google将中文译成英语-This week, the World Events 1,2,3, …; celebrity list 1,2,3, …

google将中文译成英语-This week, the World Events 1,2,3, …; celebrity list 1,2,3, …
August 18, 2011, Australian Prime Minister Gillard (Julia Gillard), said on Thursday that the Australian government bonds, currently regarded as a new hedging tool, to attract a strong market demand, as investors tried to circumvent the global market volatility.
As the debt crisis in Europe continue to develop, and the U.S. Standard & Poor’s lowered credit rating of AAA, including, central banks and bond investors, including hedge funds, are looking for alternative assets. In contrast, AAA rating of Australia has a good performance balance sheet, debt levels are one of the least developed countries. The Australian Government is expected to: its net debt, the value of up to 7.2% of GNP.
Dow Jones Newswires in an interview conducted with The Wall Street Journal, the Girard (Julia Gillard), said the Australian bond market, the demand for good, which is attributed to its safe-haven status of bonds. Investors from different fields, have entered the Australian market.
Girard (Julia Gillard) that has not yet decided the future size of the bond market. Gilad is expected to: Australian Dollar will continue to be strong for some time, and said: Australia Government has no plans to implement any policy measures to be adjusted.
Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Kittirat Na Ranong
Hengqin New Zhuhai charge, to create free trade in Hong Kong to achieve green development
August 19, Macao Daily News – Ya-Ming Wang, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, recently pointed out, the biggest Hengqin New “special” point is: University of Macau, located in the Hengqin new area, which means – Hengqin New Area, There are four square kilometers, from the jurisdiction of Macau. …
Japan’s Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Stock Exchange intends to launch tender offer, trying to create the world’s third largest stock exchange.
Kyodo News, 17 – Osaka Stock Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange intends to first acquire a subsidiary, and then proceed – the merger of the two exchanges. If the merge is successful, the two major exchange listed company’s total market capitalization, will reach about 300 trillion yen (about $ 3.93 trillion), among the world’s third largest exchange.
Advantage of the Tokyo Stock Exchange – spot the stock market; longer than the Osaka Stock Exchange in the financial derivatives. By combining the two exchanges is expected in the international competition, invincible.
Kyodo News said, an offer the Tokyo Stock Exchange – Osaka Stock Exchange, the acquisition of 70% to 80% of the shares, but the Osaka Stock Exchange for control of the veto power to consider, I hope the Tokyo Stock Exchange buy no more than 66%. The two sides will further consultations.
The acquisition is expected at a cost of 50 billion yen (= $ 655 million), to 100 billion yen (= $ 1.31 billion), Tokyo Stock Exchange is studying ways to raise bank loans or capital increase.
Merger may lead to a monopoly, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will consult with the Japan Fair Trade Commission.
United States, Britain, France, Germany and the EU leaders, 18, also released a statement calling on Assad to step down, is responsible for the violent crackdown on demonstrators, and to strengthen sanctions against Syria.
U.S. President Barack Obama issued a strongly worded statement, said Assad must step down. Reports that this is the first time, Obama sternly asked Assad to step down.
Obama said in a statement, “Syria’s future must be decided by the Syrian people, but President Assad, in the way of people’s decision when the Syrian government imprisonment, torture, massacre their own people, when President Assad with the opposition dialogue and reform and all that, we are all empty. ”
The White House also announced: The Syrian government to implement a new round of sanctions, Syria ordered the freezing of all assets in the United States and banned the import of oil from Syria.
EU foreign ministers Ashton, British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, issued a statement condemning the Syrian authorities, “force to suppress” the opposition, asked al-Assad of “national interests” to step down . Ashton warned 27 EU member states will consider strengthening the sanctions against the Syrian government.
19 – In the United States and the European Union and other Western countries, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued a requirement calls to step down after this call has been refuted by the Syrian authorities, as well as Russia, the official opposition. Syria’s UN Ambassador Gua method in
Russian President said, do not support the requirements of United States and Europe called for Syrian president step down
EU foreign ministers Ashton, British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, condemned the Syrian authorities, “force to suppress” the opposition, asked Assad “national interests” to step down. …
France, Germany pledge to support the euro
Since 2006, Japanese Prime Minister, did not term the ruling for more than a year, Naoto Kan considered “lucky” one, but he had nothing to be proud of, because he was long overdue step down, hit 311 only because Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, the ruling and opposition parties to relief and reconstruction efforts, only so that he can continue for five months.
Japanese Prime Minister change the frequency, it is rare in developed countries. Before and after the 1990s, Japan has appeared in “Ten years, nine with” situation. Japanese Prime Minister is like a revolving door, people to see dazzling, people did not see who they are, and substitutions.
Japanese Prime Minister to resign, has become commonplace, the country’s internal affairs, foreign affairs, will not adversely affect society has to adapt to this ecosystem, but this is definitely not a good thing, the Japanese economy has not been out of the international financial crisis, the haze, and Over the years, the weak prime minister in power, there is a lot.
Economic situation is caused by Japanese Prime Minister, “short-lived,” one of the main reasons, especially in the 1990s, the Japanese economy is stagnant, daily life, the affected people, voices for change, growing, the Prime Minister in a major incident, if performance was indecisive or vacillating, fueled by the media had to step down.
Another reason the Japanese political structure. Whether the current Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party or the last elected prime minister, usually the product of the balance of interests within the party factions, Naoto Kan of the four prime ministers before, are these so-called “rich” because they are hereditary origin, by public opinion simply do not have to test, just get the major factions within the party support can be more than bit, the power itself, is extremely limited, and there is no leadership in the event of a power crisis, and when the interests of balance, you have to leave.
However, unless the resumption of economic growth in Japan, earth-shaking changes in the political system there, the Prime Minister position is no longer a prominent political family from the hereditary, or manipulated by the men as they otherwise can not get rid of “short-lived prime minister,” the curse, in the short term even a very long period of time, to change the existing (already more than a century), political culture, is impossible.
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2011年8月18日,澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard) ,在周四表示,澳大利亚政府债券,目前被视作新的避险工具,吸引了强烈的市场需求,因投资者试图规避全球市场的波动性。
在道琼斯通讯社与华尔街日报进行的采访中,吉拉德(Julia Gillard)表示,市场对澳洲债券的需求良好,这归因于本国债券的避险地位。来自不同领域的投资者,纷纷进入澳大利亚市场。
吉拉德(Julia Gillard)表示,尚未决定债券市场的未来规模。吉拉德预计:澳大利亚元会继续保持强势一段时间,并表示:Australia政府目前并未计划执行任何政策措施来对此进行调整。
泰国副总理兼商务部长Kittirat Na Ranong
横琴新区珠澳分管, 打造自由贸易港实现绿色发展
8月19日,澳门日报-广东省发改委副主任王亚明,日前指出,横琴新区最大的“特”点是:澳门大学,设在横琴新区内,这就意味着-横琴新区,有四平方公里,由澳门管辖。 …
欧盟外长阿什顿、英国首相卡梅伦、法国总统萨科齐和德国总理默克尔,发表声明,谴责叙利亚当局“武力镇压”反对派,要求阿萨德“以国家利益为重”下台。 …