Celebrating 120 Years of Labor

Celebrating 120 Years of Labor
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Dear sihong,

“We start out with the assertion that every man, or woman either, is entitled to the whole produce of his or her labour; and from our literary point of view we are prepared to sweep the floor with anyone who denies it.”

So spoke Arthur Rae, one of the first members of parliament in NSW for the newly formed Australian Labor Party in 1891.

Like so many of the founders of Australian Labor, the diminutive Arthur Rae was a dyed in the wool unionist, in his case literally. Rae was one of the founders of the Amalgamated Shearer’s Union of Australasia, which would go on to become the modern AWU.

His words show the determination of early Labor to deliver for working people and their communities across the nation. Nothing was going to get in the way of a new party, with such a noble cause.

Celebrating 120 Years of the Australian Labor Party

2011 marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Australia’s oldest, largest and progressive political party. So in this Labor History update, we’re focusing on Labor’s earliest years.
Striking Shearer’s library, Barcaldine 1891

To celebrate our anniversary we’ve just released new material on www.laborhistory.org.au.
Look at pictures of the 1891striking unionists’ camps in Barcaldine where the idea of a Labor Party was born.

Look at the first Labor government anywhere in the world, when Anderson Dawson led the 6-day Queensland Labor government in 1899.

Read Labor’s federal platform from 1902, where the Party Conference set out Labor’s fighting platform to take to the people.

Read extracts from the NSW ALP Jubilee Celebration in 1940 on the early women activists of Labor, Bertha McNamara and Henrietta Greville.

Introducing “A Little History of the Australian Labor Party”

Recently the Chifley Research Centre funded ‘A Little History of the Australian Labor Party’ a great new resource for party members and supporters to engage in the Labor story. You can view Senator John Faulkner launching the book here, and purchase a copy here.


Balmain Institute: Born-in-Balmain

The recently launched Balmain Institute held a grand procession as part of its celebrations of 120 years since the founding of the Balmain branch ALP. The procession featured a wonderful array of banners and rarely seen Labour paraphernalia from the NSW Trades and Labor Hall collection.


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Chair, Chifley Research Centre

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