Spreading the Benefits of the Mining Boom

Spreading the Benefits of the Mining Boom
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The Federal Labor Government has secured support for the Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT). This is a historic reform to lock in the benefits of the mining boom and deliver a fair return from the development of the nation’s resource wealth.

The MRRT is a true Labor reform – it is about ensuring all Australians share in the benefits of the mining boom.

The passage of the legislation through the House of Representatives shows the mettle of the Prime Minister, who overcame powerful vested interests and the relentless negativity of Tony Abbott, to get a better deal for Australians for the resources they own 100 per cent.

The MRRT will spread the opportunities of the mining boom to all corners of the country, by:

Delivering a major new tax break for Australia’s 2.7 million small businesses as well as a cut to the company tax rate for all businesses, with small businesses getting a one year head-start.
Boosting the superannuation for 8.4 million workers, which will increase the nation’s savings pool by $500 billion by 2035. This will provide a 30-year-old worker on average earnings with an extra $108,000 in retirement savings.
Providing a much needed extra superannuation contribution for 3.6 million low-income-earners worth a total of $900 million each year.
Investing in roads, bridges and other infrastructure, particularly in our great mining regions.
While Tony Abbott and the Liberals turned their backs on Australians workers and Australian businesses, the Gillard Government has ensured all Australians can share in the benefits and opportunities of the mining boom.

Wayne Swan(斯旺)
Deputy Prime Minister & Treasurer(副总理兼司库)

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