中国为推动世界贸易发展作出了巨大贡献     —世界贸易组织总干事帕斯卡尔·拉米
WTO Director-General: China to promote the development of world trade make a significant contribution, December 7, 2011
China to promote the development of world trade — to make a great contribution to the World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy
World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Pascal Lamy said China’s accession to WTO, the WTO is a milestone event in history, 10 years after joining the WTO, to show in people’s eyes, is the tremendous growth of China’s economy, continued years of astonishing economic growth, all of these impressive results, will always load the Chinese history. Lamy praised the Road, China’s accession to the WTO, China and the world is a typical case of win-win situation.

China’s accession to the WTO, has 10 years, Director-General assessment of China’s integration into the world economy and global trade process, the effort and play a role; of China and the world economy, the impact of
Lamy: China’s accession to WTO, both for China itself, or the World Trade Organization, and the other members of the organization belongs to more than 150, are a big deal, is of particular significance. First, the accession to WTO, China is marking 20 years after the implementation of reform and opening policy, laid a more solid foundation. 10% of domestic annual economic growth rate, making China, ranking the world’s largest commodity producer and second largest economy. China is the world offer different types of consumers can afford, for the full choice of quality goods; ensure that the Chinese themselves have enough material basis, the domestic than 400 million people, in such a short period of history, to poverty, This is the history of mankind, a very remarkable achievement, is simply a miracle. Second, China to promote world trade to flourish, made a great contribution. China’s accession to the WTO before the trade volume, accounting for only 4% of world trade; 2009, China’s exports of goods in the world ranking for the first time, ranked top; 2010, once again, won the first; year, volume of exports of goods, accounting for 10.4 percent of the global total, and in 2009 an increase of 31%; China’s export growth, imports of goods, but also for rapid growth in 2010, ranking China’s imports of goods trade, and continued to maintain second place, imports of goods, from the prior year’s 8% share of world total, up to 9.1%, imports up 39%, faster than the export growth rate over the same period. Third, the goods from other WTO members, to enter the Chinese market, opened the door. As China’s rapid economic and healthy development, years later, people can be used for discretionary economic ability to pay, access to rapid increase in the current world, such as the United States, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Korea and other developed WTO members, and developing members of the commodity, have poured into China’s huge domestic market, there are signs that Chinese demand for imports of goods, the trend will be further boosted. Therefore, China’s accession to the WTO, the multilateral trading system, a very important historic event, since China’s accession, making the WTO itself, and more to show, with global trade features the World Trade Organization.

Look at China in the WTO stage role; especially for China to make a concrete contribution to world trade; economies benefit from
Lamy: China’s WTO accession, has been organized within the framework of the WTO, involving all trade activities, the most active participants and members of the most constructive achievements, mainly in the following aspects: First, the WTO and the most developed developed members, the full liberalization of the market, to provide them with all kinds of merchandise export opportunities.
As I have pointed out, joining the WTO, the Chinese economy achieve rapid growth, but also to other WTO members, has created more opportunities to enter the Chinese market. Within the WTO, according to statistics, from 2001 to 2010, China imported from various countries around the world total value of goods, up $ 7.45 trillion, the highest average annual growth rate of 20% of the record. In the meantime, the U.S. total goods exports to China, an increase of 400%. China’s huge domestic market for the developed economies has created export opportunities; for the world’s most developed economies (LDCs) to provide export opportunities for many commodities. Especially since 2008, China has three consecutive years, the most developed countries of the world’s largest export market.
Second, China slashed tariffs, particularly for imports of agricultural products and manufacturing. China’s accession to the WTO, its commitments, the import tariffs on agricultural products and manufactured goods, making a great concession, slashed import tariffs, making the present, China implemented the tariff rate, generally lower than other developing WTO members standards; making trade relations with China, WTO members have clearly recognized that trade with China can be expected according to WTO trade rules, and become completely transparent.
Third, investors are convinced the Chinese government’s commitment and action, so that the growing scale of investment in China. China’s accession to the WTO, positive exposure to the global trading system rules and guidelines, and take practical action, won convince international investors, so that the scale of foreign direct investment in China, growing.
Fourth, China’s success stories, many WTO members are to follow. The successful experience of China’s WTO accession, for other developing WTO members, is a model to follow, especially for is located in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America countries, not only to learn the success stories, and they still direct the opening of China market beneficiaries.
China’s accession to the WTO process, has made extensive commitments, 10 years, members of the WTO trade policy toward China, there have been three comprehensive review, the Director General, commented
Lamy: the WTO framework, despite China in some areas, there remains room for improvement and continue to work, but since China’s accession to WTO, the WTO and all the members, has undertaken a full range of obligations, the Chinese government expressed commitment is serious, made an exceptional effort to work very well. Therefore, China points obtained in this respect than any other WTO members are high that China in many areas, as other WTO members, set a good example. Specific performance, in the following aspects: First, a substantial reduction in tariffs. Since China’s accession to the WTO, from 15.3% of the average import tariffs, reduced to 9.5% in 2010. In addition, China also in other areas to work on abolishing non-tariff trade barriers and opening up of foreign-round service. Second, modify the legislation to promote the open. To ensure that the deep economic reforms, and in accordance with WTO commitments, China has a large range of domestic trade laws and regulations, modified, published, and has published a series designed to further promote the opening up of new trade laws and regulations. Third, the economy more open, more able to accelerate the promotion of comprehensive national strength. China’s accession to the WTO history 10 years of reform and opening up, enough to show that when a country’s economic open door policy, this country’s comprehensive national strength, it will be rapidly increasing. China, the reform and opening up policy, more than 150 by the other WTO economies highly praised at the same time, China itself, but also more confident, vibrant continue along the road of reform and opening up forward.
China’s further integration into the global economy and participate in the multilateral trading system have expectations; especially participation in the Doha Round negotiations, that the areas in which China can continue to play a role
Lamy: China today has become the world’s largest exporter and second largest importer, with 10 years ago, China in the global multilateral trading system, played an active role, has been quite different, it is becoming increasingly important. In my opinion, in the following aspects, China to play a greater influence to be:
First, China needs to be in the Doha Round negotiations to play a more important role. At present, the process of the Doha Round negotiations, without China’s participation, there would be no substantive progress. Therefore, in order to promote progress in the Doha Round negotiations, China should be more involved in the negotiations, more open markets outside its own initiative, in which play a major leadership role, particularly in the development of a new 21st century global multilateral trade regulations, play a more active the role. Today’s economic challenges require new global solutions, China’s leading role throughout the process, is essential. China to play a more leading role to play initiative, I expect.
Second, efforts to increase the opening up public procurement markets. It is noteworthy that China is currently negotiating accession to the WTO members voluntarily signed the “Agreement on Government Procurement” (GPA), which means that, by the Chinese government managed to join the multilateral agreement, to help Chinese enterprises, greater access to sign economic agreement body of the market, but also shows the Chinese central government and local government-owned investment projects, are willing to open to outside competitors will. The move will enable the Chinese government procurement, become more open, more transparent, more competitive. This also means that China is willing to greater implementation of its open-door policy, but also will benefit China’s domestic reform policies.
 Third, continue to increase domestic reforms, promotion of domestic demand to promote balanced economic development. On the whole, China’s economy has been a very great leap forward, but just as each WTO members, some areas still to be further improved through reform. For example, many WTO members generally agreed that China’s rapid economic development in the past, rely mainly on the manufacturing and export trade to drive, to achieve a more balanced external economic development, China should also continue to increase domestic consumption. This would mean that continue to increase the domestic series of reform initiatives, which include education, research and innovation activities, which are more investment.

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