Pu Cunxin – now, I trust the first Beijing nationality, membership in Beijing is the only person …

Pu Cunxin – now, I trust the first Beijing nationality, membership in Beijing is the only person …

Pu Cunxin (July 31, 1953 -), Beijing, native of Jiangsu Province, China’s famous drama and film actor. Actor, Chinese nationality, born July 31, 1953 (1953-07-31) (age 59, 2011. ‘Zodiac: Snake), China Beijing, Occupation: actor, spouse Wan Ping

Pu Cunxin’s father, Su Min (Pu think Xun) is a director of People’s Art Theatre, a former vice president of Beijing People’s Art Theatre. A mother, sister, brother. His wife, Wan-Ping Song and Dance Troupe was empty political actor, married in 1981. Daughter Pu Fang, born in 1986. He was two years old, suffering from polio, before the age of ten, one leg does not touch the ground. Years old and accept the pace of neurological rehabilitation surgery (plastic surgery).
Pu Cunxin, the countryside in 1969, to jump the queue Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps, in 1977, back to the city, back to Beijing, into the empty political Repertory Theatre as actor. 1986, enter the Beijing People’s Art Theatre as an actor, works – the director of the drama Wild Blue Sky, “Qin and his son,” and so on. Currently vice president of Beijing People’s Art Theatre. In recent years, the obligation to disseminate knowledge in AIDS. In October 2006, was “Soong Ching Ling Camphor Award.” 2003, was rated in 2002, “Moving China” one of the top ten figures.

Appeared in works

Drama 1,2,3, …
2009-2010 “Tea House” co-star: Pu Cunxin, Liang Guanhua, Wu Gang, Feng Yuanzheng
2009 “I am Seagull”
2009 “corn bread Hall”
2009 “Wilderness”
2004 “The Storm” director Chen Yi salary
2000 “Fengyuewubian” Li Yu
1999 “Tea House” decorated drama often Siye Beijing People’s Art
1997 “antique”
1997, “Center Stage”
1991 “Seagull”
1991, “Li Bai” Sumin director
1990 “Hamlet”
1989 “The Storm” director Lin Zhaohua
1986, “Qin and his son,” Wild Blue Sky director
“Cai Wenji”, “Shuro worship handsome,” “Bird” and “lucky”, “Myriads of Lights,” “Orphan.”

Movie 1,2,3, …
2011, “favorite” decorated
In 2010, the “first secretary” decorated Shen Hao
2010, “Magic Time”
In 2008, the “Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon” wise
In 2006, the “man bottom line”
In 2005, “Lu Xun” Lu Xun
In 2005, the “moon” Hong Yi (Master Hongyi)
In 1999, “said it really broke up.”
In 1998, the “bath”
In 1997, “with you to Dawn”
In 1997, the “Spicy Love Soup”
In 1997, the “red card”
In 1996, “and the past Cheers”
In 1996, the “Butterfly Lovers” decorated Butterfly
In 1995, the “Postman”
In 1993, the “Yunnan Story” director Zhang Xin warm
In 1993, the “Blue Kite”
In 1991, the “Bell of Purity Temple” Master Xie Jin decorative mirror
In 1989, “The Last Noble” Xie Jin
198? , “Yang” Li Mao
198? “Desert purple ban”

Co-premiere the title role actor notes
In 2009, “Northeast 2” Wei Demin
“Love you to the horizon”, formerly known as “G string on the aria,” Eason, Jiang Wenli
“The East River” guest
In 2008, the “shock the world seven days,” Jiang Wenli, Liu Ye, Liu Jia, Sun Li, Yong, Jiang Kun, Xi Meijuan, Bao-Guo Chen, Sun-hee, Gan Tingting, Liang Tian, ​​in glory, in the Hong Tang, Huang, Zhao Zihui, high Yunxiang, Song Chunli, Chen Hao, Yin Tao, Ya-Lin, Yu Na, Tong Lei, Andrew, Bei Liu, Po ice ink, Wang Qiang, Qingxiang, PANG Min, Wang Luo Dan, Wang can, Jing Ye, Du Zhiguo, Xie Junhao, Wei Junjie, Dicky Cheung, Patrick Tam, William, JJ (26 sets, the earthquake documentary TV series)
In 2004, “police chief”
In 2003, the “Paradise Lost”
In 2002, “Cao Cao and Cai Wenji”
In 2001, the “accumulation of emotion.”
In 2000, “Guangrongzhilv” He Yuanchao
In 1999, the “coming and going,” Zhongkang Weiye Liping, Xu Qing, Li Xiaoran
“Dignity” Sun Qing
In 1996, the “hero no regrets” high day Yuan, Li Ting, Wang Yuzhang, Du Yuan, Guodong Wen
“A sentimental thing.”
In 1992, the “Three Kingdoms” Sun Ce

Reading works 1,2,3, …
In 2008, CCTV Spring Festival Gala, reading “warm 2008”
2010, “us” and Feng Xiaogang, Han, Chen Dao Ming, Song Chunli, Yang Lixin, Jiang Kun, in Kuizhi, Li Sheng Su, Cui, Yang Lan, Zhu, Ruiying, Haixia, Cong Wei, Deng Yaping, Yu Jun Jian, Guan Mu village, I sound, Jia Wang co-operation of first-class
December 28, 2009, music reading will be “100 years of Chinese music, poetry readings,” “Big River weir, my nanny.”
February 14, 2010, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, reading “If memory is a blessing.”
In 2010, Shenyang will meet to sign the book, “Zhu Jiuge”

Book 1, 2, …
2009 “I know where the light”
2010 “I”

Endorsements 1,2,3, …
Constant cleaning bathroom
Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste
Bade paint
Regal floor
Daly Park, a small French bread

Pu Cunxin, 1950, was born in Beijing in an artistic family, his father, Su Min, the retired before the Beijing People’s Art is a famous drama director and actor.
In 1970, Pu Cunxin with a time when many young people, and exercise to change the world With their ideals, to respond to national call and volunteered to be very difficult living conditions of the PLA Shenyang Military Region, Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps, when the educated youth. In 1986, the most famous in China Beijing People’s Art Theatre, Theatre as actor, and involves film and television, a much-loved actor and television actor, he starred in the TV series “coming and going,” “Men bottom line”, ” hero no regrets “,” Guangrongzhilv “, etc., to the audience left a deep impression.
2011, of the 3rd national moral models nomination.
Chinese name: Pu Cunxin
Nationality: China
Nationality: Chinese
Place of birth: Beijing
Date of Birth: July 31, 1953
Occupation: drama, film actor
Main achievements: as advocates for AIDS
Main achievements: Elected member of the CPPCC National Committee
Representative works: “Spicy Love Soup”
Height: 1.81 m
Weight: 75 kg
Constellation: Leo
Native: Jiangsu
Pu Cunxin, vice president of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, Vice Chairman of China performer, vice president of China Film Association, visiting professor at Chongqing University, Chongqing University Film School Master Instructor. He is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, the national level actors, film and television drama in the performing arts for many years, has starred in dozens of excellent drama, movies, TV work, many domestic and international awards received, and public-spirited undertakings, is a German Art double-Xin, deeply loved the people well-known performing artists.
Pu Cunxin said many of his ideas, is affected by his father, his father in his childhood, his education is so. Bring on the “auntie killer” feelings, Pu Cunxin performed seems embarrassed, he said, and he opened it was all a joke. Reporters told him that, that the audience is actually an expression of his love. Unexpectedly, the old comrades of this title Pu is not cold, he said: “If you really love, please give me another call.”
Profile -1953, was born in Beijing. Father of a child, the impact of Soviet people, a keen interest in performing. In 1969, as the educated youth, went to participate in Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps. 1977 “Cultural Revolution” ended, returned to Beijing, admitted to the empty political Repertory Theatre. In 1987, officially transferred to the Beijing People’s Art Theater, so far.
Upbringing – Pu Cunxin’s ancestral home, is Ja Town, Lishui County, Jiangsu Province.

Pu Cunxin through their own learning, coupled with innate temperament, gentle, learned, handsome, gentle feel.
Art in the speech of the people, “Li Bai”, “Hamlet” and more drama.
90 years, he Xie Jin’s film “Bell of Purity Temple”, the play mirror the Master; show a film director Zhang Xin warm “Yunnan Story”; summer has just directed the film “and the past Cheers”; summer just his film “with you to the dawn.” Movie “bath”, Pu Cunxin for their own kind of “light” interpretation, in general, has reached the capability of the state. Pu Cunxin who, smell, the ribs deep, just have the “light” … works as Chen Ran, “and the past Cheers”, the “man” of the kind of actress misty sentimental heart “light” … Pu Cunxin’s childhood not perfect, his own faith, farewell troubles, his desire to live, he longed for health. Step by step to success in his time, he found happiness as a people with lofty ideals.
In 2001, China Central Television audience favorite prime time TV actor named activities, Pu Cunxin was selected as the favorite of all actors. Because there is love, more love Pu Cunxin public welfare. He finished, “If there tomorrow,” after this movie, all of the fee, are donated to the Beijing You’an Hospital. He would like to use this to help this special treatment of the AIDS hospital.

Performing works 1,2,3, …

2010 “shook the world seven days.”
2010 “Born to Love”, also known as “G string on the aria,” and “love marriage”, or “Bloody Marriage”
Starring: license; Director: Jin Ge
2009 “Northeast 2” decorated Wei Demin
2006 “Men bottom line” decoration Wei Haifeng
2004 “Public Security Bureau 2” Li Jian
2003 “the first floor,” took the lead in decorative repair; co-star: Wei Zi, Wang Ji, Ma Jing Wu, Han Shin continued, repair were Di, Zhou Li, Zhang translation, Isle of Man Ran, Zhang Ju, Zhang Yongqiang
2003 “Paradise Lost” played right Zhengyang
TV series “Cao Cao and Cai Wenji ‘stills
2002 “Cao Cao and Cai Wenji” decorated Cao Cao
2001 “accumulation of emotion,” co-star: Bei Liu Gang Sun Chun Liu Siwei Ding Zhicheng Xu Jinglei Yun 1999 “Flowers in the Mirror Legend” decorated Li Shimin; cooperation Cast: Liza Wang Yang Fan in the glory of David Kang business days E Eric Yida Wang Yanna Liu Miao He Zhonghua
1999 “dignity”, according to the same name as the sand leaves the new report literature; Director: Son Fan (Chinese Americans); co-star: Sun Qing
1999 “Guangrongzhilv” co-star: the history of orchid buds, clever, Tao Yuling, Zhu Lin, Luo Gang, Jiang Hua, Liu Zi, good late
1998 “coming and going,” co-star: Liping, Xu Qing, Li Xiaoran
1996 “a sentimental thing,” co-star: Xu Jinglei Du Zhiguo Liu Hanjiang Jiangwu Fu Biao Liu Jinshan 1996 “canal people” co-star: Tao Hong
1996 “Heroes regrets” decorated high days; co-star: Li Yuan
1994 “long-day war” decorated brother; co-star: Sun Chun Ho Cheng-Jun Hu Yajie Huang Lei Liu Wei Li Yuanyuan Zhang Kaili Xiao Xiong Chen Yi Zhao Shi Tian Hairong Qi
1994 “Three Kingdoms” decorated Sun Ce; general director: Wang Fu Lam
Main Cast: Tang Guoqiang Sun Yanjun Lu Shuming Bao Guoan Wu Xiaodong Li Jingfei
1991 “editorial story,” co-decorated poet Tian Qiao Cast: Ge You, Liping, Murphy, Tong Zhengwei, etc.

Movie 1,2,3, …

2010 “Rabbit Man Legends” dubbing the old chief
2010 “Favorites”, (formerly known as “Magic rumor”) fully decorated Zhao
2009 “party team”
2008 “Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon” decorated wise;
2005 “moon” Pu Cunxin
2004 “Lu Xun”
2000 “bath” co-star: Jiang Wu
1999 “that it really broke up.”
1997 “Spicy Love Soup” co-star: Liping Gao Yuanyuan Guo Tao Xu Fan
1997 “red card”
1996 “with you to the dawn.”
1995 “The Postman” guest “brother.”
1994 “Butterfly Lovers” decorated Butterfly Pu Cunxin
1994 “with the past Cheers”
1993 “Yunnan Story”
1993 “The Blue Kite” co-star: Liping
1992 “Bell of Purity Temple.”
1992 “Yang”
1991 “editorial story” Friendly guest poet Tian Qiao; co-star: Lu Qi Ge Liping Tong Zhengwei Murphy
1989 “The Last of the nobility.”
1989 “Legend of the drum on the flea,” decorated military advisor Wu
1986 “Desert Purple ban”

2008 Spring Festival Evening reading “Warm 2008”
In 2011, Anhui Satellite TV mid-autumn night reading “Zhu Jiuge”

Winning entries
In 2000, the Seventh Beijing Student Film Festival’s most popular actor “bath”
In 2001, the 17th China TV Golden Eagle Prize viewer favorite actor award “Guangrongzhilv”
In 2005, the Eleventh China Film Hua Biao excellent actor, “the moon”
In 2006, the 13th Beijing Student Film Festival Best Actor “moon”


July 31, 1953 Pu Cunxin was born in Beijing
1969 jump the queue to the countryside, farming in Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps, Ma, speech model operas
1977 return to Beijing, into the empty political Repertory Theatre
1986 transferred to the People’s Art Theatre as an actor directed drama Wild Blue Sky, “Qin and his son”
1989 drama “Thunderstorm”; Xie Jin’s film “The Last of the nobility.”
Director Lin Zhaohua’s 1990 drama “Hamlet”
1990 directed by Wang Fu Lam “Three Kingdoms” play Sun Ce
Oleg 1991 drama directed by Ye Fu Lie Mofu “Seagull” directed by drama Soviet people, “Li Bai” film director Xie Jin, “Bell of Purity Temple” in the play mirror the Master
1993 warm Xin directed the film “Yunnan Story”
Summer 1996 has just directed the film “and past Cheers”; TV series “Heroes regrets”
Art Beijing 1997 drama “antique”, “Center Stage”, etc.; summer just his film “with you to the Dawn”; film “Spicy Love Soup”; 41 sets Singapore TV series “The new story also known as Alcatel-Lucent; all the way to dust” at thirty-three set guest Linda Fu’s husband
1998 film “bath”
Art Beijing 1999 drama “Teahouse” ornaments often Siye; film, “said it really broke”; TV series “dignity”; TV series “coming and going.”
2000 drama “Fengyuewubian” Li Yu; TV series “Guangrongzhilv” He Yuanchao
2005 film “moon” Hong Yi (Master Hongyi)
2008 film “Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon”, Zhuge Liang; TV series “Northeast and 2”
2009 National Day six years in Beijing People’s Art gift drama “corn bread Center,” were played by Ku
2010 “Tea House” 600 Memorial field performances; appeared in works of Lin Zhaohua Drama Exhibition “Construction Masters” and “lobbyists” (“lobbyists” department director Lin Zhaohua latest work, co-star: High-Ya Lin)

As AIDS advocates – Pu Cunxin
In late October 2000, the famous Chinese actor Pu Cunxin, in the United States organized by charitable organizations of overseas Chinese – American Charity Foundation awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award, to recognize in the fight against AIDS in China, made a significant contribution to who, in addition to Pu Cunxin, the award-winning, three others, are: to help China fight against AIDS care and the cause of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, rescue of the Hong Kong AIDS orphans, “the Chi Heng Foundation,” the founder Du Cong, and treatment of AIDS vaccine research China’s STD and AIDS prevention and control center Shao Yiming, chief expert.
Pu Cunxin, China’s high-profile a public figure. His occupation is actor, starring in too many plays, movies and TV shows at the same time, he was vice president of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, the CPPCC National Committee.
In recent years, he became the cause of China’s AIDS prevention and treatment of a star: Since 2000, he accepted the invitation of the Ministry of Health, as the AIDS advocates. Since then, Pu use their influence and appeal, calling attention to the whole society of AIDS, care for AIDS patients, and to take steps to mental or financial help from AIDS patients and their families.
November 1, 2000, when Pu Cunxin from the hands of Deputy Minister of Health to take over the “AIDS advocates,” the letter of appointment, the heart is full of solemn feeling: “I think – its like a hero, or even sacrifice their own to overcome the difficulties , to complete a difficult task, “he said.
One day when the previous two months, when Pu Cunxin, a friend called him, to convey the Ministry of Health officials hope he can act as “advocates for AIDS,” the obligation to work, Pu Cunxin and of AIDS itself, the spread of AIDS in China, do not have a clear idea, like most people hear the term AIDS, with the devil to hear about this term feel: terrible, but distant fantasy.
Pu Cunxin on the phone to answer his friend said: “You give me ten minutes time to think.” Ten minutes later, call him back, said he accepted the job.
Pu Cunxin happy to accept this request, so that the Ministry of Health takes some unexpected and very happy, it is said, after several public figures who rejected the work. In this way, Pu Cunxin became China’s first “AIDS advocates” public figures.
In an interview, “Beijing Review” reporter, Pu Cunxin said at the time, can not say that concerns are not, on the one hand, then as route of transmission of AIDS do not understand, that this work may be some risk; the other hand, This work can not be completely sure whether their public image would have a negative impact, one might suspect that doing this work is contracted AIDS because of their own. “However, the Ministry of Health is a government department, it made such a request, indicating the needs of the community at this time, there is such a person to do such a thing, having chosen me, that my responsibility.”; “Yes, I like, I grew up there is a sense of mission. “Pu said. Pu Cunxin on the mid-1950s, was born in Beijing in an artistic family, his father, before his retirement, the Beijing People’s Art Theatre, the famous theater director and actor. Many young people with the same time, Pu in less than two years of age, had to change the world cherish and exercise their ideals, to respond to national call and volunteered to be very difficult living conditions in rural areas to go live for several years. The mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, he was an army Repertory Theatre’s actor, and later, entered China’s most famous Theatre of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, and here, the growth of much-loved actor and film and television actor, in many works of drama and film, starring, including foreign classics drama such as Hamlet and so on. Innate personality, acquired receive their education and personal experience and other factors, to make him, with an artistic temperament and idealism.
AIDS advocates on the phone agreed to accept this work, Pu Cunxin began to consult experts, find information, learn and understand the relevant knowledge and information. On the causes and transmission of AIDS knowledge, he had eliminated the fear of AIDS, while the spread of AIDS in China, understanding of the situation makes him worried.
Over the next few years, Pu Cunxin lot of work: making public service ads, starred in the film on AIDS for the public or government agency personnel to do seminars and training, at the CPPCC meeting on the proposal, and so on. All of these, from the desired effect, can be said that there are two: the work attracted the attention of AIDS; appeal to the community care of AIDS patients.
Pu Cunxin said, “things seem bigger and more, because my principle is that either does not do, must do.”
Elected in 2002 moved to China’s top ten characters

Award word: he was familiar warm smile AIDS heart, he clasped the hand of AIDS patients to pass their hands on their love of society, but also spreading AIDS awareness, to stimulate the human killer courage to overcome the world. He loved his people and trust once again return to the community and into the public welfare in order to appeal to public figures, social responsibility.
New book, “I know where the light” is by far, the famous Pu Cunxin first portrait of performing artists to write their own life and art. The book’s three parts, “monologue” “dialogue” “narration”, a detailed outline of the growth process and Pu Cunxin career, performing artists interpretation of a thought process and emotions. “Monologue” to the readme about the tone of a lame leg suffered from childhood polio to the sensitive and studious youth, until today reached a pinnacle, well-known performing artists experience the ups and downs of life. “Dialogue”, revealed a senior won the masters of the art of acting really large mass, the stage of writing practice for decades, forming a unique personal style of the artist performing the mentality, it will be art students and teachers, as well as film and television show fans rare “Scriptures.” “Narration” by two senior members of the public sit on the analysis of “Pu Cunxin phenomenon”, reveals the Pu Cunxin “I know where the light,” the hanging machine Miaoli. In addition, the book income of a hundred pieces of Pu Cunxin, from childhood to now, each period of the precious photos, but also against the background of his 55 years of struggle.

Shenyang signings – Pu Cunxin’s new book called “I know where the light.” Just what he said – glory? Light? January 18, Shenyang, reading a book signing to meet at the Pu Cunxin “Zhu Jiuge”
Pu Cunxin went to Shenyang Xinhua Book Center, and the readers. One-hour exchange, many people come to the answer: You have to know fate of Pu Cunxin know where their light. Pu Cunxin said he only read the book six years. However, Pu Cunxin said: “My knowledge comes from reading more. Read let us stand a little higher, life, space and opportunity to choose, will be larger, will open a number of horizons.”
“I” is the second book published by Pu Cunxin. He said the book, write a whole year and a half, “written very difficult.” More than a year writing process, so that he combed his upbringing, but also more aware of the father and the Beijing People’s Art of the Soviet Union the people of his predecessors subtle influence. In fact, Pu Cunxin also want to express, is the intellectual respect. His evaluation of their own, the biggest advantage of this book, is “sincere”, “text to go to the heart.” He hopes the audience like him, can take a look at this book, readers also want to read the book, to be his audience. A dark background, a shadow, is along the ladder up the stairs, above him, the light in the guidelines – this cover, so that “I know where the light” is even more prominent. It is said that this cover, so that Pu Cunxin very satisfied. A person’s life are willing to search to find the light, it is not easy, fortunately, Pu Cunxin in his 55 years of age, to know the light where it is. “Light has a lot of sense, faith, life is considered a person, only by adhering to The Sound of Music, only aspire to the light, we will be able to find the light.”
Actor Pu Cunxin, interested in public welfare, he is now the mentality is to do these things, not so much “why”, just because he wanted to do, happy to do these things. Shaping the face of social welfare ambassador for his image of his sincerity: “I will objectively look and capabilities, and will not be exhausted themselves.”
Pu Cunxin The book-signing event, strictly speaking, is a kind of “smuggling” behavior. He used the “Northeast” in Shenyang when the sequel, out of time, rushed over. In particular, he declared: “I am not a hero. 40-episode, I only have 20 sets of scenes.” Scene in the book-signing, Pu Cunxin readers are eager to hear live readings. Good mood, he recited the scene Guo Xiaochuan’s masterpiece, “Zhu Jiuge.” Whole-heartedly, passionate readings, people accidentally get an art to enjoy.
CPPCC National Committee member – 2010 March 2, Beijing, 2010, held two warm, the CPPCC National Committee in the report when Pu Cunxin, surrounded by reporters. A reporter asked the content of the proposal. He says with a laugh, the proposal is ready for the CPPCC session, not to prepare for the interview with reporters, 6 and then “Inside.” A reporter asked, its cycling coverage, is not for low-carbon. He said, because no car license, please Correspondent Freeze speculation. Speaking of low-carbon economy, Pu Cunxin said, his low-carbon economy will soon be Beijing’s image as a spokesperson.

Marriage – Pu Cunxin native of Nanjing, longer than Beijing, had been a Red Guard, to the Heilongjiang military service. 24 years old, Pu Cunxin admitted empty political drama club, when the soldiers on the arts, get 6 dollars per month allowance. He spent nine years of political space, the role of the largest, almost extras, such as, Feibing A, B, for example, guerrillas, his lines, often only the word “report”, and sometimes, simply is not .
Wan Ping, also grew up in Beijing, 13 years old, selected by empty political song and dance troupe, or age wearing red, they wear green uniforms, wearing a red collar, the air, can be imagined. From dancing, lead dancer, to dance solo, stage of life to become her world. Unconsciously, Wan Ping the completion of a big girl, who courtship around a lot, but she did not personally appear. Occasionally one occasion, she heard companion, Repertory Theatre attracted a new handsome guy named Pu children, very talented, can write, draw, too great a blackboard. In a party, also identified her Pu Cunxin. At that moment, her eyes lit up, the heart suddenly racing endless.
In the army, very particular level, Wan Ping then, is to wear four pocket uniform battalion cadres; Pu Cunxin, a small pocket just two soldiers; Wan-Ping Song and Dance Ensemble of the business is empty political elite; he was just carrying on the big stage gun “Feibing.” Repertory Theatre, an old comrade in front of the Pu Cunxin to the Wan Ping, she looked great wearing a pair of cotton shoes rustic young man, could not help but laugh. Their love, will begin. Later, Wan-Ping Song and Dance Troupe put him to go, and she grew up with the band of sisters, the day blind with wildly to phase him, he sat on the bed, to accept their “review.” Seems disappointing, the sisters come in sideways, quickly, and sideways out. However, Wan Ping, feel like and he knew for a long time. Since then, the Song and Dance Ensemble of the yard, under a tree, you often see the two of them intimate presence. Wan Ping advised: “how do you pick for so long, actually pick up a soldier, he wages a month, only 6 dollars it!” Wan Ping smiled: “I figure, not his money, if the map money, I would have married. “She advocates cultural, and Pu Cunxin to her feeling that it is love reading, culture, and therefore, she would marry him without hesitation. After marriage, their love nest, a tube-shaped apartment building in the regiment, the room is small, and simple, but full of deep love. One year later, a small room came the crying of babies, Pu Cunxin indescribably happy, always humming a song children, in front of the wire on the fly from the colorful children’s diapers. Life of Pu Cunxin, but also the pursuit of romance, Wan Ping birthday, he always received a bouquet of flowers. In general, men do not Yuanpei wife go shopping, but he did not, Wan-ping mall often accompany, but not very convenient, some people find his old signature. Wan Ping love to wear, that is, Pu Cunxin buy her clothes, her husband’s aesthetic, so she did not pick. In the eyes of Wan Ping, Pu Cunxin is a good husband: Officer down, single-minded work, caring wife, what are your very thoughtful.
Pu Cunxin After entering Beijing People’s Art Theater, starred in “The Last of the nobility,” “Li Bai” and other large-scale productions, by the industry and the audience. Pu Cunxin’s first audience for each show, almost all of Wan Ping. Wan Ping evaluation of the various roles played by Pu Cunxin, always have criticized, but she explained: “I am sincere, people may be face-saving, while others like his audience, his shortcomings, will become advantages, but I am realistic, and the other, other people’s criticism, it is quite subtle, and I was uncertain terms I was good for him. “Wan Ping Pu Cunxin’s love for, not the kind of sweet honey sweet, affectionate, but turned into a point point drops, meticulous care. Pu Cunxin very frugal, reluctant to purchase clothing for themselves, he sets of brand-name clothes, including, shirt, tie, collar clip and other small parts are Wan Ping to the United States and Hong Kong, specially bought for him, regardless of color, style, She is carefully selected. Not long ago, TV Flying Awards ceremony, Pu Cunxin was a decent dark gray suit, Wan Ping is a masterpiece.
Pu Cunxin and Wan Ping, is a pair of good, honest and love unlimited couples. 1 December 2000 World AIDS Day, the Ministry of Health, set his sights on Pu Cunxin, want to hire him shoot a public service ad on AIDS prevention, first received an invitation, Pu Cunxin bit hesitant, but when he learned that, at present China National the current situation of HIV infection, suddenly filled with a sense of mission and responsibility. He told the story to the Wan Ping, she said: “I’ll go together.” Careful Wan Ping, specially bought some red ribbon to give to the Pu Cunxin and tenacious struggle of the disease for people with AIDS . Between husband and wife the most valuable, than trust, and this trust, the first from the self-confidence. Wan Ping is such a very confident woman, she is never because of his wife, Pu Cunxin and show off, do not want from a fire near a celebrity. She has her own spiritual world, have their own close friends, their careers and the pursuit of more. She has admitted: beautiful young woman is the capital, but a woman can not always be young and beautiful, timeless beauty, comes from wisdom.

Endorsements 1,2,3, …

Shanghai home tomorrow; Martin House; lid cover oral; analgesic services in the far red veins; Chinese pulse generator activity in the water; the pulse Bee Ling GUIDEC phone; constant clean bathroom; Xinhua Computer Education; Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste; Pakistan Texaco paint; regal floor; Ideal jewelry; Daly Park, a small French bread; Xinhua Computer School; Ashley milk; Noah learning machine; Lulu; Yunnanbaiyao toothpaste; Jin Wang phones and voice qualities of the second series behalf of the A320; good old film loaded silver deposit