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澳洲吉拉德女首相来信 1,2,3,…; http://www.billionairesdesire.com/?p=2424 http://www.helicoptersbuyers.com/?p=9412 At 2011-01-18 13:51:02,”Julia Gillard, Prime Minister” < laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au > wrote: – 隐藏引用文字 – An Open Letter Thanking Australians Fellow Australians, In the last few weeks, our nation has been hit by some of the worst floods in our history. Precious lives have been lost, businesses and homes have been ruined and public infrastructure has been destroyed. As I have travelled across Australia to visit flooded areas I have seen first hand that amid the devastation flood-affected communities have stood firm. In flooded areas of West Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria I have witnessed humbling displays of courage and resilience that have won worldwide admiration. In turn, the Australian people have honoured that courage with an outpouring of generosity that speaks volumes about the goodness and decency that lies at the heart of our nation’s character. I warmly thank everyone associated with the rescue and recovery effort – both those on the ground and those who have expressed their concern through donations, prayers and communal solidarity. All your contributions, no matter how modest, are deeply appreciated and will lift the spirits of all those who need a helping hand. In the aftermath of this crisis many are grieving for loved ones and contemplating the daunting task of reconstruction. I want to reassure you – the whole nation is standing with you and will help you through. Together we will help one another rebuild our towns, cities, and lives to make them better and stronger for our future. Sincerely, Julia Gillard Prime Minister Flood Emergency Information Disaster Recovery Hotline: 1800 173 349 State Emergency Service: 132 500 How Can I Help? Donations You can donate online using an online secure payment form. Donations can be made in person at any Queensland branch of the Bank of Queensland, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB or Suncorp. Credit card donations can be made by ringing 1800 219 028. Internet Banking and mail donation details can be found here. SES If you would like to assist the ongoing work that the State Emergency Service does in the state, you can boost the ability of volunteers to carry their job out by donating to it. Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul St Vincent de Paul has launched an appeal to help people on the ground. The Salvation Army has also launched an appeal. Lifeline Along side Red Cross volunteers, Lifeline Community Recovery Officers are providing psychological and emotional support to individuals and families affected by flooding. All funds raised through the Lifeline Appeal will resource the program so that Lifeline can provide fast response and well-trained staff and volunteers in the event of a disaster. Please donate online or call 07 3250 1934. Western Australia Floods The North West of Western Australia is also recovering from major flooding. You can donate to the Flood Relief Fund for North West Western Australia. Fact Sheets For fact sheets from Queensland Health that provide practical health advice and contacts for people seeking assistance after storms and floods please click here. Important Queensland Flood Recovery Information LaborHQ posted Friday, 14 January 2011 For emergency contact details, recovery support information and building and repair advice sources please see this blog. A message from Wayne Swan on the Queensland Floods Wayne Swan posted Friday, 14 January 2011 The spirit and resilience I’ve witnessed in Brisbane and elsewhere has left me in no doubt about Australians’ ability to recover from the devastation of these floods. Queensland Flood Emergency and Recovery Robert McClelland posted Wednesday, 12 January 2011 Attorney-General Robert McClelland offers a clarification of information in light of a hoax email being circulated. New business taskforce to support Queensland communities hit by flooding Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan posted Tuesday, 18 January 2011 As everyday Australians show their compassion and determination by pulling together to help Queenslanders affected by devastating floods, Australian businesses have answered the call as well. Investment in Child Care for the Keith community Kate Ellis posted Monday, 17 January 2011 Families living in the town of Keith in South Australia can look forward to improved child care availability thanks to new investment from the Australian Government. Extra disaster assistance for flood-affected communities in Northern NSW Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan posted Saturday, 15 January 2011 Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Attorney-General Robert McClelland today announced additional disaster assistance for communities in Northern NSW experiencing flooding as a result of floodwaters from Queensland entering the state. Taking action to address Climate Change together Julia Gillard 于 2011年07月10日 20:49 (星期日) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 6093b2d.a26848.1785448538.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年07月10日 20:49 (星期日) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online Dear sihong We in the labor movement have always sought to do what is right and to make the big calls for our nation’s future. Few of those calls are more important than the need to tackle dangerous climate change. As a Labor Government, we will do it in the Labor way – protecting jobs, protecting pensioners, protecting families, protecting regional communities. And we will continue Labor’s proud legacy of reforming our economy to create the opportunities of tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. That’s what you have been campaigning so hard for over many years, and now the time has come to translate words into deeds. Announcing the Government’s climate change package is a proud moment for our Party. But now the real hard work starts as we explain our package to the Australian community, dispel the myths and combat the negativity of our opponents. So please visit climatechangeaction.gov.au and share its information with your family, neighbours, workmates and friends. Tell them about the assistance we will provide for households. The huge investments we will make in renewable energy. The jobs we will protect in vital industries. And the difference we will make for our planet’s future by reducing carbon pollution. Labor has always believed in the confidence and creativity of the Australian people. We know that our nation has done great things in the past and we can do them again. Let’s build a clean energy future for our great country and tackle the challenge of climate change together. Julia PS. Tonight, I addressed the nation about why the Government is putting a price on carbon and what this means for you. If you missed it, you can watch it again here. This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Edit my Profile | Unsubscribe Help Us Move Towards A Clean Energy Future Julia Gillard 于 2011年09月13日 13:04 (星期二) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 66c172d.a26848.1786073843.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年09月13日 13:04 (星期二) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online sihong, Today I introduced into the House of Representatives the first of Labor’s Bills that will create a price on carbon. It’s an historic day for our nation and especially for those of you who have campaigned for many years to bring about action on climate change. This is a great Labor achievement. The Australian economy will continue to prosper and incomes will rise while we cut carbon pollution. Australians will be supported as we move towards a clean energy future. You can find out about the assistance available here. There is still a lot of work to do before we secure a clean energy future for Australia. I’m asking you to stay active in this campaign by supporting climate change action in your community. Please continue to spread the facts and share information about the assistance that will be available alongside the carbon price with your friends and family. Thanks, Julia P.S. You can learn more about the Clean Energy Future Legislative Package and how to get more involved in the Climate Change Campaign by visiting http://www.climatechangeaction.org.au This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Unsubscribe Values Julia Gillard 于 2011年09月16日 21:06 (星期五) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 b1e8fbe.a26848.1786189454.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年09月16日 21:06 (星期五) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online Dear sihong, Our values are what define us as a Party and today I reflected on them in a speech I delivered at Old Parliament House in Canberra. It’s time we accepted some hard truths about our Party and we take action to make us stronger. I want change. I want our Party to reform and modernise. Here’s what I said I will propose at this year’s National Conference – 1. I’ll challenge the Party to recruit 8,000 new members next year. We should aspire to be a growing Party of active members including Australians from each and every corner of the country. 2. I believe we should embrace community organising so our Party grows and is connected to the communities which support it. 3. To increase our local connections to Labor supporters I believe we should trial community pre-selections, or primaries, in some seats. I understand and respect the concerns of those who want to ensure that primaries are about community – not a vehicle for maximising the voice of special interest groups. The trials will be a genuine learning experience and are important to working through these concerns. 4. I’ll move that we embrace the Party members empowerment reforms proposed in the Faulkner-Bracks-Carr review – including the proposal that the National President elected by members serve a full, three-year term without rotation. 5. I want us to embrace online membership and opportunities so supporters can become more involved. It will mean members and supporters can hear directly from me and their Labor Government. I believe we need to modernise our structures and recognise that the old branch structures alone are not the future. I want our Party and our movement to be its best. I want us to fight for our values in the future just as hard as we have in our past. I look forward to you joining me. Julia This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Edit my Profile | Unsubscribe Thank you Julia Gillard 于 2011年10月12日 19:27 (星期三) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 19f214e.a26848.1786458173.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年10月12日 19:27 (星期三) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online sihong, I want to say thank you. Thank you to all the Party Members and supporters like you who have campaigned long and hard to put a price on carbon pollution. We should all be proud that today the House of Representatives voted to take action on climate change and pass the Clean Energy Future Bills. It has only been with your support, over so many years, that we have been able to deliver action on climate change today. These Bills will stand alongside Medicare and universal superannuation as great Labor achievements. The Clean Energy Future Bills are good Labor policies; the legislation will put a price tag on the pollution produced by around 500 big polluters and every cent of the revenue will be used to assist households, support jobs and fund investments in clean energy and climate change programs. There is still more work to do as the Clean Energy Future legislation goes through the Senate, but for today, you can be proud to see the Labor movement and the Parliamentary Party at our best. Thank you, Julia This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Unsubscribe The right side of history Julia Gillard 于 2011年11月08日 19:42 (星期二) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 45875bf.a26848.1786572362.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年11月08日 19:42 (星期二) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online sihong After two decades of debate about action on climate change, the Labor Government’s Clean Energy Future legislation passed through Parliament today. For the first time, we will have a law that cuts the carbon pollution which causes climate change. We all share in marking this historic day. The Government would not be able to pass this legislation if it wasn’t for Party members and supporters, especially those from the Labor Environment Activists Network, who have worked towards this goal for such a long time. Labor has fought hard to do the right thing. Together, we’re protecting the environment for our children and our grandchildren. Importantly, we are doing it in the proudest of Labor traditions; by supporting jobs and helping families. In time, the scaremongering by Tony Abbott and the opposition will prove to be just that. Future generations will judge that we are on the right side of history and that by acting now, we were able to lay the foundations of a clean energy future. With a price on carbon pollution, I see a future where companies will be more environmentally friendly; Australians will get a better deal because clean-green choices are cheaper and more competitive than polluting ones; and new industries are created with high-paying, skilled jobs for the future. Today, we took another important step towards that future. Julia Gillard Prime Minister This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Edit my Profile | Unsubscribe Fair Pay, Equal Pay Julia Gillard 于 2011年11月10日 19:23 (星期四) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Julia Gillard< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 d0419b3.a26848.1786648802.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年11月10日 19:23 (星期四) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online sihong, For too long Australia has undervalued workers in the social and community services sector – the vast majority of them women. Today I was proud to tell them the Labor Government is pushing the case for them to get a pay rise. We’re putting $2 billion on the table for 150, 000 workers in their sector Workers in this sector have been underpaid for too long because their work is viewed as women’s work. They work in incredibly challenging jobs, including: Working with people with disabilities Counselling families in crisis Running homeless shelters Working with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault They deserve to be properly rewarded for their work. Plainly, it’s just wrong that full-time working women earn on average one fifth less than men. That equates to women working seven weeks a year for free. That’s why today I was proud to announce that my Labor Government and the ASU will make a submission to Fair Work Australia that argues for rates of pay that fairly and properly value social and community sector work. It will argue for rates of pay that don’t discriminate, so decades of inequality are brought to an end. This equal pay case has only been possible through the introduction of Labor’s Fair Work laws. Prior to the Fair Work Act all 16 applications for equal pay had failed because the test was impossible to meet. When I abolished Work Choices and created Fair Work Australia I hoped for an outcome like this. I hoped Labor’s new laws would lead to a fair decision, based on fair evidence, that often people who work in female-dominated sectors had long been underpaid. This is an historic announcement for social and community sector workers and something only a Labor Government will deliver. Julia Gillard Prime Minister This email was sent by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Edit my Profile | Unsubscribe A Price on Pollution: the Next Step Forward in Economic Reform Wayne Swan, Deputy Prime Minister 于 2011年06月07日 19:35 (星期二) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人:Wayne Swan, Deputy Prime Minister< laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 f8fd876.a26848.1785093299.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助)时 间:2011年06月07日 19:35 (星期二) 收件人:chensihong1961@126.com;抄送人:(无) 备 注:编辑删除保 存取 消 View Online Dear sihong, Today I addressed the National Press Club outlining the Gillard Labor Government’s plan for a clean energy future – a future which will see our economy continue to grow and thrive with a price on pollution. My speech included a preview of new Treasury economic modelling which showed incomes are due to significantly increase under a carbon price, and 1.6 million jobs will still be created to 2020. I also pointed to modelling which suggests our renewables sector will experience dramatic growth under a carbon price – with the renewable electricity sector projected to be 600 per cent bigger in 2050 than it is today. These economic benefits are of course before you take into account the long-term environmental benefits of this reform such as protecting the Barrier Reef, Kakadu or the agricultural wealth of the Murray-Darling Basin. What these numbers show is that this reform is essential both for our economy and for our environment. We can’t let Australia become a country incapable of reform. A country where the deniers, the dinosaurs, the vested interests and partisan commentators destroy the reforms that we need to prosper together. I would invite you to have a look at my speech in full. Regards, Wayne Swan http://www.treasurer.gov.au twitter.com/SwannyDPM facebook.com/wayne.swan.mp This email was sent by N. Martin, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Edit my Profile | Unsubscribe This email was sent by N. Martin, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Unsubscribe 澳洲吉拉德女首相来信 1,2,3,…; http://www.billionairesdesire.com/?p=2424 http://www.helicoptersbuyers.com/?p=9412 A message from Julia Gillard Julia Gillard, Prime Minister 于 2010年08月31日 18:33 (星期二) 发给 …等 1 人。完整信息 发件人: Julia Gillard, Prime Minister< Laborconnect@australianlabor.com.au >;(由 b8d61b7.a26848.1782728653.1@mbounces.com 代发, 帮助) 时 间: 2010年08月31日 18:33 (星期二) 收件人: chensihong1961@126.com; 抄送人: (无) 备 注: 编辑删除 保 存 取 消 A message from Julia Gillard Dear sihong, I know the Australian people want a resolution to this election. I believe Labor is best positioned to form a stable and effective government for the term of this Parliament and today at the National Press Club I outlined why. You can read my address to the National Press Club here. I believe the new political landscape demands a consensus-building approach that Labor is best able to deliver. We will need to build something broader, more enduring and more stable. In my discussions with the Independents this week I have begun to canvas a range of reforms that I believe will help us rise to the challenge of this historic moment in our democracy. We must work together to find common ground on critical issues like economic reform, health care, education, transport, infrastructure, Indigenous affairs and foreign policy. When I look back at my time in Parliament and the things I’ve achieved, such as the Fair Work Act, I am convinced it’s possible to find common ground on difficult issues if we’re willing to work hard enough at it, and be prepared to make reasonable compromises along the way. I stand ready to form the next government of Australia. Thank you. Julia Gillard Prime Minister This email was sent by N. Martin, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton ACT to chensihong1961@126.com Unsubscribe