Weekly Update: Australia-United States Cooperation, Building Stronger Futures, FairIT for Oz & More

Weekly Update: Australia-United States Cooperation, Building Stronger Futures, FairIT for Oz & More
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Australia-United States Cooperation

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and President Barack Obama met on November 16 in Canberra and announced a series of initiatives to expand and deepen cooperation between Australia and the United States.

These partnerships include;

Partnering in Education
New initiatives have been outlined to: conduct expert-level policy dialogues on issues like teacher quality and school improvement; expand virtual exchanges between schools in both countries on sustainable communities; and establish a Global Connections and Exchange program.

Partnering in Development
Australia and the United States are to work together to address global development challenges, including launching a new joint partnership called All Children Reading and A Grand Challenge for Development to improve reading outcomes for 100 million children in primary schools by 2015.

Partnering in Clean Energy
Australia and the United States have detailed new cooperation on clean energy in a statement that covers seven new solar research projects to be conducted, enhanced collaboration on best practices for promoting energy efficiency and more.
Partnering to Combat Serious Crime
Criminal activity increasingly spans international borders, necessitating close cooperation and information-sharing between law enforcement agencies around the world. On November 16, Australia and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Enhancing Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Crime.

And More

Building a Stronger Future for Children in the Northern Territory

Educational outcomes for children across the Northern Territory will be improved under an expanded initiative that links income support payments with school attendance.

The Australian Government will enhance the Improving School Enrolment and Attendance through Welfare Reform Measure (SEAM), so that it aligns with the Northern Territory Government’s Every Child Every Day strategy and promotes greater parental responsibility around a child’s school enrolment and attendance.

This is part of a legislation package the Australian Government will introduce to Parliament this week to build stronger futures for Indigenous people in the Northern Territory.

FairIT for Oz Campaign

It’s clear that Australian consumers are being ripped off when buying IT hardware or software. The minute you start searching the internet for prices, that fact becomes obvious.

Ed Husic MP has been raising the issue in Federal Parliament since March 2011. Let’s work together to stop the big vendors overseas overcharging you on their products compared to consumers in their home markets.

Here’s what you can do to get the word out:

Have you got a story or experience? Tell the Productivity Commission what you think about the cost of local IT products. Email them at retail@pc.gov.au
Get the conversation started on Twitter using the hashtag #FairIT4Oz and tweet Ed via @edhusicMP or fill in this #twitition http://twitition.com/3llp9/
Get family and mates to ‘like’ the Facebook page.
Click here for more information

Looking For The Light On The Hill: Modern Labor’s Challenges

Troy Bramston, a Labor member from NSW, has written a new book about the party called “Looking For The Light On the Hill: Modern Labor’s Challenges”. It features new interviews with former party leaders, ministers past and present, union and party figures, talking about Labor reform, policy and values. It draws on Labor’s history and analyses Labor in power It contains a detailed set of proposals for party reform, political strategy, new policy ideas, and an analysis of Labor’s philosophy and values.

How to get a copy

Author Troy Bramston has organised a special ALP members discount for online purchases in the lead up to Christmas.

Purchase a copy of “Looking For The Light On the Hill: Modern Labor’s Challenges” online.

Is your branch interested in a bulk discount? “Looking For the Light On the Hill: Modern Labor’s Challenges” make a great prize for local raffles and a bulk order discount can be organised for ALP Party Units.

Make a bulk order inquiry today.

November 26th: New Zealand General Election

The New Zealand election on 26 November is important. The National government has rolled back the rights of working people, and has promised to sell assets that New Zealanders have worked so hard to build. They stand up for the interests of a few at great cost to the many.

Check out the New Zealand’s 2011 Opening Adress and pass it on to any Kiwi’s you know so that they can make a difference.

Authorised by Chris Flatt, 160 Willis Street, Wellington

Agenda In Focus

Labor is doing its part for equal pay

The Gillard Labor Government is ensuring Australians are properly rewarded for their work.

We believe in fairness in the workplace. That’s why we worked so hard to overturn WorkChoices and it’s why yesterday we announced that we would fund our share to deliver an historic pay rise to 150,000 of Australia’s lowest paid workers in the social and community services sector – the vast majority of them women.

Workers in this sector have been underpaid for too long because their work was viewed as women’s work. They work in incredibly challenging jobs, including:

Working with people with disabilities
Counselling families in crisis
Running homeless shelters
Working with victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.
These workers earn on average $12,000 less than the average wage – $46,000 compared to $58,000.

Because we believe in equal pay – we know this is the right thing to do. And we will fund these pay rises responsibly by finding savings in the budget.

Read More Here

National Conference 2011

Registration for National Conference is now open. Party members wishing to attend the 46th ALP National Conference can register online here.

Party members and State/Territory Branch staff wishing to volunteer during National Conference should complete the Volunteer expression of interest form or email national.conference@alp.org.au.

The Team @ Labor Connect
P.S. Make sure your friends and family know about what is happening at Labor Connect by forwarding them this email with a story they might be interested in.

A Lot To Offer Our Good Yank Mates
Bill Shorten posted Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More than anything else, the Australia-US alliance is a mateship between the Australian and American people. Experts call it a defence pact, a strategic partnership or a free trade agreement. But the alliance is really about industrious people, young nations and positive attitude.

Greece And Rome Fall, We All Tumble
Kevin Rudd posted Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Our own share market has been buffeted. Australian families who have been struggling to manage cost-of-living pressures have seen the value of their super and other investments fluctuate dramatically.

Robb Splits With Abbott And Hockey On Super
Mark Bulter posted Wednesday, 9 November 2011

“When my grandchildren ask me why I can love my partner and not be married it is painful to explain that I live in a country that doesn’t let people like me get married.

Abbott Absurdities On Climate Change
Greg Combet posted Friday, 18 November 2011

Opposition leader Tony Abbott has gone global with his absurd campaign on climate change, using the visit of US president Barak Obama to make misleading claims.

Expanded Services For 189 More Local GP Clinics
Nicola Roxon posted Friday, 18 November 2011

More and more patients around the country will see services expand at their local GP clinics as a result of a $54 million investment in frontline medical services by the Gillard Government.

Cash Injections For State’s Biggest Infrastructure
Anthony Albanese posted Thursday, 17 November 2011

With good progress being made on two of South Australia’s biggest ever infrastructure projects – electrification of the Gawler Line and construction of the South Road Superway – the Gillard Labor Government has decided to bring forward $196.5 million to maintain the momentum.

$7 Million Investment In Community Groups
Kim Carr posted Thursday, 17 November 2011

Key players in the resources industry in the Northern Territory and Western Australia will have the opportunity next week to meet with the Resources Sector Supplier Envoy, Peter Beattie.

FWA Submission Brings Equal Pay One Step Closer
Jacinta Collins posted Friday, 18 November 2011

Minister for Human Services Tanya Plibersek today marked the 70th anniversary of CRS Australia, a government-funded rehabilitation service that helps find employment for people with a disability, injury or health condition.

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