Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard): Steve Jobs, “changed the world”; Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard), said the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, deplorable, his “real change our world “is a creative genius, an amazing global innovators. …

Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard): Steve Jobs, “changed the world”; Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard), said the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, deplorable, his “real change our world “is a creative genius, an amazing global innovators. …
Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard): Australian dollar in the foreseeable future, continue to be strong; Australian female Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard): confidence in the current economic outlook

Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard): Steve Jobs, “changed the world”, October 6, 2011
Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard), said the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs is deplorable that he was “a real change in our world” is a creative genius, an amazing global innovators.
October 6 reported that Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard) said she Apple (Apple Inc.) Co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) the death was very sad, adding that he is a “creative genius “,” real change in our world. ”
Girard said the Apple co-founder died at the age of 56 years old, Steve Jobs is “a magical world innovator.”
She said, “that he changed our real world, not too much.”
She said, “everyone in everyday life, will come into contact – Yinqiaobusi this creative genius, and existing products.”
6 morning Beijing time, Apple announced that its founder, former CEO – Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56 years old.
October 5, Apple officially released a new iPhone 4S phone, the new iPhone, released disappointing, the stock fell as much as 5%.

World Bank report: the world’s top three research universities have common characteristics, October 6, 2011
The World Bank in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, nine countries of the 11 world-class research universities on the basis of an analysis according to a study published in the 21st century, research universities must have three characteristics, only Among the many institutions of higher learning may come to the fore as the world’s top institutions, which have a large number of talented scholars and students, strategic vision and leadership as well as a lot of money.
Should bring together the world’s top universities have a large number of talented scholars and students, and their sources are not limited to the University of country, but from all over the world. Meanwhile, the school should have a strategic vision and leadership, encourage competition, scientific exploration, academic freedom, critical thinking and innovation.
The world’s top universities need to have adequate funding, so that the university has good conditions to attract talent and research. Report, to build a world-class institutions need huge amounts of money, for example, 2002, Cornell University College of Pharmacy, established in Qatar cost $ 750 million, while Saudi Arabia announced in 2007, $ 10 billion for the construction of a The new research university.
The World Bank said the current economic crisis for a number of Asian universities among world-class universities to create opportunities. Asian countries in the global economic crisis, the impact on smaller, so in many developed countries to reduce higher education funding, the Asian countries are able to increase investment in this area. For example, in India Since 2010 investment in higher education has increased by 31%, China has also continued to increase investment in some major universities.
Stressed that not every country needs to present a world-class comprehensive university, especially for those not yet meet the needs of their countries, higher education, the current popularity of higher education should be to focus on and conduct applied research.

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize donated objects: Hispanic Scholarship Fund

A Hispanic scholarship, from the University of California at Berkeley (University of California-Berkeley) graduate, high spirits.

In 2009, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. The award, a $ 1.4 million prize, the President has donated to several of its non-profit organization. Several organizations accepting donations for the four series of reports of the two.

U.S. State Department, Washington, when Frank Alvarez (Frank Alvarez) became his first university degree at home who, as a third-generation Mexican Americans, he realized his dream of parents. Alvarez, now headquartered in San Francisco Hispanic Scholarship Fund (Hispanic Scholarship Fund, HSF) in charge of the organization, is designed to help Hispanics obtain a university education, non-profit organization.

Alvarez said: “Education and economic success are closely linked, as a family, a man, a university degree, the whole family all benefit.”

Since the HSF, in 1975, inception, the organization has issued more than $ 335 million of scholarships, it also supports outreach and education programs to help students and their families to adapt to college life. According to the HSF’s website, the Hispanic community to provide funding for universities, more than any other national organization.

Alvarez hopes that the U.S. Hispanic households in each of at least one person to get university education. He said the United States who wish in the world economy, to remain competitive, it must have a group to complete a university education, and employers increasingly need to master the skills of all young people with expertise.

Foundation volunteers and staff with parents and school counselors, in Spanish and English conversation to help establish an expectation for young people (like Alvarez’s father owned his expectations): they will college and earn a degree. Alvarez said only 19 percent of Hispanics, a university degree, he hopes by 2025, can this percentage increased to 60%.

Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize in the $ 125,000 donated to the HSF, HSF with a grant to establish a future-oriented science, technology, engineering and mathematics teacher scholarships. Until now, it has 25 students in the teaching profession, issued a two-year scholarship. HSF hope, through individual and corporate donations, to continue the scholarship program named for Obama.

Obama scholarship, New York (New York) St. John’s University (St. John’s University) students 贾妮弗洛里斯 (Janine Flores) said: “Education is the key to moving forward.” She said, because there is a bit good inspiration, encouraging teachers to change the trajectory of her life, she hopes, in other people’s life course, have a beneficial effect. Flores plans when a biology teacher, her parents were from Ecuador and Guatemala, emigrated to the United States. Every summer, she was a hospital in Ecuador as a volunteer, she will be her family, first by a university degree.

Richard Ossa (Richard Ossa), is another scholarship, he is a New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark College of Engineering (New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Newark College of Engineering) student, his parents, was born in Colombia, and Osa 13 years old, moved to the U.S., he is first on his home college. Osa want to get Ph.D. in chemical engineering, and “as a good teacher, leaving his footprints.”

Obama received his Nobel Prize, donated 10 non-profit organization, of which there are several, designed to promote education organizations, including the University Summit (College Summit), the United Negro College Fund (United Negro College Fund), the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation (Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation), American Indian College Fund (the American Indian College Fund), Posse Foundation (Posse Foundation) and the Central Asia Institute ( Central Asia Institute).

U.S. Secretary of Defense – 莱昂帕内塔 (Leon Panetta), 10 4, at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation, the European branch (Carnegie Europe), a speech that NATO member states, need to increase the alliance investment, so that in response to future security challenges, continue to play a role.
Panetta said in Brussels: “We are successful operations in Libya, is nearing completion; in Afghanistan than ever before, are closer to achieving our common goal.”

NATO Secretary General – Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Anders Fogh Rasmussen)

澳洲女性总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard):乔布斯“改变了世界” ;澳大利亚女总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)表示,苹果创始人乔布斯的去世,令人痛惜,他“真实的改变了我们的世界”,是一位创造性的天才、一位神奇的全球革新者。 …
澳洲女首相吉拉德(Julia Gillard):澳元将在可预见的未来,继续保持强势;澳大利亚女首相吉拉德(Julia Gillard):对当前经济前景有信心

澳洲总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard):乔布斯“改变了世界”,2011年10月06日
澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)表示,苹果创始人乔布斯的去世令人痛惜,他“真实的改变了我们的世界”,是一位创造性的天才、一位神奇的全球革新者。
10月6日报道,澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)表示,她对苹果(Apple Inc.)联合创始人乔布斯(Steve Jobs)的辞世,感到非常难过,并称,他是一个“创造性的天才”,“真实的改变了我们的世界”。
10月5日,苹果正式发布新一代iPhone 4S手机,新款iPhone,发布令人失望,股价一度大跌5%。



一位拉美裔奖学金获得者,在从加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校(University of California-Berkeley)毕业时,神采飞扬。


美国国务院,华盛顿,当弗兰克·阿尔瓦雷斯(Frank Alvarez)成为他家第一个获得大学学位的人时,作为第3代墨西哥裔美国人的他,实现了他父母亲的梦想。阿尔瓦雷斯,现在是总部设在旧金山的拉美裔奖学金基金(Hispanic Scholarship Fund,HSF)的负责人,该组织,是一个旨在帮助拉美裔美国人获得大学教育的非营利组织。






奥巴马奖学金获得者,纽约(New York)圣约翰大学(St. John’s University)学生贾妮·弗洛里斯(Janine Flores)说:“教育是向前迈进的关键。”她表示,因为,有一位善于启示、激励的老师,改变了她的生命轨迹,她也希望,能在其他人的生命历程中,产生有益的影响。弗洛里斯计划当一名生物学教师,她的父母亲,分别从厄瓜多尔和危地马拉,移居美国。每年暑假,她都在厄瓜多尔的一家医院当义工,她将是她家庭中,第一个获得大学学位的人。

理查德·奥萨(Richard Ossa),是另一位奖学金获得者,他是新泽西理工大学纽瓦克工程学院(New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Newark College of Engineering)的学生,他的父母亲,出生于哥伦比亚,并在奥萨13岁时,移居美国,他是他家第一个上大学的人 。奥萨想要获得化学工程博士学位,并“作为一个好教师,留下他的足迹”。

奥巴马总统把他获得的诺贝尔奖金,赠予10个非营利组织,其中,有几个,旨在促进教育的组织,包括,大学高峰会(College Summit)、联合黑人学院基金会(United Negro College Fund)、阿巴拉契亚领导能力与教育基金会(Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation)、美洲印第安人学院基金(the American Indian College Fund)、波塞基金会(Posse Foundation)和中亚学会(Central Asia Institute)。

美国国防部长-莱昂·帕内塔(Leon Panetta),10月4日,在卡内基国际和平基金会欧洲分会(Carnegie Europe),发表讲话时指出,北约成员国,需要增加对该联盟的投资,使之在应对未来的安全挑战方面,继续发挥作用。

北约秘书长-拉斯穆森(Anders Fogh Rasmussen)