Weekly Update: Swan Finance Minister Of The Year, Labor History Quiz, National Conference & More

Weekly Update: Swan Finance Minister Of The Year, Labor History Quiz, National Conference & More
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Treasurer Swan: Finance Minister Of The Year

This week Wayne Swan was named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney. (这一周,斯万(Wayne Swan)被命名为欧洲货币年度财务部长。)This was an achievement not just for Wayne and his team but one that every Labor member and supporter can be very proud of. It is an award for every Australian who has put their faith in Labor to secure jobs, increase living standards and keep the economy strong.

Wayne’s economic stewardship has helped Labor continue its mission to spread the benefits of a strong economy to all Australians.Keeping the economy strong has allowed this Labor Government to:

create nearly 750,000 extra jobs that have kept Australian’s working;
introduce an 18 week Paid Parental Leave scheme that helps families look after new born babies at the time when family income goes down and costs go up;
increase child care rebates from 30% to 50% for out-of-pocket child care expenses that provides families with up to $7,500 per child per year towards child care costs;
introduce the Education Tax Refund giving families up to $409 for each primary school student and up to $818 for each secondary school student in 2010-11 to cover eligible education expenses
begin to build the foundations for an National Disability Insurance Scheme that gives disabled people access to services and facilities they need when they need it.
introduce the most significant pension changes in our history with the maximum rate of pension increasing by about $148 per fortnight for singles and $146 per fortnight for couples combined over the last two years
put in place a plan to raise superannuation from 9% to 12 % which will add over $100,000 to the average retirement balance of an average 30 year old worker;
deliver $47 billion in tax cuts so that in 2010-11 a person earning $50,000 paid $1,750 a year less in tax to help them meet the cost of living expenses;
provide additional and more timely tax relief to low- and middle-income individuals so that in 2010-11 a person earning $30,000 paid $750 a year less in tax;
introduce from next year further tax cuts of at least $300 a year for 60 per cent of taxpayers to assist them with the extra costs associated with the carbon price; and
make record investments in schools and hospitals so all Australians have decent services and get a decent start in life.
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How’s Your Labor History Knowledge?

Each month Ross McMullin posts a quiz to test your knowledge of the history of the Labor Party.

This month’s Who Am I was the State Member for Richmond in Victoria, became Labor Leader in 1967, was a strong Hawke supporter and eventually became the Federal Member for Melbourne Ports. Think you know who it is? Have a go at the quiz questions here.

National Conference 2011

Registration for National Conference is now open. Party members wishing to attend the 46th ALP National Conference can register online here.

Party members and State/Territory Branch staff wishing to volunteer during National Conference should complete the Volunteer expression of interest form or email national.conference@alp.org.au.

Treasurers’ Economic Note

Each week Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan sends out an Economic Note to keep you up to date with the most recent economic news and informed about what lies ahead for Australia.

This week Treasurer Wayne Swan shines a light on the failed scare campaign ran last year against the Minerals Resource Rent Tax pointing out that a year on the industry has gone from strength to strength. He also discusses the tough work involved in protecting our economy and environment by implementing a Price on Carbon and outlines the modest impact it will have on prices. The Treasurer also reflects upon the overhaul of the pension system which continues to give older Australians a fair go. Read the Economic Note here.

Sunday Political Fix

Sunday Agenda (Sky) Mark Butler, Chris Evans

Insiders (ABC) Wayne Swan

Meet The Press (Ten) Ged Kearney

The Team @ Labor Connect
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Abbott Absurdities On Climate Change – Bulletin No. 15
Greg Combet posted Friday, 23 September 2011

Tackling climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution is an important economic and environmental reform.

Finance Minister of the Year: Congratulations Wayne Swan
George Wright posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Congratulations to Wayne Swan who has just been named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney. This is an achievement not just for Wayne and his team but one that every Labor member and supporter can be very proud of.

Direct Negotiations Are The True Path To Peace In The Middle East
Julia Gillard posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As we approach leaders’ week at the UN General Assembly in New York this month, much of the world’s attention will be on the conflict in the Middle East and Palestinian aspirations for the creation of a state of their own.

Hockey Confirms He Will Hide Policy Costings
Penny Wong posted Thursday, 8 September 2011

Joe Hockey has confirmed that he will hide his policy costings from public scrutiny at the next election, telling The Sydney Morning Herald today that he will use private sector accountants to cost his policies.

Have Your Say On $1.2 Billion Clean Technology Programs
Kim Carr posted Friday, 23 September 2011

Australian businesses and industry groups can have their say on the Gillard Labor Government’s $1.2 billion Clean Technology programs.

Government Delivering Stability In The Child Care Market Kate Ellis posted Monday, 19 September 2011

The Australian Government has taken the next step in ensuring ongoing stability in the child care market, following the overnight collapse of ABC Learning in 2008.

A Better Deal For SuperFund Members
Bill Shorten posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Gillard Government’s election commitment to deliver a better deal for superfund members is a step closer following the release of the final details of the Government’s Stronger Super reforms.

Skills Connect – Connecting Skills To Jobs
Chris Evans posted Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A new workforce agency will target pressure points in Australia’s patchwork economy by training and retraining workers for new jobs in growing industries and higher skilled roles.

What is on in your area? Sign up to Labor Connect and promote your event to thousands of activists from the Labor Movement across Australia.

You can submit your event at Labor Connect & we will include it in the newsletter here.

Is a Bill of Rights Essential?
Wednesday, 5 October 2011, Sydney
Former Justice of the High Court, The Hon Michael Kirby AM CMG will take on former NSW Premier Bob Carr to debate whether or not ‘A Bill of Rights is essential to ensure strong democracy and social justice in a modern Australia’.

2011 McKell Dinner and Awards
Monday, 29 August 2011, Sydney
Members are the lifeblood of NSW Labor. Many dedicate endless hours of their time to the Labor Movement. Launched in 2001, the McKell Dinner and Awards honour the invaluable contribution of Party Members to the cause.

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