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The world this week is over, the little things in mind 1,2,3, …; the world of active human list 1,2,3, …; network file stations; old news back, non-news! English, Japanese, automatic translation by Google; subject to Chinese Google automatic translation machines use language, to promote the application, the world’s first person Google automatic translation machine to use English, marketing, applications, the world’s first people Google automatic translation machines Japanese use, promotion, application, world’s first people From: UK helicopter Marketing Group, Inc. Chairman of the Board: Mr.George Chen = Mr.Geoorge S. Chen:;;; QQ: 1779642876 I only accept their own mobile phone text messages (0086-13901623260); All my business partner, please contact with me every mail; potential purchase of European and American helicopter makers, you must issue a certificate of bank credit; if the buyer does not RMB 3,999,999 or more large certificates of deposit, please do not disturb, thank you European and American brands helicopter purchase, please fill in a form: name, budget, business cards, unit address, phone number, box number, QQ number, purpose, location, flight kilometers requirements, whether private helicopter driving license … Income gap is widening, the American middle class or are dying? December 6, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States to increase the wealth gap and social inequality, the middle class struggling, he urged Congress to take action to ratify the American middle class will help improve the quality of life of the policy to promote U.S. economic growth. America’s middle class at present living situation? Recently, a voice that the U.S. middle class is dying, so to say, it makes sense? In the U.S., is how to define the middle class people? Generally, middle-class criteria for the classification of two, one, professional; First, per capita or household income. In other words, economic status, political status and socio-cultural status, are at this stage, the middle level of the social group of people. This definition, more people, including, economists included, tend to – of income, as the sole criterion for the middle class or division of the main criteria. In the United States, generally considered: Where average annual income of $ 30,000 to $ 200,000 between the groups, all belong to the middle class, as standard, the United States 80% of people, should belong to the middle class. This ratio is defined different standards based on income, and change. Olive characteristics of social structure in the United States, the United States also known as: middle-class society. In American culture, middle-class is a way of life, a living, but also the “American dream” of extension. Middle-class way of life, after all, is – well-off, a house, a car, eat, dress, someone to have to teach the young, see a doctor to worry about, carefree life …. The average American middle-class families living conditions? What their income? Major cost, what are? In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau and Labor Department official statistics, then, the American middle class families, the average annual income of 50,303 dollars; The average American family size is 2.6 people On this basis, a family of four parents, family income, to $ 76,900, to reach the middle. In overhead, the housing is ranked first. In the past decade, U.S. housing prices, increased the U.S. burden on middle class housing; real estate bubble, so that part of the middle class has lost the ability to house. Two-parent families in the United States, they have the value of homes, with an average of $ 231,000 annually, to pay the mortgage, as well as in spending on housing, for $ 17,600. From 1990 to now, the U.S. household growth rate for spending on housing, more than twice the revenue growth. Another big expense is health care, by the command of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, a U.S. middle-class status of the investigation team, in its report that the health-care spending, as the American middle class is facing a new economic burden. In a typical two-parent family of four middle-class family, per year, to pay health-care costs, to $ 5,100. From 1990, the United States on the family in health-care, expenditure growth rate, much higher than the rate of increase of other family expenses, and, at present, the family’s spending on the health-care, still no sign of reduction. American middle-class families in other major expenditure, including – cars, children’s college education, vacation, retirement savings and other daily expenses. Stanford University released a study has pointed out that the United States the proportion of middle-class family, has grown from 65 percent in 1970, down to 44% over the past 40 years, significant changes occurred in the map of wealth, rich and poor are increasing, middle class is shrinking – some scholars claim that the U.S. middle class is dying. Resulting in shrinkage of the American middle class What is the reason? American middle class, with the industrialization of the United States to complete, and backward industrial society formed, then, the evolution of American social structure, mainly reflected in the sharp drop in the number of blue-collar workers; growing white-collar, middle class emerged. Since the 1970s, the American middle class began to face two challenges. Revenue growth slowed, to the late 1990s, stagnated, real income levels, decreased Middle-class families the main cost of medical care, children of university education and housing expenses – from 1990 to 2008, the U.S. parent family of four, the average annual income increased by 20%, and this corresponds to, medical insurance and medical costs an increase of 155%; four-year public university tuition fees, an increase of 60%; housing prices rose by 56%. These data are adjusted for inflation, the ratio of Look at the actual prices – 1990, two-parent families in health insurance and medical costs, the actual expenditure of $ 1,200; 2008 for $ 5,100. In 1990, tuition at four-year public university spending on, for $ 5,200; 2008 for $ 13,400. In 1990 the average U.S. home price is $ 79,100; 2008 for $ 197,600. Within the middle class, there is a clear differentiation. New York State University study, since 1979, the United States increased the degree of inequality in income distribution, 1% of the population holds 80% of new revenue. Overall, the U.S. income gap is widening. Recent economic crisis, to bring more middle-class heavy blow, the cumulative number of unemployed, more than 800 million people, up to 200 million U.S. households, unable to pay the mortgage, losing their homes – some scholars say, the American middle class is dying. 世界,本週已經過去的,小事記1,2,3,… ;世界活躍的,人類名錄1,2,3,… ; 網絡檔案站;舊聞往事,非新聞! 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