The right side of history

The right side of history
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After two decades of debate about action on climate change, the Labor Government’s Clean Energy Future legislation passed through Parliament today. For the first time, we will have a law that cuts the carbon pollution which causes climate change.

We all share in marking this historic day. The Government would not be able to pass this legislation if it wasn’t for Party members and supporters, especially those from the Labor Environment Activists Network, who have worked towards this goal for such a long time.

Labor has fought hard to do the right thing.

Together, we’re protecting the environment for our children and our grandchildren. Importantly, we are doing it in the proudest of Labor traditions; by supporting jobs and helping families. In time, the scaremongering by Tony Abbott and the opposition will prove to be just that.

Future generations will judge that we are on the right side of history and that by acting now, we were able to lay the foundations of a clean energy future.

With a price on carbon pollution, I see a future where companies will be more environmentally friendly; Australians will get a better deal because clean-green choices are cheaper and more competitive than polluting ones; and new industries are created with high-paying, skilled jobs for the future.

Today, we took another important step towards that future.

Julia Gillard(朱莉娅吉拉德)
Prime Minister(总理)

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