ヌードストーリーテリングのラモアーの創設者からのアイデア、、ある日、社長を参照するために – 彼女が裸だった、ソファーの読書に座って、ジョークを、物語はヌードをやってみたいだろう、2009年、確立された、ニューヨーク、ロンドンや他の大都市で、実行。ラモアーを、言った:”美しい文学作品がある、あなたが聞くことができる、美しさを持って、あなたが見ることができる、本当に楽しい、完璧な組み合わせ。”


google将中文译成英语—Read classic American Nude

(Singapore) United Evening News (2011-08-23)

(New York) New York, USA, there alternative “Nude storytellers will” (Naked Girls Reading), by a naked woman sitting on the sofa, as we read Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and other major writer of classics.

This month in New York, will hold a story-telling, in fact, in 2009, was founded in Chicago “Nude story-telling” troupe, bringing performances, storytellers these nude women are outstanding performing artists, stage name ” dirty Kana Sita, “the storyteller Nude said:” I like to tell a story, nude, story-telling style is my story-telling of naked, fun. ”

Nude storytelling ideas, from the founder of La Moer, one day, to be President see – she was naked, sitting on the sofa reading, jokes, storytelling will want to do a nude, 2009, has been established, in New York, London and other big cities, performed. La Moer, said: “There is a beautiful literary works, you can listen to; have beauty, you can see, really enjoyable, the perfect combination.”

New York, recently a nude storytelling, attracting nearly 30 participants, mostly young couples, male audience.

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