U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said: entrepreneurs need freedom of speech and freedom of thought, 2011.12.06

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said: entrepreneurs need freedom of speech and freedom of thought, 2011.12.06 U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that innovation and new industries, need the government to ensure that its people “different thinking” right. U.S. State Department Bureau of International Information (IIP) “American Reference” Stephen Kaufman, from Washington, Vice President Biden said, if the Government want to encourage entrepreneurship, and economic returns to society, we must allow people the freedom to speak and think, he that: the most valuable resources on earth is the human mind. Biden, U.S. Vice President, December 3, held in Turkey in the global business summit, said: “The real wealth of a nation is the people’s creative thinking, and to these ideas, the freedom and ability to become a reality – not only the development new products, and that the development will create new industries, new markets and new opportunities in new technology. ” If the world does not continue to innovate and create new industries, it can not flourish. If the Government can not guarantee that “different thinking” right, will not achieve prosperity. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden cited the late Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) famous. He said: “Those who legalistic thinking, there can be hope of progress.” The summit, bringing together 59 countries from 275 Muslim entrepreneurs to discuss how to build entrepreneurial spirit can flourish in the environment, and support for cooperation between entrepreneurs and best practices. This is the 26-27 April 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington hosted by President of the Business Summit follow-up meeting. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that in the “Arab awakening” in the process, the pursuit of a better life, more dignity, freedom of speech, rule of good policy and the desire, is changing the Middle East and North Africa, entrepreneurship, and this desire is are linked. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said: “I guess: today, gathered in this magnificent hall of you who, regardless of whether you participated in political activities, many of us will be the same as those in the streets seeking to achieve more ambitious goals, far from being just for their own people, have the same sense of intimacy. ” He said: “This is because, as in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, democratic revolution took place – and, in Syria and Yemen, are still carried out the democratic revolution – is full of … … a spiritual, we must take risks, and active, there must be determination, and the idea of ​​a unified and their goals, not just to change the government in power, but also the end of tyranny, corruption, stifle freedom of speech practices – these practices, the political and economic freedom impossible, and, they are using, and have been using them this era of technology. ” Aspiring entrepreneurs will naturally dreams and adventure, entrepreneurial spirit – “not just to develop sound economic policy, or set the best educational program also includes the creation of a liberal political climate, so that ideas and innovation, to in which to flourish. ” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said the government must protect the freedom that allows active civil society, the market can be open-minded to help the economy become more competitive, because, “If you can not think freely, and openly express their idea, it is difficult to think different. ” U.S. Vice President Biden said that restrict free expression on the Internet, trying to limit commercial use of state technology, like “two into account,” but, ultimately, you will find: This is a “dead end” because, in the use of between the different paths the Internet, it is impossible to build walls. He said: “There is no Internet, an independent economic, political, Internet, or social Internet The Internet is only one, it must remain free and open.” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that instead of doing nothing for half the population, countries must enhance women’s equal participation in economic activities autonomy. He said: “If you have not recognized that women and men, like any smart. Study after study has shown that those who refused to give the autonomy of women’s participation in national economic affairs will be left behind.” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said he can not protect intellectual property rights of countries to crack down on business, because, to allow plagiarism knowledge, they never develop their own creativity; inventor if worried about their own ideas would be plagiarism, they will lose power, do not take the necessary risks – develop their own ideas. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden cited the Irish poet William Butler Yeats (William Butler Yeats) as saying that the Arab awakening, “Everything has changed, radically changed. A kind of terror of the United States, they are born.” He said, “We’re at a turning point in world history”, the world can not go back on the road prior to the change. However, vice president, said he is optimistic, because, at the summit of young entrepreneurs, better able to make the world a better place. He said: “You have one other time entrepreneur does not have the opportunity to lead the world to guide it, to the progressive, open, and change the direction of humanity.” Read more: http://iipdigital.usembassy.gov/st/chinese/article/2011/12/20111206150910×0.5095593.html?CP.rss=true # ixzz1fqR7XoEv