A message from Julia Gillard

A message from Julia Gillard
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2010年08月31日 18:33 (星期二)
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A message from Julia Gillard

Dear sihong,

I know the Australian people want a resolution to this election.

I believe Labor is best positioned to form a stable and effective government for the term of this Parliament and today at the National Press Club I outlined why. You can read my address to the National Press Club here.

I believe the new political landscape demands a consensus-building approach that Labor is best able to deliver. We will need to build something broader, more enduring and more stable.

In my discussions with the Independents this week I have begun to canvas a range of reforms that I believe will help us rise to the challenge of this historic moment in our democracy.

We must work together to find common ground on critical issues like economic reform, health care, education, transport, infrastructure, Indigenous affairs and foreign policy.

When I look back at my time in Parliament and the things I’ve achieved, such as the Fair Work Act, I am convinced it’s possible to find common ground on difficult issues if we’re willing to work hard enough at it, and be prepared to make reasonable compromises along the way.

I stand ready to form the next government of Australia.

Thank you.

Julia Gillard
Prime Minister

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