Thank you

Thank you
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I want to say thank you. Thank you to all the Party Members and supporters like you who have campaigned long and hard to put a price on carbon pollution.

We should all be proud that today the House of Representatives voted to take action on climate change and pass the Clean Energy Future Bills. It has only been with your support, over so many years, that we have been able to deliver action on climate change today.

These Bills will stand alongside Medicare and universal superannuation as great Labor achievements.

The Clean Energy Future Bills are good Labor policies; the legislation will put a price tag on the pollution produced by around 500 big polluters and every cent of the revenue will be used to assist households, support jobs and fund investments in clean energy and climate change programs.

There is still more work to do as the Clean Energy Future legislation goes through the Senate, but for today, you can be proud to see the Labor movement and the Parliamentary Party at our best.

Thank you,


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Thank you
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