英伦帅少詹姆斯-迈克沃伊担任,这个,2008年,有《赎罪》和《成为简-奥斯汀》两部影片,与内地观众见面的红星,在本片中,首次展露非凡身手,他是被贝克曼贝托夫硬逼的。《通缉令》的上映日期,由原来的春季档,推延至暑期档,从曝光的超炫预告片来看,此片,有可能成为2008年最猛的票房炸弹之一。 费尔南多·梅里尔斯(巴西):《人类之城》   53岁的巴西导演费尔南多-梅里尔斯,曾在上世纪80年代,在巴西本土,声名鹊起,直到2001.’在好莱坞,赢得广泛声誉。反映巴西里约热内卢贫民区生活变迁的《上帝之城》,以炫酷的电影技法,艳惊整个好莱坞,在当年,入围了奥斯卡四项大奖,其中,包括了梅里尔斯个人的最佳导演奖。四年后,梅里尔斯另一部非洲题材作品《不朽的园丁》,再次成为热议一时的焦点,并帮助曾经的商业片花旦雷切尔-威兹,拿下一座奥斯卡最佳女配角奖。今年的《人类之城》,在一定程度上,沾了点《上帝之城》的盛名,其MV式的纪录片风格,表达出了导演对暴力和残酷生命的理解,充满着一种惯有的忧伤基调。另一部《失明症》,汇集了朱丽安-摩尔和盖尔-加西亚-伯奈尔、马克-拉法罗。 汤姆·提克威(德国):《国际组织》   德国影坛的新锐导演汤姆-提克威,早在十年前,就以一出狂奔不止的《罗拉快跑》,令全世界的另类电影粉丝,疯狂追捧。2002年,被柏林国际电影节确定为,开幕片的《天堂》,未能达到预期好评,他从德国本土开始迈向国际影坛的新起点。2006年,提克威执导的传奇片《香水;一个杀手的故事》,在世界引起争议,这部集神秘、凶杀、情色为一体的艺术大片,令众多欧式古装片迷大开眼界,提克威的声望,因此达到新的高度。今年,提克威召集好莱坞当红演员克里夫-欧文和娜奥米-瓦茨的《国际组织》,是一部现代背景下的惊悚片,讲述了一个奉命调查一家银行机构幕后案件的国际警察,陷入危机的故事。此片,登陆暑期档。 巴兹-鲁赫曼(澳大利亚):《澳大利亚》   45岁的澳大利亚导演巴兹-鲁赫曼,素以低产量,高质量著称。1996年,与李奥纳多-迪卡普里奥合作《罗密欧与朱丽叶后现代激情篇》,之后,仅有一部催泪的歌舞片《红磨坊》问世。这些将精美画面与爱情悲歌,完美融合一体的艺术大片,以高端的艺术质量,令巴赫曼始终能够在好莱坞,占有一席之地。2008年,号称“澳大利亚版《乱世佳人》”的战争爱情片《澳大利亚》,成为澳大利亚献给好莱坞的最大礼物——影片由澳洲两大巨星休-杰克曼和妮可-基德曼主演,耗资惊人,制作周期,长达五年之久。对此,鲁赫曼并不以为然,并表示,这部拍了N久的电影,将把两位大牌演员,映衬得更加光彩夺目。 克里斯托夫-诺兰(英国):《蝙蝠侠前传2》   因希斯-莱杰的意外去世,引来更多关注的《蝙蝠侠前传2》,是2008年夏天,最令人唏嘘的一部巨片。从之前公布的预告片来看,莱杰扮演的大反派“小丑”,风头已经超过蝙蝠侠的扮演者克里斯蒂安-贝尔。这可以明显看出,出品方,对本片的宣传策略,已进行了重大调整,将把“莱杰遗作”作为最大的卖点,放在最前台。英国导演克里斯托夫-诺兰的个人创造力,已经完全用不着怀疑——抛开其早年作品不说,2005年的《蝙蝠侠前传》,能将一部业已走向金酸莓领奖台的末路系列电影,扭转到口碑票房双赢的局面,实属于不易;前年的《致命魔术》,把故事的圆熟度,推向了令人热血沸腾的地步,这出将人性与科学紧密结合的娱乐电影,是多年罕见的佳作。<>.不乏兴奋点,除了莱杰代言杰克-尼科尔森早年扮演的小丑外,超级拉风的摩的型坐骑和四场用IMAX数字摄影机直接拍摄的画面,将把观众,带入视听冲击的新境界。

《2008.’好莱坞十大外籍导演- 美剧盘点》有一个想法

  1. 好莱坞十大导演  
    Ten directors of Hollywood

    1 James Cameron masterpiece: “Piranha 2: reproduction” 1981 Cameron
    “Terminator” 1984, 1997, “Alien 2” 1986 “True Lies” 1994 “Titanic” 1997 “Avatar” film to 2009 he was demanding, overbearing “tyrant”; in the family, is not be considerate and inconstant husband; counterparts in Hollywood seems Cameron is a paranoid and money-burning machine. Can not deny that Cameron is a genius. Cameron miracles like movie box office, it is able to keep pace with business and the arts. His work, often to discuss the relationship between people and technology, it is reflection. Only James Cameron, the Oscar ceremony, dare to shout: “I am the king of the world” because he is worthy of the king of the world.

    (2) Stephen Spielberg masterpiece: “Jaws,” 1975 “Indiana Jones” 1981.1984.1989.2008 “ET” 1982 “Jurassic Park” 1993.1997 “Saving Private Ryan” 1993 “Schindler’s List” 1998 ” Minority Report, “2002 was a Spielberg movie odd, it is undisputed, it is difficult to find a director in its capability between commerce and art, the perfect combination of business and art. His films, yet entertainment, while both high art, but more is humane care, which is different from his other two Hollywood big lead for the Super Lucas and Cameron areas.
    3 Quentin. Tarantino masterpiece: “Reservoir Dogs” 1992 “Pulp Fiction” 1994 “Dangerous Liaisons” 1997 “Kill Bill” 2003, 2004, “Inglourious Basterds” 2009 good non-linear storytelling, memorable dialogue and bloody scene, a United States B-films banner. Quentin was in the 1990s independent film revolution in the United States an important young director with a unique personality and commercial films and art films are known for deep understanding. There is no doubt that Quentin is a devil. The so-called “devil” is “the devil knows what he was thinking.” This is so because the front is the enthusiasm of Chinese culture.
    4 Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece: “Patton” 1970 “Godfather” 1972,1974, 1990, “Dialogue,” 1974 “Apocalypse Now” 1979 “Jack” 1996 “Rainmaker” and 1997 the so-called prejudiced, Copperfield La is the first of these directors know, if he is the love for love to do. His work with their own eyes in the eyes of the world has a diametrically opposite position, his nose shot of “The Godfather” turned out to be a huge honor in his life the film. The elaborate “Apocalypse Now” in the Oscar even make the list. He epitomized the pursuit of art and director of the film’s misreading of the public and unfortunately a huge contradiction.

    5 Clint Eastwood masterpiece: “Unforgiven” 1992 “Bridges of Madison County” 1995 “Mystic River” 2003 “Million Dollar Baby,” 2004 “Flags of Our Fathers,” “Letters from Iwo Jima,” the older man more 2006 flavored, with Clint Eastwood in the fitting body. Art on the road to persistent mercenary Hollywood where he became a beautiful landscape. From “Unforgiven” Start, excellent work constantly to bring fans a second spiritual baptism. And most admire is the old age Eastwood creative theme will focus on American values, religion and political system of criticism and reflection.

    6 Oliver Stone masterpiece: “Alexander the Great” 2004 “Natural Born Killers” 1994 Vietnam War trilogy: “Heaven and Earth,” 1993 “Born July 4,” 1989 “Platoon,” 1986 “JFK” 1991 “Wall Street” 1987 “Midnight Express” 1978 seems to be able to make all the taboo subject of Oliver Stone interested, he is like a controversial specialized households, independent films have in-depth the essence of Oliver Stone’s bone marrow, the outside world comments on his work completely. From the “door”, his political film that got out of hand, though often banned, but the fighter Yuezhanyueyong. As Hollywood’s most controversial director, and his list that no one should dispute it!

    7 George Lucas masterpiece: “Star Wars” series “Star Wars” is a miracle, it influenced a whole generation of people the United States. As early as thirty years ago, the United States, a film through his film shows us a fascinating world of the future. Maybe he described the future, we can never reach, but has enough for us to focus on to those make the rapid development of science and technology world, he is the director of Star Wars, George Lucas.

    8 Michael Bay masterpiece: “Bad Boys” in 1995, 2003 Michael Bay
    “The Rock” 1996 “doomsday” 1998 “Pearl Harbor” 2001 “Transformers” 2007,2009 because early in the advertising industry and the field of music mixed with MV produced for over 20 years, allowing him to develop an absolutely clear-cut good habits. To tell the truth, so like he was shot because of the “Transformers”, although a little section, but this is a pediatrician, but good memories. His film is not highly non-art, but definitely good-looking and popular.

    9 Peter Jackson’s masterpiece: “King Kong” 2005 “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” 2003 “Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers,” 2002 “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” 2001 “group played the world dead,” 1992 “Lord of the Rings “achieved a Jackson, Peter Jackson Tolkien’s” Lord of the Rings “and move to the big screen was a great success. But think carefully about their “Lord of the Rings” to millions of readers worldwide, to have today’s success is not surprising. Also, is the hometown of Jackson’s success brought the world the beauty of New Zealand audience.
    10 Martin Scorsese masterpiece: “The Departed” 2006 “Gangs of New York” 2002 “Las Vegas Storm” 1995 “Goodfellas,” 1990 “Raging Bull” 1980 “The Last Waltz,” the classic 1978 movie countless lives, Oscar was a pain in his heart! When a tough time with Martin was later regarded as the classic works of Oscar once again been left out, until “The Departed,” the coronation, but his life had regret. If the Martin Scorsese film that is not the Ministry of nasty “kundun”, his ranking will be closer to the top.

    Elected ten directors – Ridley Scott, Tim Burton, Ang Lee, David Finch, Emmerich, Ron Howard, etc., are eligible to go and Eastwood, Michael . Tony, Peter Jackson compete for the list of places. Do not let them list
    Representative of each director in the introduction some hard time for the cable, choice, and some almost Ministry director classic, a line of series or trilogy.
    Selected films, almost every department, have won Oscars.
    Coppola, “The Godfather” long list of winners, videos, write the name and year.

    1.詹姆斯.卡梅隆    代表作:   《食人鱼2:繁殖》1981 卡梅隆
    《终结者》1984 、1997   《异形2》 1986   《真实的谎言》1994   《泰坦尼克号》1997   《阿凡达》2009   他在拍摄地是个苛求、专横的“暴君”;   在家庭中,是个不会体贴并且见异思迁的丈夫;   在好莱坞同行看来,卡梅隆是一个偏执狂和烧钱的机器。   不能否认,卡梅隆是个天才。   卡梅隆能创造奇迹般的电影票房,更是能将商业与艺术并驾齐驱。他的作品,往往讨论人与技术之间的关系,令人反思。唯有詹姆斯·卡梅隆,才敢在奥斯卡典礼上喊出:“我是世界之王”,因为他是当之无愧的世界之王。   

    2. 斯蒂芬.斯皮尔伯格   代表作:   《大白鲨》 1975   《夺宝奇兵》1981.1984.1989.2008   《ET》 1982   《侏罗纪公园》 1993.1997   《拯救大兵瑞恩》1993   《辛德勒的名单》1998   《少数派报告》2002   斯皮尔伯格是位电影奇,这是毫无争议的,很难找到一位导演在商业与艺术间游刃有余,把商业与艺术结合的天衣无缝。   他的电影,不失娱乐,同时兼备极高的艺术性,而更多的则是人文关怀,这就是他区别于好莱坞另两为超级大导卢卡斯和卡梅隆的地方。   
    3. 昆汀.塔伦蒂诺    代表作:   《落水狗》1992   《低俗小说》1994   《危险关系》1997   《杀死比尔》2003.、2004   《无耻混蛋》2009   擅长非线性讲述故事,难忘的对白及血腥场面,成为美国本土B级片的旗帜。   昆汀是20世纪90年代美国独立电影革命中重要的年轻导演,以独特的个性和对商业电影和艺术电影均有深刻理解著称。   毫无疑问,昆汀是个鬼才。而所谓“鬼才”,就是“鬼才知道他在想什么”。   之所以如此靠前是因为其对中国文化的热情。   
    4.弗朗西斯·福特·科波拉   代表作:   《巴顿将军》1970   《教父》1972、1974.、1990   《对话》1974   《现代启示录》1979   《杰克》1996   《造雨人》1997   所谓先入为主,科波拉是这些导演中第一个了解的,如果换做爱情他就是初恋。   他的作品在世人眼中与自己眼中有着截然相反的地位,他捏着鼻子拍的《教父》竟然是他生命中带来巨大荣誉的片子。而精心制作的《现代启示录》竟然在当年的奥斯卡榜上无名。   在他身上集中体现了 导演对艺术的追求与民众对电影的误读 而令人遗憾的巨大矛盾。   

    5. 克林特.伊斯特伍德   代表作:   《不可饶恕》1992   《廊桥遗梦》1995   《神秘河》2003   《百万宝贝》2004   《父辈的旗帜》、《硫磺岛家书》2006   男人越老越有味,用在克林特·伊斯特伍德身上再合适不过。   艺术道路上坚持不懈的他成为铜臭的好莱坞里一道亮丽的风景线。从《不可饶恕》开始,佳作不断,给影迷们带来了一次次心灵的洗礼。   而最令人敬服的是老年的伊斯特伍德将创作主题聚焦在对美国价值观、宗教和政治体制的批评和反思。   
    6.奥利弗.斯通   代表作:   《亚历山大大帝》2004   《天生杀人狂》1994   越战三部曲:《天与地》1993《 生于7月4日》1989《野战排》1986   《刺杀肯尼迪》1991    《华尔街》1987   《午夜快车》1978   似乎所有禁忌的主题都能让奥利弗.斯通产生兴趣,他就像是一位争议专业户,独立电影的精华已经深入奥利弗.斯通的骨髓之中,外界的评论对他完全不起作用。从《大门》之后,他的政治题材影片一发不可收拾,虽然屡屡被禁,但这位斗士越战越勇。   作为好莱坞最受争议的导演,他的上榜应该没人争议吧!
    7.乔治.卢卡斯    代表作:   《星球大战系列》   《星球大战 》是一个奇迹,它整整影响了美国一代人。早在三十年前, 美国的一位电影人通过他的电影为我们展示了一个迷人的未来世界。也许他所描绘的未来我们永远也无法达到,但这已足以让我们将目光聚焦到那些能使世界迅速发展的科学技术上,他就是星战系列的导演,乔治·卢卡斯。   

    8. 迈克尔.贝    代表作:   《绝地战警》1995 、2003 迈克尔贝
    《勇闯夺命岛》 1996   《世界末日》1998   《珍珠港》2001   《变形金刚》2007、2009   由于早期在广告界和音乐MV制作领域混了20多年,这让他养成了绝对不拖泥带水的好习惯。   说实话,这么喜欢他还是因为后来拍的《变形金刚》,虽然有点儿科,但这是一段儿科但美好的回忆。   他的电影不高深不艺术,但绝对好看和流行。   
    9. 彼得.杰克逊    代表作:   《金刚》 2005   《魔戒3:王者归来》2003   《魔戒2:双塔奇兵》 2002   《魔戒:护戒使者》 2001   《群尸玩过界》1992   《指环王》成就了杰克逊,彼得·杰克逊将托·尔金的《魔戒》搬向了大荧幕并获得了巨大的成功。但细想一下本身《魔戒》就在全球拥有亿万读者,能有今天的成功也不足为奇了。   还有,就是杰克逊的成功把家乡新西兰的美景带给了世界观众。       
    10. 马丁.斯科塞斯    代表作:   《无间行者》2006   《纽约黑帮》2002   《赌城风云》1995   《好家伙》1990   《愤怒的公牛》1980   《最后的华尔兹》1978   一生中经典电影无数,奥斯卡曾是他心中的痛!当顽强的马丁一次一次带着被后世奉为经典的作品而被奥斯卡一次一次冷落,直到《无间行者》的加冕,了却了他一生的遗憾。   如果马丁.斯科塞斯不拍那部讨厌的《kundun》,他的名次会更靠前。   

    选十名导演-雷德利.斯科特、蒂姆.伯顿、李安、大卫.芬奇、艾默里奇 、朗.霍华德等等,都有资格去和伊斯特伍德、迈克尔.贝、彼得.杰克逊争夺上榜的名额。没有让他们上榜